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Money Career Quotes By Preeti Shenoy

I had never felt great about my modelling career anyway. All of it was so fake, so make-believe. But look at the people here. How warm they are. How genuine. I have never had any of this before. I feel wealthier than when I was making all that money modelling in Mumbai, You are right about your observation. This life does give me my peace. — Preeti Shenoy

Money Career Quotes By Brian Welch

I had to put my kid before my career and all the money I was making. I decided to do the right thing. I was dying inside. If I didn't have my daughter, I would be dead right now, for sure. — Brian Welch

Money Career Quotes By Erica Jong

And the crazy part of it was even if you were clever, even if you spent your adolescence reading John Donne and Shaw, even if you studied history or zoology or physics and hoped to spend your life pursuing some difficult and challenging career, you still had a mind full of all the soupy longings that every high-school girl was awash in ... underneath it, all you longed to be was annihilated by love, to be swept off your feet, to be filled up by a giant prick spouting sperm, soapsuds, silk and satins and, of course, money. — Erica Jong

Money Career Quotes By Rick Perlstein

I feel bound to respect Ronald Reagan, as every American should - not least because he chose a career of public service when he could have made a lot more money doing something else, and not least because he took genuine risks for peace. — Rick Perlstein

Money Career Quotes By Dabney Coleman

I didn't have any extra money. But I can't say that I had a hard early career. — Dabney Coleman

Money Career Quotes By Michael Heisley

I made my money turning around distressed or bankrupt companies. I did 50-some of them in my career ... I started on a shoestring and eventually built up quite a fortune. — Michael Heisley

Money Career Quotes By Anonymous

You choose the wrong career, select the wrong mortgage or fail to save for retirement, markets do not correct those failings. In fact, quite the opposite often happens. It is much easier to make money by catering to consumers' biases than by trying to correct them. — Anonymous

Money Career Quotes By John Cusack

I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that. — John Cusack

Money Career Quotes By E.L. Todd

No," he said. "That would be imposing my beliefs on others, something I will never do. I really wish you would respect my career choice. I make enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle, and most importantly, I'm happy. Who cares about a flashy job and wads of cash if you hate life? I'm very proud of you for graduating Harvard with almost perfect honors, but does it really matter? In the end, you can't take that diploma with you. — E.L. Todd

Money Career Quotes By Matt Kuchar

I almost didn't turn pro at all. I was tempted to be a career amateur. I worked as an investment banker for nine months after I got out of school, and the money was fantastic and promised to get even more lucrative. — Matt Kuchar

Money Career Quotes By Stefan Sagmeister

I can see my work as a job. I do it for money. I likely already look forward to the weekend on Thursdays. And I probably will need a hobby as a leveling mechanism. In a career, I'm definitely more engaged. But at the same time, there will be periods when I think, 'Is all that really hard work really worth my while?' — Stefan Sagmeister

Money Career Quotes By Carmelo Anthony

At this point in my career I'm not concerned about the money, it's about winning. Nothing else even matters. — Carmelo Anthony

Money Career Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

Persistence trumps talent.
What's the most powerful force in the universe? Compound interest. It builds on itself. Over time, a small amount of money becomes a large amount of money. Persistence is similar. A little bit improves performance, which encourages greater persistence which improves persistence even more. And on and on it goes.
Lack of persistence works the same way
only in the opposite direction.
Of course talent is important, but the world is lit erred with talented people who didn't persist, who didn't put in the hours, who gave up too early, who thought they could ride on talent alone. Meanwhile, people who might have less talent pass them by.
That's why intrinsic motivation is so important. Doing things not the get an external reward like money or a promotion, but because you simple like doing it. The more intrinsic motivation you have , the more likely you are to persist. The more you persist, the more likely you are to succeed. — Daniel H. Pink

Money Career Quotes By Brian Krzanich

When you want a raise, you're not only going in saying: 'I want more money.' You're going in and saying: 'Here's what I want out of my career. Here's what I accomplished. Here's what I said I was going to do. Here's what I've done. Not only do I deserve more money, but I want to get to here on my career.' — Brian Krzanich

