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Famous Quotes By Elle Kennedy

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Well?" he prompted, toying with the elastic of her leggings. "What should we do with these pants, Bailey?"
One teasing stroke of his fingers over her belly, and a breath shuddered out of her lungs.
"Take them off," she choked out. — Elle Kennedy

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She laughed. "Let me guess, sex in the gazebo is one of your fantasies?" "Oh, yeah. I've wanted to do this since the moment this damn thing was built." "What, none of your hockey groupies ever wanted to do it in the wilderness of your backyard?" she teased. "I've never brought a woman home before. — Elle Kennedy

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Rules are for suckers and boring people, — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 499428

It's official: I've actually met a guy who can pull off a wink. — Elle Kennedy

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Did you know that when the baby starts moving that it's called the quickening?" Hope says.

I snicker. "So she's going to burst out of my stomach with a sword declaring there can be only one?"

"Possibly. Women have died in childbirth, right? The baby is essentially a parasite. It lives off your nutrients, saps your energy." She taps the bottom of a hanger against her lip. "So yeah, I think the Highlander motto could fit."

Carin and I look at her in horror. "Hopeless, you can shut up any time now," Carin orders.

"I was just saying, from a medical standpoint, it's a possible theory. Not here, but maybe in other less developed nations." She reaches over and pats my belly. "Don't worry. You're safe. You should've gotten more maternity clothes," she says, moving on to another topic while I'm still digesting that my baby is a parasite. — Elle Kennedy

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She's probably ovaries-deep in a carton of Ben and Jerry's right now while Mumford & Sons plays in the background. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1563425

I don't want you to think about anyone in your past. No now, not ever again. You deserved a hell of a lot more than any of those bastards gave you."
"If it helps," she said with a faint smile, "I killed most of them. — Elle Kennedy

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My roommates continue to lurk in the doorway.

I find a pair of clean boxers and tug them on. "I swear to God, if you tell me you've been watching me sleep for the last hour like a bunch of creepers, I'm calling the cops. — Elle Kennedy

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I'm a history major, baby. I know tons of useless facts — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1360655

Holy hell, Derek Pratt was . . . cute. So fucking cute that it summoned a laugh from her throat. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1565434

I roll my eyes. "I'm not asking you to take your clothes off, baby. I just want to peek at your midterm."

"Baby? Goodbye forward, hello presumptuous. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 505194

You want to be bad?" His tone was low, dangerous, thrilling. "Well, you came to the right place. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2129936

Don't waste your time obsessing over stupid actions of stupid people — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 785960

Ha. You have no idea how hard a guy gets off from a good prostate massage. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 450046

We all hurt. We all love. We're the same. And your past, who you live with, where you came from, it doesn't have to matter. You're creating your own future, and I want to see where the road forward takes you. — Elle Kennedy

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Somehow I've traveled back in time to my third-grade playground days. Unless there's another explanation for why Garrett is goading me into kissing him. — Elle Kennedy

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Sweet Jesus.

Penises everywhere.

Horror slams into me as I register what I'm seeing. Oh God. I've stumbled onto a penis convention. Big penises and small penises and fat penises and penis-shaped penises. It doesn't matter which direction I move my head because everywhere I look I see penises. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1295312

Freedom was a drug, one that grabbed hold of you the second it entered your bloodstream. It made you giddy and reckless if you didn't know how to channel it. — Elle Kennedy

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To be honest, it's probably better if I don't talk. Cute guys make me nervous. Like tongued-tied total-brain-malfunction nervous. All my filters shut off and suddenly I'm telling them about the time I peed my pants in the third grade during a field trip to the maple syrup factory, or how I'm scared of puppets and have mild OCD that could possibly drive me to tidy up your room the moment you turn your head. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1642424

He's holding a squirming Jamie in his arms, but her efforts to wiggle out of his grip are futile, because her daddy's strong as fuck. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2013221

What's wrong?" he asks, falling away immediately.

"You were choking me!" I snap.

"I thought you said I was joking you!"

We stare at each other, filled with equal parts horror and hilarity.

"Communication is always the key," Stacy sings from the front.

Laughter wins out. Tucker and I collapse against each other. We can't stop laughing, and after a few seconds of calling our names and clapping for attention, Stacy finally asks us to leave. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1320041

But no. No. He may have boarded this bad idea train, but now it was time to derail it. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 219648

You don't sound too excited about this," Tucker comments twenty minutes later. He holds the door to the community center open for me.

