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Top Movies In General Quotes

Movies In General Quotes By John C. Reilly

Actors in general are pretty good bullshit artists; we're good at just chewing the fat, interacting with people. So we're good ambassadors for movies. — John C. Reilly

Movies In General Quotes By Craig Finn

I think the biggest thing - and this I think is true of songs but also of movies and books and art in general - is when you have this moment where you hear a song or whatever and you say, "Hey, I've felt that exact way as a human being," and there's no easy way to describe it. — Craig Finn

Movies In General Quotes By Max Lerner

Having a thirteen-year-old in the family is like having a general-admission ticket to the movies, radio and TV. You get to understand that the glittering new arts of our civilization are directed to the teen-agers, and by their suffrage they stand or fall. — Max Lerner

Movies In General Quotes By Ruadhan J. McElroy

I never saw "being different" in and of itself as the point to "being Goth"
dressing different from most others, maybe, but the point to me was to get together with people who liked the same music and clothes, or at least very similar music and clothes, and go to clubs, go to movies, go to coffee-houses and hold poetry readings and, in general, just have some good harmless fun. Did I look like a dork? Sure, but so did everybody else in the club. We weren't "being different", at least not all of us, we just were different and the point was to stop bitching about being different and just have fun. — Ruadhan J. McElroy

Movies In General Quotes By John Cusack

The movies have got more corporate, they're making fewer movies in general, and those they are making are all $200-$300m tent-pole releases that eat up all the oxygen. — John Cusack

Movies In General Quotes By Roland Emmerich

I think sport in general affects what people see in movies. I always try to explain to people in Hollywood that we have to make movies more like sport because, in sport, everything can happen and it's so much better than movies in some ways. — Roland Emmerich

Movies In General Quotes By Rob Zombie

Movies in general are more generic. If something sells just make more. That's Hollywood. — Rob Zombie

Movies In General Quotes By Miles Teller

Honestly, I'm not a big movie buff in general. The only movies I own is probably the 'Indiana Jones' trilogy. — Miles Teller

Movies In General Quotes By Becky Albertalli

I can't help it. I'm thinking about sex. Sex with Will Haley. Sex in general. The thing is, I can't make my brain turn the idea into something sexy. Isn't that ridiculous? It's sex. It's inherently sexy. But not to me. Because in hazily lit movies, when the girl pulls her shirt up over her head, she stops being me. The hazily lit girl is never me. She has a flat golden stomach and cute little boobs, and you can see the boy falling for her. You can read it on his face. Under my shirt, there's no flat stomach, and there are no cute little boobs, and there's no hazy lighting. It's just a lot of me. Way too much of me. — Becky Albertalli

Movies In General Quotes By Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I mean, movies in general tend to sort of portray time, space and identity as these very solid things. Time moves forward. Space is what it is. You are you, and you're always you. — Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Movies In General Quotes By Kim Cope Tait

Movies I remember in impressions. No matter how many times I see a film, my memory of it is like a Monet painting...or a Cezanne, depending on the genre. Sometimes all I can muster is a Jackson Pollock. My memory of experience is usually the same: I carry with me only the sensations it gave me, the general outline of its content, the essential colors that strained my sensibility in the moments I took it in. I don't remember dialogue or specific action. Only shapes and impressions. — Kim Cope Tait

Movies In General Quotes By Sam Lake

Prose is an art form, movies and acting in general are art forms, so is music, painting, graphics, sculpture, and so on. Some might even consider classic games like chess to be an art form. Video games use elements of all of these to create something new. Why wouldn't video games be an art form? — Sam Lake

Movies In General Quotes By Len Wiseman

Just movies in general. It's such a wonderful business as much as you feel, you are fine tuning your craft, every movie is a completely different challenge. Every fight sequence is different. Every action set piece. I enjoy that. — Len Wiseman

Movies In General Quotes By Sohrab Ahmari

The general public long ago stopped looking for beauty in high culture. But it still has TV and the movies....you are far more likely to find genuinely mesmerising images and real beauty in big-budget Hollywood movies -- think of, say, Christopher Nolan's Interstellar or his Dark Knight Trilogy -- than in any European art-house — Sohrab Ahmari

Movies In General Quotes By Fede Alvarez

In general I think the inspiration was to think about all those movies that I saw as a kid and never knew they were remakes, because I know there's probably another kid going to watch Evil Dead who has no idea. — Fede Alvarez