Money Career Quotes By Rick Santorum

I raise money the old fashioned way, I go out and tell people what I think. And I say to them, "If you hire me, I'm a CEO, and I'll listen to you. But at the end of the day, I'm going to make the decision, something I've done throughout my whole career with, frankly, great success." — Rick Santorum

Money Career Quotes By Colin Powell

My two Jamaican cousins ... were studying engineering. 'That's where the money is,' Mom advised ... I was to be an engineering major, despite my allergy to science and math ... Those who preceded me at CCNY include the polio vaccine discoverer, Dr. Jonas Salk ... and eight Nobel Prize winners ... In class, I stumbled through math, fumbled through physics, and did reasonably well in, and even enjoyed, geology. All I ever looked forward to was ROTC.
Autobiographical comments on his original reason for going to the City College of New York, where he shortly turned to his military career. — Colin Powell

Money Career Quotes By Goran Ivanisevic

My fines? I pay more fines than some guys' career prize money on the tour. — Goran Ivanisevic

Money Career Quotes By Dale Dauten

Imagine choosing a job not on money or even on career advancement, but as part of a life worth living. — Dale Dauten

Money Career Quotes By Josh Langley

I often would think about how we have built our society, and when you describe it out loud, it sounds rather insane. The idea of being funnelled through a conventional life progression of education, work, career, marriage, kids, divorce, retirement and then death doesn't seem that inspiring to me.
Then we're told we have to struggle to make a living, sacrifice enjoyment to have a family, delay our happiness until we're retired, fight the next person for a job, climb the ladder of success to get an even more stressful job,
spend more money than we earn, go into debt, live in fear of being blown up by some terrorist and then have TV passed off as the only way to escape it all. And when all of this gets too much and you can't keep up, you get prescribed antidepressants and made to feel like you've failed. — Josh Langley

Money Career Quotes By Jane Campion

I seem to have been able to make a career out of doing what I feel like doing, so why not keep doing it? What's corrupting is wanting to be more important. You want to be more arty - you get your identity from that. Or you get your identity out of making more money. — Jane Campion

Money Career Quotes By Topher Grace

My dad was a businessman, and he would say, 'Work for free at the best company. Don't get paid a lot of money to work with the worst people.' And that's exactly how I see my career. — Topher Grace

Money Career Quotes By Alan Keyes

The money we spend on education should follow the choice of the parents, not the choice of educrats, bureaucrats, politicians, who, unfortunately, have been manipulating this process in their own career interests, not in the interests of our young people. — Alan Keyes

Money Career Quotes By Barry Glassner

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was right when he claimed, 'In politics, what begins in fear usually ends up in folly.' Political activists are more inclined, though, to heed an observation from Richard Nixon: 'People react to fear, not love. They don't teach that in Sunday school, but it's true.' That principle, which guided the late president's political strategy throughout his career, is the sine qua non of contemporary political campaigning. Marketers of products and services ranging from car alarms to TV news programs have taken it to heart as well.

The short answer to why Americans harbor so many misbegotten fears is that immense power and money await those who tap into our moral insecurities and supply us with symbolic substitutes. — Barry Glassner

Money Career Quotes By Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Work-family conflicts
the trade-offs of your money or your life, your job or your child
would not be forced upon women with suchsanguine disregard if men experienced the same career stalls caused by the-buck-stops-here responsibility for children. — Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Money Career Quotes By Kamerion Wimbley

The NFL has done a great job in giving players information on how to go to a second career after football and how to invest their money while they're playing to ensure when their career is over, that they have something else in place to fall back on. One of the big things the NFL does is promote education in different fields. — Kamerion Wimbley

Money Career Quotes By Brad Pitt

When you first get opportunities, suddenly you get surrounded by a lot of people who want to make money off you but also are there to help. But they start telling you so much what you need to be and what you need to do to maintain some idea of career maintenance. — Brad Pitt

Money Career Quotes By Gael Garcia Bernal

I've never cared for the idea of a career path, or where a film might 'take me.' My love is for acting not money, so I only take on roles that I find challenging, in stories I find interesting. — Gael Garcia Bernal

