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I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Frank McCourt

Also, said Freddie, I work nights to make a living and pay my way through college. You know what that's like, Mr. McCourt. I don't see what that has to do with your writing. Also, it's not easy when you're black in this society. Oh, Christ, Freddie. It's not easy being anything in this society. All right. You want an A? You'll get it. I don't want to be accused of bigotry. No, I don't want it just because you're pissed off or because I'm black. I want it because I deserve it. I — Frank McCourt

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Art Hochberg

Every once in awhile, have a really good argument with yourself. I mean really get pissed off. Take both sides. Then look in the mirror, and in the middle of the argument say, "You know, you're a pain in my butt. I'm not arguing with you. Get lost. — Art Hochberg

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Susan Ee

Burnt was part of the gang that cut off Raffe's wings. Because of that, the sword had to leave Raffe. Now, she's stuck with me, a weakling little human. She's had to suffer insult upon insult since then, including being laughed at. And now, the final humiliation - Burnt's about to beat us into the ground with no more than two or three blows.
Boy, is she pissed.
Fine. I'm pissed too. This bastard took my sister and look what happened. — Susan Ee

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Georgia Cates

Tears spill down her cheeks. "I'm so pissed off at you right now that I can't see straight. I simultaneously love the fuck out of you while I hate your guts. I don't know if I want to slap your face or get naked with you."
"My vote would be for getting naked, but I don't think they'll allow that here in the airport. — Georgia Cates

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By K.I. Lynn

I'm mad at myself and pissed at you for wrapping me around your little fucking finger."
"But I didn't ... "
"I know!" he yelled, his anger seeping from him. "And that ticks me off more. I hate that you turn me on. I hate the way I need you all the fucking time. I don't want that. I can't want that. I can't want you ... but I do, so fucking much I do. — K.I. Lynn

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Eve Berlin

That made her pause, almost made her want to laugh. She pushed her hair from her face. "God, we're fucked up, aren't we?"
His tight features loosened a little. "Yeah, I've been trying to get over it most of my life. I guess I'd had myself talked into thinking I had."
"Me, too. I'm sorry," she told him, her shoulders relaxing. "I didn't need to get so pissed off."
He cracked a grin, "You did, though, didn't you? I kind of liked seeing you like that. All that fire. — Eve Berlin

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Sherman Alexie

They called me an Indian pig. Oh, and they called me a prairie n*****. Pretty colorful, enit?"

"I suppose."

"That one pissed me off, though. I ain't no prairie Indian. I'm from a salmon tribe, man. If they were going to insult me, they should've called me salmon n*****."

"I'm surprised you can laugh about this."

"It's what Indians do."

"Weren't you afraid?"

"Yeah, I was afraid, but I'm afraid most of the time, you know? How would you feel if a white guy like you got dropped into the middle of a black neighborhood, like Compton, California, on a Saturday night?"

"I'd be very afraid."

"And that's exactly how I feel living in Seattle. Hell, I feel that way living in the United States. Indians are outnumbered, Officer. Those three guys scared me bad, but I've been scared for a long time. — Sherman Alexie

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Becca Fitzpatrick

If I missed out on some really big action, I'm going to be royally pissed off! — Becca Fitzpatrick

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By John Green

I'm so pissed off about it, because - I mean, I wasted so much of my life with him and then he cheats on me and I'm not even particularly, like, depressed about it? — John Green

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Aileen Erin

Gave him my best I'm-pissed-at-you face, but the jerk grinned back at me, showing off his dimples. Those two dents in his cheeks got to me every damned time I saw them. — Aileen Erin

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

I heard - " I began.
"I let you hear," he cut me off.
I shut my mouth, closed the door, and leaned back against it. The corners of his lips turned up as if at some private amusement, and for a moment I thought we were having one of those silent conversations.
You think it's safe to close yourself in with the Beast?
If you think I'm afraid of you, you're wrong.
You should be afraid.
Maybe you should be afraid of me. Go ahead, piss me off, Barrons. See what happens.
Little girl thinks she's all grown up now.
His mouth moved into a smile that I've grown familiar with over the past few months, shaped of competing tensions: part mockery, part pissed off, and part turned on. Men are so complicated. — Karen Marie Moning

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Elizabeth Hunter

Who gave you permission to speak, Murphy?" Jetta asked. "This is Terry's summit."
"I suppose that's true," Terry said, "But I'm fucking pissed off at all of you, so I decided I'd let him talk."
"And with that gracious introduction," Murphy continued, "I'll proceed. — Elizabeth Hunter

