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More Annoying Than Quotes By Lindy West

Yeah, personally I hate my period and think it's annoying and gross, but it's not more gross than anything else that comes out of a human body. It's not more gross than feces, urine, pus, bile, vomit, or the grossest bodily fluid of them all - in my mother's professional opinion - phlegm. And yet we are not horrified every time we go to the bathroom. We do not stigmatize people with stomach flu. The active ingredient in period stigma is misogyny. This — Lindy West

More Annoying Than Quotes By Henry Martin

Time plays no role in the life of one man - the subtle consciousness of it floating past me is more than enough. Years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds - what does it matter? Floating by, it rubs against my skin, face, and hair - wearing me down, yet polishing me all the while. Time is like fine grains of sand in a desert storm. At first, you don't pay any attention to it, but the more it hits you in the face, the more aware of it you become, the more annoying it gets until, one day, you find yourself suffocating. The weight of it eventually bends your spine, until you are crawling on your hands and knees, unable to stand straight. Then comes the time to crawl back into the womb, crawl inside and wait for rebirth. — Henry Martin

More Annoying Than Quotes By Kourtney Kardashian

First dates are so awkward and annoying. I think a casual and fun first date with friends is much more fun than a one-on-one typical first date. — Kourtney Kardashian

More Annoying Than Quotes By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Ah, but is any history really all that ancient?' Second asked. 'Doesn't every moment from the past affect the present?'
This man was more annoying than any history teacher Jordan had ever had. — Margaret Peterson Haddix

More Annoying Than Quotes By Rick Riordan

- My friend is dying. Can you cure him or not?
Her voice caught on the word friend. Percy was a lot more than that. Even boyfriend really didn't cover it. They'd been through so much together, at this point Percy was part of her - sometimes a annoying part, sure, but definitely a part she could not live without. — Rick Riordan

More Annoying Than Quotes By Frank Stella

I never noticed competing with other generations. There's competition within your own generation, but that competition is good. Maybe you're annoyed that somebody's getting more money than you are, but what's really annoying is if someone's painting a better painting than you're making. So it's something to think about and work toward and stay focused on. — Frank Stella

More Annoying Than Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

You say I haven't any orginality. But mark this, dear Prince, there's nothing more annoying for a man of our time and race than to tell him he's not original, a weak character with no special talents, ordinary in other words. You didn't even deign to regard me as a genuine rogue, I felt like killing you for that just now, you know that? — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

More Annoying Than Quotes By Julie Kagawa

I do not know which is more annoying, the real Goodfellow or the reflection."
"Well, considering they are one and the same," said a second, identical Grimalkin, materializing next to the first, "we should be thankful that they will be only one left when this is all over."
"Agreed. Two Goodfellows would be more than anyone in this world could take."
"I shudder to think of the implications."
"You are so not helping, Grimalkin!" the real Puck called, ducking beneath a savage head strike. "And we're not here to have tea with our evil doppelgangers! Shouldn't you two be trying to kill each other?"
The Grimalkins sniffed. "Please," they said at the same time. — Julie Kagawa

More Annoying Than Quotes By James Patterson

There's nothing more annoying than cold logic and reason when you've got a good fit going. — James Patterson

More Annoying Than Quotes By Thomas Frank

There are few things in politics more annoying than the Right's utter conviction that it owns the patent on the word 'freedom' that when its leaders stand up for the rights of banks to be unregulated or capital gains to be untaxed, that it is actually and obviously standing up for human liberty, the noblest cause of them all. — Thomas Frank

More Annoying Than Quotes By Adolf Hitler

It would be more in keeping with the intention of the noblest man in this world if our two Christian churches, instead of annoying Negroes with missions which they neither desire nor understand, would kindly, but in all seriousness, teach our European humanity that where parents are not healthy it is a deed pleasing to God to take pity on a poor little healthy orphan child and give him father and mother, than themselves to give birth to a sick child who will only bring unhappiness and suffering on himself and the rest of the world. — Adolf Hitler

More Annoying Than Quotes By William, Saroyan

No enemy is so annoying as one who was a friend, or still is a friend,and there are many more of these than one would suspect. — William, Saroyan

More Annoying Than Quotes By Eliezer Yudkowsky

It was sometimes praised as a noble public endeavor, but nearly all other Atlanteans found more important things to do on any given day than help. Even the Atlantean nobles ignored the prospect of somebody other than themselves obtaining unchallengeable power, which a less experienced cynic might expect to catch their attention. With relatively little support, the tiny handful of would-be makers of this device labored under working conditions that were not so much dramatically arduous, as pointlessly annoying. Eventually time ran out and Atlantis was destroyed with the device still far from complete. — Eliezer Yudkowsky

