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Islam isn't like that - something you can use just to get what you want. It's a genuine spiritual commitment, a way of life... — Na'ima B. Robert

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For most men, a stepford wife would bore them to tears after a couple of weeks — Na'ima B. Robert

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It was then that I came to an important realization:as long as someone is beautiful,thin,wealthy,fun-loving or talented,we are happy to accept him or her at face value.We are not ever taught to look for-or care about-what lies beneath the surface. — Na'ima B. Robert

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That's what I've learned over the years. We always think someone else has it easier than us but, when you pull back the layers, you see that they are struggling too, just in their own, unique way. — Na'ima B. Robert

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It is not Islam that oppresses Muslim women, it is the lack of knowledge or the lack of application of that knowledge that oppresses. — Na'ima B. Robert

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... Don't get married weak and needy, looking to your husband to make your world the one you dream of. What a burden for him! What high expectations. How on earth will he ever be able to fulfill all your needs? He's still learning himself. And what happens when he fails this huge task you've set him without his knowledge? You become bitter and disappointed. And that's no way to be, trust me. — Na'ima B. Robert

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When I walked out of the house with hijab on, i felt beautiful in the eyes of Allah. I felt protected, shielded - i just felt somebody was watching over me'
- Nadia, a reverted Muslim — Na'ima B. Robert

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But human beings are amazing like that. We're resilient. And Allah tests us with the things we love so that we can return to Him and long for His love, not the love of His creation. That was when I realized that this life isn't meant to be perfect. It's a place for test and examination. The true happiness, the true bliss, will be in the afterlife, Akhirah. That's when I hope to taste pure happiness, with no loss, no tears, ever. — Na'ima B. Robert