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Brene Brown

One of the most painfully inauthentic ways we show up in our lives sometimes is saying "yes" when we mean "no," and saying "no" when we mean "hell yes." I'm the oldest of four, a people-pleaser - that's the good girl straitjacket that I wear sometimes. I spent a lot of my life saying yes all the time and then being pissed off and resentful. — Brene Brown

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Pablo Francisco

I'm a sports fan sometimes when I'm drunk. All my friends gamble on sports so whenever we watch a game, everyone's pissed off at the end! Sometimes the commentators speak so quickly, I think you've got to be on drugs to listen to them. — Pablo Francisco

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Ray Lewis

Effort is between you, and you, and nobody else. So that team that thinks it's ready to see you, they think what they've seen on film, they ain't saw what film shows, because every day is a new day. Every moment is a new moment. So now you've got to go out and show them that I'm a different creature now, than I was five minutes ago, cause I'm pissed off for greatness. Cause if you ain't pissed off for greatness, that just means you're okay with being mediocre, and ain't no man in here okay with just basic. — Ray Lewis

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Burt Reynolds

If you've as many films as I have, and missed as many opportunities as I have to do good work and been pissed off about it, you say, "Well, now you've got to start getting it right". If you get a chance, you really want to cook. And the tragedy is, when you finally feel that way about yourself, about your work, nobody wants to give you a chance. And that happens to a lot of actors. But I'm feeling very wanted these days, so there must be something in the air. — Burt Reynolds

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Cherie Currie

For your information, I am NOT overreacting. I'm REACTING. That's different. It's important to react when you're pissed off. — Cherie Currie

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By J.D. Robb

Roarke: "Our engines don't run at the same speed."
Eve: "What the hell does that mean?"
Roarke: "Just that."
Eve: "It sounds like something that ought to piss me off. But I can't figure out exactly why. When I do, I might have to pop you one."
Roarke: "I'll look forward to it. If you don't sleep, eat. You need something in your stomach. And what are you grinning at?"
Eve: "You. You're such a wife."
Roarke: "Now, I'm pissed off. — J.D. Robb

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Kristina McBride

Adam pressed his hand to his face. Sighed. Right. It's just that ... He died. And I'm so freaking pissed off, I swear I'd punch him in the face if he were standing right here. — Kristina McBride

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By J.R. Ward

Oh ... God. What was a male supposed to do in this situation?
"I'm sorry," he muttered. "If I ... uh, hurt your feelings or something."
She glared at him. "I'm not hurt. I'm pissed off and sexually frustrated. — J.R. Ward

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

Cal shrugged. "That's one word for it. I'm not all that thrilled with it either."
I pushed the covers off and got out of bed, making sure my nightshirt didn't ride up. "Cal, I already have to deal with an angry dad today. Please don't pull some macho "bethrothed" thing on top of it, okay?"
He caught my wrirst. "I'm not. And it's not you I'm pissed at. It's them. They shouldn't have taken you there."
His hand was warm on my skin. — Rachel Hawkins

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Paula Hawkins

It's not until we get into the car that I notice he has blood on his hand. "You've cut yourself," I say. He doesn't reply; his knuckles are white on the steering wheel. "Tom, I needed to talk to you," I say. I'm trying to be conciliatory, trying to be grown-up about this, but I suppose it's a little late for that. "I'm sorry about hassling you, but for God's sake! You just cut me off. You - " "It's OK," he says, his voice soft. "I'm not . . . I'm pissed off about something else. It's not you." He turns his head and tries to smile at me, but fails. "Problems with the ex," he says. "You know how it is." "What happened to your hand?" I ask him. "Problems with the ex," he says again, and there's a nasty edge to his voice. We drive the rest of the way to Corly Wood in silence. — Paula Hawkins

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Yes, you do. And when you find yourself back in Kalosis in a few seconds with a wide-eyes Trates and a pissed-off Stryker, remember that I'm watching you and that the Weres are off-limits in this game. You want to fuck with Artemis, fuck with Artemis. You want to fuck with me ... make out your will. (Savitar) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Molly Harper

I opened my mouth, but I just couldn't find the words to express the mishmash of frustration and plain old mad I had spinning through my head. I moved my lips. I narrowed my eyes. I made angry hand gestures. But no words came out. I started to pace, gnawing my fingernails to the quick. Fortunately, they grew back almost instantly, which meant I had an endless supply.
Andrea stopped me in my tracks by grabbing my shoulders. OK, sweetheart, I'm all for nonverbal forms of communication, but you're starting to look like an extremely pissed-off mime. Use your words. — Molly Harper

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Rachel Harris

I'm thinking the only way to show I've really changed is for that guy to be Justin."
My foot hits the brake, and I swerve to avoid hitting the curb. Waving a hand at the pissed-off driver behind me, I shake my head and clutch the wheel with both fists. "Aly, you can do a hell of a lot better than Justin."
Her voice pitches in confusion. "But I thought Justin was your friend."
"He is." I take a breath and change lanes. "Which is how I know you can do a lot better. — Rachel Harris