More Annoying Than Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Tate did anything he wanted to and expected me to put up with it or give into it. This was annoying. I was all for Tate being a macho man, badass, bounty-hunting biker because all that was immensely attractive but I'd spent more than ten years being in the control of a man. I wasn't looking for that kind of thing again no matter what form it came in. That said, as Caroline noted, Brad thought he was all that and wasn't but Tate was. No man liked a bitchy, nagging, argumentative shrew and, I would guess, definitely not a man like Tate. If I didn't cool that too maybe I'd turn him off and lose him. — Kristen Ashley

More Annoying Than Quotes By Claudius Claudianus

Nothing is more annoying than a low man raised to a high position. — Claudius Claudianus

More Annoying Than Quotes By Joshua Ferris

We told him to get on with it. We liked wasting time, but almost nothing was more annoying than having our wasted time wasted on something not worth wasting it on. — Joshua Ferris

More Annoying Than Quotes By Jim Butcher

Smiling always seems to annoy people more than actually insulting them. Or maybe I just have an annoying smile. — Jim Butcher

More Annoying Than Quotes By Auliq Ice

If you have been told that you are late and unreliable more than once, then not only do you lack punctuality, but you also lack decency and seriousness, which is certainly very annoying. — Auliq Ice

More Annoying Than Quotes By Lemony Snicket

The expression 'quiet as mice' is a puzzling one, because mice can often be very noisy, so people who are being quite as mice may in fact be squeaking and scrambling around. The expression 'quiet as mimes' is more appropriate, because mimes are people who perform theatrical routines without making a sound. Mimes are annoying and embarrassing, but they are much quieter than mice, so 'quiet as mimes' is a more proper way to describe how Violet and Sunny got up from their bunk, tiptoed across the dormitory, and walked out into the night. — Lemony Snicket

More Annoying Than Quotes By Aristotle.

The maxim, as has been already said, is a general statement, and people love to hear stated in general terms what they already believe in some particular connexion: e.g. if a man happens to have bad neighbors or bad children, he will agree with any one who tells him 'Nothing is more annoying than having neighbors,' or, 'Nothing is more foolish than to be the parent of children.' The orator has therefore to guess the subjects on which his hearers really hold views already, and what those views are, and then must express, as general truths, these same views on these same subjects. This is one advantage of using maxims. — Aristotle.

More Annoying Than Quotes By Paul Theroux

There are probably more annoying things than being hectored about African development by a wealthy Irish rock star in a cowboy hat, but I can't think of one at the moment. — Paul Theroux

More Annoying Than Quotes By Chelsea Handler

There's nothing more annoying than a man ordering wine at a bar when you're not eating. — Chelsea Handler

More Annoying Than Quotes By Gregory Millman

We want our children to become who they are- and a developed person is, above all, free. But freedom as we define it doesn't mean doing what you want. Freedom means the ability to make choices that are good for you. It is the power to choose to become what you are capable of becoming, to develop your unique potential by making choices that turn possibility into reality. It is the ability to make choices that actualize you. As often as not, maybe more often than not, this kind of freedom means doing what you do not want, doing what is uncomfortable or tiring or boring or annoying — Gregory Millman

More Annoying Than Quotes By Zelda Fitzgerald

Nothing annoys me more than having the most trivial action analyzed and explained. — Zelda Fitzgerald

More Annoying Than Quotes By Nora Roberts

Is there anything more annoying than machismo? — Nora Roberts

More Annoying Than Quotes By Demetri Martin

A sports bar is a way to take a bar and fill it with even more annoying people than usual. — Demetri Martin

More Annoying Than Quotes By Natalie Maines

I just got back from Hawaii on Saturday, and it's so depressing how quickly all the stresses and the stressful energy of L.A. comes bombarding back. Everyone's in a rush, you're annoying everyone, get out of their way, everyone's most important than you are, has got somewhere more important to be - very draining town. But I still love it in many ways. I wouldn't leave California. I think it's a fantastic state, if you can't be in Hawaii all the time. — Natalie Maines

More Annoying Than Quotes By Dew Platt

I don't mean to insinuate that you are unfeeling or stifled of life ... excuse me on
that one. I just meant to ask you how you breathe when you are down here reading or
He smiled. "I have five years more experience in breathing on this earth than you. I
know when it is I can breathe and when it is I can't and I know just what to do when
such a thing as suffocation occurs."
I can't believe it, there is actually a qualitative property to every breath
taken ... That must be wonderful. You must also know your cells are degenerating five
years faster than mine."
He smiled again, the same relaxed annoying way. "I get that you find it amusing to
liken me to my cadavers. It's not the first time you've done it, but truly we are not in
lieu to play smart."
I was wondering if you could call the cadaver of a smart man, a smart cadaver. I've
always wondered. — Dew Platt

