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Top Mistakes And Lessons Quotes

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Let us march past the flag of the past, saluting our achievements', pondering over our mistakes and thinking of the lessons for the way forward as we march forward to a great tomorrow — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Auliq Ice

It is very important to understand why those annoying people annoy you and then figure out where that fits into your world. — Auliq Ice

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Jillian Michaels

The past doesn't define you, your present does. It's okay to create a vision of the future because it affects your behavior in the "now," but don't dwell on past mistakes. Learn from them and focus those lessons in the moment. That's where change can really happen. — Jillian Michaels

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

Lessons are learned through making mistakes, falling and rising. — Sunday Adelaja

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Deyth Banger

Quotes = Success
Music = Success
Failure = Success
Loyalty = Success
Books = Success
Mistakes = Success
These are the lessons for today, try to put them in your bag and start using them one by one! — Deyth Banger

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kiera Van Gelder

DBT's catchphrase of developing a life worth living means you're not just surviving; rather, you have good reasons for living. I'm also getting better at keeping another dialectic in mind: On the one hand, the disorder decimates all relationships and social functions, so you're basically wandering in the wasteland of your own failure, and yet you have to keep walking through it, gathering the small bits of life that can eventually go into creating a life worth living. To be in the desolate badlands while envisioning the lush tropics without being totally triggered again isn't easy, especially when life seems so effortless for everyone else. — Kiera Van Gelder

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Monica Lewinsky

I'm an incredibly lucky girl. For someone who has made some very foolish mistakes and had some tough lessons to learn very quickly, I am still incredibly lucky. — Monica Lewinsky

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Alyson Noel

Life is still life. It's still tough, complicated, and more than a little messy, with lessons to be learned, mistakes to be made, triumphs and disappointments to be had, and not every day is meant to be a party. — Alyson Noel

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Glennon Doyle Melton

...what if the transporting (to a pain-free place) is keeping me from transformation? What if my anger, my fear, my loneliness were never mistakes, but invitations? What if in skipping the pain, I was missing my lessons? Instead of running away from the pain, was I supposed to run towards it? ...Maybe instead of slamming the door on pain, I need to throw open the door wide and say, "Come in. Sit down with me. And don't leave until you've taught me what I need to know. — Glennon Doyle Melton

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Steven Wilson

Gardening can be a compelling cooperative activity. Your best harvest may be the pleasure you get from working with family and friends. There's never a shortage of things to do, no limit to the lessons that can be learned, especially for children, and there's always plenty of credit to go around, even for the mistakes. — Steven Wilson

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Jessica Lahey

Out of love and desire to protect our children's self-esteem, we have bulldozed every uncomfortable bump and obstacle out of the way, clearing the manicured path we hoped would lead to success and happiness. Unfortunately, in doing so we have deprived our children of the most important lessons of childhood. The setbacks, mistakes, miscalculations, and failures we have shoved out of our children's way are the very experiences that teach them how to be resourceful, persistent, innovative and resilient citizens of this world. — Jessica Lahey

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Anthony Horowitz

Looking back now, I would say that this was one of the first valuable lessons I learned, and one that would be useful in my future line of work. Sometimes things go wrong. It is inevitable. But it is a mistake to waste time and energy worrying about events that you cannot influence. Once they have happened, let them go. — Anthony Horowitz

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Avijeet Das

In retrospect we can only be thankful to all the mistakes that we made and to all the lessons that we learned from them! — Avijeet Das

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Les Brown

In life, friendships change, divorces happen, people move on, others die. Money and jobs will come and go. Live long enough and your health and body will change. It goes with the territory of being human. The fact that you are still here gives you an advantage. Don't look back. Look straight ahead!! Decide to use all of your knowledge, skills, experiences and your life lessons from your mistakes, defeats and setbacks, to start over again. Life changes. You may not have the same life as before, but you can still enjoy your life! — Les Brown

