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Install Quotes By Jamie Zawinski

See, unlike most hackers, I get little joy out of figuring out how to install the latest toy. — Jamie Zawinski

Install Quotes By Martijn Benders

I really dont feel that persons who discovered in 2011 after 6 years of struggle how to install a wordpress weblog have the right to the word 'avantgarde'. — Martijn Benders

Install Quotes By Holger Eckhertz

It is overlooked, perhaps forgotten, by almost everyone today that we were there to defend Europe against the multiple threats represented by the Allies. We saw the British as an outdated Imperial force, organised by freemasons, who sought to turn the clock back one hundred years to the days when their word was the law around the world. Why should they be entitled to install their freemason puppet, De Gaulle, in France, to rule as a proxy? The Vichy government had three consistent points in its propaganda regarding the threats to the French people: these were De Gaulle, freemasonry and communism. As for the American state, we perceived that as controlled by the forces of international finance and banking, who wished to abolish national governments and have the world run by banks and corporations. — Holger Eckhertz

Install Quotes By Jan Koum

Everybody I meet who uses 'WhatsApp', I ask them a question: 'How did you hear about it?' And they say, 'My friends, my sister or my brother, somebody I know hounded me to install WhatsApp.' We think there is more power to the network when it grows organically. — Jan Koum

Install Quotes By Rex Allen Jones II

i.e., TestNG". This technique helps a beginner learn how to read the code before writing the code. The following are steps to install Selenium IDE: Steps — Rex Allen Jones II

Install Quotes By Rick Riordan

Have exactly one hour to find your runaway table, get back your synco-whatsit, and install it in this engine, or the Argo II explodes, destroying Bunker Nine and most of the woods." "Basically," Leo said. Jason frowned. "We should alert the other campers. We might have to evacuate them." "No!" Leo's voice broke. "Look, the explosion won't destroy the whole camp. Just the woods. I'm pretty sure. Like sixty-five percent sure." "Well, that's a relief," Piper muttered. "Besides," Leo said, "we don't have time, and I - I can't tell the others. If they find out how badly I've messed up ... " Jason and Piper looked at each other. The clock display changed to 59:00. "Fine," Jason said. "But we'd better hurry. — Rick Riordan

Install Quotes By Donald Judd

It takes a great deal of time and thought to install work carefully. This should not always be thrown away. Most art is fragile and some should be placed and never moved again. Somewhere a portion of contemporary art has to exist as an example of what the art and its context were meant to be. Somewhere, just as the platinum iridium meter guarantees the tape measure, a strict measure must exist for the art of this time and place. — Donald Judd

Install Quotes By Anonymous

The suggested idea or group of ideas," said M. Charcot, very justly, " find themselves in their isolation sheltered against the control of that great collection of personal ideas, a long time accumulated and organised, which constitute consciousness properly so called, the Ego." ' " With certain subjects it is possible to call forth, by means of suggestion or intimation, a coherent group of associated ideas which install themsehes in the mind in tlie fashion of a parasite, remain isolated from all the rest, and may be explained outwardly by corresponding motor phenomena." " We ask permission to preserve this striking metaphor: Suggestions, with their automatic and independent development, are real parasites in thought. — Anonymous

Install Quotes By Diane Ackerman

Because we can't escape our ancient hunger to live close to nature, we encircle the house with lawns and gardens, install picture windows, adopt pets and Boston ferns, and scent everything that touches our lives. — Diane Ackerman

Install Quotes By Andy Kindler

You know, civil rights is great and everything, but a lot of people don't realize that plumbers in the South make less money than when they used to install separate drinking fountains. — Andy Kindler

Install Quotes By Maurice Merleau Ponty

Even those who have desired to work out a completely positive philosophy have been philosophers only to the extent that, at the same time, they have refused the right to install themselves in absolute knowledge. They taught not this knowledge, but its becoming in us, not the absolute but, at most, our absolute relation to it, as Kierkegaard said. What makes a philosopher is the movement which leads back without ceasing from knowledge to ignorance, from ignorance to knowledge, and a kind of rest in this movement. — Maurice Merleau Ponty