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bastien rolled his eyes, "Calm down, Hauk. All you're going to do is hurt yourself."
He glared at Bastien. "If you want to see exactly how angry someone can get, tell them to calm down when they're already pissed off!" Bellowing, he tried his best to break free.
"Is that helping? I just gotta know."
"When I get loose, Cabarro, your ass is the first one I'm kicking."
"Oh good. Hope you get out soon. Been awhile since I had a good ass-kicking." Bastien made a kissy face at him.
"Says the man who's so bruised, he looks like a two-year old banana."
"Now that's just mean and hurtful."
"Telise! He's awake again."
She moved forward and kicked Hauk in the face. "I wouldn't do that," Bastien warned. "Don't motivate the Andarion for murder. It ain't going to work out well for any of us. 'Specially me, since mine's the first ass he's planning to come after. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By C.C. Hunter

I...I'm sorry," Kylie mumbled.
"Don't you even try to talk your way out of me being pissed!" Burnett growled. "Not a word!"
"I just..."
"That's two words and I said not one!" he snapped, and he swiped his hand through the air for emphasis.
Kylie bit down on her lip, and wouldn't you know it that's when the tears started flowing. Big, fat, and fast tears. She sniffled and wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand. Her breath caught in her chest. But damn it. Why couldn't this have happened when she was alone?
"Those tears do not affect me, young lady!" He pointed a finger at her. While she couldn't hear his heart beat to the rhythm of a lie, she heard it in his voice.


"I just..."
"Did I say you could talk?" he asked. He did three more pacing laps, as if working off steam, before he looked at her again. "Where were you going, Kylie?"
When she just looked at him, he bit out, "Answer me."
"You said I couldn't talk. — C.C. Hunter

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Pierce Brown

I'm a bloodydamn Helldiver with an army of giant, mildly psychotic women behind me and a fleet of state-of-the-art warships crewed by pissed-off pirates, engineers, techs, and former slaves. — Pierce Brown

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Suzanne Brockmann

Go fuck yourself! - Dan said genuinely pissed off.
I've found that I'm a little shy for such blatantly public display of self-affection. Besides, I like to be wined and dined before I have my way with myself. I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy. — Suzanne Brockmann

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By S.R. Crawford

I'm trying to figure out if you know something that I don't, or if you're really this stupid. You might be older and therefore a lot stronger than I am, Sphinx, but I am a mother and a lot more pissed off than you. — S.R. Crawford

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Danny DeVito

When we get out of this, I'm gonna shove my fist right into your ass, hard and fast Not in the sexual way! In the 'I am pissed off' sort of way. — Danny DeVito

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

I'm mad at you - at myself. I'm so angry, I can taste it. I want to find Blake and rearrange parts of his body. But do you know what I thought about all day yesterday? All night? The one single thing I couldn't escape, no matter how pissed off I am at you? "
"No," I whispered.
"That I'm lucky, because the person I can't get out of my head, the person who means more to me than I can stand, is still alive. She's still here. And that's you. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Dan Fante

My secret weapon is my anger. That's what stimulates me as an artist. I want change. I want it yesterday. I'm pissed off at America. Society. American movies. American TV. American culture. American politicians. Capitalism. I'm a little like my old man in that way only I'm a recovered drunk. He wasn't. I should have been dead years ago like my brother but somehow I dodged the bullet and it gave me something to say. Impatience and rage are always just beneath the surface for me. — Dan Fante

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Tom Wolfe

None of us are going to deny what other people are doing. If saying bullshit is somebody's thing, then he says bullshit. If somebody is an ass-kicker, then that's what he's going to do on this trip, kick asses. He's going to do it right out front and nobody is going to have anything to get pissed off about. He can just say, 'I'm sorry I kicked you in the ass, but I'm not sorry I'm an ass-kicker. That's what I do, I kick people in the ass.' Everybody is going to be what they are, and whatever they are, there's not going to be anything to apologize about. What we are, we're going to wail with on this whole trip. — Tom Wolfe

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Wale

Sometimes I'm happy - you can tell via Twitter. Sometimes I'm pissed off - you can tell via Twitter. I just think, at the end of the day, I don't want them to see me as a celebrity; I just want them to see me and say, 'He's like a regular person at his job right now who's mad.' — Wale

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Deb Caletti

The favorite game of temperamental people is Try to Guess Why I'm Ticked Off. (Contestant number one, Why do YOU think he's pissed off? Why, I'm not sure, Bob, but I'm going to go with 'Because I Left the Faucet Dripping.' BEEP. I'm sorry, that's incorrect. The correct answer is: 'Because You Happen to Exist.') — Deb Caletti

