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Top New York La Quotes

New York La Quotes By Jeff Foxworthy

To me, the media in New York and LA have always missed the essence of this country. — Jeff Foxworthy

New York La Quotes By Bob Seger

You go to LA, or you go to New York, and it's really fun to go there. But they're not grounded. Everybody is just competing all the time for the limelight. It's too much entertainment industry. There are too many choices. And it's distracting to me. — Bob Seger

New York La Quotes By Frank Rich

I'm always struck by the kids who turn up in New York and LA, and places in between. Chicago. Wanting to do theater, wanting to do independent film. Wanting to break into television or radio. — Frank Rich

New York La Quotes By George Alec Effinger

Just because your electronics are better than ours, you aren't necessarily superior in any way. Look, imagine that you humans are a man in LA with a brand-new Trujillo and we are a nuhp in New York with a beat-up old Ford. The two fellows start driving toward St. Louis. Now, the guy in the Trujillo is doing 120 on the interstates, and the guy in the Ford is putting along at 55; but the human in the Trujillo stops in Vegas and puts all of his gas money down the hole of a blackjack table, and the determined little nuhp cruises along for days until at last he reaches his goal. It's all a matter of superior intellect and the will to succeed.
Your people talk a lot about going to the stars, but you just keep putting your money into other projects, like war and popular music and international athletic events and resurrecting the fashions of previous decades. If you wanted to go into space, you would have. — George Alec Effinger

New York La Quotes By Joe King

You could go to New York City, you could go to LA, you could go to the highest class studios in the world, they'll have all the bells and whistles, but it's not going to make your record any better. — Joe King

New York La Quotes By Lindsey Kelk

People go to LA to "find themselves", they come to New York to become someone new. — Lindsey Kelk

New York La Quotes By David Cross

Ive got a lot of friends there and there is stuff to do but as much as I dislike LA I really like living and working in New York City. — David Cross

New York La Quotes By Porochista Khakpour

In South Pasadena, artists were around but invisible somehow. Even though it was just a fifteen-minute drive from Downtown LA, it felt worlds apart. That suburban American experience can both protect and stunt you. I couldn't wait to move to New York to become the person I've always wanted to become. — Porochista Khakpour

New York La Quotes By Eriq La Salle

But I try not to become preoccupied with that because with whatever direction I follow, with whatever advice I've followed or not followed, It's landed me in New York, in a very beautiful hotel, talking to people about something that I love. So I ain't that far off. — Eriq La Salle

New York La Quotes By Gerard Butler

When I went to Scotland to do another movie, I would sing with a coach up there and then when I went to New York I sang with a coach over there-I mean I've now sung with coaches in LA, New York, London, Glasgow, St Louis and Rio de Janeiro! — Gerard Butler

New York La Quotes By Emily Haines

I have an identity crisis which is not resolved because I'm a dual citizen. My whole family is American, and I was born in India but I was raised in Canada. But all my extended family is American, I've held an American passport and I've spent my whole adult life in between New York and LA. So I feel like an American ... and I also feel like a Canadian! I wish more people were dual citizens and then I wouldn't feel like such a freak. — Emily Haines

New York La Quotes By Steven Shainberg

I peeled off La Brea and went home and instantly made a reservation to come back to New York. Essentially, I fired everybody that was in my life, my agent, my lawyer, my manager, my girlfriend and came back to New York. — Steven Shainberg

New York La Quotes By Josephine De La Baume

I think London, New York, Paris, Milan, any big city has its own fashion. I don't know why they make such a big thing of Paris. I think maybe it comes from French New Wave films portraying the French girl as very feminine. — Josephine De La Baume

New York La Quotes By Oscar De La Renta

Tell me, which designers in New York do you think are great - besides me, of course. — Oscar De La Renta

New York La Quotes By Tom Hooper

I think I would say 'The King's Speech' is surprisingly funny, in fact the audiences in London, Toronto, LA, New York commented there's more laughter in this film than in most comedies, while it is also a moving tear-jerker with an uplifting ending. — Tom Hooper

