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Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Russell Baker

Grass is the least rewarding of all status symbols ... The grass does nothing but drink money, exhaust energies, crush spirits, destroy sleep, create tensions and interfere with the watching of baseball games, and sprout insolent signs ordering humans to keep off it. — Russell Baker

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Harriet Beecher Stowe

After all, let a man take what pains he may to hush it down, a human soul is an awful ghostly, unquiet possession, for a bad man to have. Who knows the metes and bounds of it? Who knows all it's awful perhapses, -those shudderings and temblings, which it can no more live down than it can outlive its own eternity! What a fool is he who locks his door to keep out spirits, who has in his own bosom a spirit he dares not meet alone, -whose voice, smothered far down, and piled over with mountains of earthiness, is yet like the forewarning trumpet of doom! — Harriet Beecher Stowe

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures. — Oprah Winfrey

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

Much I marvelled at the sagacity evinced by waiters and chamber-maids in proportioning the accommodation to the guest. How could inn-servants and ship-stewardesses everywhere tell at a glance that I, for instance, was an individual of no social significance, and little burdened by cash? They did know it evidently: I saw quite well that they all, in a moment's calculation, estimated me at about the same fractional value. The fact seemed to me curious and pregnant: I would not disguise from myself what it indicated, yet managed to keep up my spirits pretty well under its pressure.
Having at last landed in a great hall, full of skylight glare, I made my way somehow to what proved to be the coffee room.It cannot be denied that on entering this room I trembled somewhat; felt uncertain, solitary, wretched; wished to Heaven I knew whether I was doing right or wrong; felt convinced that it was the last, but could not help myself. — Charlotte Bronte

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Toni Morrison

The desire, let alone the gesture,to meet her needs was good enough to loft her spirits to the place where she could take the next step: ask for some clarifying word; some advice about how to keep on with a brain greedy for news nobody could live with in a world happy to provide it. — Toni Morrison

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Herb Kelleher

Keep costs low and spirits high, and the people of Southwest Airlines will keep LUV in the air. — Herb Kelleher

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Charles Dickens

His own heart laughed: and that was quite enough for him. He had no further intercourse with Spirits, but lived upon the Total Abstinence Principle, ever afterwards; and it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! — Charles Dickens

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Jackson Browne

Let the music keep our spirits high, let the buildings keep our children dry, let creation reveal its secrets by and bye. — Jackson Browne

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Heather Lindsey

God will give you a way out of tempting situations but if you keep intentionally putting yourself in those compromising places, then soon the Holy Spirits voice will be drowned out by your emotions and feelings. Soon, you will no longer be able to hear God's voice because you're so busy listening to the clutter around you. — Heather Lindsey

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Sulari Gentill

What could you possibly write at Gates of Hades?" Cadmus asked.

"Keep your spirits up." Lycon sheathed the dagger he'd used to chisel the trunk.

Cadmus shook his head. "Idiot. — Sulari Gentill

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Iain Pears

And there will be no waste, I promise you," he went on, waving his finger in the air as he got into his stride.
"You see, the trouble with the professor is that, once he stops for lunch, he tends to lose interest. He drinks a good deal, you know," he confided. "What's left over gets thrown away or gnawed by rats in the basement. Whereas I will pickle you ... "
"I beg your pardon?" Prestcott said weakly.
"Pickle you," Lower replied enthusiastically. "It is the very latest technique. If we joint you and pop you into a vat of spirits, you will keep for very much longer. — Iain Pears

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By John Keats

To Solitude
O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell,
Let it not be among the jumbled heap
Of murky buildings; climb with me the steep,
Nature's observatory - whence the dell,
Its flowery slopes, its river's crystal swell,
May seem a span; let me thy vigils keep
'Mongst boughs pavillion'd, where the deer's swift leap
Startles the wild bee from the fox-glove bell.
But though I'll gladly trace these scenes with thee,
Yet the sweet converse of an innocent mind,
Whose words are images of thoughts refin'd,
Is my soul's pleasure; and it sure must be
Almost the highest bliss of human-kind,
When to thy haunts two kindred spirits flee. — John Keats