Install Quotes By James Howard Kunstler

Despite the obvious damage now visible in the entropic desolation of every American home town, Wal-Mart managed to install itself in the pantheon of American Dream icons, along with apple pie, motherhood, and Coca Cola. — James Howard Kunstler

Install Quotes By Larissa Ione

I suggested that someone grab Bill Gates and get him to install a new operating system, but apparently he's not a demon" At Reaver's eye roll she nodded. "Right? I was surprised too. — Larissa Ione

Install Quotes By John Franks

As noted in About ESC Electrol Specialties Company began fabricating CIP System components as a vendor to one of the nations largest suppliers of cleaning chemicals to the Dairy industry more than 50 years ago. This vendor was a major provider of the engineering services, components and skilled personnel required to design and install CIPable automaed processes, for dairies initialy, and later food and beverage processors. This vendor was actively involved with new facility construction, but more importantly, also developed and applied the methodos of applying such new technology equally well to "recycle old dairies" via rennovation projects planned to provide the exisitng facility increased capacity, efficiency and quality capabilities, and keep it running during the rennovation process. This vendor worked on a design and install" basis and used its own wsanitary welding crews, even Internationally, through the mid 70s. — John Franks

Install Quotes By Steven Magee

You should be aware that anywhere that a ground rod is installed, that there may be AC voltage/current/frequency in the vicinity of it. — Steven Magee

Install Quotes By Sandra Bullock

I can install toilets. I know all about the wax ring. I can tile floors. I'm learning how to do basic wiring. — Sandra Bullock

Install Quotes By Richelle Mead

Dimitri held up a car seat with one hand, which was almost comical. "We can go whenever you're ready. Lana gave us this and swears it's easy to install."
Rose laughed at that. "Oh, this I've got to see, comrade. Dimitri Belikov, badass god, installing a baby's car seat. — Richelle Mead

Install Quotes By Deyth Banger

The world is small, but how we have so many information, so many questions how do they find space???
If I put it on the disk, some how it will reach a limit and I can't download or install on this disk, but on the planet there isn't limit. But the planet is a small! — Deyth Banger

Install Quotes By Susan Sontag

This philistinism of interpretation is more rife in literature than in any other art. For decades now, literary critics have understood it to be their task to translate the elements of the poem or play or novel or story into something else. Sometimes a writer will be so uneasy before the naked power of his art that he will install within the work itself - albeit with a little shyness, a touch of the good taste of irony - the clear and explicit interpretation of it. Thomas Mann is an example of such an overcooperative author. In the case of more stubborn authors, the critic is only too happy to perform the job. — Susan Sontag

Install Quotes By Douglas Brinkley

In 1971, near the middle of Nixon's first term, he approved a plan to install a White House taping system as a way of preserving an accurate chronicle of important discussions and decisions. Except for Nixon, three aides, and the Secret Service, no one knew about the listening devices. — Douglas Brinkley

Install Quotes By Alex Genadinik

strategy. To find such offers, just search for "Pay Per Install" or CPA mobile advertising firms. — Alex Genadinik

Install Quotes By Curt Schilling

More often than not, what you open, unwrap and install on your hard drive is not what you were told you were getting. — Curt Schilling

Install Quotes By Rick Riordan

Piper glanced at the digital clock. "So ... we have exactly one hour to find your runaway table, get back your synco-whatsit, and install it in this engine, or the Argo II explodes, destroying Bunker Nine and most of the woods." "Basically," Leo said. — Rick Riordan

Install Quotes By Alex Honnold

I'm sponsored by the solar company Goal Zero, and they were gracious enough to install panels on my van and a nice battery system for the inside. I have lights and a fridge inside the van. And of course I had panels installed on my mom's house. — Alex Honnold