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Colleen Hoover

All humans make mistakes. What determines a person's character aren't the mistakes we make. It's how we take those mistakes and turn them into lessons rather than excuses. — Colleen Hoover

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Michael Beckwith

Mistakes are about getting the blessing in the lesson and the lesson in the blessing. — Michael Beckwith

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Shinzo Abe

I did learn from many mistakes. First and foremost, I learned that it is important to create a wide base of support within the LDP. In forming the cabinet this time, I included almost all the members of the LDP whom I ran against during the party election for president. Also, as a result of the lessons I learned, this time my policy priorities have become very clear. This would include first and foremost restoring a robust economy. I believe this has resulted in the strong support that I am getting from the people. — Shinzo Abe

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Edwin Lefevre

It takes a man a long time to learn all the lessons of all of his mistakes. They say there are two sides to everything. But there is only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side. It took me longer to get that general principle fixed firmly in my mind than it did most of the more technical phases of the game of stock speculation. — Edwin Lefevre

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Reagan Gomez-Preston

Going through your late teens and early 20s is not an easy time, especially in Hollywood. So you just learn your lessons, you make your mistakes and you move on. — Reagan Gomez-Preston

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Peter Erskine

It is the charge of us who survive to see another dawn each day that we honor the memory of the kind and brave souls who have pioneered and lived and loved before us. They have taught us how to interpret a melody, or how to play a rhythm, or how to laugh at one of life's many absurdities. Life lessons. Good deeds. Mistakes. The sum of a man's or a woman's life can take years to absorb and understand, but we must always appreciate the sacrifice, wisdom, love, and humor that our fallen comrades have left to us. — Peter Erskine

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Maria Amparo Ruiz De Burton

Let us cry for the spilt milk, by all means, if by doing so we learn how to avoid spilling any more. Let us cry for the spilt milk, and remember how, and where, and why, we spilt it. Much wisdom is learnt through tears, but none by forgetting our lessons. — Maria Amparo Ruiz De Burton

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Why just work and live for a happy retirement? Why not work and live for a happy life? — Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Chris Kreski

am not a well-schooled woman. Instead, I have learned my lessons from experience, mistakes, and the heat of battle. If ever there was a shining alumnus from the school of hard knocks, it is I. My diploma can be found, printed in black and blue, at points of varying interest from head to toe. — Chris Kreski

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Seth Godin

Be bold, make mistakes, learn a lesson, and fix what doesn't work. — Seth Godin

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By David Bayles

The function of the overwhelming majority of your artwork is simply to teach you how to make the small fraction of your artwork that soars. One of the basic and difficult lessons every artist must learn is that even the failed pieces are essential. X-rays of famous paintings reveal that even master artists sometimes made basic mid-course corrections (or deleted really dumb mistakes) by overpainting the still-wet canvas. The point is that you learn how to make your work by making your work, and a great many of the pieces you make along the way will never stand out as finished art. The best you can do is make art you care about - and lots of it! — David Bayles

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Cinda Williams Chima

History,' Mari muttered, as if she'd overheard his thoughts. 'Why do we need to know what happened before we were born?'
'So hopefully we get smarter and don't make the same mistakes again. — Cinda Williams Chima

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Anne Sexton

If I could blame it on all the mothers and fathers of the world, they of the lessons, the pellets of power, they of the love surrounding you like batter ... Blame it on God perhaps? He of the first opening that pushed us all into our first mistakes? No, I'll blame it on Man For Man is God and man is eating the earth up like a candy bar and not one of them can be left alone with the ocean for it is known he will gulp it all down. The stars (possibly) are safe. At least for the moment. The stars are pears that no one can reach, even for a wedding. Perhaps for a death. — Anne Sexton

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Charles Dickens

It is Christianity to do good always
even to those who do evil to us. It is Christianity to love our neighbours as ourself, and to do to all men as we would have them do to us. It is Christianity to be gentle, merciful and forgiving, and to keep those qualities quiet in our own hearts, and never make a boast of them or of our prayers or of our love of God, but always to show that we love Him by humbly trying to do right in everything. If we do this, and remember the life and lessons of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and try to act up to them, we may confidently hope that God will forgive us our sins and mistakes, and enable us to live and die in peace. — Charles Dickens