New York La Quotes By Sean Mahon

Honestly, I'd love to think I was in a position where I had that decision. But last year I worked on a movie in Bulgaria, now I'm in New York or LA. It really sounds jet-setting when you say it, but there's lots of down-time where you wonder what you're doing or you wonder about life. — Sean Mahon

New York La Quotes By Lilly Singh

You have a character who is wearing a scarf on her head on a billboard in LA, New York, Sydney and Melbourne. That's how I would face barriers being thrown at me. — Lilly Singh

New York La Quotes By Moby

Here was long period on my life when I was very disappointed by the fact I wasn't gay. Because I grew up going to gay clubs, living in New York and LA, both very gay cities. — Moby

New York La Quotes By Jim Butcher

It seemed like people could go one of two ways: Either freak out and start rioting, or they actually act like human beings in trouble out to, and look out for one another. When LA blacked out, there had been big time rioting. In New York, people had pulled together. — Jim Butcher

New York La Quotes By Sean Mahon

New York feels like a sublet of Europe. And Europe is a sublet of New York. Put it that way. It's so accessible. When I was in LA, I felt so far away from my home. Home, for the moment, is here until it's not. I like to move around with my work. I feel it's a great way to learn about life, about new cultures, and to learn. We'll see where the wind takes me. — Sean Mahon

New York La Quotes By Oscar De La Renta

If you want to establish an international presence you can't do so from New York. You need the consecration of Paris. — Oscar De La Renta

New York La Quotes By Shirley Knight

I moved to LA and decided to do films and television, mainly because the theater in New York is totally dead. — Shirley Knight

New York La Quotes By Sean Platt

Day One, Morning The Dempsey Penthouse, New York On the morning the ships came, Meyer Dempsey found himself preoccupied with drugs, sex, and business. It would have been hard to believe that just six days later, only one of the three would seem to matter. "You're not listening to me, Heather," he said into the phone. "I'm going to be in LA from Friday to Tuesday. I've already booked time with the studio on Monday. The whole reason I'm coming early is - " Heather cut him off, probably to feed her need for a zinger more than a reply that couldn't wait. Heather was always "on," never really able to take a break and just be a person for once. It was one of the reasons they hadn't been able to stay married. It was like living with a jester. "Because you want to do the Walk — Sean Platt

New York La Quotes By Estella Warren

I've been really lucky. When I decided to go to LA I said I was going to quit modelling and just go and see how I do. In the first two weeks I got three movies. I was so excited I had all my furniture shipped out from New York. — Estella Warren

New York La Quotes By Jessa Crispin

You don't have to go to New York and you don't have to go to LA or London. Go somewhere cheap. Go somewhere with free art museums and then just go to art museums. — Jessa Crispin

New York La Quotes By Kirby Dick

People in New York, LA, San Francisco, they scratch their head at the concept of a gay Republican, but it really makes sense there. — Kirby Dick

New York La Quotes By Michael Imperioli

There's too many actors in LA. I mean, I'll go out there from time to time, but I always find it pretty soul-destroying. I don't drive, and the people kind of rub me the wrong way. It's just not home. You know? It's not New York. It's not ... my town. — Michael Imperioli

New York La Quotes By David Steinberg

I started writing this feature comedy in New York - a Chris Farley vehicle. The script was decent. When I got to LA, I met some new friends in film school and had them read my script and give me notes. — David Steinberg

New York La Quotes By Joan Cusack

I love Chicago. It's such a great town, and it's got great culture and great history, and it's not as extreme as LA or New York, and it's just- it's hard for me for work, because I don't live and work in the same place and that's tough. But I'm- I love it. — Joan Cusack

New York La Quotes By Tom Spanbauer

LA is the me city, Ruby said, and New York is the you city. In LA it's fuck me. In New York it's fuck you. — Tom Spanbauer

New York La Quotes By Diane Lane

When I was about seven, I started touring the globe as part of New York's La MaMa theater company - without my parents! — Diane Lane

New York La Quotes By Jennifer Tilly

Everyone said that if you want to be a real actor, go to New York. If you want to sell out, go to LA. And I thought - I want to sell out! — Jennifer Tilly

