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Top Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Lisa See

But why bother trying to turn a monkey into a goat? — Lisa See

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Nancy Sinatra

Frank's audience doesn't care if a girl singer, a comic or an organ grinder with a monkey opens the show. They are there to see HIM. — Nancy Sinatra

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Cherie Priest

So here's the rules - keep quiet, keep close, and if we're spotted, climb like a goddamned monkey ... If I get picked off, you don't come back for me. If I see you get picked off, I aint coming back for you. Life's hard. Death's easy — Cherie Priest

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Jean-Paul Sartre

When I was little, my Aunt Bigeois told me "If you look at yourself too long in the mirror, you'll see a monkey." I must have looked at myself even longer than that: what I see is well below the monkey, on the fringe of the vegetable world, at the level of jellyfish... The eyes especially are horrible seen so close. They are glassy, soft, blind, red-rimmed, they look like fish scales... A silky white down covers the great slopes of the cheeks, two hairs protrude from the nostrils: it is a geological embossed map. And, in spite of everything, this lunar world is familiar to me. I cannot say I recognize the details. But the whole thing gives me an impression of something seen before which stupefies me. — Jean-Paul Sartre

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Lee Ellis

As is often the case with children, the rule of 'monkey see, monkey do' plays out in the workplace. It's hard to be good role model, and it's one of the greatest challenges of leadership. — Lee Ellis

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Eiichiro Oda

Even if there are billows of smoke, we can still see the sky, we can still see the ocean! IT AIN'T LIKE IT'S HELL HERE! DON'T ACT LIKE YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE! — Eiichiro Oda

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Donald Rumsfeld

Keep your sense of humor. As General Joe Stillwell said, 'The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his behind'. — Donald Rumsfeld

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Brittany Howard

You play with the audience, and they play back with you. They get into it, and then everybody gets into it. I don't want to be like a monkey on stage and just go through the motions because then it wouldn't be fun anymore. I just pay attention to the audience and appreciate the fact that somebody wants to see us. That gets me psyched. — Brittany Howard

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By David Arnold

I swear the older I get, the more I value bad examples over good ones. It's a good thing too, because most people are egotistical, neurotic, self-absorbed peons, insistent on wearing near-sighted glasses in a far-sighted world. And it's this exact sort of myopic ignorance that has led to my groundbreaking new theory. I call it Mim's Theorem of Monkey See Monkey Don't, and what it boils down to is this: it is my belief that there are some people whose sole purpose of existence is to show the rest of how not to act. — David Arnold

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Kiersten White

What were you thinking,sending that rabid monkey child to my school?" I shouted into my communicator.
"Beg pardon?" Raquel asked.
"Jack.My school.The girls' locker room. Ring any bells? If Carlee hadn't sworn to my ogre of a gym teacher that Jack was neither my boyfriend nor my brother, I probably would have been suspended!"
"Your gym teacher is an ogre?"
"Focus!If I get suspended,my grades take a hit. If my grades take a hit, I might not get into Georgetown. And I will get into Georgetown."
"I'm pleased to see you finally taking ownership of your education. And I'm sorry about Jack;I asked him to contact you discreetly."
"That boy wouldn't know discreet if it tap
danced on his stupid blond head."
"Still,if this discreet were tap dancing,it wouldn't be very discreet,now, would it? — Kiersten White

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Rudyard Kipling

Bagheera to see if the Panther was angry too, and Bagheera's eyes were as hard as jade stones. "Thou hast been with the Monkey People
the gray apes
the people without a law
the eaters of everything. That is great shame." "When Baloo hurt my head," said Mowgli (he was still on his back), "I went away, and the gray — Rudyard Kipling

