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Top Leaving Or Staying Quotes

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Tina Sloan

The most important lesson in managing our careers as we get older: Sometimes staying the game is as simple as not leaving the room. — Tina Sloan

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Patricia Briggs

My father would take you wherever you wanted to go," he told her softly. "I was pretty sure I could talk you into staying, but I underestimated how badly hurt I was."
"Stupid," she said tartly.
He looked up at her, and whatever he saw in her face made him smile, though his voice was serious when he answered her charge. "Yes. You throw my judgement off."
-Charles and Anna when he thought she was leaving him and Changed when he was injured — Patricia Briggs

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Catherine Watson

Leaving home's a cinch. It's the staying, once you've found it, that takes courage. — Catherine Watson

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Jill Shalvis

The thought of you leaving and staying away made me want to drop to my knees," he said. "How's that for someone who doesn't care? It's been three days, twelve hours, and six minutes without you. — Jill Shalvis

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Don DeLillo

He lay in bed open-eyed in the dark. There were intestinal moans from his left side, where gas makes a hairpin turn at the splenic flexure. He felt a mass of phlegm wobbling in his throat but he didn't want to get out of bed to expel it, so he swallowed the whole nasty business, a slick syrupy glop. This was the texture of his life. If someone ever writes his true biography, it will be a chronicle of gas pains and skipped heartbeats, grinding teeth and dizzy spells and smothered breath, with detailed descriptions of Bill leaving his desk to walk to the bathroom and spit up mucus, and we see photographs of ellipsoid clots of cells, water, organic slimes, mineral salts and spotty nicotine. Or descriptions just as long and detailed of Bill staying where he is and swallowing. — Don DeLillo

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By David Levithan

There's only one hopeful chord in this cacophony, and it's this girl I'm following. I know I could tell her to get a cab - I have a feeling she can more than afford it - but I like the idea of leaving with her and staying with her. She says good-bye to the club manager as we reach the door and are released onto the street. The sidewalk is full of smokers, talking or posing their way to ash. I get the nod from a couple of people I vaguely know. Ordinarily if I left with two hot girls, there'd also be some looks of admiration. Maybe it's because of the clear anger between Norah and Caroline, or maybe it's because they all think I'm gay - whatever the case, I get no more congratulations than a cabdriver does for picking up a fare. — David Levithan

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Hermann Hesse

What is meditation? What is leaving one's body? What is fasting? What is holding one's breath? It is fleeing from the self, it is a short escape of the agony of being a self, it is a short numbing of the senses against the pain and the pointlessness of life. The same escape, the same short numbing is what the driver of an ox-cart finds in the inn, drinking a few bowls of rice-wine or fermented coconut-milk. Then he won't feel his self any more, then he won't feel the pains of life any more, then he finds a short numbing of the senses. When he falls asleep over his bowl of rice-wine, he'll find the same what Siddhartha and Govinda find when they escape their bodies through long exercises, staying in the non-self. — Hermann Hesse

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Alexa Rae

Tell me to leave," he said roughly.
"No," I whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to his jawline.
"Then I'm staying," and his lips consumed mine. — Alexa Rae

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Sarah Micklem

But that was all bravado. Already - how had it come about so quickly - desire had begotten need. A few whispered words (perhaps he didn't mean them) and I was ready to follow. It was worse to think of staying behind, to grind one day upon another. Nothing to hold me here. None to regret my leaving, save Az. — Sarah Micklem

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Anna Lyndsey

By staying, by shirking the responsibility and effort of leaving, by continuing to occupy this lovely man while giving him neither children nor a public companion nor a welcoming home-do I do wrong? — Anna Lyndsey

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Erin Morgenstern

Grow up, Bailey."
"That is precisely what I'm doing," Bailey says. "I don't care if you don't understand that. Staying here won't make me happy. It will make you happy because you're insipid and boring, and an insipid, boring life is enough for you. It's not enough for me. It will never be enough for me. So I'm leaving. Do me a favor and marry someone who will take decent care of the sheep. — Erin Morgenstern

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Kate Bolick

...go live happily alone requires a serious amount of intentional thought. It's not as simple as signing the lease on your own apartment and leaving it at that. You must figure out what you need to feel comfortable at home and in the world, no matter your means (indeed, staying within your means), and arrange your life accordingly--a metaphorical architecture. — Kate Bolick

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Richard Russo

They stayed, many of them, because staying was easier and less scary than leaving, — Richard Russo