More Annoying Than Quotes By Samir Nasri

It is annoying. The work we do is not getting the credit it deserves because we are not winning silverware. It is unfair because I think we have more merit as a club than those who have built their teams with millions of pounds whereas Arsenal have brought in young footballers, who have come here to play a certain kind of football and who have developed. — Samir Nasri

More Annoying Than Quotes By Marie Kondo

My basic principle for sorting papers is to throw them all away. My clients are stunned when I say this, bu there is nothing more annoying than papers. After all, they will never inspire joy, no matter how carefully you keep them. — Marie Kondo

More Annoying Than Quotes By Oscar Wilde

The typewriting machine, when played with expression, is no more annoying than the piano when played by a sister or near relation. — Oscar Wilde

More Annoying Than Quotes By Meghan Blistinsky

I don't like writing romance in my books because that's the turning point of 90% of YA sci-fi/fantasy books and, quite frankly, it gets annoying after a while. The protagonist has more important things to worry about than boys and whether or not they like her. — Meghan Blistinsky

More Annoying Than Quotes By Voltaire

Nothing is more annoying than to be obscurely hanged. — Voltaire

More Annoying Than Quotes By Dave Eggers

We knew nothing; the gaps in our knowledge were random and annoying. They were potholes - they could be patched but they multiplied without pattern or remorse. And even if we knew something, had read something, were almost sure of something, we wouldn't ever know the truth, or come anywhere close to it. The truth had to be seen. Anything else was a story, entertaining but more embroidered fib than crude, shapeless fact. — Dave Eggers

More Annoying Than Quotes By Jana Aston


Is he mad at me? Oh, heck, no.

Because I'm mad at him.

And really, is there anything more annoying than someone who's mad at you when you're the one who's supposed to be mad? No. No, there is not. — Jana Aston

More Annoying Than Quotes By Dov Davidoff

Few things are more annoying than too many of any one ethnicity in the same room. — Dov Davidoff

More Annoying Than Quotes By John Seabrook

When Spotify launched in the U.S. in 2011, it relied on simple usage-based algorithms to connect users and music, a process known as 'collaborative filtering.' These algorithms were more often annoying than useful. — John Seabrook

More Annoying Than Quotes By Jay Leno

According to Time magazine, global warming is 33% worse than we thought. You know what that means? Al Gore is one-third more annoying than we thought. — Jay Leno

More Annoying Than Quotes By Nina George

Some fathers cannot love their children. They find them annoying. Or uninteresting. Or unsettling. They're irritated by their children because they've turned out differently than they had expected. They're irritated because the children were the wife's wish to patch up the marriage when there was nothing left to patch up, her means of forcing a loving marriage where there was no love. And such fathers take it out on the children. Whatever they do, their fathers will be nasty and mean to them." "Please stop." "And the children, the delicate, little, yearning children," Perdu continued more softly, because he was terribly moved by Max's inner turmoil, "do everything they can to be loved. Everything. They think that it must somehow be their fault that their father cannot love them. But Max," and here Perdu lifted Jordan's chin, "it has nothing to do with them. — Nina George

More Annoying Than Quotes By Stella Gibbons

Where are you flying off to?' inquired Viola, rather sulkily; few sights are more annoying when we feel lazy than that of somebody bounding upstairs. — Stella Gibbons

More Annoying Than Quotes By Grace Draven

He's enchanted with you, I think."

"He's annoying," Anhuset said on a growl. "And human." As if nothing could be more repulsive.

"I'm human." Ildiko pressed her lips together to hold back her laughter at the glare she received.

"You aren't winking at me or staring at my arse every time I walk past."

"Oh ho, you noticed that, did you?" Ildiko chose not to mention that she'd caught Anhuset eyeing Serovek's admittedly attractive backside more than a few times in return.