Install Quotes By Gene Spafford

Securing an environment of Windows platforms from abuse - external or internal - is akin to trying to install sprinklers in a fireworks factory where smoking on the job is permitted. — Gene Spafford

Install Quotes By Jean Borella

A divine revelation should not consist only in uprooting us from the world's profanity in order to install us statically within a sacred world, in the bosom of which we could continue to lead almost the same life we led in the profane world. To enter into revelation is not merely to change objects as we do furniture. It is to be converted. Not to be converted once, but to be converted always. Sacred forms, rites, symbols and the Scriptures are basically conversion-makers, which means that we are never done with converting, never done with understanding, because they perplex and surpass all understanding. — Jean Borella

Install Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

Must be weird for you, having your mom here."
"Weird for me, weird for her, probably weird for you since you had to give up your swinging bachelor pad."
"Mrs. Casnoff let me install my heart-shaped Jacuzzi in my new dorm room."
"Cal," I said with mock astonishment, "did you just make a joke?"
"Maybe. — Rachel Hawkins

Install Quotes By T.K. Naliaka

When considering grand plans for effective communicable disease control in this time of Ebola peril, malaria continues to kill nearly a million people a year world-wide, and by far the single most reliable protection against malaria is to sleep under a mosquito net, but one of the major impediments to this basic and effective malaria control is that many people, regardless of education level or country of origin, in malaria endemic zones don't install and use one, not that they can't get one, but because they don't think the mosquito net 'looks nice. — T.K. Naliaka

Install Quotes By Richard Stallman

We need to teach people to refuse to install non-free plug-ins; we need to teach people to care more about their long-term interest of freedom than their immediate desire to view a particular site. — Richard Stallman

Install Quotes By Mari Mancusi

They should install elevators in this place. What if they turned a handicapped person into a vampire? Talk about your discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen. — Mari Mancusi

Install Quotes By Ezra Pound

The Lake Isle
O God, O Venus, O Mercury, patron of thieves,
Give me in due time, I beseech you, a little tobacco-shop,
With the little bright boxes
piled up neatly upon the shelves
And the loose fragrant cavendish
and the shag,
And the bright Virginia
loose under the bright glass cases,
And a pair of scales not too greasy,
And the whores dropping in for a word or two in passing,
For a flip word, and to tidy their hair a bit.
O God, O Venus, O Mercury, patron of thieves,
Lend me a little tobacco-shop,
or install me in any profession
Save this damn'd profession of writing,
where one needs one's brains all the time. — Ezra Pound

Install Quotes By Garry Kasparov

Somehow, people always forget that it's much easier to install a dictator than to remove one — Garry Kasparov

Install Quotes By W. Edwards Deming

You do not install quality; you begin to work at it. — W. Edwards Deming

Install Quotes By David Kirby

Nearly one-quarter of all orcas captured for display during the late sixties and early seventies showed signs of bullet wounds. Royal Canadian fighter pilots used to bomb orcas during practice runs, and in 1960, private fishing lodges on Vancouver Island persuaded the Canadian government to install a machine gun at Campbell River to cull the orca population. — David Kirby

Install Quotes By Aidan Finn

Management OS should be nothing but a Management OS for Hyper-V. Don't make it a domain controller, don't install SQL Server, don't turn it into a Remote Desktop Services session host; Microsoft's support services won't like it. Instead, install those applications in virtual machines that are running on the host. — Aidan Finn

Install Quotes By Eknath Easwaran

At the beginning of every winter people are careful to install storm windows. These extra panes of glass protect their houses against the bitter winds. We do something very similar to protect our minds through the practice of meditation. — Eknath Easwaran

Install Quotes By Sathya Sai Baba

Do not allow doubt to distract you if only you will install in the altar of your heart steady faith in My Divinity, you can win a vision of My Reality. — Sathya Sai Baba