Movies In General Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

I think that my vampires in general were influenced by my being allowed to watch the Hammer vampire films. Vampire Circus, also shown as Circus of Fear, was one of those movies. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Movies In General Quotes By Nora Roberts

- "Women should all move to Amazonia, or at least vacation there four times a year."
- "Amazonia?"
- "It's the girl world in my head, where I go when I'm annoyed with Carter, or just men in general. There are five shoe stores per capita, nothing has any calories, and all the books and movies end happy ever after."
- "I like Amazonia. When do we leave? — Nora Roberts

Movies In General Quotes By Steven Soderbergh

I've tried to get better about weighing what I think the accessibility of an idea is against the cost of executing it. I've tried to be smarter about that, because if you're not smart about that, you're going to be unemployed. But I'm still mystified about what works for people. And I'm not talking about my movies, I'm talking in general. I'm mystified by the stuff that doesn't work. I'm mystified by what's going on in the critical side, too. — Steven Soderbergh

Movies In General Quotes By John Green

Like, in general I think people have very complicated reasons for wanting things, and we often have no idea whether we're actually motivated by altruism or a desire to hook up or a search for answers or what. I always get annoyed when in books or movies characters want clear things for clear reasons, because my experience of humanness is that I always want messy things for messy reasons. — John Green

Movies In General Quotes By Kristin Chenoweth

I think ... you know, collaboration, in general - no matter movies, television or Broadway - is offering of what you can bring to the table and also fighting what you think the important battles are. Not everything is going to make it in there. Not everything is going to work. You have to collaborate. And you have to be a good listener. — Kristin Chenoweth

Movies In General Quotes By Sam Lake

Well, we look for sources of inspiration in pop culture in general. It's very important for us that, when it comes to storytelling, we don't look into other video games. We'd rather look into other mediums
movies, television series and books
for sources of inspiration. — Sam Lake

Movies In General Quotes By Adamo Macri

Art exhibitions would be less censored if they were rated, G or NC-17, like movies. People in general see galleries and museums as family-appropriate excursions. Censorship is a provided system which caters to lazy parenting, which is publicly-funded and socially accepted. — Adamo Macri

Movies In General Quotes By Virginia Postrel

The elements that create glamour are not specific styles - bias-cut gowns or lacquered furniture - but more general qualities: grace, mystery, transcendence. To the right audience, Halle Berry is more glamorous commanding the elements as Storm in the X-Men movies than she is walking the red carpet in a designer gown. — Virginia Postrel

Movies In General Quotes By Jenna Fischer

I also love horror movies; I like me a big Peter Berg action movie. I'm a movie lover in general. — Jenna Fischer

Movies In General Quotes By Carol Rifka Brunt

They segued into a more general piece about AIDS. As usual, they started out with footage of some kind of sweaty nightclub in the city with a bunch of gay men dancing around in stupid leather outfits. I couldn't even begin to imagine Finn dancing the night away like some kind of half-dressed cowboy. It would have been nice if for once they show some guys sitting in their living rooms drinking tea and talking about art or movies or something. If they showed that, then maybe people would say, Oh, okay, that's not so strange. — Carol Rifka Brunt

Movies In General Quotes By Matthew Lillard

The more lines I have, in general, the worse a movie is. It's very rare that I get say great things in fantastic movies. So if you see me as like, number one on a call sheet? In general, that movie is pretty bad. — Matthew Lillard

Movies In General Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

But we can't ignore our social needs either. We have to stop people from abusing the welfare system. We have to provide food and shelter for the homeless and oppose racial discrimination and promote civil rights while also promoting equal rights for women but change the abortion laws to protect the right to life yet still somehow maintain women's freedom of choice. We also have to control the influx of illegal immigrants. We have to encourage a return to traditional moral values and curb graphic sex and violence on TV, in movies, in popular music, everywhere. Most importantly we have to promote general social concern and less materialism in young people. — Bret Easton Ellis

Movies In General Quotes By Alejandro Amenabar

My movies, in general, I have the impression that when they finish of course they're never originally what you had in mind. — Alejandro Amenabar

Movies In General Quotes By Zack Snyder

In the sense that Watchmen references movies, comic books, pop culture in general. It knows it's a movie. I really do like movies that ride that fine line, the razor's edge between parody and supporting the fake movie part of the movie. — Zack Snyder