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By John Green

I was so tired of her getting upset for no reason. The way she would get sulky and make references to the freaking oppressive nature of tragedy or whatever but then never said what was wrong, never have any goddamned reason to be sad. And I just think you ought to have a reason. My girlfriend dumped me, so I'm sad. I got caught smoking, so I'm pissed off. My head hurts, so I'm cranky. She never had a reason, Pudge. I was just so tired of putting up with her drama. And I just let her go. Christ. — John Green

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Brene Brown

I learned how to worry more about how I felt and less about "what people might think." I was setting new boundaries and began to let go of my need to please, perform, and perfect. I started saying no rather than sure (and being resentful and pissed off later). I began to say "Oh, hell yes!" rather than "Sounds fun, but I have lots of work to do" or "I'll do that when I'm _ (thinner, less busy, better prepared). — Brene Brown

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Harlan Coben

Well-meaning friends ' often the worst kind ' handed me the usual clich+!s, and so I feel in a pretty good position to warn you: Just offer your deepest condolences. Don't tell me I'm young. Don't tell me it'll get better. Don't tell me she's in a better place. Don't tell me it's part of some divine plan. Don't tell me that I was lucky to have known such a love. Every one of those platitudes pissed me off. They made me ' and this is going to sound uncharitable ' stare at the idiot and wonder why he or she still breathed while my Elizabeth rotted. — Harlan Coben

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By E.L. Montes

That pissed me the hell off. I took in a deep breath and blurted out everything without thinking twice. "Fuck you! You want to know who I am, Marcus. Well here it goes! I am temperamental, over-sensitive, and outspoken. I'm honest! I cry at stupid love movies, and I'm a sucker for a romantic novel. I don't allow people to walk all over me, I have trust issues, and I have insecurities. I've slept with four men in my entire life! And the one thing I don't do is take shit from men who try to act like they're better than me as if they don't have any hidden skeletons! I'm not keeping shit hidden, how 'bout you? You can fuck off. I'll find my own way home. Have a nice fucking life!" - Mia — E.L. Montes

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By L.A. Witt

Every time I look at you, I'm either so pissed I can't stand the sight of you or so fucking horny I can't take my eyes off you. I don't think I have to tell you which I prefer.
I swallowed. "So which is it now?"
I'm looking at you aren't I? — L.A. Witt

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By David Sedaris

I'm completely fascinated by the health-care debate going on in the United States, especially by posters of Obama with a little mustache drawn on his upper lip. Is that what Hitler is really known for, his health-care plan? To quote Bill Maher, "I haven't seen this many pissed-off old white people since they cancelled 'Murder She Wrote.' " — David Sedaris

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Vi Keeland

Gorgeous, arrogant and pissed off?" I chuckled a little. "Yes, that's him." "His name is Graham Morgan, and I know just where you should bring the phone." I fished a pen from my purse. "Okay." "Are you anywhere near the 1 train?" "I'm not too far." "Okay. Well, hop on the 1 and take that all the way downtown. Pass Rector Street and get off at the South Ferry Terminal." "Okay. I can do that." "Once you're off. Take a right on Whitehall and then a left on South Street." I knew the area and tried to visualize the buildings around there. It was a pretty commercial neighborhood. "Won't that take me to the East River?" "Exactly. Toss that asshole's phone in, and forget you ever saw the man." The phone line went dead. — Vi Keeland

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Sylvia Day

You can't manage me, Lindsay. I'm more than happy to be the recipient of your persuasive skills, but not if you'll be pissed off when it doesn't get you what you want. — Sylvia Day

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Ozzy Osbourne

My son Jack just got out of rehab, he's 17 years old and he got hooked on Oxycontin and I'm just a little pissed off that he never gave me a few. — Ozzy Osbourne

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Reymundo Sanchez

I'm pissed off because of all the fuckin' people who shut their eyes while others are victimized because it doesn't benefit them to get involved. It pissed me off that every-fuckin'-body is such a tough guy until a tough situation is actually present to them. Then they become crying little pussies blaming the world and everything in it. — Reymundo Sanchez

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By J.R. Ward

I'm sorry," he muttered. "If I ... uh, hurt your feelings or something."
She glared at him. "I'm not hurt. I'm pissed off and sexually frustrated."
His head snapped back on his spine. Well ... then. Okaaaaay. — J.R. Ward

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Robert Downey Jr.

I saw School of Rock, and I was like, why haven't I worked with Richard Linklater already? Then by the time I got him I was like, I'm really pissed off I feel like you owe me some retroactive swag. He gave me the 10-year anniversary "Dazed and Confused" T-shirt, which I still wear with relish. — Robert Downey Jr.

