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Topics Quotes By Kenneth E. Iverson

The utility of a language as a tool of thought increases with the range of topics it can treat, but decreases with the amount of vocabulary and the complexity of grammatical rules which the user must keep in mind. Economy of notation is therefore important. — Kenneth E. Iverson

Topics Quotes By Jens Spahn

A number of individuals tried to make my homosexuality a topic of debate. I admittedly found that rather upsetting. — Jens Spahn

Topics Quotes By Kevin Hart

I get that racism exists, but it's not a catalyst for my content. I don't need to talk about race to have material. My style of comedy is more self-deprecating. I think that makes me more relatable. When you deal with 'topics' - race, white versus black - you're not separating from the pack. You're doing what everybody else is doing. — Kevin Hart

Topics Quotes By Kimberly Yousey-Elsener

Assessment coordinators need to be knowledgeable about general higher education topics (e.g., student persistence, the cost of higher education, diversity, and student learning); they must also know how those play out at specific institutions. — Kimberly Yousey-Elsener

Topics Quotes By John R.W. Stott

The Christian mind ... is not a mind which is thinking specifically about Christian or even religious topics, but a mind which is thinking about everything, however apparently 'secular', and doing so 'Christianly' or within a Christian frame of reference. It is not a mind stuffed full with pat answers to every question, all neatly filed as in the memory bank of a computer; it is rather a mind which has absorbed biblical truth and Christian presuppositions so thoroughly that it is able to view every issue from a Christian perspective and so reach a Christian judgment about it. — John R.W. Stott

Topics Quotes By Chuck D

Young people are having a hard time with what's reality and what's fantasy these days ... We created discussion. It wasn't to create controversy for sale's sake, but rather it was my obligation to use the medium for discussion. Nobody's discussing the grown-up topics; they are faking and fronting. — Chuck D

Topics Quotes By Suzanne Collins

Where you can starve to death in safety," I mutter. Then I glance quickly over my shoulder. Even here, even in the middle of nowhere, you worry someone might overhear you. When I was younger, I scared my mother to death, the things I would blurt out about District 12, about the people who rule our country, Panem, from the far-off city called the Capitol. Eventually I understood this would only lead us to more trouble. So I learned to hold my tongue and to turn my features into an indifferent mask so that no one could ever read my thoughts. Do my work quietly in school. Make only polite small talk in the public market. Discuss little more than trades in the Hob, which is the black market where I make most of my money. Even at home, where I am less pleasant, I avoid discussing tricky topics. Like the reaping, or food — Suzanne Collins

Topics Quotes By David Chalmers

I think that consciousness has always been the most important topic in the philosophy of mind, and one of the most important topics in cognitive science as a whole, but it had been surprisingly neglected in recent years. — David Chalmers

Topics Quotes By Turcois Ominek

I like people who can keep the conversation going no matter how random the topic gets. — Turcois Ominek

Topics Quotes By Anne Burrell

My hair is always a big topic. It is just hair. — Anne Burrell

Topics Quotes By Max Lucado

I'd like to think I'm going upriver in talking about world-view topics rather than particular political or controversial topics. — Max Lucado

Topics Quotes By Gwen Ifill

All of our panelists are deeply engaged in the topics at hand, so that leaves me free to convene a little dinner party, sans alcohol, and invite the rest of America to listen in. — Gwen Ifill

Topics Quotes By Peter Orszag

Every day is like that, eight successive meetings on eight different topics, every one really important and interesting. — Peter Orszag

Topics Quotes By Ezra Pound

There is no topicmore soporific and generally boring than the topic of Ireland as Ireland, as a nation. — Ezra Pound

Topics Quotes By Kenny Smith

Bourgeois society, rife with an atomism or monadism of secluded egos, is profoundly uncomfortable with topics of domination just because of the rift between how it sees itself (Kantian autonomism) and how it actually exists (pathetic prole-culture). — Kenny Smith