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Yuuri Eda

Humans are often more stupid than they realize. Because of our weaknesses are so easily exploited. Just like a child's clumsy fingers messing up the buttons on a shirt. It's easy to mock someone who buttoned his shirt wrongly. It's easy to mock someone who had buttoned wrongly yet remains oblivious to it. But there are also people who completely fail to realize that they buttoned them all wrongly. Just a moment's error, a wrong choice, traps us on the road of no return. But who can reprimand them for that? Why can't humans be lonely? Why can't we yearn for those right by our side? On such a cold lonely night, who can stand to bear it alone? Imagine the fright when we realize the severity of our mistakes. Whoever said love was a happy affair? — Yuuri Eda

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Teri Terry

Turn around? No. Keep going, it's the only way to make sure I don't end up going back and forth. — Teri Terry

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi

Learn from the mistakes of others, and avoid being one whose mistakes are used as lessons by others. — Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Stella Payton

Value all relationships for the lessons they teach. Make sure you learn the lessons well. If not you will repeat those mistakes over and over.
Focus on the kind of relationship you do want! Surround yourself with people who manifest those characteristics. Avoid and eliminate negativity at all cost.
Become a producer of that which is positive.
Look for the good in every situation and praise it. talk about it & be about it. Be about only good things.Create and manifest around you joy and peace and happiness. Let the presence of God be your model. Gods' kingdom consists of 3 things, righteousness, peace and joy in Gods words. When you become a positive producer, you will begin to attract what you produced
positives! — Stella Payton

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By K. Martin Beckner

She chose the attractive room, not noticing the cloven hoof exposed beneath the ornate curtains. That decision has surely haunted her every day since, finally catching up to her. — K. Martin Beckner

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

We can learn personal humility from episodes that generate shame and guilt. After retiring from worldly affairs and drawing useful lessons from personal disgrace, we must resume living an expedient life devoted to appreciating truth, beauty, and love. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Betrayals that make your soul scream so loud you wonder why no one else hears it. In the end, we are all alone in that private hell. But life isn't about learning to forgive those who have hurt you or forgetting the past. It's about learning to forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes. Yes, people disappoint us all the time. But the harshest lessons come when we disappoint ourselves. When we put our trust and our hearts into the hands of the wrong person and they do us wrong. And while we may hate them for what they did, the one we hate most is ourself for allowing them into our private circle. How could I have been so stupid? How could I let them deceive me? — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Carlos Ghosn

There are always lessons that can be learned from another manufacturer. You can learn from their successes and from their mistakes also. But you cannot replicate; you can only learn. — Carlos Ghosn

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Auliq Ice

It is by your own that you have to learn a lesson and they by themselves so that they will blame you not. — Auliq Ice

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Founders never leave our memories for they leave indelible footprints on our minds. They give us the reasons to look back and ponder. They give us the reasons to look forward with the hope and aspirations to beating their footprints of distinctiveness. Their mistakes are our lessons and the reasons to reason. — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Jacqueline Ripstein

In the School of Life events, situations, and the people you have attracted to be part of your personal experiences are synchronized perfectly in order to teach you the lessons that need to be learned. They show you exactly what is needed to be successful in your Life. — Jacqueline Ripstein

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Anne Lamott

I don't know why life isn't constructed to be seamless and safe, why we make such glaring mistakes, things fall so short of our expectations, and our hearts get broken and out kids do scary things and our parents get old and don't always remember to put pants on before they go out for a stroll. I don't know why it's not more like it is in the movies, why things don't come out neatly and lessons can't be learned when you're in the mood for learning them, why love and grace often come in such motley packaging. — Anne Lamott

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Diyar Harraz

He only sound was of the crickets, and the glittering speckled of stars on the night sky as witness of her biggest mistake, the night when it changed her life forever. — Diyar Harraz

