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Top Beneficial Technology Quotes

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

If a technology is beneficial, everyone should have it. If it is not, no one should have it. — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Erik Brynjolfsson

second conclusion is that the transformations brought about by digital technology will be profoundly beneficial ones. — Erik Brynjolfsson

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Astra Taylor

Technology isn't simply addictive - it's addictive because it's a servant to business incentives. There are huge departments in these companies that are devoted to this and staffed by incredibly talented people who have skills that could be put to socially beneficial projects but who are now trying to find out how to make you click and how to maximize your time on a certain site, or encourage teenagers to "friend" more products and constantly engage with them. — Astra Taylor

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Michael D Coleman

It has been said that if a drug has no side effects, then it is unlikely to work. Drug therapy labours under the fundamental problem that usually every single cell in the body has to be treated just to exert a beneficial effect on a small group of cells, perhaps in one tissue. Although drug-targeting technology is improving rapidly, most of us who take an oral dose are still faced with the problem that the vast majority of our cells are being unnecessarily exposed to an agent that at best will have no effect, but at worst will exert many unwanted effects. Essentially, all drug treatment is really a compromise between positive and negative effects in the patient. — Michael D Coleman

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Prince Charles

Some recent occurrences such as the BSE disaster and even perhaps - dare I mention it - the present severe weather conditions in our country are, I have no doubt, the consequences of mankind's arrogant disregard of the delicate balance of nature. We have to find a way of ensuring that our remarkable and seemingly beneficial advances in technology do not just become the agents of our own destruction. — Prince Charles

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Simon Wiesenthal

Technology without hate can be so beneficial for mankind, but in conjunction with hatred, it leads to disaster. — Simon Wiesenthal

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Gretchen Carlson

We have rules in the house and a sticker chart for my kids to earn technology time. Maybe its because of the world I live in and work, that I don't see much of anything beneficial that comes out of social media for kids. Even though its how they communicate now, so you have to find the fine balance. — Gretchen Carlson

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Susan McCutcheon

Drugs and medical technology can be enormously beneficial when used to take care of real complications, but too often they are abused when applied to women birthing normally. These women are thus subjected to unnecessary risks. The key to this problem is informed consent, an ideal too seldom realized. Informed consent means that no woman during pregnancy or labor should ever be deceived into thinking that any drug or procedure (Demerol, Seconal, spinals, caudals, epidurals, paracervical block, etc.) is guaranteed safe. Not only are there no guaranteed safe drugs, but many of them have well-known, recognized side effects and potential side effects.
Informed consent should mean that no woman would ever hear such falsehoods as, "This is harmless," or, "I only give it in such a small dose that it can't affect the baby," or, "This is just a local and won't reach the baby. — Susan McCutcheon

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Michael Bernard Beckwith

Nowadays, being "connected" means 24/7 availability. Emailing, texting, Twittering, calling, keeping one's website and Facebook status current seem essential to being and remaining relevant in the world. In addition to the positive impact of globally interconnecting humanity, the information era is also contributing to the creation of a high-tech, low-touch society. It is impacting language, the publishing world, education, and social revolts. Neurologists and other pundits, including Nicholas Carr in his Atlantic article, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?", point out the paradoxical downsides of not setting healthy boundaries or applying discipline to how we engage technology. Some have gone so far as to suggest that it is making us "spiritually stupid" by keeping us too distracted to participate in spiritual practices. But how about this: can using technology with mindfulness lead to beneficial social and spiritual connection? — Michael Bernard Beckwith

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Martin Rees

Advances in technology - hugely beneficial though they are - render us vulnerable in new ways. For instance, our interconnected world depends on elaborate networks: electric power grids, air traffic control, international finance, just-in-time delivery, and so forth. — Martin Rees

Beneficial Technology Quotes By Dalai Lama

If we human beings rely only on material development, we can't be sure of a positive outcome. Employing technology motivated by anger and hatred is likely to be destructive. It will only be beneficial if we seek the welfare of all beings. Human beings are the only species with the potential to destroy the world. Because of the risks of unrestrained desire and greed we need to cultivate contentment and simplicity. — Dalai Lama