New York La Quotes By George Vecsey

In New York, I run into Packers fans who have never lived in Wisconsin, Canadiens fans who have never lived in La Belle Province, Celtics fans who admire Russell and Bird and Pierce but have no trace of a Boston accent. — George Vecsey

New York La Quotes By Big Sean

It's easier to record in LA than in New York and Detroit, because the space in LA is green, and there's sunshine, and I need all those positive vibes. — Big Sean

New York La Quotes By Roland Emmerich

There's not really much destruction in New York besides the weather and it's a natural force so it's not like any destruction. But LA gets leveled (laughs). That's my comment to Hollywood. — Roland Emmerich

New York La Quotes By Jim James

Louisville is a place with no labels. It's not the South, it's not Chicago, and you don't think of it as you think of New York or LA. It has some Southern romanticism to it, but also a Northern progressivism, this weird urban island in the middle of the state of Kentucky that has always provided a fertile, often dark, bed. For us, Louisville and the surrounding areas are the center of massive creativity and massive weirdness. The place has its flaws: You move away, but you're always going to come back. — Jim James

New York La Quotes By Layne Staley

A lot of power-pop comes out of LA, a lot of speed metal comes out of New York. — Layne Staley

New York La Quotes By Jon Bernthal

I think that, just like the art scene and the music scene is exploding in LA - I mean, let's face it: if you want to be an artist you cannot live in New York anymore because it is too expensive — Jon Bernthal

New York La Quotes By Corey Taylor

I'm living on coffee, cigarettes and hospitality food. My bags and things are all over this hotel room in Dallas, but the scene could easily be in London, Paris, New York of LA. My eyes are burning, my knees hurt and I hate to say it, but a certain and vital part of my nether region is beginning to smell like peanut butter. Welcome to life on tour. — Corey Taylor

New York La Quotes By Famke Janssen

I live in New York. I don't really particularly want to move to LA. — Famke Janssen

New York La Quotes By Mira Sorvino

I had been looking for a New York apartment, but I said, Why not give LA a go? — Mira Sorvino

New York La Quotes By Afrika Bambaataa

Since the pharmaceuticals don't make any money and they control the doctors. If the doctors don't make any money then all hell breaks loose. In communities like LA and New York they are using a lot of the youth for a test sight. — Afrika Bambaataa

New York La Quotes By Scott Speedman

And when I have lived elsewhere, every two weeks I have to fly back to LA. Even New York directors go there to audition. So I have to be there to a degree. — Scott Speedman

New York La Quotes By Jon Bernthal

I think so many great artists are flocking to LA because the downtown art scene is so vibrant, there is cheap living and you can really flourish as an artist there. There is an unbelievably supportive and really smart, talented theatre audience in LA full of young, hungry, vibrant people. It's something that sort of makes me think of what New York must have been like in its downtown theater scene in the 1980s - before my time. — Jon Bernthal

New York La Quotes By Joan Rivers

Sold my house in LA, packed myself up and moved to New York, not knowing anybody. Friends are very hard to make after a certain age. — Joan Rivers

New York La Quotes By Dizzee Rascal

The important thing for me is that I try to understand the culture. Everything I thought I knew about the country was either through TV, music, movies or hopping in and out when I did shows. You can't just get the US through being in Miami, LA and New York. Middle America is the place to understand real America. — Dizzee Rascal

New York La Quotes By Joel Klein

The trouble that public unions could potentially cause for citizens was one reason that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, hero of Democrats and union organizers alike, opposed them for government workers. Republican Fiorello La Guardia, a great mayor of New York, opposed them, too. Unlike in the private sector, where unions were a needed counterweight to strong management, in the public sector unions had a big say in selecting management through the election process. As a result, they had a lot of power on both sides of the labor-management negotiating process. Roosevelt and La Guardia thus feared that, when government officials and unions battled over power, citizens could lose out. — Joel Klein

New York La Quotes By Caroline Kepnes

It's June and the city is ripe with meaningless fecal heat. It will be a different kind of hot in LA, the kind that made the Beach Boys all tan and giddy, a heat that doesn't harass you in the shade. — Caroline Kepnes

