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Being Reckless Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

See I'm the reckless and wild one who saves him from being boring. It's why we're perfect for each other. We balance. - Madame Selena — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Being Reckless Quotes By Ray Attiyah

Fearless is not about being reckless; fearless is about being instinctive. — Ray Attiyah

Being Reckless Quotes By Warren W. Wiersbe

Nearly twenty years before, Hudson Taylor had written in an editorial: "All God's giants have been weak men, who did great things for God because they reckoned on His being with them." As he looked at himself, Hudson Taylor saw nothing but weakness; but as generations of Christians have studied Taylor's life, they have become acquainted with a man who dared to believe the Word of God and, by faith, carried the gospel to inland China - and saw God work wonders! "Want of trust is at the root of almost all our sins and all our weaknesses," he wrote in that same editorial, "and how shall we escape it but by looking to Him and observing His faithfulness. The man who holds God's faithfulness will not be foolhardy or reckless, but he will be ready for every emergency. — Warren W. Wiersbe

Being Reckless Quotes By Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa

There had been no enemies, just one single adversary, herself; her future had been killed by her own imprudence, by the reckless Salina pride; and now, just at the moment when her memories had come alive again after so many years, she found herself even without the solace of being able to blame her own unhappiness on others, a solace which is the last protective device of the desperate. — Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa

Being Reckless Quotes By Marilyn Manson

Yes, I'm reckless and sometime express no concern for my own well being, and I express a misanthropic view of the world, but to have an opinion, you can't be a nihilist. — Marilyn Manson

Being Reckless Quotes By Jacques Barzun

Among the words that can be all things to all men, the word "race" has a fair claim to being the most common, most ambiguous and most explosive. No one today would deny that it is one of the great catchwords about which ink and blood are spilled in reckless quantities. Yet no agreement seems to exist about what race means. — Jacques Barzun

Being Reckless Quotes By Maia Szalavitz

Being bold and adventurous and being sad and cautious seem like opposite personality types. However, these two paths to addiction are actually not mutually exclusive. The third way involves having both kinds of traits, where people alternatively fear and desire novelty and behavior swings from being impulsive and rash to being compulsive, fear driven, and stuck in rigid patterns. This is where some of the contradictions that have long confounded the study of addiction come into play - namely, some aspects seem precisely planned out, while others are obviously related to lack of restraint. My own story spirals around this paradoxical situation: I was driven enough to excel academically and fundamentally scared of change and of other people - yet I was also reckless enough to sell cocaine and shoot heroin. — Maia Szalavitz

Being Reckless Quotes By Rumi

Love is reckless; not reason. Reason seeks a profit. Loves comes on strong, consuming herself unabashed. Yet in the midst of suffering love proceeds like a millstone, hard surfaced and straight forward. Having died to self interest, she risks everything and asks for nothing. Love gambles away every gift God bestows. Without cause God gave us Being; without cause give it back again. Gambling yourself away is beyond any religion. Religion seeks grace and favor, but those who gamble these away are God's favorites, for they neither put God to the test nor knock at the door of gain and loss. — Rumi

Being Reckless Quotes By Tammara Webber

Thus began the weeks of what we termed being reckless - and I worry from that viewpoint, at least, that word defines our entire relationship. Reid lives his life in a reckless way, and ever since his life collided with mine last summer, I've been unbalanced. The trajectory of my safe, small orbit cannot contain him, and no amount of wishing will change that. — Tammara Webber

Being Reckless Quotes By Tami Hoag

But then I had long mistaken being spoiled for being strong, being defiant for being independent, being reckless for being brave. — Tami Hoag

Being Reckless Quotes By Ken Goffman

Countercultural liberties can open pathways to well-being that aren't recognized by mainstream culture - but can also result in a reckless disregard for self and others. — Ken Goffman

Being Reckless Quotes By Thomas Sowell

Egalitarians create the most dangerous inequality of all - inequality of power. Allowing politicians to determine what all other human beings will be allowed to earn is one of the most reckless gambles imaginable. Like the income tax, it may start off being applied only to the rich but it will inevitably reach us all. — Thomas Sowell

Being Reckless Quotes By Iain Thomas

Maybe you're one of those people that believes that sometimes, the most reckless thing you can do with your heart, is not being reckless with it. — Iain Thomas