Install Quotes By Michel Houellebecq

be fair, when I was young, the elections could not have been less interesting; the mediocrity of the 'political offerings' was almost surprising. A centre-left candidate would be elected, serve either one or two terms, depending how charismatic he was, then for obscure reasons he would fail to complete a third. When people got tired of that candidate, and the centre-left in general, we'd witness the phenomenon of democratic change, and the voters would install a candidate of the centre-right, also for one or two terms, depending on his personal appeal. Western nations took a strange pride in this system, though it amounted to little more than a power-sharing deal between two rival gangs, and they would even go to war to impose it on nations that failed to share their enthusiasm. — Michel Houellebecq

Install Quotes By L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Once more the evil Daryn Alwyn strikes." "That really bothers you, doesn't it?" "These people are trying to install a tyranny - an even greater tyranny. They've used the current system to strangle any opposition. They're responsible for the deaths of half my family, and no one can or will do anything, and I'm a villain for trying to expose them." I laughed, bitterly. — L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Install Quotes By Blaise Cendrars

A writer should never install himself before a panorama, however grandiose it may be. — Blaise Cendrars

Install Quotes By Jay Leno

More details coming out about Michael Jackson. It seems his 13-year-old accuser testified before a grand jury that Michael had seven locks on his bedroom door. See, what happened was whenever Michael would install one lock, the kid would grow an inch taller, and he'd have to put in another one, and then another one, and then another one. — Jay Leno

Install Quotes By Jessica Livingston

Livingston: Why did users like Viaweb? Graham: I think the main thing was that it was easy. Practically all the software in the world is either broken or very difficult to use. So users dread software. They've been trained that whenever they try to install something, or even fill out a form online, it's not going to work. I dread installing stuff, and I have a PhD in computer science. So if you're writing applications for end users, you have to remember that you're writing for an audience that has been traumatized by bad experiences. We worked hard to make Viaweb as easy as it could possibly be, and we had this confidence-building online demo where we walked people through using the software. That was what got us all the users. — Jessica Livingston

Install Quotes By Mark G. Graff

We didn't install the [Code Red] patch on those DMZ systems because they were only used for development and testing. - Anonymous client, shortly after spending 48 continuous hours removing 2001's Code Red worm from internal corporate servers — Mark G. Graff

Install Quotes By Wietse Venema

For many people my software is something that you install and forget. I like to keep it that way. — Wietse Venema

Install Quotes By Henny Youngman

A little man is running a jewelry store. A man runs in saying, Okay, take my watch, put on a new band, install a new battery, clean the case, install a new crystal, and tune it up. I will be back in a half hour for it. Thanks! and runs out the door. The little jeweler says, C-C-C-Come in? — Henny Youngman

Install Quotes By Steven Magee

It's called publishing. It's how smart people install new ideas into other peoples brains. — Steven Magee

Install Quotes By Robert Reich

As digital equipment replaces the jobs of routine workers and lower-level professionals, technicians are needed to install, monitor, repair, test, and upgrade all the equipment. — Robert Reich

Install Quotes By Marjane Satrapi

In any case, it's the cowardice of people like you who give dictators the chance to install themselves! — Marjane Satrapi

Install Quotes By Robin Sharma

The only way to permanently install a new habit is to direct so much energy toward it that the old one slips away like an unwelcome house guest. — Robin Sharma

Install Quotes By Richard V. Allen

In this context, I believe it is an imperative for the new President to select and install his team as quickly as possible, and this does not imply that he must or should appoint members of the 'other' party to his Cabinet, which could contribute to inaction and inefficiency. — Richard V. Allen

Install Quotes By Richard Stallman

The Adobe flash plug-in is non-free software, and people should not install it, or suggest installing it, or even tell people it exists. — Richard Stallman

Install Quotes By Michelle Alexander

History reveals that the seeds of the new system of control were planted well before the end of the Civil Rights Movement. A new race-neutral language was developed for appealing to old racist sentiments, a language accompanied by a political movement that succeeded in putting the vast majority of blacks back in their place. Proponents of racial hierarchy found they could install a new racial caste system without violating law or the new limits of acceptable political discourse, by demanding "law and order" rather than "segregation forever. — Michelle Alexander