"And you are?" A yellow sign decorated with balloons greets us. "This process is so hard that I have to learn how to breathe? That's not normal."

"You watch any of those YouTube videos?"

"God no. I didn't want to psych myself out. Did you?"

"A few."


He gives me a thumbs-down. "I don't recommend them. I'm wondering why we use brass balls to describe someone who's really strong, because after the second video, my balls tried to climb inside my body. Plus, my YouTube history is officially fucked."

"Ha. Exactly why I didn't watch any." I wag a warning finger at him. "Stay by my head during the birth or you'll never want to have sex with me again. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 430187

He pressed a kiss on her shoulder, enjoying the way she shivered. "What is it?"
There was a long pause, then a wobbly breath. "Why can't I resist you?"
"Because you don't want to."
Before she could reply, he spun her around and kissed her again. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1417028

Never in her wildest dreams would she have pegged this man as a dirty talker. Just went to show that you should never underestimate the quiet ones - and never let your guard down around them either. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1522037

His biceps is bigger than her head, but he's as gentle as a lamb with her. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1561306

It's a really nice house..."
"Yeah, full of booby traps and cameras and little robots that pop out of the closets at night and murder you in your sleep."
She burst out laughing. "Good point. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1540022

Jeez, John, I'm trying to be helpful. You could learn a lot from me. No woman has ever been able to resist my natural charm."

"You know who else had natural charm?" I retort. "Ted Bundy."

Dean dons a blank look. "Who?"

"The serial killer." Oh Jesus, I've jumped on the Bundy bandwagon. I'm turning into Grace. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1281574

Sullivan had been gone for six months, and the ticking clock in D's head was getting louder and louder the longer Sully stayed off the grid. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1493853

I like this sweater," I protest. Garrett glances at Allie. "Hi, I'm Garrett. What's your name again?" "Allie. Hannah's roommate and BFF." "Great. Well, can you tell your roomie and BFF that she looks like a reject from a sailing show?" She laughs, and then, to my horror - Benedict Arnold! - she agrees with him. "It wouldn't — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1474366

What is wrong with you? Why aren't you freaking out right now? Garrett Graham is sitting in your booth. He talked to you." "Holy shit, he did? I mean, his lips were moving, but I didn't realize he was talking. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1448138

My best friend nods solemnly. Then he keels over. Asshole. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1443266

Sometimes I worry that we're too happy, but then a visit to Nana's house brings things into focus. We're happy because we want to be, because we're pouring our energy and emotion into each other in the best possible way. My — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1384058

Is this seat taken?"
The deep, gravelly voice jolted Noelle from her blood-thirsty thoughts. When she laid eyes on the man it belonged to her breath caught in her throat.
She blinked, wondering if maybe she'd dreamed him, but then he flashed her a captivating grin and she realized that he must be real - her mind wasn't capable of conjuring up a smile this heart-stoppingly gorgeous.
A pair of vivid blue eyes watched her expectantly as she searched for her voice.
"There are lots of other seats available," she finally replied, gesturing to the deserted tables all around them.
He shrugged. "I don't want to sit anywhere but here."
She moistened her suddenly dry lips. "Why?"
"Because none of those other seats are across from you," he said simply. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1134701

Holy Moses, if it's his natural scent, then he needs to bottle that spicy fragrance up, call it Orgasm, and sell it to the masses. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2019550

To quote your annoying self, are you ready to do this shit? — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2237205

Just out of curiosity, what constitutes a 'nice cock shot'? I mean, is it the lighting? The pose?"
I'm being sarcastic, but Dean responds in a solemn voice. "Well, the trick is, you've gotta keep the balls out of it. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2222303

You're such a bastard," she sighed.
He chuckled. "Are you really insulting the man who just gave you an orgasm? — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2164123

I love you, you stupid jackass. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2149356

There's just one move a man needs to know in order to rock it on the dance floor."

"Yeah? What's the move?"


"What's stag?"

