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Ripped Jeans Quotes By Lesley Livingston

What did the Faerie that attacked you look like?"
"Super creepy. Ripped jeans, weird tattoos, bad hair. And, come to think of it, really nice boots ... "
"On his feet."
Sonny winced and rubbed his temples. "Where were you attacked, Kelley?"
"Okay, see ... that was a joke. — Lesley Livingston

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Richelle Mead

I rolled my eyes at the newcomer. "Hello, Carter." I'd known the angel was lurking in the kitchen, just as Peter had felt me coming down the hall. "Where's your better half tonight? I just saw him. I thought he was coming too."
Carter strolled in and gave me one of his mocking smiles, gray eyes alight with secrets and mirth. He wore his usual transient ware, ripped jeans and a faded T-shirt ... "Am I my brother's keeper?"
Classic Carter answer. I looked to Hugh, who was, in a manner of speaking, our boss's keeper. Or at least a sort of administrative assistant.
"He had to take off for a meeting," said the imp, stacking twenties. "Some kind of team building thing in L.A."
I tried to imagine Jerome participating in a ropes course. "What kind of team building do demons do exactly? — Richelle Mead

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Richard Grieco

I wore ripped jeans and headbands before people wore that. I've been this guy ever since. — Richard Grieco

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Katie McGarry

The entire room turns and stares. There's no doubt what they see - ripped jeans, a black T-shirt, tattoos and earrings. I don't care what they see. All I care about is what she sees: a person unwelcomed or the guy she loves.
A tear flows down her face, and the hand wrapped at her waist tells me she's paralyzed. In a long gold ball gown that's more skirt than dress, Rachel is truly the angel I believe her to be. A man in a tuxedo stands. "Son, I think you have the wrong room."
"No. I don't." I stride between the tables, keeping my eyes locked with hers. The closer I get, the more she straightens. Her hand falls from her stomach, and the tear clears from her face. Rachel gazes at me as if I'm a dream. I extend my hand, palm out. "I need help."
Her blue eyes lose their glaze, and the hue of violet I love so much returns. "So do I." — Katie McGarry

Ripped Jeans Quotes By E.L. James

He's naked except for those soft ripped jeans, top button casually undone. Jeez, he looks so freaking hot. My subconscious is frantically fanning herself, and my inner goddess is swaying and writhing to some primal carnal rhythm. — E.L. James

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Christian Siriano

I even like when girls wear printed Minnie Mouse T-shirts with a cool ball gown skirt, or a ripped up pair of jeans - it's all about how you style it. — Christian Siriano

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Ariana Grande

I love ripped jeans! They are flattering. I'm very petite, so I think they make my butt look lovely. — Ariana Grande

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Samantha Chase

I don't know," she said quietly. "A guy in a pair of ripped jeans who takes off his shirt because he's all sweaty is kind of hot. — Samantha Chase

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Lily James

I saw this cool interview with Amy Adams from when she did 'Enchanted' and played a princess, and when kids came up to her with no make-up and ripped jeans on, she said, 'I'm off duty. I'm an off-duty princess', and I thought that was quite sweet. — Lily James

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Sergio Troncoso

Again, this week as I walked on Broadway, in front of giant photographs of voluptuous supermodels at a Victoria Secret mega-store, who was rebuilding the sidewalks? With sweaty headbands, ripped-up jeans, and dust on their brown faces? Their muscled hands quivered as they worked the jack-hammers and lugged the concrete chunks into dump trucks. Two men from Guanajuato. Undocumented workers. They both shook my hand vigorously, as if they were relieved I wasn't an INS officer.
I imagined how much money Victoria Secret was making off these poor bastards. I wondered why passersby didn't see what was in front of their faces. We use these workers. We profit from them. In the shadows, they work to the bone, for pennies. And it's so easy to blame them for everything and nothing simply because they are powerless, and dark-skinned,and speak with funny accents. Illegal is illegal. It is a phrase, shallow and cruel, that should prompt any decent American to burn with anger. — Sergio Troncoso

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Lily Donaldson

I've worn jeans until they're ripped all the way around the crotch and I can't wear them any longer. You get so attached to jeans, they're like old friends. — Lily Donaldson