Install Quotes By Joe Thompson

The biggest draw with this PowerShell feature is the fact that you can now go full Linux-type install on your system, if you are a power user. Simply type in the corresponding cmdlets, and you can install multiple programs at once without even visiting their websites. In order to make the package available for you, you need to simply subscribe to the needed repositories. Secure — Joe Thompson

Install Quotes By Honore De Balzac

Equality may be the law, but no human power can install it. — Honore De Balzac

Install Quotes By Steven Johnson

Aided by the young George Pullman, who would later make a fortune building railway cars, Chesbrough launched one of the most ambitious engineering projects of the nineteenth century. Building by building, Chicago was lifted by an army of men with jackscrews. As the jackscrews raised the buildings inch by inch, workmen would dig holes under the building foundations and install thick timbers to support them, while masons scrambled to build a new footing under the structure. Sewer lines were inserted beneath buildings with main lines running down the center of streets, which were then buried in landfill that had been dredged out of the Chicago River, raising the entire city almost ten feet on average. Tourists walking around downtown Chicago today regularly marvel at the engineering prowess on display in the city's spectacular skyline; what they don't realize is that the ground beneath their feet is also the product of brilliant engineering. — Steven Johnson

Install Quotes By Ed Helms

I cannot stress this enough - if you try to install an HDTV in a non-HDTV compatible house, you may tear the space-time continuum. — Ed Helms

Install Quotes By Rupert Thomson

While still practising law, he'd run a hearse-rental agency. Then, later, he'd bought into a handkerchief factory in Baker Park. Their most famous innovation was the funeral hankerchief, a plain white cotton handkerchief with a black border. Not long afterwards he patented the first black-edged tissue. He'd made millions, apparently, though nobody knew what he'd done with the money. His only extravagance had been to install an elevator in the house, so he could move between floors without getting out of his wheelchair.
'So what did he mean about hearing money?' Jed asked.
'It's his factory across the river. He claims he can hear the money being made. — Rupert Thomson

Install Quotes By Roald Dahl

Oh, books, what books they used to know, Those children living long ago! So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, Go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can install A lovely bookshelf on the wall. — Roald Dahl

Install Quotes By Bernard Marcus

People used to believe only a professional could do tiling or install track lighting. That's utter nonsense. — Bernard Marcus

Install Quotes By Jerry Pournelle

Microsoft has gotten so big that it can put out a Preview that will install itself without checking first to see if it has expired. The message here is that Microsoft's time is worth more than yours ... no start-up company could get away with being that arrogant. — Jerry Pournelle

Install Quotes By Linus Torvalds

I've tried it a couple of times over the years, mainly because the thing Ubuntu did so well was make Debian usable. I always felt that Debian was a pointless exercise because to me, the point of a distribution is to make everything easy. Easy to install, to be pretty and to be friendly and Ubuntu did that to Debian. — Linus Torvalds

Install Quotes By Joseph Lewis

Go forth, little book, to destroy fear, prejudice and superstition, and help to install Reason in the minds of the human race to be its guide in the affairs of life and its living. — Joseph Lewis

Install Quotes By Bill Dedman

After every massacre in a school, Americans grasp at quick cures. 'Let's install metal detectors and give guns to teachers' Let's crack down on troublemakers, weeding out kids who fit the profile of a gunman. Let's buy bulletproof whiteboards for the students to scurry behind, or train kids to throw erasers or cans of soup at an attacker.' — Bill Dedman

Install Quotes By Anonymous

Themselves on the building's famous balcony. Millions more will watch the ceremony and celebrations on live television
crowded around screens in their homes, at street parties in towns and villages and at major landmarks. Lawmakers are already lobbying London Mayor Boris Johnson to install a giant screen in the city's iconic Trafalgar Square. Britain's Foreign Office said royal officials had sent their regrets to Estibalis Chavez, — Anonymous