Movies In General Quotes By Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

I think movies in general should have more respect for the audience than they do. Too many films are afraid to confuse people, so all the information is given to them right away, and there's nothing left for the film to do. It ruins many stories, because everything becomes obvious and predictable. I want my films to engage people more and make them more actively involved in the story. — Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Movies In General Quotes By Steven Spielberg

Movies are always in a state of locomotion. You start with a general idea of how it should feel and then you find you've got a runaway train. You have to race to catch up: the movie is telling you what it wants to become, and when that happens there's no greater feeling. — Steven Spielberg

Movies In General Quotes By Abigail Breslin

I love animated movies in general. I like making them. — Abigail Breslin

Movies In General Quotes By Tom Noonan

The whole idea of WHAT HAPPENED WAS ... is not about dating. It is more about people who are not committed to who they are or are indifferent about their life in general, which is how I felt about myself when I wrote it. I had turned 40 and I was unhappy and I wanted to write about that. Dating just became the framework ... I like all those fringy, weird, nonverbal, quiet, tiny little things, those powerful interchanges between people, things that go unsaid, that people know are happening all the time but nobody wants to talk about. That's what I want to make movies about. — Tom Noonan

Movies In General Quotes By Jennifer Morrison

For me, in general, it's always about the material. Obviously, it's about the material and hoping that someone wants to hire me for a job, too, but I've certainly seen films like 'Orphan' and movies like that where I know that if I had had the opportunity to read that script or had an opportunity to do it, I would have wanted to do it. — Jennifer Morrison

Movies In General Quotes By Jesse McCartney

I used to watch every episode of 'Justice League,' I went to all the movies, I had the Superman lunchbox. I was enamored with animation in general and always wanted to somehow be a part of it. — Jesse McCartney

Movies In General Quotes By Bobby Moynihan

It's not like you do 'SNL' and then get handed movie roles. You work, you audition for stuff and try to get it. I think, a lot of people, it's the goal to be in movies or just to be working in general. But yeah, some of us get lucky and get some movie roles, and it's nice. — Bobby Moynihan

Movies In General Quotes By Kristan Higgins

Something? Sometimes she'd go to a movie with Honor, though she clucked about the unsanitary nature of theaters, theater staff and humans in general. Hmm. Mrs. Johnson was probably her best bet. They could bring Spike, who loved movies as well as popcorn. At that moment, her phone rang, startling her so much that she sloshed her coffee. Spike barked from her little doggy bed and began leaping up against Honor's leg, tearing — Kristan Higgins

Movies In General Quotes By Gael Garcia Bernal

In general, I hate films that are overtly either very masculine or very feminine, you know? The same way that I don't like a war movie about soldiers smashing people's heads. But a chick flick I like would be Cassavetes' movies. 'A Woman Under the Influence,' 'Husbands.' — Gael Garcia Bernal

Movies In General Quotes By Martin A. Danahay

Mansfield's performance is placed within a general anxiety caused by the proliferation of advertisements for melodramas that contained murder and violence as plot elements. This Victorian debate parallels present-day anxieties about the violence in Hollywood movies and the effect on the general population. — Martin A. Danahay

Movies In General Quotes By John Carpenter

Remakes, in general, are a result of necessity being the mother of invention. They can't open movies consistently and break through the advertising clutter that's out there. — John Carpenter

Movies In General Quotes By Nicole Holofcener

I'm sure it's more difficult for women to make movies, especially because, in general, the kind of movies women want to make aren't necessarily going to be blockbusters. But you know, there are so few women in so many positions of power. — Nicole Holofcener

Movies In General Quotes By Dane DeHaan

I loved the movies and I loved cartoon superheroes - superheroes in general. I had all the pajama costumes and I would wear my underwear on the outside of the pajamas because that's what Superman does. — Dane DeHaan

Movies In General Quotes By Richard Curtis

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don't see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around. — Richard Curtis

Movies In General Quotes By Jamie Clayton

I'm a huge television fan, in general. I love TV. I love movies. I always have. It's what I do, and I love it. — Jamie Clayton

Movies In General Quotes By Vincent Cassel

When you see violence in movies in general, it's very quick and painless, which isn't what it's like. — Vincent Cassel

Movies In General Quotes By Anne Fontaine

Hollywood is still the cradle of many myths, including the one of eternal youth. I find it odd that the very notion of desire, when applied to a woman over 40, is turned into a pathology or a mockery in a number of films. But Hollywood is not the only place to blame, by far. This is just a rendition, possibly magnified by the power of movies, of a general state of things, social, cultural and political. — Anne Fontaine