Money Career Quotes By Paul Coffey

That feeling in the dressing room after you win - nothing comes close to that. You can't get that in any other career. Maybe in the stock market back in the '80s when people were making tons of money, maybe they felt something similar. Maybe. But look at the market now. Nothing gives you that emotion like sports. Nothing. Am I wrong? — Paul Coffey

Money Career Quotes By T. Harv Eker

Do you want a successful career or a close relationship with your family? Both! Do you want a focus on business or have fun and play? Both! Do you want money or meaning in your life? Both! Do you want to earn a fortune or do the work you love? Both! Poor people always choose one, rich people choose both. — T. Harv Eker

Money Career Quotes By Pauline Gower

No it was not the novelty, and it was not the danger and the adventure (although these had their charm). It was certainly not a passing whim (if it had been the hard work would have dispelled it in a very short time!). I think there were three chief reasons for my choice of career: First, a real love for, and interest in aviation Secondly, a determination to earn my own money and to make my career a paying proposition. Thirdly, a conviction that aviation was a profession of the future and therefore had room to welcome its new followers. — Pauline Gower

Money Career Quotes By Grant Morrison

But the superheroes showed me how to overcome the Bomb. Superhero stories woke me up to my own potential. They gave me the basis of a code of ethics I still live by. They inspired my creativity, brought me money, and made it possible for me to turn doing what I loved into a career. They helped me grasp and understand the geometry of higher dimensions and alerted me to the fact that everything is real, especially our fictions. By offering role models whose heroism and transcendent qualities would once have been haloed and clothed in floaty robes, they nurtured in me a sense of the cosmic and ineffable that the turgid, dogmatically stupid "dad" religions could never match. I had no need for faith. My gods were real, made of paper and light, and they rolled up into my pocket like a superstring dimension. — Grant Morrison

Money Career Quotes By Maxine Kumin

I would not recommend poetry as a career. In the first place, it's impossible in this time and place - in this culture - to make poetry a career. The writing of poetry is one thing. It's an obsession, the scratching of a divine itch, and has nothing to do with money. You can, however, make a career out of being a poet by teaching, traveling around, and giving lectures. It's a thin living at best. — Maxine Kumin

Money Career Quotes By Colleen Atwood

I grew up in a small town in Washington State, so I wasn't really aware of costume design as a career growing up, but I loved clothes. I remember I saved all my money, and the first thing that I bought was a white blazer, which was to the horror to my parents. But I have always had a strange connection with clothing. — Colleen Atwood

Money Career Quotes By Lea Thompson

So when my film career took off, I always felt like I was trying to play catch-up because I hadn't studied acting before. I didn't know how to manage money or my career. When I look back, I think I was a little bit shell-shocked. — Lea Thompson

Money Career Quotes By Dion DiMucci

I have a full life off the road. I was never in it just for the money or the career. That's why I'm comfortable with myself. I know who I am out of the spotlight. — Dion DiMucci

Money Career Quotes By Cesar Romero

Due to a big bust in Cuba, my father's business suffered badly, so I was free to choose my own career. I became a professional dancer, and I went on the road and started making real money. — Cesar Romero

Money Career Quotes By Kendrick Lamar

I always thought money was something just to make me happy. But I've learned that I feel better being able to help my folks, 'cause we never had nothing. So just to see them excited about my career is more of a blessing than me actually having it for myself. — Kendrick Lamar

Money Career Quotes By Gurinder Chadha

After 'Bhaji On The Beach', I didn't make a movie for six years. I couldn't get a movie off the ground for love nor money. It was a very tough time and I almost gave up. If I had been an Oxbridge bloke after 'Bhaji', my career would have been very different — Gurinder Chadha

Money Career Quotes By Liev Schreiber

I didn't think that a career in theater was very realistic so I thought the only thing I could make money doing and still be somewhat artistic was, god help me, advertising. — Liev Schreiber

Money Career Quotes By Paul Arden

For a creative person starting out on a career, try not thinking about film or media or whatever. think about money. — Paul Arden