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Douglas Wilson

One of our great problems today is that we have gotten caught up in our culture-wide quest for authenticity. We want our jeans authentic (pre-ripped at the factory), we want our apples authentic (grown locally instead of somewhere else), we want our music authentic (underground bands nobody ever heard of), we want our lettuce authentic (organically manured), we want our literature authentic (full of angst), we want our movies authentic (subtitles), and we want our coffee tables authentic (purchased from a genuine peasant while we were on some eco-tour). In short, we are a bunch of phonies. We are superficial all the way down. — Douglas Wilson

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Michaela McManus

I'm sort of like the kid that kicks around in Vans, beat-up Converse, ripped jeans, and t-shirts. — Michaela McManus

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Ariana Grande

I like either skinny jeans or the ripped, casual, super-sloppy boyfriend jeans. A lot of ripped jeans. They are so early 2000, but they are so cute, I love them. I love surfer jeans, too! — Ariana Grande

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Rick Riordan

Oh, don't be afraid of dreams," a voice said right next to me. I looked over. Somehow, I wasn't surprised to find the homeless guy from the rail yard sitting in the shotgun seat. His jeans were so worn out they were almost white. His coat was ripped, with stuffing coming out. He looked kind of like a teddy bear that had been run over by a truck. "If it weren't for dreams," he said, "I wouldn't know half the things I know about the future. They're better than Olympus tabloids." He cleared his throat, then held up his hands dramatically: "Dreams like a podcast, Downloading truth in my ears. They tell me cool stuff." "Apollo?" I guessed, because I figured nobody else could make a haiku that bad. He put his finger to his lips. "I'm incognito. Call me Fred." "A god named Fred?" "Eh, well ... Zeus insists on certain rules. Hands off, when there's a human quest. Even when something really major is wrong. But nobody messes with my baby sister. Nobody." "Can — Rick Riordan

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Lauren Oliver

Eventually she came. She appeared suddenly, exactly like she'd done that day- she stepped into the sunshine, she jumped, she laughed and threw her head back, so her long ponytail nearly grazed the waistband of her jeans.
After that, I couldn't think about anything else. The mole on the inside of her right elbow, like a dark blot of ink. The way she ripped her nails to shreds when she was nervous. Her eyes, deep as a promise. Her stomach, pale and soft and gorgeous, and the tiny dark cavity of her belly button.
I nearly went crazy. — Lauren Oliver

Ripped Jeans Quotes By E.L. James

Good evening, Mrs. Grey," Christian says softly. He's standing by the piano, dressed in a tight black T-shirt, and jeans ... those jeans- the ones he wore in the playroom. Oh my. They are over washed pale-blue denim, snug, ripped at the knee and hot. He saunters over to me, his feet bare, the top button of the jeans undone, his smoldering eyes never leaving mine. "Good to have you home. I've been waiting for you. — E.L. James

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Erin McKean

It's difficult to choose a Word of the Year in the year that you're in. It's one of those things that hindsight makes more apparent. It's like looking at pictures from 10 years ago, and you notice the flannel and the ripped jeans. At the time, it didn't look to you like a real fashion trend. — Erin McKean

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Shay Mitchell

Personally, I don't really have a set style or look. It's pretty much what I feel like wearing that day, from a floral-print dress and high heels to ripped jeans and army boots. — Shay Mitchell

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Edmund White

I was lucky to live in New York when it was dangerous and edgy and cheap enough to play host to young, penniless artists. That was the era of "coffee shops" as they were defined in New York - cheap restaurants open round the clock where you could eat for less than it would cost to cook at home. That was the era of ripped jeans and dirty T-shirts, when the kind of people who are impressed by material signs of success were not the people you wanted to know. — Edmund White

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

We were the neoromantic dance freaks of the eighties, proudly displaying our blow-dried mullets. Among us, you also found the stud-bracelet-wearing punk rockers with sky-high Mohawks. Pastel-colored, shoulder-padded fashion met ripped-jeans-and-leather-jacket anti-fashion. — Gudjon Bergmann

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Alexandra Ivy

She spotted him about twenty yards away at a table that sat among a stand of river birch, its four legs submerged in an inch or two of water. Clustered around the table were ten or so of the most wild-looking, barely clothes, heavily muscled men and women she'd ever seen. And at the head, standing on a branch a foot about them all was Parish. He was barefoot and tanned, and wearing only a pair of faded jeans, which rested just below his hipbones. His hair was wild and the scar near his mouth winked in the sunlight. Julia's gaze moved covetously over every inch of him. His narrow waist and ripped stomach that widened to a broad chest, powerful shoulders and lean, muscular arms. he looked ready to spring. And the muscles in Julia's belly turned to liquid fire as she watched him watch her. — Alexandra Ivy

