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Never be afraid of what happens when you step beyond the borders, Elijah. For you will never know if you have made the right choice or not. You will only feel regret if you never tried."
~Anastasia — Barbara C. Doyle

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Cadan tipped my chin up to meet his solid red eyes. He stroked my jaw and waited until I said something. But what can I say? I don't want to practice on anybody, much less Luke. What if I can't stop? What if I hurt him?
"What happens if I can't stop feeding?" I asked quietly.
Cadan shrugged. "We'll find a good spot to bury the body. — Barbara C. Doyle

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His lips were practically grazing my nose. His gray eyes were so intense I could feel them reach my soul - if that were possible, anyways. With a smile so devious on his face and in his eyes Xavier whispered, "I can tell that every part of you wants to give in to what I am. The feeling that you feel right now is consuming. I've been there before, Ava. You can't deny everything much longer."
Closing my eyes, and swallowing back every temptation I felt, I backed away from his warmth. I opened my eyes to see his eyes searching my face in pure awe.
"Watch me," I challenged. — Barbara C. Doyle

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It was sweet he was checking on me. He didn't have to, but he knew that Blair and I were friends. Sisters, even. And he wanted to protect her friends like he'd protect her.

Well, maybe not the same way. If there was a gun fight he'd probably use me as a shield to protect her. But still, he cared. — Barbara C. Doyle

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The truth was, everybody needed to be saved at one point or another in their lives. I guess it was just my turn. — Barbara C. Doyle

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Don't cry, Mary," Eden croaked. "I didn't mean to make you cry."
My lip quivered as I softly replied, "You're dying. How could I not cry?"
I didn't hear Lucas walk up behind me, but he put his hand on my shoulder for comfort. I sniffed back tears as I looked at my aunt lying helplessly in the hospital bed. I took in a sharp breath as Eden's glassy eyes searched mine.
"I love you," Eden said weakly, coughing into her shaking hand.
"I love you, too," I whispered. "But this isn't goodbye. Don't say goodbye," I pleaded. — Barbara C. Doyle

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So the peasants are used as targets in war?" I doubted. "Does the Overhead feel that is necessary to kill off one of their own? Peasants are being placed as diversions on the front line like they mean nothing - "
"Would you rather save the strong, or spare the weak?" Mother questioned me.
"Why can we not do both?" I returned.
"Because Heaven has its reasons, Anastasia," Mother chimed quietly. "It is Heavens way to balance those who are strong and those who are weak. It cannot be changed. — Barbara C. Doyle

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But that was the thing about people. You could see the type of person they were on the outside, but in reality, everybody had an internal battle to fight. — Barbara C. Doyle

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My lips parted his to absorb even more energy. My stomach rumbled in praise as the Whisperers laughed at the sight. Luke's tongue danced against mine, but I am too focused on the feed to feel the unreadable emotion that came with kissing my best friend.
Another minute passed. And then another, until somebody grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground. I snapped out of the feed and watched Luke fall to his knees in weakness. My hunger disappeared.
I looked up at Cadan to see him staring at his step brother. "Welcome to the dark side, sweetness," he murmured right before I blacked out. — Barbara C. Doyle

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Sweetheart, I want you to go somewhere with your life. I know that you can do some wonderful things if you set your mind to it. You're a smart and caring teenager. Much more mature then most seventeen year olds. But death is inevitable for everybody. No matter how much people try to fight it, it's going to happen." Eden looked at me with a serious expression painted on her face. "Death doesn't suit everybody, though. — Barbara C. Doyle

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The Overhead bears the most powerful Healers in Heaven," Mother began softly. "The Healers - or Guardian Angels, as we were once known as - are given the most power from the sun. Our powers to heal others come from the light and good of the earth - it is what enables us to wake in the morning. — Barbara C. Doyle

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The couple trapped behind the glass could fool anyone. They looked content with each other; they looked happy. Their embrace looked warm, subtle and safe. But anybody outside the mirror world could see the truth. — Barbara C. Doyle

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If there was one thing I knew, it was that our demons were what shaped who we were. The things we do, the way we act, are all driven by the things we want locked away forever. — Barbara C. Doyle