Topics Quotes By C.J. Mahaney

All topics should be studied through the lens of the Gospel. — C.J. Mahaney

Topics Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

You have not fully expressed your power as a voter until you have scientific literacy in topics that matter for future political issues. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Topics Quotes By Michael Barbarulo

It's a fact that you're going to have a different opinion or view on certain topics or issues. You need stand your ground by sharing your view. — Michael Barbarulo

Topics Quotes By Lisa Loeb

There's a variety and depth to the song topics I get to write about in children's music and books: being able to write about things I wouldn't normally write about, like a disappointing pancake, or monsters or opposite day is really different than writing about heartbreak and relationships. — Lisa Loeb

Topics Quotes By Pablo Amaringo

From experience, I came to learn that ayahuasca bestows upon the user knowledge about a variety of topics, not only consciousness and perception, but also leads one to realize that what we perceive is an illusion. — Pablo Amaringo

Topics Quotes By M. J. Hyland

Where writers are from is one of the world' s most boring topics. Where we're born, gender or race, wealth or poverty - those are the things we spend time talking about. Stop trying to label me. I'm a writer. Worry about whether I'm any good! — M. J. Hyland

Topics Quotes By Dwight L. Moody

No one should ever preach on the topic of hell without a tear in his eye. — Dwight L. Moody

Topics Quotes By Scott Adams

I don't read the news to find truth, as that would be a foolish waste of time. I read the news to broaden my exposure to new topics and patterns that make my brain more efficient in general and to enjoy myself, because learning interesting things increases my energy and makes me feel optimistic. Don't think of the news as information. Think of it as a source of energy. — Scott Adams

Topics Quotes By Criss Jami

Love is one of those topics that plenty of people try to write about but not enough try to do. — Criss Jami

Topics Quotes By James W. Pennebaker

Males categorize their worlds by counting, naming, and organizing the objects they confront. Women, in addition to personalizing their topics, talk in a more dynamic way, focusing on how their topics change. Discussions of change require more verbs. — James W. Pennebaker

Topics Quotes By Louis Agassiz

As long as men inquire, they will find opportunities to know more upon these topics than those who have gone before them, so inexhaustibly rich is nature in the innermost diversity of her treasures of beauty, order and intelligence. — Louis Agassiz

Topics Quotes By Nikki Rowe

Open your mind a little, don't believe everything you hear, see or read, the world is so caught up in trying to avoid the topics that matter that you'll lose yourself trying to become like it. — Nikki Rowe

Topics Quotes By James Madison

The better proof of reverence for that holy name would be not to profane it by making it a topic of legislative discussion ... — James Madison

Topics Quotes By Suzy Kassem

Have faith that your child's brain is an evolving planet that rotates at its own speed. It will naturally be attracted to or repel certain subjects. — Suzy Kassem

Topics Quotes By Kathryn Harrison

I admire cool renderings of hot topics. — Kathryn Harrison

Topics Quotes By Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I always believed that my silence on several topics will be an advantage in the long run. — Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Topics Quotes By David Duke

The real power of this book comes from its documentation from major sources. In fact, you will quickly discover that most of my documents about Jewish Supremacism are from Jewish sources. They argue more convincingly for my point of view than anything I could write. I encourage you to go to the sources that I quote and check them out for yourself. In this book I take you along with me on a fascinating journey of discovery in a forbidden subject. I urge you to courageously keep an open mind while you explore the topics ahead, for that is the only way any of us can find the truth. — David Duke

Topics Quotes By Elizabeth Spiers

Everything is an idea for something, something that touches the imagination, a fact that seems relevant or maybe just a statement I find interesting - either because it resonates or because I disagree. All of it is fodder for continued work or thinking on the topics. It's also important to me to record the ideas that my instincts tell me are bad. — Elizabeth Spiers