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Mykle Hansen

If I was a worrier I'd worry, but not being a worrier I'm just sort of confused and pissed off. — Mykle Hansen

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Libba Bray

Sometimes I just want to go in a room and break things and scream. Like, it's so much pressure all the time and if you get upset or angry, people say, 'Are you on the rag of something?' And it's like I want to say, 'No. I'm just pissed off right now. Can't I just be pissed off? How come that's not okay for me?' Like my dad will say, 'I can't talk to you when you're hysterical.' And I'm totally not being hysterical! I'm just mad. And he's the one losing it. But then I feel embarrassed anyway. So I slap on that smile and pretend everything's okay even though it's not. — Libba Bray

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Howard Stern

I am completely pissed off that I'm circumcised. — Howard Stern

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

I'm trying to make some sense out of the phrase "Everything happens for a reason," and I think I've figured out what the reason is - to pissed me off. — Cecelia Ahern

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By J.D. Robb

I'm a barrel of monkeys, kid, though mostly I figure monkeys stuck in a barrel are just going to be pissed off. — J.D. Robb

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Pauly Shore

I'm into politics - I'm interested in the election and how pissed off people get. — Pauly Shore

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

Stats don't matter. I care about winning, not stats. If I score 0 points and we win I'm happy. If I score 50, 60 points, break the records, and we lose, I'm pissed off. 'Cause I knew I did something wrong. I'll have a hell of a season if I win the championship and average 20 points a game. — Shaquille O'Neal

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Kristen Ashley

This better be shit you can handle without Merry gettin' a pissed off look, Cher. 'Cause you pissed off gives me a quiver. Merry pissed off might mean I'm in the dark with a shovel and a flashlight, coverin' a brother's ass by buryin' bodies. — Kristen Ashley

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Mindy Kaling

GHOSTBUSTERS I always wanted the reboot of Ghostbusters to be four girl-ghostbusters. Like, four normal, plucky women living in New York City searching for Mr. Right and trying to find jobs - but who also bust ghosts. I'm not an idiot, though. I know the demographic for Ghostbusters is teenage boys, and I know they would kill themselves if two ghostbusters had a makeover at Sephora. I just have always wanted to see a cool girl having her first kiss with a guy she's had a crush on, and then have to excuse herself to go trap the pissed-off ghosts of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire or something. In my imagination, I am, of course, one of the ghostbusters, with the likes of say, Emily Blunt, Taraji Henson, and Natalie Portman. Even if I'm not the ringleader, I'm definitely the one who gets to say "I ain't afraid a no ghost." At least the first time. — Mindy Kaling

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Dolly Parton

My music is so mine, it's hard to turn it over to someone else. I have to be really involved in the production. It's like someone else taking care of your kids - if they don't treat them well, you're going to be pissed off. I'm actually co-producing [Backwoods] with my guitar player of 20 years, Kent Wells. We make a good combination ... I think we're going to have a real good record. — Dolly Parton

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Lora Leigh

He nodded slowly. "We'll do it your way for now, but my time will come."
Why that statement sent a jagged pulse of heat racing through her; she wasn't certain.
"You've changed," she finally said. "You're harder, Cam. Colder."
"I'm still the man who would kill for you," he stated matter-of-factly.
Jaci swallowed tightly. He was completely serious.
"Fine. I'll make a list for you." She finally shrugged, opting not to believe that declaration. "Give me a few days. It may take awhile to remember every son of a bitch who ever pissed me off. But what will you do when you find your name on the list? — Lora Leigh

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Anna Kendrick

I knew I was right, which is a comfortable place for me, even when I'm really pissed off. — Anna Kendrick

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Jessica Valenti

Be as pissed off as you want to be. Don't hold back because you think it's unladylike or some such nonsense. We shouldn't be shamed out of our anger. We should be using it. Using it to make change in our own lives, and using it to make change in the lives around us. (I know, I'm cheesy.) So the next time someone calls you emotional, or asks if you're PMSing, call them on their bullshit. — Jessica Valenti

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Susan Ee

Sure, I'm pissed off. But my actions are not entirely without thought. I might regularly open my mouth without thinking, but I never start a fight without consulting my brain. For this one, I figured I'd won as soon as I made the first move. Intimidation tactics like his are common among bullies. The smaller, weaker opponent is supposed to cringe and back off. — Susan Ee

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Alan Ball

I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me, but it's hard to stay mad when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much; my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold onto it. And then it flows through me like rain, and I can't feel anything but gratitude - for every single moment of my stupid, little life. You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure; but don't worry ... .you will someday. — Alan Ball

