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Quotes & Sayings About Jinxing Yourself

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Jinxing Yourself Quotes By Donald G. Firesmith

Nothing seems to tempt fate more than mentioning the possibility of something bad happening. — Donald G. Firesmith

Jinxing Yourself Quotes By Harriet Brown

It's so easy to focus on the anguish and the misery; it's harder, somehow, to acknowledge the positive, maybe for fear of jinxing it, bringing the nightmare back down on our heads. — Harriet Brown

Jinxing Yourself Quotes By Brandon Mull

I remain your pledged man," Tark avowed, touching a fist to his chest. "What are your orders?"
Jason turned to the stocky musician. "Do your best to help Galloran win this war."
"I swear it."
"And keep an eye on Rachel. See if you can get her to stop telling me she's going to see me again. I think she's jinxing us."
Rachel punched Jason's arm.
Tark eyed Rachel uncertainly. She saw a hint of disapproval in his gaze, along with a little wariness.
Jason smiled. "That's assault. Tark, take her out. — Brandon Mull

Jinxing Yourself Quotes By L.M. Trio

This is
good. What you said, it's not entirely
wrong. It's pretty much right on target. I'm
afraid that if I let myself completely relax
and be happy, something bad is going to
happen again. You're the person that
makes me the happiest, so you're right.
I'm afraid to say it out loud. I'm afraid of
jinxing myself, but you know how I feel,
right? — L.M. Trio

Jinxing Yourself Quotes By Dav Pilkey

Gee, that worked out pretty good," said Harold. "...I guess everything worked out perfectly!"
"Yeah, nice going," said George, looking a bit annoyed. "Why do you have to say things like that?"
"Things like what?" asked Harold.
"Haven't you been paying attention in these stories?" asked George. "Every time somebody says something like that, it always means that a buncha bad stuff is just about to happen."
"But what could possibly go wrong now?" asked Harold.
"FREEZE!" shouted the Chief of Police. "You guys are under arrest! — Dav Pilkey

Jinxing Yourself Quotes By Rob Corddry

I didn't hang any pictures in my office for a year because I thought that I would be jinxing myself and have to take them down the next day. — Rob Corddry