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Joking With Friends Quotes By Kevin Brockmeier

You remember having friends who used to lampoon the world so effortlessly, crouching at the verge of every joke and waiting to pounce on it, and you remember how they changed as they grew older and the joy of questioning everything slowly became transformed into the pain of questioning everything, like a star consuming its own core. — Kevin Brockmeier

Joking With Friends Quotes By Denny Hamlin

I can spend the hour before the race cracking up with all my friends and joking around, but as soon as I get around that race car, I completely change. The focus changes. The competitive juices get flowing. — Denny Hamlin

Joking With Friends Quotes By Cecily Strong

When I write on 'SNL,' I've found I'm most productive while collaborating and joking with friends and not being firmly attached to any one idea. — Cecily Strong

Joking With Friends Quotes By Lee Joon

My ideal type of women? A person who is completely into me. It's fine even if she's so into me that it's a bit strange. She doesn't spend time with friends, she doesn't go out, but instead is unconditionally attached to me. I'm not joking. I really want someone like that. — Lee Joon

Joking With Friends Quotes By Brian Katcher

We just stood there for a few seconds. Back when we were friends, we'd have already been laughing and joking. Now things were tense and awkward. There was no way I could ever be relaxed around this person again. To me, Sage would never be just Sage. She'd be Sage-the-boy-who-pretended-to-be-a-girl-and-who-I-kissed-that-one-time. No friendship could survive with that many hyphens. — Brian Katcher

Joking With Friends Quotes By Rick Riordan

Shut up, me," Leo said aloud.
"What?" Piper asked.
"Nothing," he said. "Long night. I think I'm hallucinating. It's cool."
Sitting in front, Leo couldn't see their faces, but he assumed from their silence that his friends were not pleased to have a sleepless, hallucinating dragon driver.
"Just joking." Leo decided it might be good to change the subject. — Rick Riordan

Joking With Friends Quotes By Aster Argent

My ideal type of lover? A person who is completely into me. It's fine even if the person is so into me that it's a bit strange. Doesn't spend time with friends, and doesn't go out, but instead is unconditionally attached to me. I'm not joking. I really want someone like that. The one to make my heart flutter. — Aster Argent

Joking With Friends Quotes By Damon Suede

Griff held his breath while Dante's hand slid against the side of his soft bulge. He tried to remember that they were just two friends joking around on the corner in Brooklyn.( ... ) "Yeah. I coulda ... you don't have to play undersea treasure hunt in my damn pants."
"Gotta watch out for that electric eel." Dante closed his hand over the ring and winked and pulled his fist out. — Damon Suede

Joking With Friends Quotes By Elizabeth Taylor

To me, acting is a matter of absolute concentration. You can laugh and giggle with your friends up to the minute the director says, "Action!" Then you snap your mind into shape and into the character that you're playing and relate to the people that you're acting with and forget everybody else that you've been joking with. — Elizabeth Taylor

Joking With Friends Quotes By Kevin Michel

Your 'Ideal Parallel World' must be so grand that if you told it to 99% of your friends, they would laugh - some because they would think you were joking and some because they would think the goal impossible. — Kevin Michel

Joking With Friends Quotes By Hamilton Leithauser

My friends just kept joking about all the horrible physical side effects [of Prednisone ]. I can only imagine that something that works that well has got to be bad for you. — Hamilton Leithauser

Joking With Friends Quotes By John Lloyd Young

I did have a falsetto, but I only used it when I was joking around with friends or to annoy my girlfriends, or in the shower, because no one else was around. Or in college. I'd go to karaoke bars and sing Tina Turner songs in the original key. — John Lloyd Young

Joking With Friends Quotes By Juliet Blackwell

Don't be too nice to him," I teased. "He'll never leave. — Juliet Blackwell

Joking With Friends Quotes By Tea Obreht

You must be joking," he said. "Look around. Think for a moment. It's the middle of the night, not a soul anywhere. In this city, at this time. Not a dog in the gutter. Empty. Except for this elephant - and you're going to tell your idiot friends about it? Why? Do you think they'll understand it? Do you think it will matter to them?" He — Tea Obreht

Joking With Friends Quotes By Reggie Watts

I like joking around and being a little mischievous. Once an audience or even a group of friends realizes that you're being benevolent about it, then they're along for the ride. — Reggie Watts

Joking With Friends Quotes By Padma Venkatraman

Because friendship is about laughing when the other person is joking to make you feel better. Even if you don't find her joke all that funny. — Padma Venkatraman

Joking With Friends Quotes By Anne Frank

But it's the same with all my friends, just fun and joking, nothing more. I can never bring myself to talk of anything outside the common round. — Anne Frank

Joking With Friends Quotes By Edith Layton

I've been living in waiting. I must move on. That's why we're here. Grandmamma said that the cream of Society comes here, and if anyone knows anything about his travels or his disappearance, this would be the place to find out about it.
"And have you discovered anything?" Adele asked.
"The cream," Pippa sighed, "has obviously curdled. We have one more gentleman to speak with, and then we'll move on. This fellow is said to know everyone and everything too or, at least, everything he wants to know. He does favors for his friends as well, Grandfather said. We'll see."
"Why don't you employ a Runner?"
"That way the whole world will know. This way, only the privileged few do."
"And if you find Noel is alive?" Adele asked.
"I'll kill him," Pippa said.
Her friend's eyes opened wide. "You're joking, of course.
Pippa only sighed again. — Edith Layton

Joking With Friends Quotes By Marcel Proust

Meanwhile the Viscount of Sylvania, who could no longer walk, now seldom left his castle. His friends and his family were with him all day, and he could own up to the most blameworthy folly, the most absurd extravagance, state the most flagrant paradox, or imply the most shocking fault without his kinsmen reproaching him or his friends joking or disagreeing with him. It was as if they had tacitly absolved him of any responsibility for his deeds and words. Above all they seemed to be trying to keep him from hearing the last sounds, to muffle with sweetness, if not drown out with tenderness, the final creakings of his body, from which life was ebbing. — Marcel Proust

Joking With Friends Quotes By Ryan Sheckler

When I was 5 years old, hanging out with my friends who were all older than me, like 8 or 9, I was joking around like, 'Yeah, when I'm 20 that's a perfect age to go pro.' That's what I had in my head. Then I turn pro at 13. It's all been a mystery and its all been awesome. — Ryan Sheckler

Joking With Friends Quotes By Cassandra Clare

We want you to tell us about vampires."
Simon grinned. "What do you want to know? Scariest is Eli in Let the Right One In, cheesiest is late-era Lestat, most underrated is David Bowie in The Hunger. Sexiest is definitely Drusilla, though if you ask a girl, she'll probably say Damon Salvatore or Edward Cullen. But ... " he shrugged, "You know girls."
Julie's and Beatriz's eyes were wide. "I didn't think you'd know so many!" Beatriz exclaimed. "Are they ... are they your friends?"
"Oh, sure, Count Dracula and I are like this," Simon said, crossing his fingers to demonstrate. "Also Count Chocula. Oh, and my BFF Count Blintzula. He's a real charmer ... " He trailed off as he realized no one else was laughing. In fact, no one seemed to realize he was joking. "They're from TV," he prompted them. "Or, uh, cereal."
"What's he talking about?" Julie asked Jon, perfect nose wrinkling up in confusion.
"Who cares?" Jon said. — Cassandra Clare