"The only one of Logan's crazy acronyms I live my life by-STAG. Stand there and grind. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2146502

And that night meant nothing, Sean. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2141957

Seriously, just find yourself a rebound." Dean whips up his arm. "I volunteer as tribute. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2140894

Evening, lads." The redhead curled her fingers around the back of Sullivan's neck and pulled his head in for a quick kiss. "Hey, baby, I missed you." It took a few head-scratching seconds to realize that he was looking at Isabel Roma. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2112616

I happen to be a fantastic kisser. Sadly, you will never get to find out."
"Never say never," he answers in a singsong voice.
"Thanks for that, Justin Bieber. But yeah, not going to happen, dude. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2102681

Just as the door opens, I look intently at the screen and act like I'm still chatting with her mother. '--And she stuck her finger in my ass when she was blowing me, which was fucking incredible. I never thought I'd enjoy having anything up there, but--'
Grace screams in horror. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 2039204

Now I'm gaping at him, because is he for real? "Hey, asshole, you're filthy rich. If anyone should be paying full price for movie tickets, it's you."
"I was being nice, asshole. Waiting for the cheap day so you'd be able to afford it." Then he flashes his trademark grin, the one that makes chicks drop their panties and dive onto his dick.
"Don't give me your sex grin. It's creeping me out."

His mouth stays frozen in the sex-grin position. "I'll stop smiling like this if you agree to be my date tonight."
"You're the most annoying pers - "
The grin widens, and he even throws a little wink in there.
Ten minutes later, we're out the door. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1622209

You think if you know what happened to me you'll magically be able to figure me out? Fix me? Baby, nobody can fix me. I'm broken beyond repair. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1966275

So money doesn't matter once you get down to it. It doesn't matter how thin or thick anyone's wallet is. We all hurt. We all love. We're the same. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1954998

It's all right. You can be angry." D slid toward the wall and leaned his head against it, his demeanor reverting back to what she was used to - hard and detached. "I wish I could say the words you want to hear. I really do. But that's not who I am. I . . ." He slowly met her eyes. "I can't lie to you. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1888003

He might also be frowning, but it's hard to tell considering someone shaved off all of Hugh Jackman's body hair and pasted it on Tuck's face. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1869353

What rhymes with insensitive?" I tap my pen on the kitchen table, beyond frustrated with my current task. Who knew rhyming was so fucking difficult?

Garrett, who's dicing onions at the counter, glances over. "Sensitive," he says helpfully.

"Yes, G, I'll be sure to rhyme insensitive with sensitive. Gold star for you. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1853897

As much as I'm enjoying this verbal foreplay," he said abruptly, "what do you say we just skip to the part where you ride my dick? — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1779511

I'm two seconds from dropping to my knees and begging her, but she edges to the door. "You know there's a study group, right? I can give you the number for - "

"I'm already in it," I mutter.

"Oh. Well, then there's not much else I can do for you. Good luck on the makeup test. Baby."

She darts out the door, leaving me staring after her in frustration. Unbelievable. Every girl at this college would cut her frickin' arm off to help me out. But this one? Runs away like I just asked her to murder a cat so we could sacrifice it to Satan.

And now I'm right back to where I was before Hannah-not-with-an-M gave me that faintest flicker of hope.

Royally screwed. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1706505

Do you want me to drive you home? Because I was thinking of taking you somewhere else first, if you're interested."

My curiosity is piqued. "Where?"

His blue eyes twinkle mischievously. "It's a surprise."

"A good surprise?"

"Is there any other kind?"

"Um, yeah. I can think of a hundred bad surprises off the top of my head."

"Name one," he challenges.

"Okay - you're set up on a blind date, and you show up at the restaurant and Ted Bundy is sitting at the table."

Logan grins at me. "Bundy is your go-to answer for everything, huh?"

"It appears so."

"Fine. Well, point taken. And I promise, it's a good surprise. Or in the very least, it's neutral."

"All right. Surprise away then. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1682146

When she finally crashed back to earth, Luke's dark eyes were focused on her face. "Did you really just come?" he demanded, his voice a cross between a growl and a groan.
She let out a ragged breath. "Uh-huh."
"Fuck, that's hot." He ground his pelvis into her. "Do it again. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1673875

She rubbed her lips over him, then lifted her head to meet his eyes. "Tell me what you like."
"Everything," he choked out. "I like everything you're doing."
"Tell me," she insisted....
Although it nearly killed him to say it, he mumbled, "Start slow. Make me beg for it. — Elle Kennedy

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Hey, ass-hats!"

We bolt to our feet when Coach Jensen's commanding voice snaps toward the bleachers. Our fearless leader - the only Briar faculty member who can get away with calling students "ass-hats" - glares at us from the ice.

"Is there a reason your lazy asses are up in those seats when you should all be in the weight room?" he booms. "Quit stalking my practice!" Then he turns to scowl at the trio of freshmen who are snickering behind their gloves. "What're you ladies laughing at? Hustle!"

