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Top Multi Task Quotes

Multi Task Quotes By Gabrielle Dennis

I would love to write and produce. I feel as if as an actor I'm just a small part you have to multi-task to survive in the entertainment industry. — Gabrielle Dennis

Multi Task Quotes By Michael Hannan

How often have you heard people brag about what great multi-taskers they are? Perhaps you've made the same boast yourself. You might even have heard that members of "Gen Y" are natural multi-taskers, having lived their whole lives constantly switching their attention from texting to IMing to Facebooking to watching TV - all supposedly without missing a beat. We even see training classes designed to teach managers how best to multi-task their Gen Y staff, the implication being that asking someone to focus on a single task through to completion has now become ridiculously old-fashioned for, if not downright heretical to, the new world order.

Don't believe it. — Michael Hannan

Multi Task Quotes By Gretchen Carlson

I'm the ultimate organizer! My major at Stanford was "Organizational Behavior" so I love to multi-task and stay extra busy. — Gretchen Carlson

Multi Task Quotes By Sherri Shepherd

I'm a mother. Mothers multi-task. — Sherri Shepherd

Multi Task Quotes By Idina Menzel

Usually I'm pretty myopic. It's hard for me to multi-task, so to speak. If I'm in a show and I'm creating a character, I'm just completely into that. It's really hard for me to do anything else like write music. I have to sort of shut down different sides of my head and just focus. — Idina Menzel

Multi Task Quotes By Linda Stone

When we multi-task, we are motivated by a desire to be more productive and more efficient. We're often doing things that are automatic, that require very little cognitive processing ... Continuous partial attention describes how many of us use our attention today ... to pay partial attention - continuously. It is different from multi-tasking. — Linda Stone

Multi Task Quotes By Miranda Kerr

If I was as relaxed as what I perceived myself to be, I would not be able to multi-task the way I multi-task. — Miranda Kerr

Multi Task Quotes By Marilyn Vos Savant

Many people feel they must multi-task because everybody else is multitasking, but this is partly because they are all interrupting each other so much. — Marilyn Vos Savant

Multi Task Quotes By Tom Wolf

Pennsylvania is facing challenging economic times, a multi-billion dollar budget deficit, and negative cash flow projections. My Budget Deficit and Fiscal Stabilization Task Force will get to work to determine the scope of the challenges facing Pennsylvania and begin to discuss how we can get Pennsylvania's fiscal house in order. — Tom Wolf

Multi Task Quotes By Giancarlo Esposito

When I listen to my scene partners and listen to their breathing allows me to be connected to them in scenes. I am not trying to multi task, not trying to talk on the phone, but in my character. — Giancarlo Esposito

Multi Task Quotes By Ondi Timoner

First of all, being a woman is an incredible asset in many ways in making documentaries. You can be less intimidating, you have a heightened emotional sensitivity and you have the ability to listen to multiple conversations at one time and multi-task. — Ondi Timoner

Multi Task Quotes By Sonya Lamonakis

Sure they say we (women) are life givers not takers, but guess what, most women can multi-task and be life givers and fighters. Boxing is not a life-taking sport. Boxing is not a violent sport; it's an art, a dance, a science. Sometimes the smarter boxer wins and sometimes the stronger boxer wins. Of course aggression is a feminine quality. It's a quality that exists in human beings whether they are men or women. — Sonya Lamonakis

Multi Task Quotes By Norman Doidge

We often praise 'the ability to multi-task.' While you can learn when you divide your attention, divided attention doesn't lead to aiding change in your brain maps [lasting changes]. — Norman Doidge

Multi Task Quotes By Saad Salman

Choosing the right career is the most difficult task for a person who is multi-talented and versatile. Because its hard to decide what field to go into, when you are good at too many things. — Saad Salman

Multi Task Quotes By Adam Young

I really do like surprises. I'm not so talented at planning things out or having schedules before or sticking to the plan per se, but yeah I'm very much a spontaneous guy and it's sort of hard for me to multi-task and to have all these things going on at once. — Adam Young

Multi Task Quotes By Bat For Lashes

I usually speak with all my drummers so that I write my songs with them in mind, and we'll have bass sounds, choir sounds, and then you can multi-task with all these orchestral sounds. Through the magic medium of technology, I can play all kinds of sounds - double bass and stuff. — Bat For Lashes

Multi Task Quotes By Tyson Chandler

I really enjoy the iPad because you can multi-task: I can watch a movie, read, look at pictures that I shot - because I'm into photography. It serves a lot of purposes for me. — Tyson Chandler