Being Reckless Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

He knew he was being reckless, selfish, but wasn't that why they called him Dirtyhands? No job too risky. No deed too low. Dirtyhands would see the rough work done. — Leigh Bardugo

Being Reckless Quotes By K. Bromberg

No one can fault you for being afraid, Rylee, but life's about taking chances. About having fun and not always playing it safe. So what if he's a little reckless? The fact that he scares you might be a good thing. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." She leans back and wriggles her eyebrows. "Have some wild, reckless sex with him. He obviously likes you. Who knows, maybe it will turn into something more. Maybe it won't. But at least you took the chance. — K. Bromberg

Being Reckless Quotes By Sarah Waters

I have been being careful since the first minute I saw you. I am the Queen of Carefulness. I shall go on being careful for ever, if you like - so long as I might be a bit reckless, sometimes, when we are quite alone — Sarah Waters

Being Reckless Quotes By Kathleen Tessaro

It, Valmont found himself staring at her. At the easy, languid way in which she crossed the floor; of the taut perfection of her figure, which, without being conspicuously on show beneath the soft folds of her white summer dress, was not entirely hidden by it either. It struck him as a calculated statement; both ambiguous and provocative without being obvious. This subtlety pleased him. Although finely boned and petite, she possessed bearing and composure; a certain reckless enjoyment of her own body. And her face was equally striking, with large feline eyes and full lips, poised on the verge of a smile, as if she were recalling a private joke. Her hair was black. It was brushed back from her face and arranged like a soft dusky halo round her head. A little straw handbag dangled from her wrist and she frowned slightly as she made her way up to the front desk. — Kathleen Tessaro

Being Reckless Quotes By Gini Koch

It's grand theft auto." "No problem, I'll drive." Jack sighed. "No, let's not add manslaughter, being-slaughter, destruction of public property, and reckless endangerment to the list." He — Gini Koch

Being Reckless Quotes By David Almond

Weird how I can feel so frail and tiny sometimes, and other times so brave and bold and reckless and free, and ... Does everybody feel the same? When people get grown-up, do they always feel grown-up and sensible and sorted out and ... And do I want to feel grown-up? Do I want to stop feeling ... paradoxical, nonsensical? Do I want to stop being crackers? Do I want to be destrangified? O yes, sometimes I want nothing more - but it only lasts a moment, then O I want to be the strangest and crakerest of everybody. — David Almond

Being Reckless Quotes By Michael Christie

The Outside had taught him that there wasn't much difference between loving someone and being afraid for them. Loving a person meant need them to stay: alive, around. But the shadow that love can't help cast is fear: fear that they won't stay alive or around - fear they'll be reckless, or doomed, or just walk away and not consider you ever again. With love, you're scared it will disappear. With fear, you're scared it never will. The trick, Will understood now but would never quite manage to put into practice, was getting used to both of them at the same time. It was living in between. — Michael Christie

Being Reckless Quotes By Mary Elizabeth Braddon

He was a student - such things as happened to him, happen sometimes to students.
He was a German - such things as happened to him, happen sometimes to Germans.
He was young, handsome, studious, enthusiastic, metaphysical, reckless, unbelieving, heartless.
And being young, handsome, and eloquent he was beloved. ("The Cold Embrace") — Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Being Reckless Quotes By Monica Murphy

She's being safe. Safe is good. And I'm being reckless. Insane. — Monica Murphy

Being Reckless Quotes By George Lois

Follow your bliss. That which you love you must spend your life doing, as passionately and as perfectly as your heart, mind and instincts allow. The sooner you identify that bliss, which surely resides in the soul of most human beings, the greater your chance of a truly successful life. In the act of creativity, being careful guarantees sameness and mediocrity, which means your work will be invisible. Better to be reckless than careful. Better to be bold than safe. Better to have your work seen and remembered, or you've struck out. There is no middle ground. — George Lois

Being Reckless Quotes By Kristen Day

I'm seriously beginning to worry about you guys," Willow sighed from the arm chair and looked up from her laptop with discord, "Being asked out in the middle of a hurricane is not romantic. It's totally reckless and irresponsible."
"And totally hot," added Carmen. — Kristen Day