Install Quotes By Tim Weiner

their installations. Once a wiretap was approved, Hoover considered it approved forever. Hoover had asserted that the FBI was free to install bugs at will, without informing a higher authority. He told Katzenbach that this power had been granted him in perpetuity by Franklin Delano Roosevelt a quarter of a century ago. — Tim Weiner

Install Quotes By Evo Morales

The fight against drug trafficking is a false pretext for the United States to install military bases. — Evo Morales

Install Quotes By Sonia Sotomayor

Next to the monitor that showed the jobs queuing to run on the computer was a metal post that seemed to serve no purpose. It was a while before someone explained it to me: after repeatedly replastering the wall, the administration had decided to install the post for the convenience of frustrated students, who invariably needed something to kick when their code crashed. — Sonia Sotomayor

Install Quotes By Barton Gellman

Dell fills its computers with crapware, collecting fees from McAfee and other vendors to pre-install 'trial' versions. — Barton Gellman

Install Quotes By Penny Reid

No. That's not what I want. You would have to go all in. We would go out to dinner, see movies, call each other, text. I'd work on your car - you know, the Mustang you left at my house earlier this week - install gadgets you don't need 'cause you're my girl. You might come to the Winston place and hang out with us boys. This would be both of us, all in for all twelve months - or less if we find we don't suit. — Penny Reid

Install Quotes By Sarah Vowell

I wish that in order to secure his party's nomination, a presidential candidate would be required to point at the sky and name all the stars; have the periodic table of the elements memorized; rattle off the kings and queens of Spain; define the significance of the Gatling gun; joke around in Latin; interpret the symbolism in seventeenth-century Dutch painting; explain photosynthesis to a six-year-old; recite Emily Dickenson; bake a perfect popover; build a shortwave radio out of a coconut; and know all the words to Hoagy Carmichael's "Two Sleepy People", Johnny Cash's "Five Feet High and Rising", and "You Got the Silver" by the Rolling Stones ... What we need is a president who is at least twelve kinds of nerd, a nerd messiah to come along every four years, acquire the Secret Service code name Poindexter, install a Revenge of the Nerds screen saver on the Oval Office computer, and one by one decrypt our woes. — Sarah Vowell

Install Quotes By Tera Lynn Childs

The Library of Alexandria?" I ask. "Didn't that burn down?"
Mrs Philipoulus scoffs. "Damn fool Hypatia. Athena tried to convince her to install a sprinkler system. But no-o-o, no one was going to tell the librarianatrix how to run her library. — Tera Lynn Childs

Install Quotes By W. Edwards Deming

For Quality: Stamp out fires, automate, computerize, M.B.O., install merit pay, rank people, best efforts, zero defects. WRONG!!!! Missing ingredient: profound knowledge. — W. Edwards Deming

Install Quotes By Karen Witemeyer

As she slipped back into the house, Travis mumbled, "It's about time." Everett Hayes had the gall to wink at him. "Better get used to it, Archer. Things are never the same after you install a woman in your house." "That is true," the parson said as he pushed up out of his chair, his expression slightly censorious as he glanced at Everett. "But if the Lord is installed, as well, the changes can bring blessing to a man." He shifted his attention and peered at Travis. "Marriage is a sacred union, son, and not something to dread. As Ecclesiastes says, 'Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. . . . A threefold cord is not quickly broken.' Keep God woven into your relationship and this union will make you stronger. But if you treat it as a burden, it will become one. — Karen Witemeyer

Install Quotes By Stephen Colbert

TV's Tony Snow becomes the White House press secretary. How will he make the difficult transition from Fox News reporter to Republican apologist? ... Mr. President, it is time to hire the folks who've never let you down. Limbaugh at Health and Human Services. Hannity at State. Then give Rummy the Medal of Freedom and install Bill O'Reilly as secretary of defense. Only problem, you might find yourself invading Vermont. And I'll replace Chertoff at Homeland Security. The man's done nothing to control the bear population. — Stephen Colbert