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

A wise person makes one error,
and learns ten lessons.
He makes two errors,
and learns twenty lessons.
He makes three errors,
and learns thirty lessons.
He makes few errors,
and learns countless lessons. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Steven Pinker

An aspiring writer could be forgiven for thinking that learning to write is like negotiating an obstacle course in boot camp, with a sergeant barking at you for every errant footfall. Why not think of it instead as a form of pleasurable mastery, like cooking or photography? Perfecting the craft is a lifelong calling, and mistakes are part of the game. Though the quest for improvement may be informed by lessons and honed by practice, it must first be kindled by a delight in the best work of the masters and a desire to approach their excellence. — Steven Pinker

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Rose Wynters

Once he got there, he stopped and looked back. You know, the thing about manners is that we only seem to notice the lack of them in others. It's a lot harder to see mistakes in ourselves. — Rose Wynters

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Taylor Swift

As much as I would really like to have saved myself heartache, embarrassment or gossip, I also know that my biggest mistakes have turned into my best lessons and sometimes my greatest career triumphs. If my life had been turbulence-free, no bumps in the road at all, maybe my music would be beige, maybe the stadiums wouldn't be full and the mantle would be a little more empty. — Taylor Swift

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Suzy Kassem

When we follow our hearts, we follow the path of lessons we were meant to take and gain knowledge from. Sometimes the heart conquers over reason, and this may lead us to making serious mistakes, but these are mistakes written for us to grow. This is the real reason you hear 'FOLLOW YOUR HEART'. And the real reason you hear, 'FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS' is because our dreams expose us to our true multidimensional realities outside of this delusional realm we call reality. Our TRUE reality can be found in our dreams, where we are our true multidimensional selves. — Suzy Kassem

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Justin Young

All men are created equal.' That doesn't mean we are born into equal circumstances, or have the same skills. What we do have in common, though, is the ability to apply ourselves to achieving that which we desire. Each of us has the capacity to dream big, to assess and accept the aspects of our reality that are standing in our way, learn from them, overcome them and succeed. — Justin Young

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By T.A. Uner

Those who neglect the lessons of their past are doomed to no future. — T.A. Uner

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Robin S. Sharma

There are no mistakes in life,
only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only
opportunities to grow, learn and advance along the road of selfmastery.
From struggle comes strength. Even pain can be a wonderful teacher — Robin S. Sharma

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Deyth Banger

To make one mistake, and then fix it. It shows, a sign that you have understood
the lesson. — Deyth Banger

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By DeWayne Owens

Show me a man who mistakes patience for weakness and I'll show you a fool. — DeWayne Owens

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kemi Sogunle

Without failing at one thing, there won't be an opportunity to try again, learn and grow. Life isn't static but dynamic. Learn to embrace whatever situation you may face and strive to overcome. Believe in yourself, knowing your best is yet to come. — Kemi Sogunle

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Mistakes focus our minds on specific details. They weed out truths and afford us goals, bringing straight to our attention lessons to be learned. Mistakes are not meant to make us failures; they are meant to make us wise. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Thomas Moore

I have made many mistakes and done a lot of foolish things, but when I look back on the person I was, I feel affection for him and laugh at him. — Thomas Moore

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Madeleine George

Anyway, if you need your heroes to be perfect, you won't have very many. Even Superman had his Kryptonite. I'd rather have my heroes be more like me: trying to do the right thing, sometimes messing up. Making mistakes. Saying you're sorry. And forgiving other people when they mess up, too. — Madeleine George

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Mike Fisher

I had some struggles later in my teenage years. I moved away from home and struggled a little bit being on my home and finding out who I was and trying to mix that with my faith and make it real. I learned a lot of lessons and made some mistakes along the way. — Mike Fisher

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kristina Adams

We all make mistakes. The more you punish yourself for them, the harder it is to live. — Kristina Adams