Being Reckless Quotes By Diane Ackerman

Metaphor isn't just decorative language. If it were, it wouldn't scare us so much ... Colorful language threatens some people, who associate it, I think, with a kind of eroticism (playing with language in public = playing with yourself), and with extra expense (having to sense or feel more). I don't share that opinion. Why reduce life to a monotone? Is that truer to the experience of being alive? I don't think so. It robs us of life's many textures. Language provides an abundance of words to keep us company on our travels. But we're losing words at a reckless pace, the national vocabulary is shrinking. Most Americans use only several hundred words or so. Frugality has its place, but not in the larder of language. We rely on words to help us detail how we feel, what we once felt, what we can feel. When the blood drains out of language, one's experience of life weakens and grows pale. It's not simply a dumbing down, but a numbing. — Diane Ackerman

Being Reckless Quotes By Jay Leno

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has charged a man with going deer hunting with a handgun in a Wal-Mart parking lot. He is being charged with reckless endangerment, but may plead guilty to the lesser charge of being a redneck ... Hunting in a Wal-Mart parking lot. That's got to be some good eating - a deer that lives on leftover Twizzlers and Mountain Dew. — Jay Leno

Being Reckless Quotes By D.D. Barant

You can't do that kind of thing normally, but normal dumped without a note nearly a month ago. These days, I'll happily set fire to a bridge the second after I've crossed it - I don't plan on being around for the consequences to catch up with me. — D.D. Barant

Being Reckless Quotes By Alain De Botton

The very concept of trying to 'teach' a lover things feels patronising, incongruous and plain sinister. If we truly loved someone, there could be no talk of wanting him or her to change. Romanticism is clear on this score: true love should involve an acceptance of a partner's whole being. It is this fundamental commitment to benevolence that makes the early months of love so moving. Within the new relationship, our vulnerabilities are treated with generosity. Our shyness, awkwardness and confusion endear (as they did when we were children) rather than generate sarcasm or complain; the trickier sides of us are interpreted solely through the filter of compassion.
From these moments, a beautiful yet challenging, and even reckless, conviction develops: that to be properly loved must always mean being endorsed for all that one is. — Alain De Botton

Being Reckless Quotes By Michael Horton

Excellence is being thwarted not only by laziness but by reckless attachment to causes, programs, and - in some cases, leaders. — Michael Horton

Being Reckless Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

Then he would ask for songs and I would pluck them out for him on a lute I borrowed from my father's wagon. He would even sing from time to time. He had a bright, reckless tenor that was always wandering off, looking for notes in the wrong places. More often than not he stopped and laughed at himself when it happened. He was a good man, and there was no conceit in him. Not long after he joined our troupe, I asked Abenthy what it was like being an arcanist. He gave me a thoughtful look. Have you ever known an arcanist? — Patrick Rothfuss

Being Reckless Quotes By Michael K. Williams

The streets would have chewed me up and spit me out and I knew that, but I found my own ways and different knacks for getting in trouble and being reckless with my life. And I've overcome a lot of personal demons and to be alive is really my greatest achievement. — Michael K. Williams

Being Reckless Quotes By Rhys Ifans

I've been to unpretty places with the roles I've played, and I'm attracted to reckless abandon. I like being taken to the edge of my own abyss. — Rhys Ifans

Being Reckless Quotes By John Reed

So, with the crash of artillery, in the dark, with hatred, and fear, and reckless daring, new Russia was being born. — John Reed

Being Reckless Quotes By Aaron Blaylock

The lesson here is temperament. Wanting something is fine but there's no need to
be reckless. If you've lost the upper hand in a relationship you've got no one to blame but yourself. Taking a relaxed or even an aloof approach sometimes is the wise path. Be cautious though because being indifferent or callous to someone you care about is just stupid.
The principle of least interest is like building a fire. You can't just stack piles and piles of wood on and light a match, you'll smother it. The fire needs fuel, it needs room to breathe. Put a little space between you and what you want, be willing to let it breathe, and before you know it you'll be enjoying the warmth and light from the flames. — Aaron Blaylock

Being Reckless Quotes By Jody Hedlund

But even brave people are afraid on occasion. Sometimes fear can protect us from being too foolish or reckless. — Jody Hedlund