Money Career Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

Talent without money, coach, vision and mission is a piteous adventure. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Money Career Quotes By Leah Remini

a myth that the church has very successfully used to its advantage. Many people were under the same impression that there are tons of Scientologists in the film and television business and that we all help each other out. The real truth is that while the church would like you to believe it wields a tremendous amount of influence in Hollywood, that is simply not the case. Throughout my career I knew of one minor casting director who was a Scientologist, but other than that, no real movers and shakers. As a matter of fact, I think identifying myself publicly as a Scientologist probably hurt my career more than it helped it as far as perception was concerned. And while some of the courses the church offered provided me with better communication skills to help land roles, the time, money, and effort I invested certainly didn't outweigh the benefit for me. — Leah Remini

Money Career Quotes By Robert Sean Leonard

My career has mostly been jobs I love or cases where I needed money. — Robert Sean Leonard

Money Career Quotes By Michael Moore

I tell everybody on the first day of making a movie that if anyone's here to further their career, they should leave. I'm gonna make the movie in such a way that we won't have a career when this movie comes out. Because the people who hold the moneybags are not going to want to share any of that money with us to make the next movie! — Michael Moore

Money Career Quotes By Goran Ivanisevic

When I started in my career, my sister was very sick so I play for her because we didn't have money. — Goran Ivanisevic

Money Career Quotes By Dylan Moran

I get a phone call once every 18 months from some mad person who wants me to do something for less than no money and they give me about a week's notice. That's my film career, most of the time. — Dylan Moran

Money Career Quotes By Teresita Fernandez

And lastly, when other things in life get tough, when you're going through family troubles, when you're heartbroken, when you're frustrated with money problems, focus on your work. It has saved me through every single difficult thing I have ever had to do, like a scaffolding that goes far beyond any traditional notions of a career. — Teresita Fernandez

Money Career Quotes By Emraan Hashmi

I wanted to make money very fast, and I was completely confused after college. I didn't know what career options I had. And then I had this entry point in the film industry, and I thought, 'If this is where the fast money is going to come from, let's see how it goes.' — Emraan Hashmi

Money Career Quotes By Lauren Bacall

I wasn't brought up as a society girl to go to balls and be a debutante and marry the social set and money and go to parties. No one in my family lived like that. And I never wanted to live like that. I was brought up to believe in work. I always wanted a career. Always. — Lauren Bacall

Money Career Quotes By Giacomo Casanova

Here it is. You assume that I am rich; I am not. I shall have nothing once I have emptied my purse. You perhaps suppose that I am a man of high birth, and I am of a rank either lower than your own or equal to it. I have no talent which can earn money, no employment, no reason to be sure that I shall have anything to eat a few months hence. I have neither relatives nor friends nor rightful claims nor any settled plan. In short, all that I have is youth, health, courage, a modicum of intelligence, a sense of honor and of decency, with a little reading and the bare beginnings of a career in literature. My great treasure is that I am my own master, that I am not dependent upon anyone, and that I am not afraid of misfortunes. My nature tends toward extravagance. Such is the man I am. Now answer me, my beautiful Teresa. — Giacomo Casanova

Money Career Quotes By Malin Akerman

Modeling was never anything that was a career choice. I did catalog work in Toronto to make money so that I could go to school. — Malin Akerman

Money Career Quotes By Margaret Young

Often people attempt to live their lives backwards, they try to have more things or more money in order to do more of what they want so that they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are then do what you need to do in order to have what you want. — Margaret Young

Money Career Quotes By William Proxmire

I have spent my career trying to get Congressmen to spend the people's money as if it were their own. But I have failed. — William Proxmire

Money Career Quotes By Rebecca McNutt

So many people spend years (and money) studying to be doctors, lawyers, actors, dancers, business executives and scientists - when you're an author, you can be any of these things, and you don't need a degree or certificate; all you need is an imagination, a dream and an open mind. — Rebecca McNutt

Money Career Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Career success means making enough money to lead the kind of life you would like to lead as a practicing Buddhist. — Frederick Lenz

