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Top Racism And Ignorance Quotes

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Audre Lorde

Each one of us had been starved for love for so long that we wanted to believe that love, once found, was all-powerful. We wanted to believe that it could give word to my inchoate pain and rages; that it could enable Muriel to face the world and get a job; that it could free our writings, cure racism, end homophobia and adolescent acne. — Audre Lorde

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Henry Rollins

Weakness is what brings ignorance, cheapness, racism, homophobia, desperation, cruelty, brutality, all these things that will keep a society chained to the ground, one foot nailed to the floor. — Henry Rollins

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Henry Johnson Jr

I sometimes wonder where the world would have been if we didn't have corruption, racism, dictatorial leadership, international terrorism, armed conflict, the spread of infectious diseases, climate change, poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water, the caste system, tribalism, communism, international media propaganda, the Colonial Borders of Africa created by Europeans for their own gains, the Ignorance of the Books of Machiavelli, Hegel & Darwinism (You are either with us or against us) and Lack of Domestic Leadership Education. — Henry Johnson Jr

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

Violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children: organized religion ought to have a great deal on its conscience. — Christopher Hitchens

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Kofi Annan

Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda. Our mission, therefore, is to confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance, and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity. Racism can, will, and must be defeated. — Kofi Annan

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Richard Mitchell

There is only one remedy for ignorance and thoughtlessness, and that is literacy. Millions and millions of children would today stand in no need of sex education or consumer education or anti-racism education or any of those fake educations, if they had had in the first place 'an' education. — Richard Mitchell

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By R. Buckminster Fuller

The point is that racism is the product of tribalism and ignorance and both are falling victim to communications and world-around literacy — R. Buckminster Fuller

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Timothy Long

Fear and ignorance are the key roots to racism. — Timothy Long

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Pierre Berton

Racism is a refuge for the ignorant. It seeks to divide and to destroy. It is the enemy of freedom, and deserves to be met head-on and stamped out. — Pierre Berton

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Tyson Fury

Racism is a sign of ignorance, in my opinion. It's people who haven't been anywhere, haven't seen the world. — Tyson Fury

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By David Icke

Racism is the ultimate ignorance in that it relates 'self' to the body instead of the Consciousness - Awareness - animating and experiencing through the body. It is like judging a man by his spacesuit instead of the person inside it. — David Icke

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Mario Balotelli

Racism springs from ignorance. — Mario Balotelli

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Myka 9

America is supposed to pride itself on freedom of religion, race, and class. It's something that is carried on from ignorance and territorialism. I don't know if it's a transcendental pre-colonial mentality but I don't see too many other races of people trippin' about who is coming in and coming out. I think it's primarily racism disguised as class wars. — Myka 9

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Suzy Kassem

Be wary of any man who is quick to put down another man's faith. His love for Truth is not deep enough for him to want to explore additional truths outside his borders. The language of light can only be decoded by the heart. Thus, a man with a closed heart is already blind to understand the words of his own faith. — Suzy Kassem

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Inga Muscio

Women of color have no call to trust white women until white women take a gander at the world around them, investigate, learn and annihilate ignorance founded in being white in a society where the perspective and voice presented to the general public is white. — Inga Muscio

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Mark Fuhrman

I refuse to believe in a god who is the primary cause of conflict in the world, preaches racism, sexism, homophobia, and ignorance, and then sends me to hell if I'm 'bad'. — Mark Fuhrman

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By George Orwell

If he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most of what he has been told about them is lies. The sealed world in which he lives would be broken, and the fear, hatred, and self-righteousness on which his morale depends might evaporate. It is therefore realized on all sides that however ofter Persia, or Egypt, or Java, or Ceylon may change hands, the main frontiers must never be crossed by anything except bombs. — George Orwell

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

English does not distinguish between arrogant-up (irreverence toward the temporarily powerful) and arrogant-down (directed at the small guy). — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By John Assaraf

Racism is nothing more than ignorance, we are in the dessert together at one time in our lives, we got segregated by peoples beliefs of what was true of what we have to have and don't have to have so for me it is all about education. — John Assaraf

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Scott Woods

Yes, racism looks like hate, but hate is just one manifestation. Privilege is another. Access is another. Ignorance is another. Apathy is another, and so on. — Scott Woods

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By James Lee Burke

I also believe my home state is cursed by ignorance and poverty and racism, much of it deliberately inculcated to control a vulnerable electorate. And I believe many of the politicians in Louisiana are among the most stomach-churning examples of white trash and venality I have ever known. To me, the fact that large numbers of people find them humorously picaresque is mind numbing, on a level with telling fond tales of one's rapist. — James Lee Burke

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Bangambiki Habyarimana

Racism is pure ignorance. We are part of the same race. The human race — Bangambiki Habyarimana

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Frederik Willem De Klerk

Peace does not fare well where poverty and deprivation reign. It does not flourish where there is ignorance and a lack of education and information. — Frederik Willem De Klerk

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Werley Nortreus

Stop thinking that racism is fun until a racist person get under your skin, that's when you'll know racism is not fun. — Werley Nortreus

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Tracey Bond

Unfortunately there is no vaccination to protect the soul from the menacing disease of social ignorance manifested by character-void homosapiens. — Tracey Bond

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Werley Nortreus

Different skin color and same blood color is something that most people don't know, they don't know because arrogance make them racist and ignorant. — Werley Nortreus

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

The thief who is in prison is not necessarily more dishonest than his fellows at large, but mostly one who, through ignorance or stupidity [or racism or poverty! - Draffan] steals in a way that is not customary. He snatches a loaf from the baker's counter and is promptly run into gaol. Another man snatches bread from the table of hundreds of widows and orphans and similar credulous souls who do not know the ways of company promoters; and, as likely as not, he is run into Parliament. — George Bernard Shaw

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Bebe Moore Campbell

In all his imaginings, he had never envisioned her crying. He knew that her son had died, but he'd never expected that her pain might be anything he could recognize, almost as though he believed that Negroes had their own special kind of grieving ritual, another language, something other than tears they used to express their sadness. — Bebe Moore Campbell

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Tim Wise

The irony of American history is the tendency of good white Americanas to presume racial innocence. Ignorance of how we are shaped racially is the first sign of privilege.
In other words. It is a privilege to ignore the consequences of race in America. — Tim Wise

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Bryce Courtenay

Racism does not diminish with brains, it's a disease, a sickness, it may incubate in ignorance but it doesn't necessarily disappear with the gaining of wisdom! — Bryce Courtenay

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Ta-Nehisi Coates

You have been cast into a race in which the wind is always at your face and the hounds are always at your heels. And to varying degrees this is true of all life. The difference is that you do not have the privilege of living in ignorance of this essential fact. — Ta-Nehisi Coates

Racism And Ignorance Quotes By Alice Walker

Ignorance, arrogance, and racism have bloomed as Superior Knowledge in all too many universities. — Alice Walker