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Top Childhood Fears Quotes

Childhood Fears Quotes By Ronald Steel

He spoke of what he called the "inner history of weakness, of what disappoints us in leaders, the timidity of thought, the hesitancy and the drift." In these cases imagination and will are often blinded by "constructed evils," he wrote. "We falter from childhood amidst shames and fears, we move in closed spaces where stale tradition enervates, we grow hysterical over success and failure, and so by surrounding instinct with terror, we prepare the soul for weakness. — Ronald Steel

Childhood Fears Quotes By Paulo Coelho

- There are four obstacles. The first: he has heard, right from childhood, that everything he wishes to live is impossible. He grows up with this idea, and as he acquires age, he also accumulates layers of prejudices, fears, guilt. There comes a time when his Personal Legend is so deeply buried within his soul, he can no longer see it. But it is still there. — Paulo Coelho

Childhood Fears Quotes By Lauren Bacall

Childhood anxieties, childhood fears, never disappear entirely. They fade, but not away. — Lauren Bacall

Childhood Fears Quotes By William Shakespeare

Infirm of purpose! Give me the daggers: the sleeping and the dead are but as pictures: 'tis the eye of childhood that fears a painted devil — William Shakespeare

Childhood Fears Quotes By Seanan McGuire

The Luidaeg sighed and put her arms around me, pulling me close. "Come here," she said. "I need to hold someone, and you need to be held. It's a fair trade. Just for a little while, and then we can go on being what we are." I thought about objecting, but dismissed the idea and nestled against her, enjoying the feeling of security given by knowing someone bigger and stronger than I was would stop anything from hurting me. That's all childhood is, after all: strong arms to hold back the dark, a story to keep the shadows dancing, and a candle to mark the long journey into day. A song to keep the flights of angels at bay. How many miles to Babylon? Sorry. I don't care. — Seanan McGuire

Childhood Fears Quotes By Crystal Woods

The monsters were never under our bed, but in the forest our future. — Crystal Woods

Childhood Fears Quotes By Ashley Elizabeth Tetzlaff

Why do you doubt your senses and your soul?'
'Because,' said Scrooge, 'a little thing affects either of them. A slight disorder of the stomach or the mind makes them cheats. You could be an undigested bit of Baloney paired with my lecture notes, or a fragment of an underdone Egg McMuffin joined to my deep childhood fears. I think it must be the first, since there's more Baloney than Biblical about you, whatever you are! — Ashley Elizabeth Tetzlaff

Childhood Fears Quotes By Dean Koontz

There have been times during my life when I have wish to be a boy again, not to have the energy and perfect health of youth, but know once more the innocence and the delight in even the smallest of things that we often fail to feel full strength as the years drift by. What is easy to forget, however, until you apply yourself to the task of memory, is that childhood is a time of fear, as well; some of those fears are reasonable, others irrational and inspired by a sense of powerlessness in a world where often power over others seems to be what drives so many of our fellow human beings. In the swoon of childhood, the possibility of werewolves is as real as the school yard shooter, the idea of vampires as credible as the idea of a terrorist attack, the neighbor possessing paranormal talents as believable as a psychopath. — Dean Koontz

Childhood Fears Quotes By Miru Kim

My work in general involves getting over my fears that are deeply embedded since childhood: Fear of darkness, fear of dangerous activities in general, and fear of dirt - I had a considerable obsessive compulsive disorder as a child. — Miru Kim

Childhood Fears Quotes By Louise Hay

I let go of childhood fears. I am a secure, empowered human being. — Louise Hay

Childhood Fears Quotes By Fred Rogers

One of the universal fears of childhood is the fear of not having value in the eyes of the people whom we admire so much. — Fred Rogers

Childhood Fears Quotes By Anne Marie Gazzolo

We are not placed when and where we are by accident anymore than Bilbo or Frodo. We are given experiences, molded in a particular way, and set along specific roads, so that we may be in the right place at the right time to do what God wants of us. We can discern the unique way that He wishes us to live out our vocation by the interests, talents, and abilities that He gave us. He did not bestow these graces upon anyone else in exactly the same way. Rather than allow our fears to stifle them, we must find the courage to leave our comfortable and secure hobbit holes for an exhilarating and terrifying adventure that will bring us alive in a way that we have not been since childhood. For too many, our youth was the last time that we believed all things were possible. This does not need to be true. — Anne Marie Gazzolo

Childhood Fears Quotes By George Saunders

Intelligent, heartfelt stories that tell a whole new set of truths about growing up American. Julie Orringer writes with virtuosity and depth about the fears, cruelties, and humiliations of childhood, but then does that rarest, and more difficult, thing: writes equally beautifully about the moments of victory and transcendence. — George Saunders

Childhood Fears Quotes By Denise Hunter

He wondered what part of Meridith's childhood had left her afraid of something as natural and necessary as love. Was it her mother's mental illness? T. J.'s leaving her? If she'd only open up to him, maybe he could help her sort it out. He was a patient man. He'd wait her out, love her until she realized he was safe. But she was unwilling to try. Wanted to run as far and fast as she could from what he offered. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't make her try, force her to shed her fears. If only he could make her see what she was missing. But he was running out of time. He was nearly finished with the house, had two weeks, tops, if she didn't kick him out first. And soon after that she was leaving the island. And — Denise Hunter

Childhood Fears Quotes By Louise L. Hay

If you want to understand your parents more, get them to talk about their own childhood; and if you listen with compassion, you will learn where their fears and rigid patterns come from. Those people who "did all that stuff to you" were just as frightened and scared as you are. — Louise L. Hay