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By William Hazlitt

Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye, adorn your person, maintain your health, your beauty, and your animal spirits. — William Hazlitt

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By F. Burton Howard

This is of monumental significance. The gift has been given - what we make of it is up to us. Unless we listen to counsel we will receive none. Unless we pray, exercise faith, love, obey, and keep the tabernacles of our spirits clean - we can have no claim upon this unspeakable gift. May we so live as to have the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us make wise decisions. — F. Burton Howard

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Sophie Scholl

The real damage is done by those millions who want to 'survive.' The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don't want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won't take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don't like to make waves - or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honour, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small. It's the reductionist approach to life: if you keep it small, you'll keep it under control. If you don't make any noise, the bogeyman won't find you. But it's all an illusion, because they die too, those people who roll up their spirits into tiny little balls so as to be safe. Safe?! From what? Life is always on the edge of death; narrow streets lead to the same place as wide avenues, and a little candle burns itself out just like a flaming torch does. I choose my own way to burn. — Sophie Scholl

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Ryszard Kapuscinski

Unfortunately, the monarch's satisfaction is not to last long. Development is a treacherous river, as
everyone who plunges into its currents knows. On the surface the water flows smoothly and quickly,
but if the captain makes one careless or thoughtless move he finds out how many whirlpools and wide
shoals the river contains. As the ship comes upon more and more of these hazards the captain's brow
gets more and more furrowed. He keeps singing and whistling to keep his spirits up. The ship looks
as if it is still traveling forward, yet it is stuck in one place. The prow has settled on a sandbar. All
this, however, happens later. — Ryszard Kapuscinski

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Take long walks in stormy weather or through deep snows in the fields and woods, if you would keep your spirits up. Deal with brute nature. Be cold and hungry and weary. — Henry David Thoreau

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Robin S. Sharma

Spending your days doing work that you find rewarding, intellectually challenging and fun will do more than all the spa vacations in the world to keep your spirits high and your heart engaged. — Robin S. Sharma

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Lisa Unger

Let's love our girls well and protect their spirits, Introduce them to their own strength and power, and Keep them as bright and beautiful as the day they were born. — Lisa Unger

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Christophe Deloire

None of them is a Hollywood style hero. They don't have any super-powers. They can't fly or slay dragons.

But they do defend our right to keep our eyes open.

They're very human humans, having built for themselves inner fortresses with their free spirits, deep reserves of courage, curiosity about the world and a thirst for the truth. — Christophe Deloire

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Salman Rushdie

Ten years ago, when I was living in a small flat above an off-licence in SW1, I learned that the big house next door had been bought by the wife of the dictator of Nicaragua, Anastasio Somoza Debayle. The street was obviously going down in the world, what with the murder of the nanny Sandra Rivett by that nice Lord Lucan at number 44, and I moved out a few months later. I never met Hope Somoza, but her house became notorious in the street for a burglar alarm that went off with surprising frequency, and for the occasional parties that would cause the street to be jammed solid with Rolls - Royce, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar limousines. Back in Managua, her husband 'Tacho' had taken a mistress, Dinorah, and Hope was no doubt trying to keep her spirits up. — Salman Rushdie

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By James Keller

Three hundred years ago a prisoner condemned to the Tower of London carved on the wall of his cell this sentiment to keep up his spirits during his long imprisonment: 'It is not adversity that kills, but the impatience with which we bear adversity. — James Keller

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Steven Van Zandt

Rock n' roll is our religion, and we will continue to lose disciples as we go, but we pick up the fallen flag and keep moving forward, bringing forth the good news that our heroes have helped create, their bodies lost, but their spirits and their good work everlasting. — Steven Van Zandt

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Kathleen H. Hughes

Many of us will not survive our tests in mortality without help from others. And just as true: in helping others we keep our own spirits alive. — Kathleen H. Hughes

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

She say Fon people keep a spirit tree and it always be a Baybob. Your granny-mauma wrapped the trunk with thread she begged and stole. She took me out there and say, 'We gon put our spirits in the tree so they safe from harm.' We kneel on her quilt from Africa, nothing but a shred now, and we give our spirits to the tree. She say our spirits live in the tree with the birds, learning to fly. She told me, 'If you leave this place, go get your spirit and take it with you.' We used to gather up leaves and twigs from round the tree and stick 'me in pouches to wear at our necks. — Sue Monk Kidd