Topics Quotes By Roberto Hogue

Some dudes just know what they know, and they are fine with it. They might obsess with sex as much as you do, but never really explore some of the more advanced topics. These guys need their horizons expanded and you are just the girl to do it for him. — Roberto Hogue

Topics Quotes By Barack Obama

Friends persuaded me to run for the office, and I won. I had been warned, before taking office, that state politics lacks the glamour of its Washington counterpart; one labors largely in obscurity, mostly on topics that mean a great deal to some but that the average man or woman on the street can safely ignore (the regulation of mobile homes, say, or the tax consequences of farm equipment depreciation). Nonetheless, I found the work — Barack Obama

Topics Quotes By Mort W. Lumsden

The topics which language limits us to aren't much worth discussing in the first place.
(attrib: F.L. Vanderson) — Mort W. Lumsden

Topics Quotes By Charles R. Morris

Business schools tend to focus on topics that are suitable to blackboards, so they overemphasize organization and finance. Until very recently, they virtually ignored manufacturing. I think of lot of the troubles of the 1970s and 1980s, and now more recently the 2000s can be traced pretty directly to the biases of the business schools. — Charles R. Morris

Topics Quotes By Hannibal Buress

I like showing different types of comedy - showing that I could tell a story, or showing that I could do a one-liner, showing I could do stuff about music - so just trying to be versatile and talking about different topics. — Hannibal Buress

Topics Quotes By Mason Cooley

The supposed unhappiness of the rich is always a cheerful topic of conversation. — Mason Cooley

Topics Quotes By Ryan Holiday

Growth hackers resist this temptation (or, more appropriate, this delusion). They opt, deliberately, to attract only the early adopters who make or break new tech services and seek to do it as cheaply as possible. In fact, part of the reason the scrappy start-ups, services, and apps in this book might not always be well-known or topics of daily conversation is because their founders have focused their energies on product development with an eye toward growth - they're now millions of members strong without any superfluous "buzz." They got to mass market by ignoring the urge to appeal to the mass market, at least to start with. — Ryan Holiday

Topics Quotes By Richard Wright

I found out that many subjects were taboo from the white man's point of view. Among the topics they did not like to discuss with Negros were the following: American white women; the Ku Klux Klan; France, and how Negro soldiers fared while there; French women; Jack Johnson; the entire northern part of the United States; the Civil War; Abraham Lincoln; U.S. Grant; General Sherman; Catholics; the Pope; Jews; the Republican Party; slavery; social equality; Communism; Socialism; the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution; or any topic calling for positive knowledge or manly self-assertion on the Part of the Negro. The most accepted topics were sex and religion. — Richard Wright

Topics Quotes By Satoru Iwata

The profitable part of the online business is very likely several years away. Entering the business because it's the hot topic of the day doesn't make a profitable business nor satisfied customers, ... That's why it will be a part of Nintendo's strategy, not the mainstay, as other companies are attempting to do. There still are too many barriers for any company to greatly depend on it. — Satoru Iwata

Topics Quotes By Herman Melville

Let us waive that agitated national topic, as to whether such multitudes of foreign poor should be landed on our American shores;let us waive it, with the one only thought, that if they can get here, they have God's right to come. — Herman Melville

Topics Quotes By Mike Lee

The theory behind AltConf is simple: it's worth being in town for WWDC, even if you don't have tickets, and if you're already there, you might as well go to the conference next door. The reality of what AltConf has become is an important addition to the very controlled stream of information Apple provides. Some of the industry's best speakers don't work at Apple, and some of the industry's most important topics aren't being discussed by Hair Force One. — Mike Lee

Topics Quotes By Zach Galifianakis

I have to stop crying when I watch "The View". It's not because of the topics at hand, I just feel sorry for that couch. — Zach Galifianakis

Topics Quotes By James Salter

I'd say the biggest relationship is the repetition of certain themes. I don't want to say "topics," but certain points of interest. — James Salter