The players speed forward as if the ice behind them is cracking to pieces.

Up in the stands, the guys and I hustle just as fast. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 456809

There's nothing childish about me, sweetheart. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 393745

I grin at her enthusiasm. "Did you like the little gun-finger I flashed you after that goal? All for you, baby."
She grins back. "Sorry to burst your bubble, but you were actually pointing at the old guy a few seats over. He totally freaked out and started shouting to everyone that you scored that goal for him, and then I heard him ask his wife if maybe you knew that he was just diagnosed with diabetes, so I didn't have the heart to tell him who the goal was really for."
I break down in laughter. "Why is nothing ever simple with us?"
"Hey," she protests. "We're more interesting this way."
I can't argue with that. — Elle Kennedy

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I want to know now," I whine, not caring that I sound like a five-year-old throwing a tantrum.

"How about this? We'll Rock, Paper, Scissors for it."

Yeah, we're going to make great parents, all right.

"Fine." I crack my knuckles, which makes him snicker. "Ready?"


We count in unison. On three, we reveal our hands. He did paper. I did rock.

"I win," he says smugly.

"Sorry, baby, but you lose."

"Paper covers rock!"

I smirk. "Rock weighs down the paper so it can't fly away. It traps it."

A loud sigh fills the room. "I'm not going to win on this, am I?"

"Nope." But he looks so cute right now that I offer a compromise. "How about this? You can leave the room while the doctor tells me, and I swear I won't give it away. I'll hide all my baby purchases in my closet so you can't see what I'm buying."

"Deal — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 336021

She was a drug and he was an addict, hooked on her from the second he'd met her. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 323914

I nod in approval. "Damn. I should go into modeling." "You photograph really well," Garrett agrees in a serious voice. "And dude, your package looks huge." Fuck, it totally does. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 265508

I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, I'm not an idiot. I don't live in a magical bubble where orgasms fall from the sky and land in a woman's bed every time she has sex. I know they fake it sometimes. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 260960

I'm not even pissed at the rumormongers. I'm pissed at whoever invented the Internet and handed the assholes in the world a platform on which to spew their venom. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 246642

You know, I just had a thought," he drawled.

"Is that a new occurence for you? Is your brain tingling?"

Cash and Jen — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 218013

I'm a card-carrying member of Team Boyfriend, and after last night, I can honestly say that Team One-Night-Stand sucks balls. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 215026

Custom-made, of course. Tucker likes to get things custom-made. Probably because the ridiculous shit he comes up with in his head isn't available to normal consumers. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 459194

I fight the grin that's trying to surface. For all his sweet words and aw shucks smiles, Tucker really is an alpha fucker. I don't know why that thrills me so much, but it does. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 207242

No matter how angry she was at him, she didn't want to see that cocky bastard eliminated from the face of the earth. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 187613

Do you realize how many abusers are walking around unpunished? How many rape charges are dropped because of 'insufficient' evidence, or how many date rapists get away with what they've done because the victim is too scared to tell anyone? — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 167700

She tries to take a step down the hall, but I tug on her hand and kiss her again, and this time it's not a peck. I kiss her hard, losing myself in her taste and her heat and every damn thing about her. I never expected her. Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don't know you ever lived without them. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 138769

Yeah. Go ahead and pick something to watch," he answers. "I'm just popping upstairs to jerk it and then I'll join you."

"Okay, I think I'm in the mood for - wait, what? — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 133018

I fight back laughter.

"As you wish."

"Did you really just Princess Bride me?"

"Did you really just use Princess Bride as a verb? — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 118505

Sean slowly met her eyes. He knew damn well that now wasn't the time to have this conversation, not when they were parked a hundred yards from the warehouse, but he couldn't stop the confession. "I love you, you know. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 115119

Fine. How about we go down on each other instead?" "How about you leave?" "Counter offer - I stay and we dry hump. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 105270

God. Why the fuck do we drive cars? In — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 94357

You have ten minutes," he told me. "Ten minutes to think about what you did wrong and how bad you feel right now. Are you ready?"

He'd actually clicked a button on his watch and timed me, and for those ten minutes I brooded and sulked and wallowed in humiliation. I remembered the errors I'd made on the field and corrected them in my head. I imagined punching every player on the opposing team square in the mouth. And then Dad told me my time was up.