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Anonymous

You would keep the people in their hopeless squalid misery? you would fill those infamous prisons again with the noblest spirits in the land? you would thrust the rising sun of liberty back into the sea of blood from which it has risen? And all because there was in the middle of the dirt and ugliness and horror a little patch of court splendor in which you could stand with a few orders on your uniform, and yawn day after day and night after night in unspeakable boredom until your grave yawned wider still, and you fell into it because you had nothing better to do. How can you be so stupid, so heartless? — Anonymous

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By John Steinbeck

I know, Ma. I'm a-tryin'. But them deputies- Did you ever see a deputy that didn't have a fat ass? An' they waggle their ass an' flop their gun aroun'. Ma", he said, "if it was the law they was workin' with, why we could take it. But it ain't the law. They're a-working away at our spirits. They're a-tryin' to make us cringe an' crawl like a whipped bitch. They're tryin' to break us. Why, Jesus Christ, Ma, they comes a time when the on'y way a fella can keep his decency is by takin' a sock at a cop. They're working on our decency". — John Steinbeck

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Pat McGauley

The reality is that beer still outsells wine and spirits combined, and makes up 60 of all alcoholic beverage occasions. It's important to keep beer fun, relevant and in step with the changing preferences of adults who enjoy beer. — Pat McGauley

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Jeanne DuPrau

Mrs. Murdo, walkind even more briskly to keep her spirits up, was crossing Harken Square when something fell to the pavement just in front of her with a terrific thump. How extraordinary, she thought, bending to pick it up. It was sort of a bundle. She began to untie it. — Jeanne DuPrau

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

I do not find that I grow any older. Being arrived at seventy, and considering that by traveling further in the same road I should probably be led to the grave, I stopped short, turned about, and walked back again; which having done these four years, you may now call me sixty-six. Advise those old friends of ours to follow my example; keep up your spirits, and that will keep up your bodies. — Benjamin Franklin

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Hamsa Priya Selvam

Keep your spirits up, for the demons are scared of salvation. — Hamsa Priya Selvam

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

The road you travel might horribly get narrower; do not panic! Keep your spirits high; the road will get wider! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By John Bytheway

What will he [Satan] do first? Prevent spirits from coming to earth. How will he do this? He'll do all in his power to promote abortion. He'll convince people to have no children. He will raise fears about over population and encourage governments to make laws that limit the number of children couples can have. He'll do whatever he can to keep those spirits form coming! — John Bytheway

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Gretchen Rubin

The belief that unhappiness is selfless and happiness is selfish is misguided. It's more selfless to act happy. It takes energy, generosity, and discipline to be unfailingly lighthearted, yet everyone takes the happy person for granted. No one is careful of his feelings or tries to keep his spirits high. He seems self-sufficient; he becomes a cushion for others. And because happiness seems unforced, that person usually gets no credit. — Gretchen Rubin

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By William Shakespeare

Come, you spirits
That tend on mortal thoughts! Unsex me here,
And fill me from the crown to the toe top full
Of direst cruelty; make thick my blood,
Stop up the access and passage to remorse,
That no compunctious visitings of nature
Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between
The effect and it! Come to my woman's breasts,
And take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers,
Wherever in your sightless substances
You wait on nature's mischief! Come, thick night,
And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell,
That my keen knife see not the wound it makes,
Nor Heaven peep through the blanket of the dark,
To cry Hold, hold! — William Shakespeare

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Eoghan Odinsson

It was not considered right for a man not to drink, although drink was a dangerous thing. On the contrary, not to drink would have been thought a mark of cowardice and of incapacity for self-control. A man was expected even to get drunk if necessary, and to keep his tongue and his temper no matter how much he drank. The strong character would only become more cautious and more silent under the influence of drink; the weak man would immediately show his weakness. I am told the curious fact that in the English army at the present day officers are expected to act very much after the teaching of the old Norse poet; a man is expected to be able on occasion to drink a considerable amount of wine or spirits without showing the effects of it, either in his conduct or in his speech. "Drink thy share of mead; speak fair or not at all" - that was the old text, and a very sensible one in its way. — Eoghan Odinsson