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Christopher Moore

In fact, amid all the musical laments over not having a heart, a brain, or the nerve, did anyone notice that they didn't have a penis among them? I think it would have shown on the Lion and the Tin Man, and when the Scarecrow has his pants destuffed, you don't see a flying monkey waving an errant straw Johnson around anywhere, do
I think I know what song I'd be singing: Oh, I would while away the hours, Wanking in the flowers, my heart all full of song, I'd be gilding all the lilies as I waved about my willie If I only had a schlong. — Christopher Moore

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Matthew Goodman

Finding the stewardess, Bly asked her about the monkey. The stewardess replied drily, "We have met." Bly was now alarmed to see that the stewardess's arm was bandaged from wrist to shoulder."What did you do?" she asked. "I did nothing but scream," the stewardess replied; "the monkey did the rest. — Matthew Goodman

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Hermann Hesse

See what monkeys we are! Look, such is man! and at once all renown, all intelligence, all the attainments of the spirit, all progress towards the sublime, the great and the enduring in man fell away and became a monkey's trick! — Hermann Hesse

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Charles Portis

As for his height, I would put it at no more than five feet nine inches - he being fully erect, out of his monkey crouch - and yet he brazenly put down five feet eleven on all forms and applications ... He wore glasses, the lenses thick and greasy, which distorted the things of the world into unnatural shapes. I myself have never needed glasses. I can read roadsigns a halfmile away and I can see individual stars and planets to the seventh magnitude with no optical aids whatever. I can see Uranus. — Charles Portis

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Justin Timberlake

I think when I was about 12 or 13, my dad started taking me out to the local golf course, and that's the first time I ever hit a golf ball. I picked it up pretty quickly, just kind of monkey-see, monkey-do. But when I was 12, golf was so slow to me. For me, it was basketball, girls and music. — Justin Timberlake

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Patricia Churchland

Studies of decision-making in the monkey, where activity of single neurons in parietal cortex is recorded, you can see a lot about the time-accuracy trade-off in the monkey's decision, and you can see from the neuron's activity at what point in his accumulation of evidence he makes his decision to make a particular movement. — Patricia Churchland

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Dan Bergstein

Alice also stops in to check on Bella. Guess what? Her powers have returned and she can now see Bella's future. Guess what? Bella is going to survive! Guess what? Bella's going to be super-pretty! Guess what? I hate Alice.
Did Bella decide to survive? Did she decide to be pretty? I decided to be pretty too, but that didn't make it happen. (Wearing a monkey shirt certainly helped, though.) — Dan Bergstein

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

I cook better than you," Nick corrected absently. "I think monkeys can probably be taught to cook better than you."
"I'd like to have a monkey that cooked for me," said Jamie. " I would pay him in bananas. His name would be Alphonse."
"I agree, that would be awesome." Mae said. "People would come for dinner just to see the monkey chef."
"You're raving," Nick said, defrosting chicken in the microwave. Mae was a bit impressed with how he seemed to look at the appliance and instantly comprehend its mysteries, when she'd been heating up ready-made meals for years by a method of pressing random buttons and hoping. " I know that's the only way Jamie communicates with people, but I expected better of you, Mavis."
"We're cutting out the whole Mavis thing right now, Nick," Mae said warningly.
"How many bananas would be good payment for a monkey?" Jamie wanted to know. " I would want to pay Alphonse a fair wage. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By French Montana

My dream pet? I like a couple of them, man: monkey, I love dogs. See, tigers, I don't know - I can't be playing with something like that. A monkey, I can handle it. A dog, yeah; I would get a monkey. — French Montana

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Harrison Wheeler

Are you an evolutionist?
I'm an absurdist, ma'am. But let's suppose evolution is true; what about the monkeys today? Why can't we see them evolving? Are they still evolving? — Harrison Wheeler

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Delilah S. Dawson

Are you saying that was real magic?" I said. "That's crazy."
"Well, let's see. Are you telling me you just saw the past in a vision. That a monkey in a top hat was trying to murder my chief costumer and head accountant with the most powerful poison in existence using her makeup jar? If so, perhaps I'm not the crazy one here. — Delilah S. Dawson