Childhood Fears Quotes By Jane Yolen

And at twelve, heading for adulthood, a child fears that the way she is at that moment is all she's ever going to be. — Jane Yolen

Childhood Fears Quotes By Marc Maron

When I was a kid watching comedians on TV and listening to their records they were the only ones that could make it all seem okay. They seemed to cut through the bullshit and disarm fears and horror by being clever and funny. I don't think I could have survived my childhood without watching stand-up comics. When I started doing comedy I didn't understand show business. I just wanted to be a comedian. Now, after twenty-five years of doing stand-up and the last two years of having long conversations with over two hundred comics I can honestly say they are some of the most thoughtful, philosophical, open-minded, sensitive, insightful, talented, self-centred, neurotic, compulsive, angry, fucked-up, sweet, creative people in the world. — Marc Maron

Childhood Fears Quotes By Pamela Taeuffer

I always prayed the same way at night: "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. Please bless my mother, father, sister, everyone in the word, and me. And please make my father quit drinking."
As a child growing up in a family battling alcoholism, this is what I know: Something bad is coming; it always does. I can't ask for help; I'm too ashamed. I can't talk about our secrets; no one understands. I can't trust anyone; they always leave.
Questions bounced off my self-constructed wall of values
a barricade I'd made from the fears I'd pushed into my darkness.
How could Ryan, a professional baseball player, really resist all those women? How could I really trust Jerry, my childhood friend? I'd barely awakened to sex and already boys were the seventh wonder of the world. Did anyone really trust another person? I needed proof. That proof hadn't revealed itself ... yet. — Pamela Taeuffer

Childhood Fears Quotes By Melanie Laurent

I'm really confident. I had a perfect childhood. I had perfect parents and grandparents. They just love me, simply. So I have no fears. — Melanie Laurent

Childhood Fears Quotes By Lynette Gould

Many deeply hidden memories have come flooding back. The important message here though is that it is possible to heal and survive. Everyone has survived their own kind of emotional or mental trauma. We all have our inner fears and misreplaced feelings of guilt. — Lynette Gould

Childhood Fears Quotes By Rebecca West

The childhood of the individual and the race is full of fears, and panic-stricken attempts to avert what is feared by placating the gods with painful sacrifices. — Rebecca West

Childhood Fears Quotes By Peter Temple

For some men, life seems to be one long attempt to escape childhood and all the fears of childhood. That's what many of us are doing. — Peter Temple

Childhood Fears Quotes By Carla H. Krueger

Fear spread through the house. — Carla H. Krueger

Childhood Fears Quotes By Kim John Payne

With simplification we can bring an infusion of inspiration to our daily lives; set a tone that honors our families' needs before the world's demands. Allow our hopes for our children to outweigh our fears. Realign our lives with our dreams for our family, and our hopes for what childhood could and should be. — Kim John Payne

Childhood Fears Quotes By Henry Cloud

Certainly, child rearing requires many different interventions. There are times for helping, for not getting involved, or for being strict, But the real issue is this: Is what you are going being done on purpose? Or are you doing it from reasons that you do not think about, such as your own personality, childhood, need of the moment, or fears? — Henry Cloud

Childhood Fears Quotes By Douglas Coupland

One of my own stray childhood fears had been to wonder what a whale might feel like had it been born and bred in captivity, then released into the wild-into its ancestral sea-its limited world instantly blowing up when cast into the unknowable depths, seeing strange fish and tasting new waters, not even having a concept of depth, not knowing the language of any whale pods it might meet. It was my fear of a world that would expand suddenly, violently, and without rules or laws: bubbles and seaweed and storms and frightening volumes of dark blue that never end — Douglas Coupland

Childhood Fears Quotes By Michael Arditti

I hope that I state your case fairly: One of my great fears is misrepresenting you, even to myself, now that you are not here to set me right. The truth is that you did not believe in idealism. All love was suspect; even a saint's was just differed self-interest. And it was impossible to argue without sounding either sentimental or naive. Cynicism has all the smart words on it's side; idealism uses a nursery school dictionary. And you studied early to disguise your childhood pain. But it is not universal. — Michael Arditti

Childhood Fears Quotes By Colette Dowling

Why are women so fearful? The answer to that question lies at the root of The Cinderella Complex. (...) Many women achieve a certain amount of success in their careers and professions and still remain inwardly insecure. In fact (...), it's remarkable how many women these days retain a hidden core of self doubt while performing on the outside as if they were towers of confidence. (...)
Lack of confidence seems to follow us from childhood (...) No matter how fiercely we try to live like adults - flexible, powerful and free - that girl-child hangs on (...). The effects of such insecurity are widespread, and they result in a disturbing social phenomenon: women in general tend to function well below the level of their native abilities. For reasons that are both cultural and psychological - a system that doesn't really expect a great deal from us, in combination with our own personal fears of standing up and facing the world - women are keeping themselves down. — Colette Dowling

Childhood Fears Quotes By Dave Barry

As a child, I was more afraid of tetanus shots than, for example, Dracula. — Dave Barry

Childhood Fears Quotes By Charles Churchill

Childhood, who like an April morn appears,
Sunshine and rain, hopes clouded o'er with fears. — Charles Churchill

Childhood Fears Quotes By Rick Perlstein

In Ronald Reagan's chaotic childhood, the imagination was armor. There is nothing unusual about that; transcending the doubts, hesitations, and fears swirling around you by casting yourself internally as the hero of your own adventure story is a characteristic psychic defense mechanism of the Boy Who Disappears. — Rick Perlstein