Being Reckless Quotes By Rich Mullins

If you've ever known the love of God, you know it's nothing but reckless and it's nothing but raging. Sometimes it hurts to be loved, and if it doesn't hurt it's probably not love, may be infatuation. I think a lot of American people are infatuated with God, but we don't really love Him, and they don't really let Him love them. Being loved by God is one of the most painful things in the world, it's also the only thing that can bring us salvation and it's like everything else that is really wonderful, there's a little bit of pain in it, little bit of hurt. — Rich Mullins

Being Reckless Quotes By Selima Hill

The very things I used to be told off for - daydreaming, exaggerating, making mistakes, wild guessing, contradicting, spying, being obsessive, being reckless - for these, suddenly, I am being praised. — Selima Hill

Being Reckless Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

If Shirley were not an indolent, a reckless, an ignorant being, she would take a pen at such moments, or at least while the recollection of such moments was yet fresh on her spirit. She would seize, she would fix the apparition, tell the vision revealed. Had she a little more of the organ of acquisitiveness in her head, a little more of the love of property in her nature, she would take a good-sized sheet of paper and write plainly out, in her own queer but clear and legible hand, the story that has been narrated, the song that has been sung to her, and thus possess what she was enabled to create. But indolent she is, reckless she is, and most ignorant; for she does not know her dreams are rare, her feelings peculiar. She does not know, has never known, and will die without knowing, the full value of that spring whose bright fresh bubbling in her heart keeps it green. — Charlotte Bronte

Being Reckless Quotes By Jude Morgan

What did she love Shelley for? His reckless spontaneity
like this. His helpless generous nature
like this. His treatment of her as a reasonable human being and not a trembling little rose
and so on. If she loved him for these things, could she hate him for them? Could she? — Jude Morgan

Being Reckless Quotes By Susan Sontag

Like a wind, like a storm, like a fire, like an earthquake, like a mud slide, like a deluge, like a tree falling, a torrent roaring, an ice floe breaking, like a tidal wave, like a shipwreak, like an explosion, like a lid blown off, like a consuming fire, like spreading blight, like a sky darkening, a bridge collapsing, a hole opening. Like a volcano erupting.

Surely more than just the actions of people: choosing, yielding, braving, lying, understanding, being right, being deceived, being consistent, being visionary, being reckless, being cruel, being mistaken, being original, being afraid . . . — Susan Sontag

Being Reckless Quotes By Eva Longoria

I could be a party girl, dating whoever I want and being reckless, but I like being in a relationship. When you have somebody who grounds you and keeps you sane, it helps. — Eva Longoria

Being Reckless Quotes By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Being real doesn't mean being reckless, it means allowing La Voz Mitologica, The Mythological Voice, to speak. One does that by shutting off the ego for a while and letting that which wishes to speak, speak. — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Being Reckless Quotes By J. Maarten Troost

I had grown accustomed to life being interesting and adventure ridden and, rather childishly, I refused to believe that this must necessarily come to an end and that the rest of my life should be a sort of penance for all the reckless, irresponsible, and immensely fun things I'd done before. — J. Maarten Troost

Being Reckless Quotes By Ilona Andrews

I have a family full of quirky people. Someone has to be sensible so all of you can enjoy being reckless weirdos. — Ilona Andrews

Being Reckless Quotes By Kimberly Guilfoyle

The problem is, is the White House and this administration have created a war against police officers in this country, with their allegations and false assertions that there's widespread and pervasive racism in the United States of America that lives in the heart and minds of the men and women in blue. This is a false narrative. It is dangerous. It is reckless. It has resulted in the loss of lives. They are not being held accountable. — Kimberly Guilfoyle

Being Reckless Quotes By John Lyly

When parents put gold into the hands of youth, when they should put a rod under their girdle
when instead of awe they make them past grace, and leave them rich executors of goods, and poor executors of godliness, then it is no marvel that the son being left rich by his father's will, becomes reckless by his own will. — John Lyly

Being Reckless Quotes By Justin Bieber

Not 'I don't give a f-' to just be reckless and do whatever, but 'I don't give a f- what they say.' ... I know who I am and what I'm doing in my life and what I've accomplished and continue to accomplish as a performer, as a writer, as an artist, as a person, as a human being. I'm happy with the man I'm becoming. — Justin Bieber

Being Reckless Quotes By Eliza Crewe

What a foolish thing, the human heart, being both fragile and reckless. No wonder we spend such an inordinate amount of time in pain. — Eliza Crewe