Topics Quotes By Ramez Naam

Whatever my current beliefs are, on any topic, they're all open to being changed by the right facts and the right evidence. — Ramez Naam

Topics Quotes By Paul Farmer

I don't know much about climate change. But I'm pretty sure we better figure out what to do to lessen its impact - at least its health impact - and that's not going to happen unless you have a lot of young talent interested in these topics. — Paul Farmer

Topics Quotes By John Jay Hooker

If you are a friend of the Constitution as I am, I hope you will consider engaging me in the topics of my posts whether you agree or disagree with my position on a particular subject. — John Jay Hooker

Topics Quotes By Rachel Nichols

One of the great things about the sci-fi genre is that you can kind of get away with a bit more when talking politics, making social references or dealing with very hot-button topics because it is sci-fi. — Rachel Nichols

Topics Quotes By Ryan Cayabyab

The Verse-Refrain form starts with a context before the topic that the Refrain is talking about happens. — Ryan Cayabyab

Topics Quotes By Charles Dickens

One day, Oliver and Noah had descended into the kitchen at the usual dinner-hour, to banquet upon a small joint of mutton - a pound and a half of the worst end of the neck - when Charlotte being called out of the way, there ensued a brief interval of time, which Noah Claypole, being hungry and vicious, considered he could not possibly devote to a worthier purpose than aggravating and tantalising young Oliver Twist. Intent upon this innocent amusement, Noah put his feet on the table-cloth; and pulled Oliver's hair; and twitched his ears; and expressed his opinion that he was a 'sneak'; and furthermore announced his intention of coming to see him hanged, whenever that desirable event should take place; and entered upon various topics of petty annoyance, like a malicious and ill-conditioned charity-boy as he was. But, — Charles Dickens

Topics Quotes By Jean Le Rond D'Alembert

If one looks at all closely at the middle of our own century, the events that occupy us, our customs, our achievements and even our topics of conversation, it is difficult not to see that a very remarkable change in several respects has come into our ideas; a change which, by its rapidity, seems to us to foreshadow another still greater. Time alone will tell the aim, the nature and limits of this revolution, whose inconveniences and advantages our posterity will recognize better than we can. — Jean Le Rond D'Alembert

Topics Quotes By Irvin D. Yalom

At other times Betty expressed anger at my forcing her to think about morbid topics. "Why think about death? We can't do anything about it!" I tried to help her understand that, though the fact of death destroys us, the idea of death can save us. In other words, our awareness of death can throw a different perspective on life and incite us to rearrange our priorities. — Irvin D. Yalom

Topics Quotes By Harlan Coben

I would rather raise certain topics and maybe let you ruminate on them. I'm not big on answering them. — Harlan Coben

Topics Quotes By Charles Lamb

This is the magnanimity of authorship, when a writer having a topic presented to him, fruitful of beauties for common minds, waives his privilege, and trusts to the judicious few for understanding the reason of his abstinence. — Charles Lamb

Topics Quotes By Sharad Nalawade

For the man on the street, science and math sound too and soulless. It is hard to appreciate their significance Most of us are just aware of Newton's apple trivia and Einstein's famous e mc2. Science, like philosophy, remains obscure and detached, playing role in our daily lives. There is a general perception that science is hard to grasp and has direct relevance to what we do. After all, how often do we discuss Dante or Descartes over dinner anyway? Some feel it to be too academic and leave it to the intellectuals or scientists to sort out while others feel that such topics are good only for academic debate. The great physicist, Rutherford, once quipped that, "i you can't explain a complex theory to a bartender, the theory not worth it" Well, it could be easier said than done (applications of tools — Sharad Nalawade

Topics Quotes By Jakob Nielsen

Diversity is power on the Web. Big sites may be bigger, but smaller sites will keep scoring higher for specialized topics, both in terms of their connections with users and in terms of each visit's commercial value. — Jakob Nielsen