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Joseph Stilwell

A meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost. She should go far. The sooner she starts, the better. The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of its behind. — Joseph Stilwell

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Dave Ramsey

Your job as an EntreLeader is to make sure when your team member leaves your office they take their monkey with them. The first step is to give them some ideas for options and instruct them to come back with three good ways to solve the problem and a suggested course of action. The next step is to teach your team to come to your office with a problem only after they have found three or more possible solutions and a suggested course of action. That makes for some great discussions and teachable moments as you show them how you would make the call. After solving problems and making the call with your help several times, the best team members begin to see the pattern you use and can do what you do. The final step is very personally rewarding. — Dave Ramsey

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Philip Pullman

Keep behind me, Metatron - wait here - Asriel is suspicious - let me lull him first. When he's off guard, I'll call you. But come as a shadow, in this small form, so he doesn't see you - otherwise, he'll just let the child's daemon fly away. The Regent was a being whose profound intellect had had thousands of years to deepen and strengthen itself, and whose knowledge extended over a million universes. Nevertheless, at that moment he was blinded by his twin obsessions: to destroy Lyra and to possess her mother. He nodded and stayed where he was, while the woman and the monkey moved forward as quietly as they could. — Philip Pullman

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Kim Richardson

Kara turned just in time to see the elevator with chimp 5M51 disappear back into the ground.
'Well there goes one monkey I'm not going to miss',she muttered to herself. — Kim Richardson

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Bob Enyart

You can look at a monkey and see that there is more than a five percent difference in DNA. — Bob Enyart

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Richard Rider

You were always saying you were gonna shoot him," he mutters, but it's kind of half-hearted. "Stupid fucking little tit, he needs a bullet in his head. What do you keep him round for, anyway?"
Because he makes me laugh. Because, fuck knows why, he adores me. Because he needs somebody to look after him and nobody else knows how. Because everything about us is wrong and I never ever want to be right. Because I wake up in the morning and see him sleeping next to me with his stupid dyed hair and his stupid painted nails and his stupid toy monkey and I remember I love him so much I don't know what to do, I love him I love him I LOVE HIM. — Richard Rider

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Dylan Moran

You see the button with the guy with the tray, and you push it, AND HE ARRIVES WITH A SANDWICH! ... And you think: "Yes! Yes! I control sandwich monkey! I live in magic land, magic land, magic land" — Dylan Moran

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Debra Anastasia

Holy tit fungus! Did you give Sasquatch an autopsy in here? God almighty, girl." He waddled back into the hallway, this time holding his privates with both hands. "You balded the dick mitten. Nice. Let me see it."
He looked at her like she might drop trou simply because he suggested it.
"I would rather lick a monkey's armpit than show you my vagina." Dove gave him the finger.
"You know what I love best about a naked muff hole? It looks just like a camel's dangly lips." Duke extended his own lips to make them appear gummy and slack. — Debra Anastasia

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Mark Helprin

No one ever said that you would live to see the repercussions of everything you do, or that you have guarantees, or that you are not obliged to wander in the dark, or that everything will be proved to you and neatly verified like something in science. Nothing is: at least nothing that is worthwhile. I didn't bring you up only to move across sure ground. I didn't teach you to think that everything must be within our control or understanding. Did I? For, if I did, I was wrong. I fyou won't take a chance, then the powers you refuse because you cannot explain them, will, as they say, make a monkey out of you. — Mark Helprin

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Heathcote Williams

A friend of mine, Warren Lemming, has this theory: if you're famous, it's as if you've got a golden monkey on your shoulder. When people come up to talk to you, they just see the monkey. — Heathcote Williams

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Anthony Marais

Gape long enough into a looking glass and you'll eventually see beauty. The same can be said of self-analysis, and as soon as one apes oneself, a second monkey is born. — Anthony Marais