Money Career Quotes By Rob Zombie

Just getting movies made is difficult because it takes a lot of money; I mean, it costs more money to make one movie than most bands will spend on every single record of their entire career; it's a huge undertaking. — Rob Zombie

Money Career Quotes By Claire Coffee

I actually went to study journalism at Northwestern, thinking that would be my Plan B for a career. But then I realized, if I'm going to struggle and make no money, I might as well do what I really want to do. — Claire Coffee

Money Career Quotes By Sue Wicks

For me, the money isn't a big issue. I'm at the end of my career and I'm just happy to play. — Sue Wicks

Money Career Quotes By Erika M. Anderson

I've figured out that I don't want to spend all of my spare time trying to make money. But, with things like fame or internet presence - things you cannot cash in at the bank - there is still a sense that more is better and that your career should be following a certain trajectory. — Erika M. Anderson

Money Career Quotes By Yo Gotti

Being independent is more of a mind state more than anything else. A lot of people don't understand that being an independent artist means being hands on with your career in every aspect - not being afraid to spend your own money and invest time in yourself. Although I'm affiliated with a major label, I still wake up every day with an independent mindset. — Yo Gotti

Money Career Quotes By Kevin Hart

You can do the same thing with $20 million that you would do with $50 million. So at a certain point in your life and in your career, you realise that it's not about the money. — Kevin Hart

Money Career Quotes By Celine Dion

I'm not looking for career attention, for more success, more money. I'm just singing songs I chose because I love them. — Celine Dion

Money Career Quotes By Jason C. Miller

Without a doubt, because now in the music business talent and hard work isn't enough. There is just a lot of luck and marketing money involved in making any artist break. "Fall Down" is about a relationship, but you could certainly apply it to the relationship we've had with each other and throughout our career. — Jason C. Miller

Money Career Quotes By Steve Carell

I had, like, two goals in my career: One was to try to get into 'Second City.' When I moved to Chicago, my goal was to try to work at 'Second City.' And beyond that, my goal was to make enough money as an actor to not do anything else but act, not have to go and wait tables again. — Steve Carell

Money Career Quotes By Anamika Mishra

What is the point of all the money in the world if you don't have the freedom to do the things you love? — Anamika Mishra

Money Career Quotes By Linda Greenlaw

...anyone who chooses to make fishing his occupation solely for the money is in the wrong business. If no thrill is experienced in catching fish, no satisfaction in going to sea and returning to shore, no pride in exclaiming "I am a fisherman," then a life on the water will be unfulfilling, perhaps even unbearable. Among the unhappy with whom I am acquainted, perhaps the most miserable people are those who fish out of necessity rather than out of a love of the sea and the seafaring life. I have always maintained that when I no longer feel a thrill, satisfaction, and pride from fishing, I will start a new career. (pp. 248-249) — Linda Greenlaw

Money Career Quotes By Matthew Crawford

...an external reward can affect one's interpretation of one's own motivation, and interpretation that comes to be self-fulfilling. A similar effect may account for the familiar fact that when someone turns his hobby into a business, he often loses pleasure in it. Likewise, an intellectual who pursues an academic career gets professionalized, and this may lead him to stop thinking. This line of reasoning suggests that the kind of appreciative attention where one remains focused on what one is doing can arise only in leisure activities. Such a conclusion would put pleasurable absorption beyond the ken of any activity that is undertaken for the sake of making money, because although money is undoubtedly good, it is not intrinsically so. — Matthew Crawford

Money Career Quotes By T.D. Jakes

When God has a plan for your life, I don't care how much you murmur and complain and kick and fuss and scream and yell. When you know that God has a plan for your life, He got you tied up ... I serve a God who will tie you up when you're acting crazy, tie you up, while you're trying to do your own thing, tie you up while your temper is raging, tie you up, when your ambition is out of control. Sometimes, God will tie you up til the time is right. Nothing will work, your money won't work, your career won't work, the boyfriend will leave, the house will sell, cause when God has you tied up, He's not gonna let you get away. He'll say, Be still and see the salvation of the Lord. — T.D. Jakes