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By April Slaughter

Our loves ones truly are ever-present. We may bury their bodies or scatter their ashes, but their spirits are boundless and do not accompany them to the grave. The terms 'letting go' and 'closure' are just empty words. They mean nothing to someone who has suffered through the death of a loved one. Instead of insisting on figuratively burying our dead, why not keep them close to us? Love doesn't die when we do. — April Slaughter

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Helen Keller

To keep our faces toward change, and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate, is strength undefeatable. — Helen Keller

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By E. O. Wilson

People need a sacred narrative. They must have a sense of larger purpose, in one form or another, however intellectualized. They will find a way to keep ancestral spirits alive. — E. O. Wilson

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Thomas Cartwright

Christmas Eve Saint Francis and Saint Benedight Blesse this house from wicked wight; From the night-mare and the goblin, That is hight good fellow Robin: Keep it from all evil spirits, Fairies, weezels, rats, and ferrets: From curfew time To the next prime. — Thomas Cartwright

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Herbert Kalmus

He had no further intercourse with Spirits, but lived upon the Total Abstinence Principle, ever afterwards; and it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. — Herbert Kalmus

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Jonathan Stroud

When you go out hunting wicked spirits, it's the simple things that matter most. The silvered point of your rapier flashing in the dark; the iron filings scattered on the floor; the sealed canisters of best Greek Fire, ready as a last resort ...
But tea bags, brown and fresh and plenty of them, and made (for preference) by Pitkin Brothers of Bond Street, are perhaps the simplest and best of all.
OK, they may not save your life like a sword-tip or an iron circle can, and they haven't the protective power of a sudden wall of fire. But they do provide something just as vital. They help keep you sane. — Jonathan Stroud

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Sheri Fink

If you ever face a significant disaster, do your best to keep up the spirits of those around you, act flexibly and creatively to help, try to sort rumors from truth, and remember that the decisions you make will have repercussions after the disaster has passed. — Sheri Fink

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By A.W. Tozer

This is the tragedy and woe of the hour
that we neglect the most important One who could possibly be in our midst
the Holy Spirit of God. Then, in order to make up for His absence, we have to do something to keep up our own spirits. — A.W. Tozer

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

Be prepared. You're up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it's all over but the shouting you'll still be on your feet. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You'll need them throughout your life. God's Word is an indispensable weapon. In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other's spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out. — Eugene H. Peterson

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By John Henry Newman

God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission. I may never know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.
He has not created me for naught. I shall do good; I shall do His work.
I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place,
while not intending it if I do but keep His commandments.
Therefore, I will trust Him, whatever I am, I can never be thrown away. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him, in perplexity, my perplexity may serve Him. If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. He does nothing in vain. He knows what He is about. He may take away my friends. He may throw me among strangers. He may make me feel desolate, make my spirits sink, hide my future from me. Still, He knows what He is about. — John Henry Newman

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

Keep your spirits up, hope for the best, and with a tremendous slice of luck you may come out one day and see the Long Marshes lying below you, — J.R.R. Tolkien

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Anne Frank

Cheer up, keep your spirits high, things are bound to get better! — Anne Frank

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Dana Arcuri

In essence, joy is the quiet confidence that everything will work out right. The best part of being filled with joy is that it's contagious. Your joy overflows. You can't keep it to yourself. It spills over to touch other lives in such a marvelous way. People around you want to be in your company. You lift their spirits! — Dana Arcuri

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Charles Dickens

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach! — Charles Dickens

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By John Newton

Afflictions quicken us to prayer. It is a pity it should be so; but experience testifies, that a long course of ease and prosperity, without painful changes - has an unhappy tendency to make us cold and formal in our secret worship. But troubles rouse our spirits, and constrain us to call upon the Lord in good earnest - when we feel a need of that help which we only can have from his almighty arm. Afflictions are useful, and in a degree necessary, to keep alive in us - a conviction of the vanity and unsatisfying nature of the present world, and all its enjoyments; to remind us that this world is not our rest, and to call our thoughts upwards, where our true treasure is, and where our heart ought to be. When things go on much to our wish, our hearts are too prone to say, It is good to be here! — John Newton