Install Quotes By Richelle Mead

I'm not really qualified to install a security system," said Dimitri.
"Really? There's something you can't do?" Adrian's voice was so soft that I could barely hear him, and he was sitting right next to me. — Richelle Mead

Install Quotes By Jeff Hawkins

Adding hardware to any computer is hard. The reality is, you're sticking in disks, trying to run installers. We do a very sophisticated installation and de-install but it's invisible to the user and happens almost instantaneously. — Jeff Hawkins

Install Quotes By Laurence J. Peter

There is no stigma attached to recognizing a bad decision in time to install a better one. — Laurence J. Peter

Install Quotes By Tom Peters

The Chinese are quite entrepreneurial. Remember when Lenovo bought IBM's PC division. It was said that China didn't need a brand name, China didn't need to buy Lenovo to get into the PC business, I remember reading a one-liner somewhere which struck me as quite possibly true, it said the one thing that the Chinese had not been able to copy or figure out was the way, in terms of systems, that Americans - it probably would be true for Europeans as well - that Americans install and live by their management systems, while China is still quite half-assed. Perhaps that is a true statement. — Tom Peters

Install Quotes By Matt Gonzalez

This notion that we're going to prop up foreign governments, that we're going to invade other countries for some kind of perceived benefit where we're going to install somebody who's going to be supportive of American interests or American corporate private interests needs to stop. — Matt Gonzalez

Install Quotes By Bernard Lewis

Different groups in the [Middle East] drew two lessons from [return of the shah in Iran] - one, that Americans were willing to use both force and intrigue to install or restore their puppet rulers in Middle Eastern countries; the other, that they were not reliable patrons when these puppets were seriously attacked by their own people, and would simply abandon them. The one evoked hatred, the other contempt - a dangerous combination.
Clearly, something deeper is involved than these specific grievances, numerous and important as they may be, something deeper which turns every disagreement into a problem and makes every problem insoluble. What we confront now is not just a complaint about one or another American policy but rather a rejection and condemnation, at once angry and contemptuous, of all that America is seen to represent in the modern world. (76) — Bernard Lewis

Install Quotes By Shaun Rein

Users turned on their phones and went straight to WeChat to chat with friends, read their posts, and install apps within WeChat, effectively making it an alternate operating system. — Shaun Rein

Install Quotes By Iain M. Banks

The ship left the construction bay of the factory craft with most of its fitting-out still to be done. Accelerating hard, its course a four-dimensional spiral through a blizzard of stars where it knew that only danger waited, it powered into hyperspace on spent engines from an overhauled craft of one class, watched its birthplace disappear astern with battle-damaged sensors from a second, and tested outdated weapon units cannibalized from yet another. Inside its warship body, in narrow, unlit, unheated, hard-vacuum spaces, constructor drones struggled to install or complete sensors, displacers, field generators, shield disruptors, laserfields, plasma chambers, warhead magazines, maneuvering units, repair systems and the thousands of other major and minor components required to make a functional warship. Gradually, — Iain M. Banks

Install Quotes By Mark Fisher

Deleuze and Guattari describe capitalism as a kind of dark potentiality which haunted all previous social systems. Capital, they argue, is the 'unnamable Thing', the abomination, which primitive and feudal societies 'warded off in advance'. When it actually arrives, capitalism brings with it a massive desacralization of culture. It is a system which is no longer governed by any transcendent Law; on the contrary, it dismantles all such codes, only to re-install them on an ad hoc basis. — Mark Fisher

Install Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Government barriers on Business For example, the Endangered Species Act prevents 'disturbing the habitat' of the spotted owl. That has restricted 4.2 million acres of forest from development, leading to the loss of 30,000 lumber-related jobs and the annual loss of 1.1 billion board feet of lumber. This has driven up the cost of houses by at least $4,000 each. In addition, regulators ordered a Kansas City bank to install a Braille keypad on its drive-through automatic teller machine, presumably to aid any blind drivers. The list goes on and on. — Rush Limbaugh

