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Top Iceman Quotes

Iceman Quotes By Ava Gray

Progress? Oh, I think so. The iceman melteth. — Ava Gray

Iceman Quotes By Lisa Marie Rice

I can count on that? That you'll get out of here? Because you look an awful lot like you're about to go cowboy again on me, Iceman. More than you already have, and I can't accept that. — Lisa Marie Rice

Iceman Quotes By Donald R. Loedding

See Amazon's bio on don loedding and a review of his first book of short stories"The Search For the Bearded Clam" and read inside "Global Warming:The Iceman Cometh". — Donald R. Loedding

Iceman Quotes By Channing Tatum

Jim Thorpe is someone I've always loved. He was an Olympic athlete, you know, and a football player from back in the day. I'd love to play him. And then there's a guy called Iceman who was a top hit man for the mob. I would love to play him. Actually, it's sort of in the works, so I hope it goes through. — Channing Tatum

Iceman Quotes By Rollo May

But in our age of emptiness, tragedies are relatively rare. Or if they are written, the tragic aspect is the very fact that human life is so empty, as in Eugene O'Neill's drama, The Iceman Cometh. This play is set in a saloon, and its dramatis personae - alcoholics, prostitutes, and, as the chief character, a man who in the course of the play goes psychotic - can dimly recall the periods in their lives when they did believe in something. It is this echo of human dignity in a great void of emptiness that gives this drama the power to elicit the emotions of pity and terror of classical tragedy. — Rollo May

Iceman Quotes By Harold Bloom

To deprive the derelicts of hope is right, and to sustain them in their illusory "pipe dreams" is right also. — Harold Bloom

Iceman Quotes By Catherine Ryan Hyde

[There] was a time when a lot of people came to the door. The milkman. The iceman. The Fuller Brush man. Encyclopedia salesmen. There was a sense of interaction with the world that started right at your own front doorstep. — Catherine Ryan Hyde

Iceman Quotes By Neil Gaiman

My last girlfriend was Greek," said the Iceman. "The shit her family ate. You would not believe. Like rice wrapped in leaves. Shit like that. — Neil Gaiman

Iceman Quotes By Peter Golenbock

Michael Bohn provides a rare opportunity to experience the American sporting scene in the Roaring Twenties. A constant stream of legendary characters marches across these pages. You'll meet them all: The Babe, The Four Horsemen, The Manassa Manassas Mauler, The Wheaton Iceman, Bill Tilden, Gertrude Ederle, and Grantland Rice, the sportswriter whose purple prose made them all come alive. — Peter Golenbock

Iceman Quotes By Eddie Whitlock

Toward the end, a band that had a young fellow from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - I remember on account of him saying it two or three times and laughing every time that he did - played a song called 'All She Gets from the Iceman is Ice.' It made the grown folks, most of them anyway, howl laughing. I don't think I ever seen Mama laugh so hard. When it was about over, the sheriff come up and made them stop playing it, but he was grinning, too, so I figured he was just making them stop as part of the show. — Eddie Whitlock

Iceman Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Who the fuck's Herodotus?" Asked the Iceman. — Neil Gaiman

Iceman Quotes By Pete Hamill

One of the first things that helped me to understand certain things about writing was seeing 'The Iceman Cometh' in the Village when I was a kid, before I ever became a newspaperman, and realizing that the world I knew could also be the subject of some amazing stuff. — Pete Hamill