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Leonard Maltin

Two remarkable men
one young, one old
fuel each other's spirits in the beautiful documentary Keep On Keepin' On. — Leonard Maltin

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Vikrmn

Challenges in the rear view appear smaller than they are.. But keep your spirits higher than the Challenges are. — Vikrmn

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Neal Shusterman

I imagine the center of the Earth must be a crowded place by now, but perhaps it is the spirits of those of us residing there that keep the Earth alive and green. — Neal Shusterman

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Andrew Weil

A beautiful bouquet or a long-lasting flowering plant is a traditional gift for women, but I have recommended that both men and women keep fresh flowers in the home for their beauty, fragrance, and the lift they give our spirits. — Andrew Weil

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Woody Allen

It's very hard to keep your spirits up. You've got to keep selling yourself a bill of goods, and some people are better at lying to themselves than others. If you face reality too much, it kills you ... you've got to find an answer to the question: Why go on? — Woody Allen

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Romain Gary

The only possible answers are questions. Real Vikings are questions. The answers are what the Vikings chanted during the voyage to keep their spirits up. — Romain Gary

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Marcus Aurelius

To believe those things, which are commonly spoken, by such as take upon them to work wonders, and by sorcerers, or prestidigitators, and impostors; concerning the power of charms, and their driving out of demons, or evil spirits; and the like. Not to keep quails for the game; nor to be mad after such things. Not to be offended with other men's liberty of speech, and to apply myself unto philosophy. Him also I must thank, that ever I heard first Bacchius, then Tandasis and Marcianus, and that I did write dialogues in my youth; and that I took liking to the philosophers' little couch and skins, and such other things, which by the Grecian discipline are proper to those who profess philosophy. — Marcus Aurelius

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Nnedi Okorafor

We all must travel,' the driver said, keeping his eyes on the way ahead. His hands grasped the wheel firmly. 'It is the essence of all things, to move and change and keep going forward and backward and around. Even the spirits and the dead. — Nnedi Okorafor

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Bess Streeter Aldrich

And now Abbie had the new experience of attempting to keep another person courageous. It was more trying than to keep up her own spirits. Why must she always be strong for other people? — Bess Streeter Aldrich

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Hannah More

The ubiquity of the Divine presence is the only true support, and I am sometimes astonished how persons, who evidently do not possess that grand source of consolation, keep up their spirits under trials and difficulties. It must be owing to careless tempers and nerves of brass. — Hannah More

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Marsha Norman

During the day, our souls gather their ... impressions of us, how our lives feel ... Our spirits collect these impressions, keep them together, like wisps of smoke in a bag. Then, when we're asleep, our brains open up these bags of smoke ... and take a look. — Marsha Norman

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Henri De Mondeville

Keep up your patient's spirits by music of viols and ten-stringed psaltery, or by forged letters describing the death of his enemies, or by telling him he has been elected to a bishopric, if a churchman. — Henri De Mondeville

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Daniel Dennett

I should emphasize this, to keep well-meaning but misguided multiculturalists at bay: the theoretical entities in which these tribal people frankly believe - the gods and other spirits - don't exist. These people are mistaken, and you know it as well as I do. It is possible for highly intelligent people to have a very useful but mistaken theory, and we don't have to pretend otherwise in order to show respect for these people and their ways. — Daniel Dennett

Keep Spirits Up Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

When ye set about a difficult quest - if ye're Kahnyen'kehaka, I mean - ye generally go aside for a time, to fast and pray for guidance. We havena time to be doing that now, of course. But often, while ye're doing that, ye choose a talisman - or to be right about it, it chooses you - " He sounded completely matter-of-fact about this procedure, Roger noted. "And ye carry it with ye through the quest, to keep the attention of the spirits upon your desire and ensure your success. — Diana Gabaldon