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Top Improving Technology Quotes

Improving Technology Quotes By Narendra Modi

Convergence of technology and the judicial system is the need-of-the-hour. We need to go digital and adopt online analysis of legal cases. Dissemination of legal knowledge to the common man will also a go a long way in improving the law and order situation in the country. — Narendra Modi

Improving Technology Quotes By David Ulrich

Improving the skills of HR colleagues. The best learners are also teachers. Investing in building the skills of HR colleagues requires individuals to be clear and disciplined about a topical area, tool, or technology. — David Ulrich

Improving Technology Quotes By Michael D Coleman

It has been said that if a drug has no side effects, then it is unlikely to work. Drug therapy labours under the fundamental problem that usually every single cell in the body has to be treated just to exert a beneficial effect on a small group of cells, perhaps in one tissue. Although drug-targeting technology is improving rapidly, most of us who take an oral dose are still faced with the problem that the vast majority of our cells are being unnecessarily exposed to an agent that at best will have no effect, but at worst will exert many unwanted effects. Essentially, all drug treatment is really a compromise between positive and negative effects in the patient. — Michael D Coleman

Improving Technology Quotes By Tariq Anwar

Bio-Technology is expected to play a major role in improving productivity. — Tariq Anwar

Improving Technology Quotes By Bill Gates

Microsoft has had its success by doing low-cost products and constantly improving those products and we've really redefined the IT industry to be something that's about a tool for individuals. — Bill Gates

Improving Technology Quotes By Shigeru Miyamoto

Originally, I wanted a machine that would cost $100. My idea was to spend nothing on the console technology so all the money could be spent on improving the interface and software. If we hadn't used NAND flash memory and other pricey parts, we might have succeeded. — Shigeru Miyamoto

Improving Technology Quotes By Stephen Hawking

We believe human begins have existed for only a small fraction of cosmic history, because human race has been improving so rapidly in knowledge and technology that if people had been around for millions of years, the human race would be much further along in it's mastery. — Stephen Hawking

Improving Technology Quotes By Arthur C. Clarke

The information age has been driven and dominated by technopreneurs. We now have to apply these technologies in saving lives, improving livelihoods and lifting millions of people out of squalor, misery and suffering. In other words, our focus must now move from the geeks to the meek. — Arthur C. Clarke

Improving Technology Quotes By Stephen Bayley

As the twentieth century ends, commerce and culture are coming closer together. The distinction between life and art has been eroded by fifty years of enhanced communications, ever-improving reproduction technologies and increasing wealth. — Stephen Bayley

Improving Technology Quotes By Alex Shoumatoff

As technology keeps improving, the price of oil keeps rising, and the ice keeps melting, Arctic energy is bound to be an increasingly bigger part of the global mix. — Alex Shoumatoff

Improving Technology Quotes By Lynn Coady

I've always been a sucker for any technology engineered primarily for the entertainment of the human race - even such technology as has been disguised as 'useful' or 'improving' when we all know the real virtue lies in its ability to distract and divert. — Lynn Coady

Improving Technology Quotes By Maya Angelou

While the rest of the world has been improving technology, Ghana has been improving the quality of mans humanity to a man. — Maya Angelou

Improving Technology Quotes By Dave Barry

Technology is constantly improving our lives. Look at the cellular telephone. Just ten years ago, virtually nobody was able to get into a car crash caused by trying to steer and dial at the same time; today, people do this all the time. — Dave Barry

Improving Technology Quotes By Jim Breyer

I feel there is so much more we can do in improving education, making it accessible and understanding how technology can be a part of the solution. — Jim Breyer

Improving Technology Quotes By Bill Gates

One thing people underestimate is how markets don't allow anyone to do anything except make better and better products. There's not much leeway. The world is a lot more competitive than most people think, particularly in a high-technology area. If a company takes its eye off improving its products, if it tries to do anything that would be viewed as an exercise of power, it'll be displaced very rapidly. — Bill Gates