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Aaron B. Powell

Will this generation be able to turn things around and learn a valuable lesson from all of this? I hope so, but I have my doubts. The damage has been done. And as a lifelong student of history, it's quite evident that human beings don't learn from the mistakes of past generations. — Aaron B. Powell

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Ziad K. Abdelnour

As you grow older, you realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.
People nowadays don't know the true meaning of friendship and loyalty.
People always suddenly miss you more once they see how much happier you are without them.
Learn the real from the fake ... and don't worry about the mistakes you make.
There are no mistakes in life, just lessons.
The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times pass. — Ziad K. Abdelnour

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Elizabeth Peters

Everything has happened before - not once, but over and over again. We may not be able to solve our problems through what are pompously called "the lessons of history," but at least we should be able to recognize the issues and perhaps avoid some of the solutions that have failed in the past. And we can take heart in our own dilemma by realizing that other people in other times have survived worse. — Elizabeth Peters

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Robin S. Sharma

Every second you dwell on the past you steal from your future. Every minute you spend focusing on your problems you take away from finding your solutions. And thinking about all those things that you wish never happened to you is actually blocking all the things you want to happen from entering into your life. Given the timeless truth that holds that you become what you think about all day long, it makes no sense to worry about past events or mistakes unless you want to experience them for a second time. Instead, use the lessons you have learned from your past to rise to a whole new level of awareness and enlightenment. — Robin S. Sharma

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kathryn Perez

I openly talk about my past because we should embrace our mistakes and our dark times, because without them we'd never have the lessons and the light. — Kathryn Perez

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Life is full of lessons; learn the lessons in life you meet each moment of time well! So many people meet the same things in life time after time, because they fail to know, understand and take real lessons from the same things they always meet time and time again! Day by day, make a consistent effort to improve yourself. Day by day, take consistent steps in wit to avoid doing the same thing that resulted in the same thing in the same way! Life is full of lessons; don't forget to learn the lessons life teaches well, or else you shall leave each moment of your life learning the same life lessons! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Jennifer Young

Pause and remember - The past is over and it cannot be changed, fixed or undone by continuing to think about it. The quicker we can get over our mistakes, understand the lessons and move forward, the healthier we become to ourselves and everyone around us! — Jennifer Young

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By James Altucher

*Have humility. Learn from everyone you can. Even if it's just one takeaway. *Be grateful for the many lessons you get, and realize that everything is a lesson. *Only be around people you love and who inspire you. *Life is a billion times smaller than the point of a needle. Don't waste it doing things you were told to do. Do the things you love to do. *Health is the most important thing, else your body today won't let you enjoy tomorrow. *Every day, be creative. Creativity is a muscle. *You're going to make mistakes, but 80% is always good enough. Keep learning the next thing. *Life will constantly hit you until you are senseless. Don't forget these are lessons. — James Altucher

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

There is always a story behind what you like. Like what you like and be happy with what you like but don't ever forget to mind the real lessons from the story behind what you like. — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By James Allen

Do not dwell upon the sins and mistakes of yesterday so exclusively as to have no energy and mind left for living rightly today, and do not think that the sins of yesterday can prevent you from living purely today. — James Allen

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Knowingly or unknowingly, our past disappointments guide us positively and or negatively in our present day journey of life, based on how we see and use the lessons from our past! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kay Hooper

What about free will? . . . There's that too. I never understood why people think they're mutually exclusive. Ask me, our entire lives aren't planned out for us- just some things. Specific events along the way, crossroads we're meant to come to. Tests, maybe, to measure our progress. But we always have choices, and those choices can send us along an unplanned path . . . there are some things that are meant to happen at a certain moment and in a certain way. No matter which path you choose, which decisions you make along your own particular journey, those pivotal moments appear to be set in stone. Maybe they represent the specific lessons we're meant to learn . . . Things we have to face. Things we have to learn. Responsibilities we have to fulfill. And mistakes we have to correct. — Kay Hooper

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Shellie Palmer

My life isn't perfect and it will never be I make mistakes, I learn from them and keep moving forward. — Shellie Palmer