Topics Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

It takes some courage to write fiction about politically controversial topics. The dread is you'll be labeled a political writer. — Barbara Kingsolver

Topics Quotes By Viswanathan Anand

The Internet gives you access to a lot of material, and it's fun to sit and read. I go to something like Wikipedia and look at different topics ... I find the subject fascinating. I like to read about concepts and mathematicians. — Viswanathan Anand

Topics Quotes By George H. W. Bush

The notion of political correctness has ignited controversy across the land. And although the movement arises from the laudable desire to sweep away the debris of racism and sexism and hatred it replaces old prejudices with new one. It declares certain topics off-limits, certain expressions off-limits, even certain gestures off-limits. What began as a crusade for civility has soured into a cause of conflict and even censorship. — George H. W. Bush

Topics Quotes By Walter Kirn

A president, like a college freshman, can't know in advance which questions he'll have to answer or what topics he'll have to master. He has to be flexible, supple, and responsive. He has to be comfortable with multiple-choice. — Walter Kirn

Topics Quotes By Saul Gorn

Saul Gorn, an authority on machine oi automated language who has expanded his interests from the use of the computer foi information storage and retrieval to the broader topic of the "'information pollution" and an examination of the forces which contribute to it ... — Saul Gorn

Topics Quotes By Marvin Olasky

On sensitive issues, talk isn't cheap - it takes real courage to pry open topics nailed shut. — Marvin Olasky

Topics Quotes By Patricia Gaffney

Topics ... are what people talk about when they don't know each other well. Topics ... are what men talk about. — Patricia Gaffney

Topics Quotes By Jinkang Wang

A true master is able to turn the hardest knowledge into easily graspable concepts. A master's knowledge is complete and organized, touching on neighboring topics, and personal. Mei — Jinkang Wang

Topics Quotes By Mark Powell

We scientists can argue forever about important topics like slightly different flavors of vanilla ice cream. Consider the silliness of this debate: one group of scientists found a 90% decline of big fish and criticized fishery management. Some other scientists found an 80% decline and started a big argument with the 90% people. Who cares if it's 80% or 90%? The real question is whether it's OK to let fishermen take most of the big fish out of our oceans. — Mark Powell

Topics Quotes By Lady Gaga

My "home" is a controversial topic. I don't exactly have one. I live all over the world. — Lady Gaga

Topics Quotes By James Martin

But Ignatian spirituality is so capacious that even an introduction will touch upon a broad spectrum of topics: making good choices, finding meaningful work, being a good friend, living simply, wondering about suffering, deepening your prayer, striving to be a better person, and learning to love. — James Martin

Topics Quotes By George Noory

'Beyond Belief with George Noory' will be an hour-long show that cuts to the heart of what's going on with people today, topics wide-ranging and generally nonpolitical, but even more edgy. — George Noory

Topics Quotes By Cinda Williams Chima

Is it really your intention to be a soldier, Morley?" Askell asked. "Wouldn't it make more sense for you to study the softer sciences? Healing, art, and philosophy are all important topics. That's a more typical course of study for those of your station."
"My station or my gender, sir?" Rasia said. "You've said Wien House is full of thanelings and dukes. I can think of only one way in which they are different from me. — Cinda Williams Chima

Topics Quotes By Stanley B. Prusiner

People often ask me why I persisted in doing research on a subject that was so controversial. I frequently respond by telling them that only a few scientists are granted the great fortune to pursue topics that are so new and different that only a small number of people can grasp the meaning of such discoveries initially. — Stanley B. Prusiner

Topics Quotes By John Burdett

I think it is immensely difficult to get the U.S. interested in non-U.S. topics. I don't think this is because the average American reader is disinterested, but more because of publishers playing it safe: if a thriller based in L.A. is a sure winner, why spend money plugging one based in Paris - or Bangkok? — John Burdett

