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Nick X Jess Quotes By Nick Hornby

Jess thought for a moment. 'You know those films where people fight up the top of the Empire State Building or up a mountain or whatever? And there's always that bit when the baddie slips off and the hero tries to save him, but, like, the sleeve of this jacket tears off and goes over and you hear him all the way down. Aaaaaaaaagh. That's what I want to do.'
'You want to watch me plunge to my doom.'
'I'd like to know that I've made the effort. I want to show people the torn sleeve. — Nick Hornby

Nick X Jess Quotes By Nick Hornby

No one's stopping you," said Jess. "But you've got to make it more interesting. That's why why we drift off and talk about biscuits. — Nick Hornby

Nick X Jess Quotes By Nick Hornby

I had forgotten that Jess felt about long words the way that racists feel about black people: she hated them, and wanted to send them back from where they came from. — Nick Hornby