New York La Quotes By Jamie Farrell

Smoke hung heavy in the air. Will's eyes stung. His throat.
His nose. And the crackling. God, the crackling fire was like the devil laughing.
Vera was in that house.
Mikey gripped his arm. "Hold on, Will - "
Will lunged forward. "Vera - "
"Whoa, Will." Mikey's grip tightened. "Stop."
"The hell I will. Vera - "
"Billy?" One of the cops approached him. Said a bunch of
words. Helped Mikey hold Will back.
Vera was in that house.
Vera, her trusty wooden body, her frets, her new strings. Vera,
who'd had his back everywhere from Pickleberry Springs to
Nashville to New York to LA, from seedy bars to stadiums.
Vera, who'd helped him write his first song. His last song.
Every song in between. — Jamie Farrell

New York La Quotes By Dennis McDougal

In an expansive attempt to establish a foothold among California's intelligentsia and create America's first truly national newspaper, The New York Times launched a slimmed-down West Coast edition in October 1962... The result in LA was a sorry stepsister of the great gray New York Times for its West Coast readers... Reprocessed news dictated from 3,000 miles away by editors who knew zip about what made Southern California tick. — Dennis McDougal

New York La Quotes By Willem Dafoe

I'm never in Hollywood! I'm a theatre actor that lives in New York. I'm very seldom in Los Angeles. I don't dislike LA, I just don't think it's a very healthy place for me to be all the time. When I'm shooting a movie there and am working I'm perfectly happy. But when I'm not working or engaged in something it's a place that I wouldn't live. — Willem Dafoe

New York La Quotes By Jack Kerouac

I could hear everything, together with the hum of my hotel neon. I never felt sadder in my life. LA is the loneliest and most brutal of American cities; New York gets godawful cold in the winter but there's a feeling of wacky comradeship somewhere in some streets. LA is a jungle. — Jack Kerouac

New York La Quotes By Jonny Lee Miller

New York and LA are both great places to visit, but I wouldn't want to live in either of them now. I find New York extremely claustrophobic and dirty. LA is quite a nice place. But there's no hustle and bustle, no street life. — Jonny Lee Miller

New York La Quotes By Ben Stein

I am back in LA now. And I keep thinking back to my time in New York after the bombings ... I was crying so much I could not see, and the other diners joined in, and I thought, What do you do with such atheistic evil? — Ben Stein

New York La Quotes By Alex Winter

After living in LA for 8 years, I sort of wanted a change, but there's not much production in New York, which is where I primarily live, so I just sort of drifted over to London. — Alex Winter

New York La Quotes By Catherine Bybee

New York was nothing like LA . . . nothing! Flip-flops and shorts ruled on the West Coast. In New York, few in the professional world would be caught in flipping shoes and shorts, which were reserved for weekends and days at the Shore. If there was one rule Dakota's mother taught her in life it was if you don't know what you're doing or have no idea how you managed to get where you are . . . fake it. Dakota lived by that on her first trip to The Big Apple . . . and now she had it down. — Catherine Bybee

New York La Quotes By Mick Taylor

I certainly want to get back to the U.S. to play. It's such a big country. I've always liked playing there, and enjoyed living there. I lived in New York, LA, and Florida. — Mick Taylor

New York La Quotes By Richard Kern

A lot of the point mags are going out of business. They dropped the pay tremendously and it's all because of the internet. I used to go out once a month to LA and shoot for one week. I'd make a ton of money then come back to New York and do whatever I wanted. — Richard Kern

New York La Quotes By Paulo Costanzo

I'm an east coaster, you know, I'm brought up in Toronto where it's very much, like, kind of a miniature New York in that there's a subway and you're surrounded by people a lot and, you know, you bump into people and you have interactions and you communicate and la la la. — Paulo Costanzo

New York La Quotes By Jeff Foxworthy

Between New York and LA, there's 200 million people that aren't hip, and they don't want to be hip. — Jeff Foxworthy

New York La Quotes By Julianne Hough

Keep believing in yourself, and don't ever give up, even if people tell you otherwise. Just believe in yourself and take every action you need to get there, whether it's taking more lessons or a fun, cool job in New York or LA and stepping out of the box. Be a little bit risky, but still confident. — Julianne Hough