Topics Quotes By Jill Soloway

My experience as a Jewish American has often been as a spectator of one-sided conversations, or more like monologues, about Israel, Jewish History, Jewish identity, etc. Although there are profound divisions amongst Jews on all of these topics there are not many opportunities for deep and thoughtful dialogue about them. — Jill Soloway

Topics Quotes By David Hume

There is no method of reasoning more common, and yet none more blameable, than, in philosophical disputes, to endeavour the refutation of any hypothesis, by a pretence of its dangerous consequences to religion and morality. When any opinion leads to absurdities, it is certainly false; but it is not certain that an opinion is false, because it is of danger-ous consequence. Such topics, therefore, ought entirely to be forborne; as serving nothing to the discovery of truth, but only to make the person
of an antagonist odious. — David Hume

Topics Quotes By Michael Crichton

A wonderful area for speculative academic work is the unknowable. These days religious subjects are in disfavor, but there are still plenty of good topics. The nature of consciousness, the workings of the brain, the origin of aggression, the origin of language, the origin of life on earth, SETI and life on other worlds ... this is all great stuff. Wonderful stuff. You can argue it interminably. But it can't be contradicted, because nobody knows the answer to any of these topics. — Michael Crichton

Topics Quotes By Isobelle Carmody

I can just hear Aaron saying that it's slight compared with the big topics they usually tackle."
"Slight!" I almost shouted. "Why is it that people always think bad, dark things are more real and important than things that lift you up and make you feel life is worth living? You ought to tell them that in a song. — Isobelle Carmody

Topics Quotes By Gabrielle Bernstein

What makes me vulnerable is speaking up about topics that may be controversial to others. — Gabrielle Bernstein

Topics Quotes By Ralph Keyes

One thing I like about writing is that it provides such a wonderful opportunity for confidential chats with readers. In the privacy of writing, and reading, we can discuss topics that are a little touchy, a bit embarrassing, and feel less alone in the process. Feeling consumed by memories from high school. Feeling wimpy. Feeling time-obsessed. Yearning for our fathers. Wishing we were taller, or shorter, or less average. To name just a few. — Ralph Keyes

Topics Quotes By D. Michael Quinn

The issues involved are sufficiently important that courses are now moving out of the philosophy departments and into mainstream computer science. And they affect everyone. Many of the students attracted to these courses are not technology majors, and many of the topics we discuss relate to ethical challenges that transcend the computer world. — D. Michael Quinn

Topics Quotes By Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Writing songs about fancying people in dance clubs is all very well but it's not the be-all and end-all. There are other topics. — Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Topics Quotes By Siri Hustvedt

Despite my efforts, I was something less than a model student, subject to passionate eruptions in class and wild excursions into related topics. At home I rehearsed calm deliveries, practiced lowering my voice to make it sound authoritative and cool, but in the heat of the moment, I would always forget. — Siri Hustvedt

Topics Quotes By William Zinsser

There's no subject you don't have permission to write about. Students often avoid subjects close to their heart ... because they assume that their teachers will regard those topics as 'stupid.' No area of life is stupid to someone who takes it seriously. If you follow your affections you will write well and will engage your readers. — William Zinsser

Topics Quotes By Diane Duane

He came back the next day, and the next, and the day after that, and they argued. The arguments always started about the binding itself, but then they began to stray out into more interesting topics
the relationships and interrelationships in their families, the politics that went on, and the doings of the kingdoms and lordships of the world; and finally, about themselves, or rather, each other. The arguments started early and ended late: it was almost improper.
After about three days of this, T'Thelaih realized that she was going to have to be bound to this man, just to have the leisure to argue properly with him. — Diane Duane

Topics Quotes By Clarence Darrow

This book comes from the reflections and experience of more than forty years spent in court. Aside from the practice of my profession, the topics I have treated are such as have always held my interest and inspired a taste for books that discuss the human machine with its manifestations and the causes of its varied activity. — Clarence Darrow

