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Top Old Man Herbert Quotes

Old Man Herbert Quotes By Herbert Hoover

Freedom conceives that the mind and spirit of man can be free only if he be free to pattern his own life, to develop his own talents, free to earn, to spend, to save, to acquire property as the security of his old age and his family. — Herbert Hoover

Old Man Herbert Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Valancy herself had never quite relinquished a certain pitiful, shamed, little hope that Romance would come her way yet - never, until this wet, horrible morning, when she wakened to the fact that she was twenty-nine and unsought by any man. Ay, there lay the sting. Valancy did not mind so much being an old maid. After all, she thought, being an old maid couldn't possibly be as dreadful as being married to an Uncle Wellignton or an Uncle Benjamin, or even an Uncle Herbert. What hurt her was that she had never had a chance to be anything but an old maid. — L.M. Montgomery

Old Man Herbert Quotes By George Herbert

Old men, when they scorne young, make much of death.
[Old men, when they scorn young, make much of death.] — George Herbert

Old Man Herbert Quotes By George Herbert

Old men go to Death, Death comes to Young men. — George Herbert

Old Man Herbert Quotes By Herbert Beerbohm Tree

God is a sort of burglar. As a young man you knock him down; as an old man you try to conciliate him, because he may knock you down. — Herbert Beerbohm Tree

Old Man Herbert Quotes By Herbert Spencer

The present relationship existing between husband and wife, where one claims a command over the actions of the other, is nothing more than a remnant of the old leaven of slavery. It is necessarily destructive of refined love; for how can a man continue to regard as his type of the ideal a being whom he has, be denying an equality of privilege with himself, degraded to something below himself? — Herbert Spencer

Old Man Herbert Quotes By George Herbert

An old mans staffe is the rapper of deaths doore. — George Herbert

Old Man Herbert Quotes By Herbert Mason

He entered the city asked a blind man if he had ever heard the name Enkidu, and the old man shrugged and shook his head, then turned away, as if to say, 'It is impossible to keep the names of friends whom we have lost — Herbert Mason

Old Man Herbert Quotes By A.P. Herbert

My ball is in a bunch of fern, A jolly place to be; An angry man is close astern- He waves his club at me. Well, let him wave-the sky is blue; Go on, old ball, we are but two-We may be down in three, Or nine-or ten-or twenty-five-It matters not; to be alive, Is good enough for me. — A.P. Herbert

Old Man Herbert Quotes By George Herbert

Hee wrongs not an old man that steales his supper from him. — George Herbert

Old Man Herbert Quotes By George Herbert

The corne hides it self in the snow, as an old man in furrs. — George Herbert

Old Man Herbert Quotes By Philip K. Dick

The massively built old man was tired, despite his customary show of energy. I guess when you get up into that bracket, Herbert decided, you have to act in a certain way; you have to appear more than a human with merely ordinary failings. — Philip K. Dick

Old Man Herbert Quotes By Frank Herbert

He doesn't appear much, does he - one frightened old fat man too weak to support his own flesh without the help of suspensors." It — Frank Herbert

Old Man Herbert Quotes By Marcus Brotherton

Nearby sat a veteran in a wheelchair. He was young, handsome, and athletic, through missing a leg.

My daughter went to him and asked, "You're army - right?"

He said, "Yes, I am."

My daughter hugged him. "Thank you," she said. Tears welled in the man's eyes.

"Did you get my card?" she asked. "My school sent you a card. It said, 'Thank you for saving our Earth.'"

The guy just about lost it. He said, "You're welcome. Yes, we did get your card. Thank you for doing that."

- Michael Sobel, son of Herbert Sobel. Michael talking about his 6 year old daughter meeting veterans. — Marcus Brotherton