Money Career Quotes By Jim Leyland

I met five presidents. I had dinner with a president of the United States in the White House. I played golf with a president of the United States. I made money. I mean, when I look at it, I had a unbelievably fabulous career. And I'm extremely grateful. — Jim Leyland

Money Career Quotes By Jay Cutler

You get to a point in your career, I think, it's not even about money. You're secure. You want to win Super Bowls. — Jay Cutler

Money Career Quotes By FAXBoy

It's not that I want to work for Williams-Sonoma, per se, it's just that you guys have the money and I don't. — FAXBoy

Money Career Quotes By Akshay Kumar

I have earned enough money in my life. When I started my career, for about 10 years, I told myself I want to make money. Now, I just want to do different roles. — Akshay Kumar

Money Career Quotes By Anne Eliot

It's really hard to deny a kid who's father has passed away. We all just wanted you to be happy so we messed that up. Your career wasn't about the money. Not at first. It gave you both something big to do so you could stay busy and forget how much you missed your dad." His heart twisted, and he whispered, "When I think of him ... I don't remember his face, but I do remember how much it hurt to have him simply there one day and gone the next ... just gone." Nan nodded. "Imagine how your mom felt. Your dad was the love of her life. — Anne Eliot

Money Career Quotes By Marissa Meyer

He started to smile, a look that was dangerously mischievous. "The money's good at the fights, but it doesn't make for much of a career. I thought maybe you could pay me in food." She laughed. "After seeing the evidence of your appetite in there, I think I'd lose my shirt with a deal like that." She flushed the second she'd said it - no doubt he was now imagining her with her shirt off. Yet, — Marissa Meyer

Money Career Quotes By Travis Morrison

I'm fascinated with the attitude of younger rock bands, even ones that are making money at it. I don't ever hear them talk about it as a "career." It almost makes me think there isn't even a music industry anymore, like an atom bomb fell and it was just eradicated forever. — Travis Morrison

Money Career Quotes By Josh Bezoni

Money without meaning is meaningless — Josh Bezoni

Money Career Quotes By Kevin J. Donaldson

If you want to go to places worth going, you have to be open to personal growth. No matter how much your job pays you, if it doesn't offer you the opportunity to grow, your efforts would only go to waste. There are really just some things that money can't buy. Never stop learning! — Kevin J. Donaldson

Money Career Quotes By Jim Crace

I know the money is important, but, actually, the validation of your career that prizes give is what you really want. But the money is fabulous, too. — Jim Crace

Money Career Quotes By Orison Swett Marden

Always carry yourself as though you were marching to victory, make this impression upon everyone who sees you. Let victory stand out of your very face, let it speak out of your eyes with such determination, with such vigorous resolution that people will know that there is no such thing as keeping you down, no such thing as discouraging you, because you are victory-organized, because you are in the habit of winning. Give people the suggestion of invincibility. This will be worth more to you than a large amount of money capital without it, or with an appearance of cowardice or defeat in your face, a suggestion of weakness or doubt, fear as to the outcome of your career. — Orison Swett Marden

Money Career Quotes By James Altucher

I've had to change careers several times. Sometimes because my interests changed. Sometimes because all bridges have been burned beyond recognition, sometimes because I desperately needed money. And sometimes just because I hated everyone in my old career or they hated me. — James Altucher

Money Career Quotes By Trinny Woodall

For me as an individual, it's important that I have a career as a role model for my children, that I earn my own money, and I spend it prudently and imprudently. — Trinny Woodall

Money Career Quotes By Christie Laing

I went to a public high school, and after graduation, college wasn't really much of an option for me. I didn't believe I had the money or the grades at the time, so I continued to work and save money to support my acting career. — Christie Laing

Money Career Quotes By Ansel Elgort

I don't want money to ever drive my career. I want my career to be driven by what I want to do in art. — Ansel Elgort

Money Career Quotes By Jerry Siegel

The publishers of Superman comic books, National Periodical Publications [later DC Comics], killed my days, murdered my nights, choked my happiness, strangled my career. I consider National's executives economic murderers, money-mad monsters.
I, Jerry Siegel, the co-originator of Superman, put a curse of the Superman movie! — Jerry Siegel

Money Career Quotes By Anamika Mishra

If only he could convince her, his dream would be within reach — Anamika Mishra

Money Career Quotes By Morrie Schwartz.