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Dan Brown

So as this child's father, you would give him some basic, good advice and then let him go off and make his own mistakes?"
"I wouldn't run behind him and mollycoddle him if that's what you mean."
"But what if he fell and skinned his knee?"
"He would learn to be more careful."
"So although you have the power to interfere and prevent your child's pain, you would choose to show your love by letting him learn his own lessons?"
"Of course. Pain is part of growing up. It's how we learn."
The camerlengo nodded. "Exactly. — Dan Brown

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Duane

The difference between a wise man and a fool is a wise man learns his lessons from other people's mistakes and a fool only learns from his own. — Duane "Dog" Chapman

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Tania Kindersley

I see that,' I said. I thought I did. 'But every case is different. And anyway, you can't learn from other people's mistakes.'
'Not unless you're very clever,' said Dexter sadly. — Tania Kindersley

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Nityananda Das

A formal period in life where there isn't the worry of another person's dramas and insecurities can be of great advantage, especially when used for growing into the full and wholesome beings we intended to be when choosing to come to this material manifestation.
"Even after ending a long relationship or a marriage, it seems normal to have some alone-time to reflect, meditate, explore areas of interest, find meaning in one's suffering and try to placate the void felt in the heart before attempting to enter into new relationships, otherwise the same old mistakes will surely re-emerge.
"Once we're at the stage of life where we can stand our own silence, where we've made peace with our past, where we've accepted and grown from its lessons, and we would like to share our independence without becoming dependent on someone else for love and affection, then we can choose to commit to a two bodied intimate relationship. — Nityananda Das

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Everything that occurs to us in life is a resource, an experience that we can learn from and grow from. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Solange Nicole

The best mistakes are made when the worst of heart breaks occur. When Love is blind and the captive, faithful. — Solange Nicole

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kemi Sogunle

Without living, there will be no learning. Without learning, there will be no growth. Without growth, there will be no change. The only way you learn is by trying. You may make mistakes but you have to remember that doing so will lead to change. Be willing to learn from experiences, grow and live to become better not bitter. — Kemi Sogunle

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Mark Frost

He wants us to think for ourselves, without fear of ridicule or judgment. He wants us to make up our minds and ignore what the rest of the world is saying. Pay no attention to fads or fashions, and listen, always, to the voice of your innermost self. Learning who you are is your primary task. There are no mistakes in life, as far as Emerson's concerned, only lessons. Once you master one lesson, you move on to the next. And the only place you can learn is right now. In the everlasting present. — Mark Frost

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Angela Merkel

Don't get bitter and twisted and nasty by life. You may have been wronged or cheated on; two wrongs never make a right. Instead learn your mistakes and learn your lessons. Remain strong with your head held high. — Angela Merkel

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

The past can leave us in an indelible bitterness. The past can erode our present joy. The past can chain our present in the cage of the past. The past can make our future look blurry. Not until we learn the real lessons of the past and dare to go for growth, we shall always live in the past though we may have today to think for a change, and we shall never forgo the past. — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Thomas S. Power

Are we amateurs and not professionals? We know the lessons of history, we know the mistakes and we either act accordingly or collapse. Salvation lies in clarity and the courage to implement change — Thomas S. Power

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Ann Richards

One of the most valuable lessons I learned ... is that we all have to learn from our mistakes, and we learn from those mistakes a lot more than we learn from the things we succeeded in doing. — Ann Richards

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Sam Gayton

I should have never left the inn,' she whispered. 'I shouldn't have done it!'
There was something in the ground that Ma had warned in her note. It was real. And Lettie hadn't listened, and now this ... — Sam Gayton

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Deyth Banger

Failures and mistakes are lessons, keep study school doesn't deserv a penny to give what you remember from school is just the worst stuff. — Deyth Banger

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Jan Jansen

Problems and mistakes are a gift inside our life as a given lesson to make us stronger for a better future. — Jan Jansen