Anhuset gave a disgusted snort. "Brishen with both eyes patched would notice. His Lordship isn't exactly subtle. — Grace Draven

More Annoying Than Quotes By Ted Naifeh

Courtney didn't like babies at the best of times. As far as she was concerned, anything that existed solely to emit drool, vomit, ghastly odors and loud, annoying screams was more trouble than it was worth. — Ted Naifeh

More Annoying Than Quotes By Karen Chance

My tried-and-true philosophy of keeping people at a distance was taking a beating lately. It wasn't working so well with Mircea, and Pritkin had somehow bulldozed past every defense I had before I'd even noticed. I still wasn't sure how he'd done it.
He wasn't that good-looking, he had the social skills of a wet cat and the patience of a caffeinated hummingbird. In between crazy stunts and, okay, saving my life, he was just really annoying. When we'd started working together, I'd assumed it would be a question of putting up with Pritkin; then suddenly the stupid hair was making me smile, and the sporadic heroics were making my heart jump and the constant bitching had me wanting to kiss him quiet. And now I cared more than was good for me. — Karen Chance

More Annoying Than Quotes By Joe Eszterhas

Before I would view Rob Reiner as this really annoying pest. Every time he'd come on TV or talking about smoking, I found my blood pressure go up. I just met-really met Rob for the first time last week and told him how much I admire him. He's done more than anyone else in the industry. — Joe Eszterhas

More Annoying Than Quotes By Marcel Proust

These little eccentricities on my grandfather's part implied no ill-will whatsoever towards my friends. But Bloch had displeased my family for other reasons. He had begun by annoying my father, who, seeing him come in with wet clothes, had asked him with keen interest: "Why, M. Bloch, is there a change in the weather; has it been raining? I can't understand it; the barometer has been 'set fair.'" Which drew from Bloch nothing more instructive than "Sir, I am absolutely incapable of telling you whether it has rained. I live so resolutely apart from physical contingencies that my senses no longer trouble to inform me of them." "My poor boy," said my father after Bloch had gone, "your friend is out of his mind. Why, he couldn't even tell me what the weather was like. As if there could be anything more interesting! He is an imbecile. — Marcel Proust

More Annoying Than Quotes By Peter Clines

You, too," she answered. She counted out all eighteen steps as he headed back up to the basement. To be safe, she even listened for his footsteps across the floor and down the hall to the laundry room. She knew he was more annoying than dangerous, but sometimes he managed to blur the line. — Peter Clines

More Annoying Than Quotes By Kristen Ashley

I've shared more breakfasts with you than
any woman I've dated in the last year and a half," Mitch returned.
"I know what you look like in the morning. I know what you act like
when you come home tired after work. I know that you pick the least
expensive thing on the menu either to be nice or to be annoying in
order to put me off. But I think it's to be nice because you
are nice and also both times you thought you'd be spending
time with just me, you dressed in a way that would not, in any way,
put me off. I know you cuddle when you're sleeping. I know you take
only milk in your coffee and you make coffee strong. I know you're
really good with kids. And I know that you use music and scents to
regulate your mood. So I'm thinking this is not a first date. This
is more like us hittin' the six month mark. And the six month mark
is when you stop talkin' about shit that really doesn't matter and
start talkin' about shit that means everything. — Kristen Ashley

More Annoying Than Quotes By Greg Oliver

From the managerial perspective, Sir Oliver Humperdink, a heinous sort for most of his career, said the release of pentup emotions might even have been healthy for mind and soul. As heels, we were able to be as annoying and politically incorrect' as possible.We were able to say and do what everyone probably wanted to say and do, but, for one reason or another, could never, ever get away with. And, by being able to do so, I generally found that my fellow heels were much more 'easygoing' than our babyface counterparts who had to 'toe the line. — Greg Oliver

More Annoying Than Quotes By Criss Jami

The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them. — Criss Jami

More Annoying Than Quotes By Plautus

Nothing is more annoying than a tardy friend.
[Lat., Tardo amico nihil est quidquam iniquius.] — Plautus

More Annoying Than Quotes By Oscar Wilde

If there is anything more annoying in the world than having people talk about you, it is certainly having no one talk about you. — Oscar Wilde

More Annoying Than Quotes By S.E. Jakes

Way I figure it, if I'm forced to have a partner, might as well have one with benefits. If you're annoying me, fucking you will be more satisfying than punching you." Prophet grinned, then added slyly, "And I could punch you afterwards. — S.E. Jakes

More Annoying Than Quotes By Louis Tomlinson

There's nothing that annoys me more than people being horrible to my mates. — Louis Tomlinson

More Annoying Than Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

There is, indeed, nothing more annoying than to be, for instance, wealthy, of good family, nice-looking, fairly intelligent, and even good-natured, and yet to have no talents, no special faculty, no peculiarity even, not one idea of one's own, to be precisely like other people. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