"There. It's over now," he said. "Now you look forward and figure out how you're going to get better. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 89967

Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don't know how you ever lived without them. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1024262

For the past eight hours, I've been about as helpful as a fish out of water. Or a fish in water, because what the fuck do fish really offer to society? — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1255996

I'm proud of myself for standing my ground, though. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1247013

Relationships are a fucking pain in the ass sometimes. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1228136

Do I get to be the godfather?" "Fuck that!" Logan objects. "He's picking me. Obvs." "Bullshit. I'm clearly the better choice." "You're clearly the bigger egomaniac, that's what you are. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1199206

It was impossible not to moan at the feel of his massive erection. She wiggled her pelvis over it, drawing a strangled groan from his lips. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 77893

You're giving me a lot of responsibility here, baby doll. I don't like responsibility." Shocker. "You can handle this, baby doll. I have faith in you. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1133871

Baby, I could watch you watching paint dry, and I still wouldn't be bored." Garrett Graham, my own personal sweet-talker. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1077051

You know, you'd do a better job of convincing the men if you dipped your wick in a pussy or two."
Cillian's low voice made him tense. The man stood next to Sean's barstool, watching the sexual festivities in boredom.
"I have a girlfriend," he mumbled.
"I'm sure she won't mind."
Sean glanced at the naked women littering the room, picturing the look on Bailey's face if he admitted to "dipping his wick" in a prostie. "She'd rip my balls off," he said dryly. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1075757

You hid behind the door? Really?" She steps forward sheepishly. "I'm sorry." "You can shove your sorries in a sack, baby — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1058862

Hey, come on, don't cry," he begs. "It breaks my fucking heart to hear you cry. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1049358

I know women. And when they clam up like this? They're not just working one thought over in their brains. Nope, they're constructing a complicated web of scenarios and what ifs, each thread layering over another, thickening and twisting until suddenly they're mad about something that never even occurred to you. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 1266970

I pick up my sandwich and take a small bite, chewing extra slow in order to delay having to respond. He's freaking me out again, with his confident gaze and his matter-of-fact tone. I've never met a guy who can throw out phrases like "love at first sight" and "something magical happened" without at least having the decency to blush or look mortified — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 962700

Bailey went quiet, her expression softening. "You're right," she finally said. "It wouldn't have been smart."
"Well, fuck me -- are you actually admitting that I was right about something?"
"It's like an eclipse," she muttered. "Happens every so often. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 961510

Lusting over your best friend's girlfriend sucks. First off, there's the awkward factor. As in, it's really fucking awkward. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 921854

Are you in the bath?" Luke demanded.
Heat suffused her face. "Yeah. Why?"
"So you're naked."
Olivia couldn't help but laugh. "That's what usually happens in a bathtub. Or do you keep your clothes on when you bathe?"
"No, I don't keep my clothes on." He sounded frazzled. "And I don't do baths. I shower. "Baths take too long."
"And you're the kind of guy who can't waste time, right? You need the action."
"Pretty much." There was a suggestive pause. "You don't like action?"
She grinned to herself. "You're incorrigible. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 789086

perfection. She's pink and pretty and glistening and perfect. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 755648

Who am I to decide what someone should or shouldn't do? People skip funerals and memorials all the time, for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they want to grieve for their loved ones in private. Maybe it's too hard for them. Maybe they just don't believe in funerals. It's not my place to judge — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 711576

He purses his lips, and the sexual predator mustache he's rocking bushes up. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 667556

No way, dude. Chicks appreciate a nice cock shot. Trust me. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 654270

I'm sorry for lying to you," he said gruffly, "but I need you to know . . . that night meant something to me." His chest went tight, achy. "I know I'm not Oliver - — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 648803

He offers a sheepish grin. "Remember that girl I was dating last year? Sheena? Well, she texted me a picture of her tits. Said I had to return the favor."

Dean's jaw falls open. "Dick for tits? Dude, you got played. No way are those even remotely comparable."

"What's the equivalent of tits then?" Hollis asks curiously.

"Balls," Dean declares, before taking a deep pull of the joint. He blows out a ring of smoke as everyone laughs at his remark.

"You just said women don't want to see balls," Hollis points out.

"They don't. But any idiot knows that a dick pic requires a full frontal shot in return." He rolls his eyes. "It's common sense. — Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy Quotes 553130

someone like Grace. Someone exactly like Grace, with her Ted Bundy rants
and her calming presence and - hello, irony. — Elle Kennedy