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Jay Kristoff


Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Krishnamurti

If you see that you are a bundle of memories and words, the restless monkey comes to an end. — Krishnamurti

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

When he came down, he was slower, and clutching something his hand. He leapt down the last 5 feet or so and came over to me, uncurling his fingers. In his palm was something trembling and silky and the bright, delicious pale gold of apples; in the gloom of the jungle it looked like light itself. Uva nudged the thing with a finger and it turned over, and I could see it was a monkey of some sort, though no monkey I had ever seen before; it was only a few inches larger than one of the mice I had once been tasked with killing, and his face was a wrinkled black heart, its features pinched together but its eyes large and as blankly blue as a blind kitten's. It had tiny, perfectly formed hands, one of which was gripping its tail, which it had wrapped around itself and which was flamboyantly furred, its hair hanging like a fringe. — Hanya Yanagihara

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Jon Stewart

If I was to really get at the burr in my saddle, it's not politics - and this is, I think, probably a horrible analogy - but I look at politicians as, they are doing what inherently they need to do to retain power. Their job is to consolidate power. When you go to the zoo and you see a monkey throwing poop, you go, 'That's what monkeys do, what are you gonna do?' But what I wish the media would do more frequently is say, 'Bad monkey. — Jon Stewart

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Gore Vidal

When you are brought up in a zoo, you know what's going on in the monkey house. You see a couple of monkeys loose and one is President and one is Vice President, you know it's trouble. Monkeys make trouble. — Gore Vidal

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Robert Downey Jr.

Im thinking of buying a monkey. Then I think, Why stop at one? I don't like being limited in that way. Therefore, I'm considering a platton of monkeys, so that people will look at me and see how mellow and well-adjusted I am compared to these monkeys throwing feces around. — Robert Downey Jr.

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Monkey see, monkey do. Human being don't see, human being don't do. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Shunryu Suzuki

When you believe in your way, enlightenment is there. But when you cannot believe in the meaning of the practice which you are doing in this moment, you cannot do anything. You are just wandering around the goal with your monkey mind. You are always looking for something without knowing what you are doing. If you want to see something, you should open your eyes. When you do not understand Bodhidharma's Zen, you are trying to look at something with your eyes closed. We do not slight the idea of attaining enlightenment, but the most important thing is this moment, not some day in the future. We have to make our effort in this moment. This is the most important thing for our practice. — Shunryu Suzuki

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

We see the man when we look at the monkey; we see the monkey when we look at the man! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Jean-Louis Gassee

As the monkey climbs the tree, more people can see his bottom. — Jean-Louis Gassee

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Jack Kerouac

Can't you just see all those enlightened monkey men sitting around a roaring woodfire around their Buddha saying nothing and knowing everything? — Jack Kerouac

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Michelee Morgan Cabot

Crime growth cause in USA? TV ... Monkey see - monkey do. — Michelee Morgan Cabot

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Mackenzie Phillips

I became fascinated with the concept of speak no, see no, hear no evil. And - and the actual depiction of three wise monkeys. And I began collecting it over the years. And I kind of figured that I might be the - the fourth monkey, the feel no evil monkey. — Mackenzie Phillips

Monkey See Monkey Do Quotes By Arkady Strugatsky

A picnic. Picture a forest, a country road, a meadow. Cars drive off the country road into the meadow, a group of young people get out carrying bottles, baskets of food, transistor radios, and cameras. They light fires, pitch tents, turn on the music. In the morning they leave. The animals, birds, and insects that watched in horror through the long night creep out from their hiding places. And what do they see? Old spark plugs and old filters strewn around ... Rags, burnt-out bulbs, and a monkey wrench left behind ... And of course, the usual mess - apple cores, candy wrappers, charred remains of the campfire, cans, bottles, somebody's handkerchief, somebody's penknife, torn newspapers, coins, faded flowers picked in another meadow. — Arkady Strugatsky