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Famous Quotes By Pen

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Expectations hinder you from being prepared for the unexpected — Pen

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Tell someone a story, and you capture their imagination. Make someone laugh, and you capture their friendship. Bring a tear to their eye with poignant grace, and you capture their heart. But never, never attempt to capture someone's spirit. That is theirs, and theirs alone. — Pen

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Visualization: daydreaming with a purpose. — Pen

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If you stand before a canvas, up close, almost to the point where your nose touches paint, you will see nothing but a blurred image; an image composed of thousands of tiny dots of paint. Stand back from the canvas and all those points of color merge to form an image of beauty recognizable to the human heart. Life is composed of thousands of tiny moments of time. Stand back and you will see a life of beauty, capable of touching the human heart. — Pen

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Selling yourself short shortchanges others who could reap the benefits of what you have to offer; it also shortchanges you who could, in turn, reap the benefits of what others want to offer you. — Pen

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Without a sense of humor, you don't have much sense at all. — Pen

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Give others the benefit of the doubt. Until they run out of benefit and you run out of doubt. — Pen