Install Quotes By Jennifer Echols

If she can't stand the heat, she needs to stay out of the kitchen," Mr. Rush insisted.
"Or you could air-condition the kitchen," I said. "Or at least install a fan to ventilate some of the fumes. — Jennifer Echols

Install Quotes By Barton Gellman

A minimum precaution: keep your anti-malware protections up to date, and install security updates for all your software as soon as they arrive. — Barton Gellman

Install Quotes By Lynn Jurich

I think, in a lot of places, the solar panels are a badge of honor; they're trendy. If you go to Hawaii or Japan, people even install fake solar panels because it's cool and it's popular. And so I think solar panels have gotten a lot more attractive. They're sleek, black, they look good on a roof. — Lynn Jurich

Install Quotes By Ann Coulter

It's just like a liberal, they import slaves, they hold slaves, they fight for slavery, they go to war in a civil war to defend slavery. They then install legal discrimination against blacks for a hundred years — Ann Coulter

Install Quotes By Michael Jackson

Yet, instead of loving our children more, we install metal detectors in our schools. — Michael Jackson

Install Quotes By Bruce Schneier

It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state. — Bruce Schneier

Install Quotes By Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

The awareness that we stand in the presence of the Living God is one of the most important realizations we can install in our operative consciousness. God is always present. The question is, how present are we? We want to stand in that Presence without opacity. Our work is to penetrate, in meditation and in action, to the very heart of being nokhach penei ha-Shem (Lamentations 2:19), of being truly present before God. — Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Install Quotes By Timothy Snyder

Aristotle warned that inequality brought instability, while Plato believed that demagogues exploited free speech to install themselves as tyrants. — Timothy Snyder

Install Quotes By Roald Dahl

So please, oh please, we beg, we pray,
Go throw your TV set away,
And in its place you can install
A lovely bookshelf on the wall.
Then fill the shelves with lots of books. — Roald Dahl

Install Quotes By Jennifer Lee

When I signed up for Google Plus, it recommended 500 people for me to invite. You know, and once I invited those 500 people I got another 500 people. So it has a huge install base that it can start from. — Jennifer Lee

Install Quotes By Caroline Dhavernas

All this happens without him knowing - they actually install cameras in his apartment and hire this girl to get him to fall in love with her so that she can be in the apartment and present him products without him knowing. — Caroline Dhavernas

Install Quotes By John Perry Barlow

Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds. — John Perry Barlow

Install Quotes By Andy Stanley

Churches are notorious for creating competing systems, wherein unclear direction and conflicting information threaten to cause a breakdown and paralyze the ministry. Instead of replacing old systems, we tend to just download and add whatever is new to what already exists. Soon our capacity becomes fragmented and we find ourselves confronted with the signs of ineffectiveness: some ministries seem routine and irrelevant; the teaching feels too academic; calendars are saturated with mediocre programs; staff members pull in opposite directions; volunteers lack motivation; departments viciously compete for resources; and it becomes harder and harder to figure out if we are really being successful. Too many churches desperately need an upgrade. They need to reformat their hard drives and install a clean system. They need to rewrite their code so everyone is clear about what is important and how they should function. — Andy Stanley

Install Quotes By Thomas A. Edison

The inventor can't do it all, you've got to change people. We have an enormous capacity to invent super-machinery. But our desire to install the device is weak. Human inertia is the problem, not invention. Something in man makes him resist change. — Thomas A. Edison

Install Quotes By Kevin Wilson

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud based service and is a subscription-based version of Office 2013. Unlike any of the traditional Office suites such as Office 2010, Office 365 allows you to install Office applications on up to five different computers. It includes some additional features, such as Office on Demand, 20 GB of additional online storage space through SkyDrive, and the option to install Office 2011 on Mac computers. — Kevin Wilson

Install Quotes By T. Harv Eker

By unlinking your money motivation from anger, fear, and the need to prove yourself, you can install new links for earning your money through purpose, contribution, and joy. — T. Harv Eker