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Anna Banks

You're just going to leave me here?" I shout after her.
"I'm not leaving you here, Emma. You're keeping yourself here." She leaves me with those crazy words, and then she's gone.
I am paralyzed on the beach in my school clothes. I can't help but feel that I'm in huge trouble. But why should I? She was babysitting me, not the other way around, right? It's not like I can chase her down and follow her. Her fins have already gone a distance I can't cover with my puny human legs. Besides, these are my favorite jeans; the salt water would be unforgiving.
Except ... There is that shiny new jet ski sitting there. I could close the distance between us, put my foot in the water, and find her. She would sense me, come back to see why I was in the water. Wouldn't she? Of course she would. Then I could talk her into staying here, not leaving me alone to drive myself crazy. I could manipulate her into feeling sorry for me.
Unless she's the complete sociopath I think she is. — Anna Banks

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Deborah Layton

When your own thoughts are forbidden, when your questions are not allowed and our doubts are punished, when contacts with friendships outside of the organization are censored, we are being abused, for the ends never justify the means. When our heart aches knowing we have made friendships and secret attachments that will be forever forbidden if we leave, we are in danger. When we consider staying in a group because we cannot bear the loss, disappointment and sorrow our leaving will cause for ourselves and those we have come to love, we are in a cult ... If there is any lesson to be learned it is that an ideal can never be brought about by fear, abuse, and the threat of retribution. When family and friends are used as a weapon in order to force us to stay in an organization, something has gone terribly wrong. — Deborah Layton

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Conor McPherson

The young person isn't certain that love can be real; the middle-aged man is only discovering that it is; and the older person seems so sure of it. I was interested in the way that many of us go through the whole of our lives staying with someone just out of complacency, because leaving isn't easy. — Conor McPherson

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

The only thing more unthinkable than leaving was staying; the only thing more impossible than staying was leaving. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Pascal Bruckner

The critical spirit rises up against itself and consumes its form. But instead of coming out of this process greater and purified, it devours itself in a kind of self-cannibalism and takes a morose pleasure in annihilating itself. Hyper-criticism eventuates in self-hatred, leaving behind it only ruins. A new dogma of demolition is born out of the rejection of dogmas. Thus we euro-americans are supposed to have only one obligation: endlessly atoning for what we have inflicted on other parts of humanity. How can we fail to see that this leads us to live off self-denunciation while taking a strange pride in being the worst? Self-denigration is all too clearly a form of indirect self-glorification. Evil can come only from us; other people are motivated by sympathy, good will, candor. This is the paternalism of the guilty conscience: seeing ourselves as the kings of infamy is still a way of staying on the crest of history. — Pascal Bruckner

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Richard Engel

From seven hundred journalists at the beginning of March, the number had dwindled to about one hundred and fifty - print reporters, TV correspondents, photographers, cameramen, and support personnel. At the press center I encountered Kazem, who only a week before I had asked for help with my visa. "Why are you staying when everyone else is leaving?" he asked. I took a chance and replied in Arabic. Some journalists, I said, are as samid as the Iraqi people. Samid means "steadfast" and "brave" and is the adjective most often used by Iraqis to describe themselves. Kazem laughed and threw his arm around my shoulder. — Richard Engel

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Ted Kerasote

How many abused souls - dogs and humans alike - have remained in an unloving place because staying was far less terrifying than leaving? — Ted Kerasote

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Meg Wolitzer

Why, Maddy asked herself lately, had she ever decided to have a baby? She wasn't ready for this, and neither was Peter. Very recently, it seemed, they had been staying up late and having lots of sex, and eating in a variety of cheap restaurants and going to many movies, and once even going to a tiny jewelry store on Avenue A on a Saturday night to have Maddy's nose pierced. Then, on a whim almost as casual as the nose-piercing decision, they had decided to stop using birth-control. She had taken her circular packet of pills one night, put them in an ash-tray, and ceremonially burned them, although the plastic had only curled and smoked and stank up the apartment, leaving the pills themselves intact behind their transparent bubble windows. — Meg Wolitzer

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Cassandra Rose Clarke

For the first time, I understood the difference between leaving and not staying. It was the difference between a snarl and a smile. — Cassandra Rose Clarke

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

If you have to convince someone to stay with you then they have already left. — Shannon L. Alder

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Terra Elan McVoy

The goal is to keep yourself moving, remember? don't linger. don't hover. you are not going to stay. — Terra Elan McVoy

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

So many people prefer to live in drama because it's comfortable. It's like someone staying in a bad marriage or relationship - it's actually easier to stay because they know what to expect every day, versus leaving and not knowing what to expect. — Ellen DeGeneres

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Cynthia Rylant

In November, some birds move away and some birds stay. The air is full of good-byes and well-wishes. The birds who are leaving look very serious. No silly spring chirping now. They have long journeys and must watch where they are going. The staying birds are serious, too, for cold times lie ahead. Hard times. All berries will be treasures. — Cynthia Rylant

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Ivan Slavkov

I am happy! I'm leaving on a trip and my wife is staying in Bulgaria. — Ivan Slavkov