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Until today, it really pissed me off that I'd become this totally centered Zen Master and nobody had noticed. Still, I'm doing the little FAX thing. I write little HAIKU things and FAX them around to everyone. When I pass people in the hall at work, I get totally ZEN right in everyone's hostile little FACE. — Chuck Palahniuk

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Kristen Ashley

When I met you, my first thought was you were very pretty, great fuckin' eyes, but not my type. High-class which means high maintenance. Then you got pissed and that was it. Even if you hadn't been in that ditch, now you'd still be in my bed. So if you think this attitude is a turn off, baby you're wrong. — Kristen Ashley

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Robert Kirkman

I remember when my aunt died, the thing that pissed me off the most was going to get groceries the next day and seeing all those people who didn't care ... didn't understand why I was so upset when I saw her brand of cigarettes behind the counter. — Robert Kirkman

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Donna Augustine

Yeah, well, I'm pissed off that I give a shit too but I do. When I fuck you, I want you to know it's me, I want you to need me there with the very core of your being, clinging to me as if you'd die without it. I want it to be raw and real. Hell, even when Cupid was involved, at least I knew it was about us and not because I happened to be there when you were having a bad week. — Donna Augustine

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By J.D. Robb

Wear your new boots." He passed her the clothes. "They'll work well with that, and with the coat as well."
"What new boots?" Her eyebrows drew together as he took them off a shelf. "And where did they come from?"
"The boot elves, I assume."
"The boot elves are going to be pissed when they're dinged and scuffed inside a week."
"Oh, I think they're more tolerant than that."
"Those elves keep this up I'm going to need a bigger closet."
But she dressed as advised, then sat to pull on the boots while Roarke programmed breakfast for two.
They slid on like
as Peabody might say
butter. "Okay." She stood, took some strides. "They're great. Sturdy
I could definitely kick some teeth in with these."
"The elves had that as top priority. — J.D. Robb

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Adele

I don't want to be in everyone's face. I'm a big music fan, and I get really pissed off when it gets like that ... and I don't want people to get like that with me. — Adele

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Maya Banks

It's the same as if I just handed you a knife and offered you my balls, for God's sake. And I don't even give a fuck. Because I have no pride when it comes to you. There is nothing I wouldn't do or say to make you understand that I love you. I fucking love you. There, I said it. Do you believe me now? He sounded so pissed off and angry that the admission had been torn from him that she had to battle the smile forming on her lips. — Maya Banks

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Jennifer DeLucy

We still live in a world where many men are pissed off that women choose to be powerful equals rather than submissive objects of sexual release. I am a human. A human being. Who cares how my body randomly decided to generate its reproductive organs in utero? I am not here with the obligation and purpose of being sexually appealing to another human being. I am here to get shit done. — Jennifer DeLucy

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Cecily McMillan

I can be all pissed off at the oppression of the state, but what does that really mean? Well, it's the tacit consent of a public. — Cecily McMillan

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Elizabeth Hunter

She sniffed again. "If I become a vampire, will I stop crying every time I get pissed off? Because that would be definite mark in the plus column."
Carwyn chuckled. "I've no idea, but your tears would be kind of pink. Very ... cute."
"Great," she swiped at her cheeks that were dusted with salty frost. "So I'd look stupid and I'd stain my clothes. — Elizabeth Hunter

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By S.A. Tawks

Misadventure was my primary compass and I followed it without caring if I pissed off one person or a whole bunch of people. — S.A. Tawks

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Sarah Dessen

For me, family means the silent treatment. At any given moment, someone is always not speaking to someone else.'
Really,' I said.
We're passive-aggressive people,' she explained, taking a sip of her coffee. 'Silence is our weapon of choice. Right now, for instance, I'm not speaking to two of my sisters and one brother ... At mine [my house], silence is golden. And common.'
To me,' Reggie said, picking up a bottle of Vitamin A and moving it thoughtfully from one hand to the other, 'family is, like, the wellspring of human energy. The place where all life begins.' ...
Harriet considered this as she took a sip of coffee. 'Huh,' she said. 'I guess when someone else does something worse. Then you need people on your side, so you make up with one person, jsut as you're getting pissed off at another.'
So it's an endless cycle,' I said.
I guess.' She took another sip. 'Coming together, falling apart. Isn't that what families are all about? — Sarah Dessen

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Jordan Belfort

The year I turned 26 I made $49 million, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week. — Jordan Belfort

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Eve Ensler

My vagina's angry. It is. It's pissed off. My vagina's furious and it needs to talk. It needs to talk about all
this shit. It needs to talk to you. I mean what's the deal - an army of people out there thinking up ways to
torture my poor-ass, gentle, loving vagina. Spending their days constructing psycho products, and nasty
ideas to undermine my pussy. Vagina Motherfuckers.
All this shit they're constantly trying to shove up us, clean us up - stuff us up, make it go away. Well, my
vagina's not going away. It's pissed off and it's staying right here. Like tampons - what the hell is that? — Eve Ensler