Topics Quotes By Mary Roach

I don't write on topics that require a lot of urgency. But in 'Stiff,' I wanted to change people's hearts about organ donation. Whenever I get a chance, I try to talk about that. — Mary Roach

Topics Quotes By Peter Greenaway

Here was opportunity to make an audience walk and move, be sociable in a way never dreamed of by the rigors of cinema-watching, in circumstances where many different perspectives could be brought to bear on a series of phenomena associated with the topics under consideration. Yet all the time it was a subjective creation under the auspices of light and sound, dealing with a large slice of cinema's vocabulary. — Peter Greenaway

Topics Quotes By Tiffini Johnson

Books whose topics I thoroughy depsise are accapteble because they often force the reader to think and to examine his own beliefs. In an age where most people are either blindly obedient or radical, exposing oneself to the ideas contained in even the most controversial of books is a good thing. — Tiffini Johnson

Topics Quotes By Deyth Banger

It's hard to focus on loud mod to read something like the TV is playing something like Advertising and other boredom stuff and stupid and you are reading an article about topics which are difficult one. — Deyth Banger

Topics Quotes By Ayaz Babacan

However, the new Istanbul would not be a closed off society built on strict religious grounds. Influence from Middle Eastern kingdoms during that time did not spell cultural collapse, but usually the opposite, as historically the old Islamic empires were known for preservation of antiquities and a push toward topics like science, mathematics, and education. Although initially Constantinople was a ransacked, broken city, it would gradually turn into a new cultural center, where even former enemies (Christians) were allowed to re-enter and live among Muslims (although they were taxed for their faith). — Ayaz Babacan

Topics Quotes By Samuel Johnson

Every man has some favorite topic of conversation, on which, by a feigned seriousness of attention, he may be drawn to expatiate without end. — Samuel Johnson

Topics Quotes By Rachael Taylor

[Sexual abuse] is such a sharp, potent topic that we really should have discussions about more openly and more often. — Rachael Taylor

Topics Quotes By Isaac Asimov

I have written 240 books on a wide variety of topics ... Some of it I based on education I received in my school, but most of it was backed by other ways of learning - chiefly in the books I obtained in the public library. — Isaac Asimov

Topics Quotes By Bruce Sterling

Well, they didn't lack for topics after Hiroshima. Why should 9/11 slow them down? I know it got a lot of press, but it's just a few large buildings and aircraft, it's not like D-Day and the Seige of Berlin. — Bruce Sterling

Topics Quotes By Edward Tufte

There are many true statements about complex topics that are too long to fit on a PowerPoint slide. — Edward Tufte

Topics Quotes By Lauren Book

So if we're going to keep all kids safe, we have to make incest and child sexual abuse acceptable topics of conversation. When other people want us to keep quiet because the subject makes them uncomfortable, or when someone questions our memory of events, we have to hold to the truth. Sexual abuse of children is preventable! But we can't wait for someone else to act. We're the ones who have to stop this madness. And it starts with each of us telling our story. — Lauren Book

Topics Quotes By David Nelson

Dr. Prem, a world renowned speaker delivers flawless speeches on various topics including leadership, public speaking, business management and global healthcare. Dr. Prem is well informed and his speeches are well researched. — David Nelson

Topics Quotes By Aristotle.

even if we possessed the most accurate scientific knowledge, we should not find it easy to persuade them by the employment of such knowledge. For scientific discourse is concerned with instruction, but in the case of such persons instruction is impossible; our proofs and arguments must rest on generally accepted principles, as we said in the Topics, when speaking of converse with the multitude. — Aristotle.

Topics Quotes By Haruki Murakami

We used to spend hours talking. We never got tired of talking, never raun out of topics - novels, the world, scenery, language. Our conversations were more open and intimate than ane lovers'. — Haruki Murakami

Topics Quotes By Lisa Loeb

I always wanted to make a children's album because you have the freedom to explore so many wonderful topics and sounds. — Lisa Loeb