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Anne Tyler

Don't count on me to take you in because I'm angry. I'm angry at you for leading us on such a song and dance all these years, not just these few years but all the years, skipping all those holidays and staying away from beach trips and missing Mom and Dad's thirtieth anniversary and their thirty-fifth and Jeannie's baby and not attending my wedding that time or even sending a card or calling to wish me well. But most of all Denny, most of all: I will never forgive you for consuming every last little drop of our parents' attention and leaving nothing for the rest of us. — Anne Tyler

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Gavin De Becker

No amount of logic can usually move a battered woman, so persuasion requires emotional leverage, not statistics or moral arguments ... I have seen their fear and resistance firsthand ... I believe it is critical for a woman to view staying as a choice, for only then can leaving be viewed as a choice and an option. — Gavin De Becker

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Ryan Holiday

The Germans have a word for it: Sitzfleisch. Staying power. Winning by sticking your ass to the seat and not leaving until after it's over. — Ryan Holiday

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

When I hung up, Gabriel said, "Now you're going out that - "
"I'm not leaving you."
"Don't be stupid. I have a gun." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the .45.
"Which will knock you on your ass if you try firing with a bad leg. Sit down before you fall."
"I'm - "
"Sit down."
I walked to the door and peered out. If I strained, I could hear footsteps above. Anderson would
search the other rooms first. Then he'd come down here.
When I returned, Gabriel was still standing, leaning against the washing machine. Stubborn bastard.
"So you're staying with me?" he said.
"You may not want to do that."
"Too bad."
"I wouldn't stay for you."
"Probably not."
His mouth opened, as if he'd been prepared for me to disagree. He paused and then said, "I wouldn't. You know I wouldn't."
"Doesn't matter. You're my partner. I watch your back. — Kelley Armstrong

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Joseph Petro

Then, before leaving, she handed the president a note from one of her young sons. The boy asked the president if he would be so kind, while he was staying there, as to please remember to feed his goldfish. When the president read that, he assured the Aga Khan and his wife, "Absolutely." He said he would be honored to do it and promised that he would do it himself. So one of the first things he did the next morning was feed the goldfish. And he did it every morning that they were there. — Joseph Petro

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

I hated myself for going, why couldn't I be the kind of person who stays? — Jonathan Safran Foer

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Hadn't I wanted this? I had actively participated in every moment of the creation of this life. So why didn't I see myself in any of it? The only thing more impossible than staying was leaving. I didn't wanna hurt anybody, I wanted to slip quietly out the back door and not stop running until I reached Greenland. Instead I made a decision: to pray.. you know ... like ... to God. And it was such a foreign concept to me that I swear I almost began with: I'm a big fan of your work. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Pema Chodron

The question is, are you going to grow or are you going to just stay as you are out of fear and waste your precious human life by status quo-ing instead of being willing to break the sound barrier? Break the glass ceiling, or whatever it is in your own life? Are you willing to go forward? I suggest finding the willingness to go forward instead of staying still, which is essentially going backward, particularly when you have a calling in some direction. That calling needs to be answered. And it's not necessarily going to work out the way you want it to work out, but it is taking you forward, and you are leaving the nest. And that never can be a mistake - to fly instead of staying in the nest with all the poop and everything that's in there. TS: — Pema Chodron

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Alexandra Katehakis

Many partners of addicts have told me they feel bad about themselves for staying in the relationship because of the betrayal they've experienced. They imagine that the people who know their past judge them to be stupid for staying with the person who's caused them so much pain. I often counter this thinking, explaining that leaving may seem quick and easy because they can pretend they're okay and the problem has disappeared. However, if you leave your relationship, you'll be stuck with your pain and sorrow without the person you loved to help you sort it out. Why is this true? Because even though it feels as if your pain comes from your partner, it's actually coming from inside you. — Alexandra Katehakis

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Lisa Renee Jones

Your staying or leaving doesn't impact the premise of your demand, which seems to be that I have no control over myself. That's wrong. I decide who destroys me, not you, Mark Compton. — Lisa Renee Jones

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Chris Geiger

The world is such a big place; staying in one town your whole life, is like never leaving your house. — Chris Geiger

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Fennel Hudson

Leaving the rat race is easy. All you have to do is quit your job, sell your house, and go and live in a tent in the middle of nowhere. It's staying out of the rat race that's tricky. — Fennel Hudson

Leaving Or Staying Quotes By Janet Evanovich

He's sort of a homeless horse," I said.
"I'm leaving for the airport in two seconds, and I won't be back for a couple days. You can put the horse in the garage, but I don't want that horse in my apartment."
"Who would put a horse in an apartment? That's dumb."
"Where's the horse staying now?"
"My apartment."
"I can always count on you to brighten my day," Ranger said. And he disconnected. — Janet Evanovich