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Libba Bray

For a second, I stop fighting and think about what he's asking me. Did I live? I made a best friend. Lost another. Cried. Laughed. Lost my virginity. Gained a piece of magic, gave it away. Possibly changed a man's destiny. Drank beer. Slept in cheap motels. Got pissed off. Laughed some more. Escaped from the police and bounty hunters. Watched the sun set over the ocean. Had a soda with my sister. Saw my mom and dad as they are. Understood music. Had sex again, and it was pretty mind-blowing. Not that I'm keeping score. Okay, I'm keeping score. Played the bass. Went to a concert. Wandered around New Orleans. Freed the snow globes. Saved the universe. — Libba Bray

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Armistead Maupin

I'm pissed off at my Republican family back in North Carolina, several of whom came to my wedding, but who went right back and are voting for homophobes and acting like it doesn't matter. It does matter and it's time for the queers in this country to start saying so to their families. I think we've all cut them too much slack for far too long. — Armistead Maupin

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Marshall Thornton

The good news is, he's trying to stop you, but he's not trying to kill you."
"Maybe I'll see that as good news tomorrow, but right now I'm a little too pissed off. — Marshall Thornton

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Denis Leary

I think we should take Iraq and Iran and combine them into one country and call it Irate. All the pissed off people live in one place and get it over with. — Denis Leary

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Kresley Cole

Wait!" Conrad said. "Did someone ... one of my enemies set this fire?"
Nix turned back with a grin. "Unless you'd pissed off some wirring-hungry nutrias, then I'm going with no. — Kresley Cole

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

"Okay, what'd I do?" he asked.
"Nothing. I'm just tired."
"Uh-uh. I suspected I was getting the cold shoulder earlier, but with everything going on, I wasn't sure. Now I'm sure. You're giving me the look."
"What look?"
"The Maya's-pissed-with-Corey look. Fifty percent disappointment, thirty percent disapproval, twenty percent exasperation. I've done something you're not happy about."
I hesitated, then blurted, "Rafe told me what you said about Daniel."
He frowned. "You're going to need to be a little more specific."
"In Salmon Creek, when Rafe and I started getting together. You told him to back off because Daniel ... " I glanced at the open door and lowered my voice. "Because Daniel likes me." — Kelley Armstrong

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Tina J. Richardson

Why do I smile
and pretend
I am okay
when I'm
pissed off.
It's like I'm
scared to hurt
their feelings
even though
they have hurt mine. — Tina J. Richardson

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Curtis Grimes

The first time I go out to Nashville, ever (at this point I had only heard the rumors about what it's like) I had three writing sessions set up. The first two canceled on me. I was kind of pissed off at that point. So I just went back to my hotel room and started writing. And even though I've been to L.A. and experienced a lot of things, at the end of the day I just start to feel like I'm playing acoustically at the first bar I ever played at. — Curtis Grimes

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Thia pulled Darice away from Hauk. "Son, we need to talk about your inability to sense near-death experiences." "What are you talking about?" Thia glanced back to Hauk, who still hadn't moved. He hadn't even blinked. "Can you not see how pissed off he is?" "So?" Rolling her eyes, Thia sighed. "You're an idiot, Darice. I seriously hope you have no intention of entering any kind of military service." He lifted his chin defiantly. "Of course, I am. I'm Andarion. I'm going to be a fighter pilot like my parents." "No, punkin'." She patted him on the cheek. "With those well-honed survival instincts, you're going to be a bright stain on someone's blast shield." Darice — Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Pierce Brown

But I'm not fighting as the man he knew today, as a Gold. I'm a bloodydamn Helldiver with an army of giant, mildly psychotic women behind me and a fleet of state-of-the-art warships crewed by pissed-off pirates, engineers, techs, and former slaves. And he thinks he knows how to fight me? I laugh as the clawDrill shakes my seat. — Pierce Brown

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

It was when she started dealing coke so she could lose weight. It had worked, sort of. I think she still has a fat ass, and can look dumpy, and has dried-out black hair and writes awful poetry and I'm pissed off that I let her get into that position of denying me. — Bret Easton Ellis

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Paul T. Mason

While others might feel manipulative, I feel powerless. Sometimes I just hurt so bad from the mean things that people do to me, real or perceived, or I'm so desperately feeling abandoned, that I withdraw and pout and go silent. At some point people get pissed off and fed up with that crap and they go away and then I'm left with nothing all over again. — Paul T. Mason

