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Top Internet Explorer Quotes

Internet Explorer Quotes By Steve Ballmer

I'd rather use Windows and Internet Explorer in Hell than I'd use Linux and Mozilla Firefox in Heaven! — Steve Ballmer

Internet Explorer Quotes By Adam M. Grant

The customer service agents who accepted the defaults of Internet Explorer and Safari approached their job the same way. They stayed on script in sales calls and followed standard operating procedures for handling customer complaints. They saw their job descriptions as fixed, so when they were unhappy with their work, they started missing days, and eventually just quit. The employees who took the initiative to change their browsers to Firefox or Chrome approached their jobs differently. They looked for novel ways of selling to customers and addressing their concerns. When — Adam M. Grant

Internet Explorer Quotes By Wayne Gladstone

My life had devolved into a fluorescent haze of desktop Outlook/Internet Explorer/Excel screens by day followed by laptop Chrome/Facebook/Netflix nights. — Wayne Gladstone

Internet Explorer Quotes By Brendan Sullivan

Internet Explorer, your honor, is the fruit of Microsoft's statutory violations and it should be denied them. — Brendan Sullivan

Internet Explorer Quotes By Ryan North

Might as well ask the once-popular Magic 8-Ball something. It got "Outlook not so good" right. I don't know if anyone ever asked it about Internet Explorer. — Ryan North

Internet Explorer Quotes By Nancy Jo Sales

A landmark 2007 report by the American Psychological Association (APA) found girls being sexualized--or treated as "objects of sexual desire... as things rather than as people with legitimate sexual feelings of their own"--in virtually every form of media, including movies, television, music videos and lyrics, video games and the Internet, advertising, cartoons, clothing, and toys. Even Dora the Explorer, once a cute, square-bodied child, got a makeover to make her look more svelte and "hot. — Nancy Jo Sales

Internet Explorer Quotes By Gary B. Shelly

2 Searching for Health Information
1. Choose a fitness or diet plan to research.
2. Determine the keywords you will use in the search query.
3. Time how long it takes you to find the information you are seeking using multiple
search engines and the Internet Explorer Search box and QuickPick menu.
4. Evaluate how well you perform the search:
a. Record how many Web sites you visit.
b. For each site you visit, evaluate the quality of information and credibility of the
site. List the qualities that make the site more or less credible.
c. For the fitness or diet plan that you choose, find out the recommendations for
exercise and any major food restrictions.
d. Write down what further steps you should take to evaluate the quality of the
3 — Gary B. Shelly

Internet Explorer Quotes By Adam M. Grant

Housman ran the same analysis for absences from work. The pattern was the same: Firefox and Chrome users were 19 percent less likely to miss work than Internet Explorer and Safari fans. — Adam M. Grant

Internet Explorer Quotes By Cory Doctorow

Internet Explorer, Microsoft's crashware turd that no one under the age of forty used voluntarily. — Cory Doctorow

Internet Explorer Quotes By Will Daab

If internet explorer is brave enough to ask you to make it your default browser, then you are brave enough to ask your crush out. — Will Daab