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Famous Quotes By Jayant Swamy

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Good intentions. A simple thing. If only one knows what a tomorrow has in store for them. — Jayant Swamy

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Time they say is the best healer. Sad, but not true. With time, pain becomes you and you become pain. One forgets what life was without the pain. — Jayant Swamy

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Love transcends all barriers. Age, Gender, Caste et al are the diktats of society to thwart love, promote strait jacketed family life . . ."

"If love could transcend all barriers why not that of gender as well? — Jayant Swamy

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When we are young, we have stars in our eyes. We have dreams. We romanticize the unattainable. Once the dream is attained, everything seems dreary. Once we are There, we realize there is no There. There is now Here. Disillusionment follows. Life is drudgery. Yet it is important to dream. — Jayant Swamy