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Alicia Deters

First of all, I'll tell you who I'm not. I'm not your enemy, so you can put the sharp pointy objects away,' he responded in a light conversational tone, obviously not deterred by my abrasiveness, which only pissed me off more to know he didn't find me to be a threat at all.
'Well, first of all, I'll be the judge of that,' I cut him off before he could continue. 'And second of all, I'm not interested in who you're not,' I added.
'So you're saying you're interested in who I am?' He gave me a moment to process what he said before a smile broke on his face.
My cheeks flamed. 'Hardly. Just interested in whether or not I'll be seeing you around again,' I was seething and beginning to shake with indignation.
'So you want to see me again? — Alicia Deters

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Jewel E. Ann

If Candy doesn't do it for her, I bet Mrs. Marvin Housby would like the smooth ride of your Woody."
"You're going to get your ass handed to you later. I'm still pissed about you snapping my glasses. Don't even get me started on you pimping me to the blue-hair."
Jillian popped the caps off two bottles of beer, the handed one to Jackson. "I like her. I bet she's a real cougar."
Jackson took a long pull. "I don't know. The whiskers on her chin bear greater resemblance to a wild boar than a cougar. — Jewel E. Ann

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Simone Elkeles

My thoughts drift to Brittany. I've tried to forget Brittany will be going with someone else to the Halloween dance. I heard she was going with her old boyfriend. I try to push out of my mind the fact that another guy will have his hands on her.
Her date will kiss her tonight, I'm sure of it. Who wouldn't want to kiss those sweet, soft, frosted lips?
I'm going to work tonight until I have to leave for the deal. Because if I was home alone, I'd go nuts thinking about everything.
My grip on the riveter in my hand loosens and it drops smack in the middle of my forehead. I don't get pissed off at myself, I blame Brittany. And by eight o'clock I'm as angry as anything with my little chem partner, whether it's warranted or not. — Simone Elkeles

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Corinne Michaels

This is the Presley and Zachary of old times. Two hot-headed and emotional people. Yes, he's sweet and loving, but he has an angry side. When you poke the bear, he roars loud. Funny thing is that I'm the same. He's pissed me off by coming here yelling at me. — Corinne Michaels

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By J.D. Robb

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was so pissed off at what happened, at myself, I didn't think."
He stroked a hand down her hair first, then gave the choppy ends a quick tug. "I'm not angry with you."
"I know. You could be, but you're not. So I have to be even sorrier."
"Your logic is fascinating, and elusive."
"I can't pay you back with sex or salt-crusted sea bass or whatever because you're too busy taking care of me. So now I've got this black mark in my column against the bright shiny star in yours, and - "
He tipped her head up. "Are we keeping score?"
"No. Maybe. Shit."
"How am I doing?"
"Undisputed champ."
"Good. I like to win." He brushed her bangs back to study the injury himself. "You'll do. Let's eat. — J.D. Robb

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

"Chloe isn't flirting with that guy," Simon said.
"Course not."
"I mean it. She's - "
I glanced back at him. "I'm not blind. She's only paying enough attention to him to be polite. He's the one flirting, which is bugging her and that's why I'm pissed off. She's trying to eat her fries and he's interrupting."
Simon chuckled. — Kelley Armstrong

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Ai Yazawa

I am pissed off at your insensitive inability to understand why I'm pissed off in the first place. — Ai Yazawa

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Trey Parker

When someone goes, 'Oh, this group is really pissed off at what you said,' there's not a piece of my body that goes, 'Sweet!' That means I did it wrong. I'm just trying to make people laugh. — Trey Parker

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Mike Tyson

[Cus D'Amato] told me, 'You're the type of guy who has to be hurt to learn.' I'm pissed off today because he was right about everything — Mike Tyson

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Julie James

J.D. scoffed at this. "Please - as if I'm worried about anything Payton has to say. What's she going to do, give me another one of her little pissed-off hair flips?" He flung imaginary long hair off his shoulders, exaggerating. "I'll tell you, one of these days I'm going to grab her by that hair and ... " He gestured as if throttling someone.
Without breaking stride, he returned Tyler's serve. The two smashed a few back and forth, concentrating on the game when
Is violence always part of your sexual fantasies?" Tyler interjected.
J.D. whipped around
Sexual - ?"
- and got hit smack in the face with the squash ball. He toppled back and sprawled ungracefully across the court.
Tyler stepped over and twirled his racquet. "This is nice. We should talk like this more often. — Julie James

I'm Pissed Off Quotes By Kim Fielding

'Didn't realize Matty was so scary,' Chris said.
'She's maybe five two and can't make it up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. But if I really pissed her off, she might poison my coffee.'
'Sounds like someone I'd like to meet.' — Kim Fielding