More Annoying Than Quotes By Dawn Powell

There is something more annoying than pleasant in finding neighbors from back home chiselling in on your own exclusive New York. It mitigates your triumph in having conquered the great city and brings home the ungratifying truth that anyone can do it. — Dawn Powell

More Annoying Than Quotes By J. Robert Lennon

I'm far more often annoyed than delighted by previous readers' marks in used books, so I assume that my notations will be equally annoying to future readers, and avoid making them. — J. Robert Lennon

More Annoying Than Quotes By E.L. James

I understand your concerns are something to do with material that was on Jack's computer here - or so Kate believes. Do you know how annoying it is to find out my best friend knows more about what's going on with you than I do? And I am your WIFE. So are you going to tell me? Or will you continue to treat me like a child, guaranteeing that I continue to behave like one? — E.L. James

More Annoying Than Quotes By Mary Balogh

more annoying than her general righteousness. But Camille — Mary Balogh

More Annoying Than Quotes By James Dashner

As you may well know by now, the Givers are mysterious, and love to speak in riddles. It's more annoying than having sand in your underpants ... — James Dashner

More Annoying Than Quotes By Christine Feehan

She lifted the tails of his elegant silk evening shirt. "Some that don't reach my knees?"
He cleared his throat. He liked her wrapped in his shirt, surrounded by him. "Well, actually, as Joshua knows, that is one of your annoying habits. You like to run around in my shirts. You think they are much more comfortable than your own clothes."
Alexandria regarded him with wide blue eyes. "Oh, I do, do I? I take it you grumble about it."
"Often, to Josh. We laugh together about the idiosyncrasies of women. He thinks you look cute in my shirts."
"And what would give a little boy an idea like that?"
He looked unrepentant. "I might have mentioned it a time or two."
His golden eyes slid over her body, making her aware of her bare skin beneath his shirt, of every curve of her body, of the fact that they were completely alone in some secret chamber of his home.
"It is true, after all. You do look cute in my shirt. — Christine Feehan

More Annoying Than Quotes By William Styron

The pain is unrelenting, and what makes the condition intolerable is the foreknowledge that no remedy will come- not in a day, an hour, a month, or a minute. If there is mild relief, one knows that it is only temporary; more pain will follow. It is hopelessness even more than pain that crushes the soul. So the decision-making of daily life involves not, as in normal affairs, shifting from one annoying situation to another less annoying- or from discomfort to relative comfort, or from boredom to activity- but moving from pain to pain. One does not abandon, even briefly, one's bed of nails, but is attached to it wherever one goes. — William Styron

More Annoying Than Quotes By Mindy McGinnis

Newness wears off.
This is something I've learned about relationships. I've had more than a few run their course, the idiosyncrasies that were once endearing becoming annoying, the jump of my heart into my throat at the sight of her lessening to a skip, then a pause, then the bare recognition that at some point slips into dread, and you know it's time to end it.
It's different with Alex. The newness might have faded, which is inevitable, but it's grown into something better. The panic of not being able to come up with something to say to her has settled into the comfort of companionable silence, my hand resting on her knee, or her head on my chest. The frantic need to be near her and know how she feels has morphed into an almost pleasant ache of missing her when she's not with me, because I know we'll be together again. — Mindy McGinnis

More Annoying Than Quotes By Mark Lawrence

There is no sound more annoying than the chatter of a child, and none more sad than the silence they leave when they are gone. — Mark Lawrence

More Annoying Than Quotes By Alexis De Tocqueville

Nothing is more annoying in the ordinary intercourse of life than this irritable patriotism of the Americans. A foreigner will gladly agree to praise much in their country, but he would like to be allowed to criticize something, and that he is absolutely refused. — Alexis De Tocqueville

More Annoying Than Quotes By Taylor Swift

We don't just live in a celebrity take-down culture; we live in a take-down culture. People will find anything about you and twist it to where it's weird or wrong or annoying or strange or bad. You have to live your life not only in spite of people who don't understand you - you have to have more fun than they do. — Taylor Swift

More Annoying Than Quotes By Marcus Aurelius

Our anger and annoyance are more detrimental to us than the things themselves which anger or annoy us. — Marcus Aurelius

More Annoying Than Quotes By Gary Rohrmayer

Effective networkers know how to make a positive first impression. They understand their environment and know want is acceptable and unacceptable conversation and attire. They know how to get people to talk about themselves, their business, their desires and dreams. They know how to tell who they are and what they do in twenty-five words or less, in a way that draws questions out of others. There is nothing more annoying than someone who just talks about themselves and shows little interest in others. Networkers are effective listeners and continually learning about the nuances of their communities and the leaders who serve them. — Gary Rohrmayer