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Quotes & Sayings About Non Biological Fathers

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Non Biological Fathers Quotes By Rodger Kamenetz

We can't choose our poetic fathers any more than our biological ones - but we can choose how to come to terms with them. — Rodger Kamenetz

Non Biological Fathers Quotes By Mamoru Hosoda

I was deliberately trying to express how possible it might be for unmarried men and adults not blessed with biological children to become "fathers of choice." In an old-fashioned, traditional world, this might not matter. But I think that it's probably going to become terribly relevant as time goes on. — Mamoru Hosoda

Non Biological Fathers Quotes By T.D. Jakes

I want to congratulate all the men out there who are working diligently to be good fathers whether they are stepfathers, or biological fathers or just spiritual fathers. — T.D. Jakes

Non Biological Fathers Quotes By Margaret Mead

Mothers are a biological necessity; fathers are a social invention — Margaret Mead

Non Biological Fathers Quotes By Jack Nicholson

I certainly knew my father. He just didn't happen to be my biological father. — Jack Nicholson

Non Biological Fathers Quotes By Mark Shea

This was borne out again in October 1996 when Pope John Paul II, standing in the context of a train of Catholic thought which stretched back to the Church Fathers said, in essence, "Looks like there's some good evidence for some sort of biological evolution."[22] That is, he said, as so many Catholics have already said, that there is nothing in divine revelation that particularly forbids you to believe that God made Adam from the dust of the earth r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y rather than instantaneously (and used other creatures to somehow assist in the process) so long as you bear in mind that God did, in fact, create man and woman (particularly the soul, which is made directly by God and is not a result of the collision of atoms).

--Making Senses of Scripture — Mark Shea

Non Biological Fathers Quotes By Scott Stossel

It is an irony of medical history that even as Freud's later work would make him the progenitor of modern psychodynamic psychotherapy, which is generally premised on the idea that mental illness arises from unconscious psychological conflicts, his papers on cocaine make him one of the fathers of biological psychiatry, which is governed by the notion that mental distress is partly caused by a physical or chemical malfunction that can be treated with drugs. — Scott Stossel

Non Biological Fathers Quotes By Margaret Mead

Fathers are biological necessities, but social accidents. — Margaret Mead