The culture doesn't encourage you to think about such things until you're about to die. We're so wrapped up with egostical things, career, family, having enough money, meeting the mortgage, getting a new car, fixing the radiator when it breaks. We're involved in trillions of little acts just to keep going . So we don't get into the habit of standing back and looking at our lives and saying, Is this all? Is this all I want? Is something missing? — Morrie Schwartz.

Money Career Quotes By Eva Longoria

There's no amount of money that would make me decide something for a career. — Eva Longoria

Money Career Quotes By Guy Kawasaki

Looking back on my own career, I've come to the conclusion that too much money is worse than too little. — Guy Kawasaki

Money Career Quotes By Emraan Hashmi

I used to do films for money earlier. I never knew what perception meant. I didn't give too much attention to scripts. It was either to buy a house or to buy a car. There was a certain frivolity to the way I used to pick up things. I wasn't taking my career seriously. — Emraan Hashmi

Money Career Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

This is the age of the specialist, and years ago Rollo had settled on his career. Even as a boy, hardly capable of connected thought, he had been convinced that his speciality, the one thing he could do really well, was to inherit money. — P.G. Wodehouse

Money Career Quotes By Marcel Achard

The career of a writer is comparable to that of a woman of easy virtue. You write first for pleasure, later for the pleasure of others and finally for money. — Marcel Achard

Money Career Quotes By Gaby Hoffmann

The early part of my career was the 1990s, and I was living in New York working as an actor. It was the world I was in. A lot of companies had a great deal of money. — Gaby Hoffmann

Money Career Quotes By Juan Gabriel

I don't believe in competing, because there's room for everyone. You have to compete with yourself, because your duty to grow as a human being and keeping your humility is much more important than your music career. You can get money, women, travels, but all that's an illusion. — Juan Gabriel

Money Career Quotes By Brian J. White

I came out of my professional athlete career with a 450 credit score, no money in the bank to show for it, but I had an Ivy League degree. So I put that Dartmouth degree to good use and got a job on Wall Street. I hated it but used the time to make connections and become financially literate. — Brian J. White

Money Career Quotes By Milla Jovovich

I think I'm a very pretty girl. I'm never going to pretend to think otherwise. There are even days I feel I'm fabulously hot and sexy. I'm grateful for my looks. My family is doing well because of them. I can make career choices and turn down movies because of them and I have been making money from them for 17 years. My looks are who I am. — Milla Jovovich

Money Career Quotes By Walter Mosley

I used to worry about money and career and what was going to happen. How was I gonna succeed or fail in the world? And I thought about it enough that I'm no longer worried about it. I'm not ... I don't worry about what's gonna happen in my life. I don't worry about telling me about dying, my own mortality. That's a given. — Walter Mosley

Money Career Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

How many people make a career out of writing anyway?' Cath snapped. She felt like everything inside her was snapping. Her nerves. Her temper. Her esophagus. 'I'll write because I love it, the way other people knit or ... or scrapbook. And I'll find some other way to make money. — Rainbow Rowell

Money Career Quotes By Eric Lange

I've been trying to give as much attention and focus to my life as well as my career. It's hard because the career is money, but putting that before day-to-day needs isn't something that can last indefinitely. I'm excited to begin the next chapter of my life with an amazing woman. — Eric Lange

Money Career Quotes By Christine Lahti

I wanted to be an actress. In college I was a serious feminist and very political. I was determined to get one thing out of my career and that was respect. I didn't want money. I didn't care about fame. — Christine Lahti

Money Career Quotes By Jerry Yang

I'm not sure at all that I'm any good at this mentoring/investing business - that's why I'm using my own money, and that's why it's not a career. — Jerry Yang