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Top Inure Quotes

Inure Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

School yourself to demureness and patience. Learn to inure yourself to drudgery in science. Learn, compare, collect the facts. — Ivan Pavlov

Inure Quotes By George Berkeley

Man is an animal, formidable both from his passions and his reason; his passions often urging him to great evils, and his reason furnishing means to achieve them. To train this animal, and make him amenable to order; to inure him to a sense of justice and virtue; to withhold him from ill courses by fear, and encourage him in his duty by hopes; in short, to fashion and model him for society, hath been the aim of civil and religious institutions; and, in all times, the endeavor of good and wise men. The aptest method for attaining this end hath been always judged a proper education. — George Berkeley

Inure Quotes By Socrates

A man should inure himself to voluntary labor, and not give up to indulgence and pleasure, as they beget no good constitution of body nor knowledge of mind. — Socrates