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Top Best Anime Manga Quotes

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Ai Yazawa

The things that stress me out haven't changed.
But I don't wanna lose anything.
So I thought that at least I would change.
I'm lucky ... that I'm afraid of losing something. — Ai Yazawa

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Ayuzawa Misaki

I am. I've been enduring! Why must it be you?! I don't get it at all!
You're a pervert who annoys me all the time. You're always running ahead of me and teasing me.
It's your fault! I wouldn't have realized it if not for that game! I wanted to join hands with you since a long time ago!
One moment you're sexually harassing me, and then gone the next ... Just what are you thinking? Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I feel lonely when you leave me? Why are you ... the only one causing me so much confusion?
You idiot, why do you always tease me? — Ayuzawa Misaki

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Natsuki Takaya

Why does that kid think so highly of himself?"
"Kids that think they're so smart.They're everywhere! Destroy is self-esteem!"
"Yes ... I really do think highly of myself.People like me should get a taste of the ups and downs of life! Sorry I'm so envious.I will reflect upon this. Please don't be angry.
"There, I said it now. Are you satisfied?"
"Bye bye!"
Beat him ... Beat him until he reaches heaven ... !!!
-random people and Hiro-chan
Natsuki Takaya

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Ai Yazawa

I'll make you so in love with me, that everytime our lips touch, you'll die a little death. — Ai Yazawa

Best Anime Manga Quotes By John Scalzi

People start panicking because they think it's the end of everything. But the fact is, you know, books survived movies; books survived TV. Books are surviving manga and anime. Books will always be there in one form or another. You just have a larger palette of entertainment options. — John Scalzi

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Morinosuke Kawaguchi

Girly' products can spur Japan's growth in this century every bit as much as, if not more than, the 'manly' technologies. — Morinosuke Kawaguchi

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Paradise Kiss

If I had a dream or a goal ... then maybe I would be able to overcome the obstacles in my way. — Paradise Kiss

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Morinosuke Kawaguchi

At the root of Japanese manufacturing lies a feminine delicacy and shyness as well as a childlike curiosity and fantasy-filled worldview. — Morinosuke Kawaguchi

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Frederik L. Schodt

Japan is the first nation in the world to accord 'comic books'
originally a 'humorous' form of entertainment mainly for young people
nearly the same social status as novels and films. — Frederik L. Schodt

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Pseudonymous Bosch

Books can also provoke emotions. And emotions sometimes are even more troublesome than ideas. Emotions have led people to do all sorts of things they later regret-like, oh, throwing a book at someone else. — Pseudonymous Bosch

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Hideyuki Kurata

And where shall we go from here? The Library is vast and infinite. — Hideyuki Kurata

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Lights

I'm such a fan of anime and manga to this day, but I never really like got to know all the characters and everything, so I don't think I'd be able to pick one. — Lights

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Nobuhiro Watsuki

I must have dislocated my pelvis!" -Rurouni — Nobuhiro Watsuki

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Ai Yazawa

People are only what they think of themselves. — Ai Yazawa

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Do you like manga?" she asked after a minute. "Anime?"
"Anime's cool. I'm not really into it, but 1 like Japanese movies,
animated or not."
"Well, I'm into it. I watch the shows, read the books, chat on the boards, and all that. But this girl I know, she's
completely into it. She spends most of her allowance on the books and DVDs. She can recite dialogue from
them." She caught my gaze. "So would you say she belongs here?"
"No. Most kids are that way about something, right? With me, it's
movies. Like knowing who directed a sci-fi movie made before I was born. — Kelley Armstrong

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Morinosuke Kawaguchi

In pursuing a 'way,' Japanese typically move beyond an interest in craftsmanship to a kind of sacred search for the ultimate. — Morinosuke Kawaguchi

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Ryan Potter

I'm a huge anime and manga fan. — Ryan Potter

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Lauren Beukes

I've always loved Japanese legend, anime and manga. — Lauren Beukes

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Masashi Kishimoto

When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred. — Masashi Kishimoto

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Gene Luen Yang

I work at a high school, and we have an anime and manga club. — Gene Luen Yang

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Toyin Odutola

I'm really interested in independent publishers and memes and mini comics. But even before that, I was interested in Japanese manga and anime. — Toyin Odutola

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Ai Yazawa

If you're that obsessed with someone, why would you kill her?
Humans are full of contradictions. — Ai Yazawa

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Rumiko Takahashi

Miroku: Kagome, are you worrying about me?
Kagome: I guess so.
Miroku: In that case, I have a favor to ask of you: please bear my child. — Rumiko Takahashi

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Tsugumi Ohba

An eye for an eye my friend. — Tsugumi Ohba

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Sosuke Aizen

Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. — Sosuke Aizen

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Keiko Nobumoto

Hackers are nerdy, pasty, tubby, little geeks with triple thick glasses and this is probably a demented otaku with smelly feet. So catching him will be a breeze! — Keiko Nobumoto

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Alexei Maxim Russell

The Japanese have two words: "uchi" meaning inside and "soto" meaning outside. Uchi refers to their close friends, the people in their inner circle. Soto refers to anyone who is outside that circle. And how they relate and communicate to the two are drastically different. To the soto, they are still polite and they might be outgoing, on the surface, but they will keep them far away, until they are considered considerate and trustworthy enough to slip their way into the uchi category. Once you are uchi, the Japanese version of friendship is entire universes beyond the average American friendship! Uchi friends are for life. Uchi friends represent a sacred duty. A Japanese friend, who has become an uchi friend, is the one who will come to your aid, in your time of need, when all your western "friends" have turned their back and walked away. — Alexei Maxim Russell

Best Anime Manga Quotes By John Scalzi

I'm perfectly fine with the fact that lots of young folks are wanting to watch anime and read manga. I'm perfectly happy that they are doing things online, reading there as opposed to traditional print magazines. — John Scalzi

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Hayao Miyazaki

Personally, I was never more passionate about manga than when preparing for my college entrance exams. It's a period of life when young people appear to have a great deal of freedom, but are in many ways actually opressed. Just when they find themselves powerfully attracted to members of opposite sex, they have to really crack the books. To escape from this depressing situation, they often find themselves wishing they could live in a world of their own - a world they can say is truly theirs, a world unknown even to their parents. To young people, anime is something they incorporate into this private world.
I often refer to this feeling as one yearning for a lost world. It's a sense that although you may currently be living in a world of constraints, if you were free from those constraints, you would be able to do all sorts of things. And it's that feeling, I believe, that makes mid-teens so passionate about anime. — Hayao Miyazaki

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Hiro Mashima

Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignificant, and you must never forget about your friends for as long as you live. — Hiro Mashima

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Keiko Nobumoto

Radical Edwards's profile? He's a seven-foot tall ex-basketball pro hindu guru drag-queen alien.
-Jet Black, from the Cowboy Bebop anime script — Keiko Nobumoto

Best Anime Manga Quotes By Oh! Great

Keep flying higher, so that others are inspired to fly with you! — Oh! Great