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Michael Metzler

For this very short time in your life, and possibly never again, you will be given a very unique gift: a supremely rich environment with ample time, space, safety and people to explore whatever interests you intensely, to push yourself, to make mistakes and recover from them, and to live as deeply as you'd like in the hope of finding yourself or, at least, the beginnings of yourself.
Such an opportunity may never present itself again. So, embrace it and ... Carpe College! — Michael Metzler

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Sammy Toora Powerlifter

I was so ashamed for a mistake I made unknowingly when I was completely out of control and lost my mind for some reasons. I thought about to end my life next day at some point. I was struggling to cope with my pain, shame and thinking about others who I had hurt unintentionally. The worst moment came when people who I loved most had pulled out their support and threatens me to end relationships. Lesson learns hard way that people who are not with you at worst time of your life have no right to stand beside you when you are at best. Life goes on ... — Sammy Toora Powerlifter

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Danny Gregory

Mistakes are lessons in disguise and accurate reflections of your true state. Maybe you need to slow down. Maybe your initial expectation was actually what was wrong. Maybe you need to draw more often. — Danny Gregory

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Kelseyleigh Reber

People are always quick to call evil what they do not know. The unknown sprouts fear. It spreads like an infection, burrowing into every facet of their lives. They need a scapegoat, someone to blame. Fingers are pointed, accusations are made, and a target lands on somebody's back. They grow angry. They turn violent.
To history, human nature must be a stubborn and tiring student. No matter how many times history tries to show it the error of its ways, it never learns from its mistakes. — Kelseyleigh Reber

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Dale Turner

Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future. — Dale Turner

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Claire Cook

Everybody does stupid things in life. Some of us more than others. You think you're going to get away with it. Or one or both of you just stop thinking. But it happens. And when it does, you can keep drinking it like poison, or you can put it behind you and go make the most of the rest of your life. — Claire Cook

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Akif Kichloo

So often we confuse mistakes for soul mates, lessons for
lovers, and at the same time worthy life partners for one-night stands.

It's an epidemic. — Akif Kichloo

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Jessica N. Watkins

We want to remember the lessons of our past because they have a lot to teach us. That way, we can avoid the mistakes and fools of our past. Forgiving is not the same as condoning or approving. — Jessica N. Watkins

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Jen Knox

Mistakes are lessons, and lessons are gifts. Examine them. — Jen Knox

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Holley Gerth

Sometimes what we see as wasted time is actually the training ground for what God has in store for us. The lessons we learn and the obstacles we overcome are preparation. Even the rocks you're struggling to climb over today may be the stepping-stones of tomorrow. God never wastes anything. There is great value in where he has led you. And even if you have strayed from his path at times, he's a Redeemer who can transform those mistakes into future benefits to you as well. — Holley Gerth

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Donald G. Dutton

What are the final lessons learned? I came to the conclusion that the most powerful human motive by far is the striving for attachment to loved ones in perpetuity. Humans will do anything for this, including blowing themselves (and others) to pieces. I learned that tribalism is universal. It may start with the attachment to another (typically, the mother and disinterest in those who are not her), and it may be furthered by the division of in-group as those we recognize and out-group as the rest, but our capacity for symbolism established in- and outgroups in us all, and we view their actions completely differently. We need, if we are to survive, a sense both of humanity as a tribe and of humanity's potential for radical violence. If we delude ourselves that we are the civilized entity we appear to be on the surface, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, only with more powerful and devastating weapons. — Donald G. Dutton

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Terrence Alonzo Craft

I always find heroes who are just like me,
I forget they're only human, and like me, broken — Terrence Alonzo Craft

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Susan L. Taylor

God makes no mistakes. In all our trials and dramas there are lessons. Life is not a playground but a classroom. Our journey through life provides the course work and the tests needed for our education and development. — Susan L. Taylor

Mistakes And Lessons Quotes By Anne Lamott

You have to make mistakes to find out who you aren't. You take the action, and the insight follows: You don't think your way into becoming yourself. — Anne Lamott