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Lauren Oliver

While other girls were blurry, displaying cracks or, at the very least, seams

ripped jeans, coffee-stained T-shirts, hair that poufed up in the rain

Sophia always looked sharp, clear, as if the resolution had been turned up on a microscope and angled straight at her, as if the money had formed a kind of shrink wrap that kept her protected from the normal destruction of the everyday. — Lauren Oliver

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Ashley Rickards

I'm sort of a reverse Method actor. In my personal life, I become my characters. After 'One Tree Hill', I started dressing in Converse and ripped jeans and hoodies. On 'Awkward', it manifests in how I speak. — Ashley Rickards

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Sylvia Day

He lounged on his side, bare-chested and barefooted, his jeans unbuttoned to show both the waistband of his underwear and the sleek lines of his ripped abs. His dark brown hair was sexily mussed and his emerald eyes were bright with mischief. — Sylvia Day

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Paul Stanley

Don't kid yourself; the guy who's onstage in ripped-up jeans is wearing as much a costume as I am. — Paul Stanley

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Rick Riordan

He was dressed just like on TV, with lots of silver chains and bracelets, ripped jeans, and a black muscle shirt (Which was kind of stupid, since he didn't have any muscles). — Rick Riordan

Ripped Jeans Quotes By N.E. Conneely

The clurichaun wasn't going to be winning any beauty contests. Not only was he short - four feet at best - but he was rather squat. Not brawny, but of a sturdy build with shorter-than-average legs and overly long arms. His face, which could best be described as having been sculpted by a young child, didn't improve upon his unusual proportions. His nose was bulbous and lumpy, his ears stuck out from his head, and his short hair shot out from his head in uneven spikes. His clothes were another matter entirely. The stained and ripped jeans were held up by a twine belt, and the faded plaid shirt was half-untucked, missing buttons, and one arm was holding on to the body of the shirt by a thread. "Oh, — N.E. Conneely

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Glen Hansard

There's this unspoken thing that you have to wear a tux and some kind of nice dress. There are all these ethical rules, but I'm sure if you came to the Oscars in ripped jeans and a t-shirt they wouldn't throw you out. You would just look like a fool. — Glen Hansard

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Michelle Hodkin

You're the girl who called me an asshole the first time we spoke. The girl who tried to pay for lunch even after you learned I have more money than God. You're the girl who risked her ass to save a dying dog, who makes my chest ache whether you're wearing green silk or ripped jeans. You're the girl that I
" Noah stopped, then took a step closer to me. "You are my girl. — Michelle Hodkin

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Candace Bushnell

I actually don't shop very much. I have a tendency to rotate a few pairs of ripped jeans and an old cashmere sweater. — Candace Bushnell

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Rae Matthews

So, are we going to talk about the fact that your jeans have just ripped apart like a hooker's legs on a Friday night? — Rae Matthews

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Courtney Eaton

Day-to-day, I don't wear make-up, my hair's not done, and I'm in ripped jeans and a Bonds tee. But doing red carpets is just part of work. — Courtney Eaton

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Rick Riordan

I looked over. Somehow, I wasn't surprised to find the homeless guy from the rail yard sitting in the shotgun seat. His jeans were so worn out they were almost white. His coat was ripped, with stuffing coming out. He looked kind of like a teddy bear that had been run over by a truck. — Rick Riordan

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Taylor Swift

Cause for a moment a band of theives in ripped up jeans got to rule the world! — Taylor Swift

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Jiah Khan

Style to me is a mix between rock star chic-quirky-sexy and expressive. I always dress for my body type, as it's important to highlight your pluses! I like edgy clothes that have character. I usually dress by the mood I'm in - so if I'm in my ripped jeans and leather jacket, you know I'm feeling rebellious! — Jiah Khan

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Rule number one of anime," Simon said. He sat propped up against a pile of pillows at the foot of his bed, a bag of potato chips in one hand and the TV remote in the other. He was wearing a black T-shirt that said I BLOGGED YOUR MOM and a pair of jeans that were ripped in one knee. "Never screw with a blind monk. — Cassandra Clare

Ripped Jeans Quotes By Samaire Armstrong

I think that men's clothing should be functional. If there's a rip in his jeans, it should be because he was out working, not because he ripped them so they looked cool. It's even better if they're ripped because he got in a fight. — Samaire Armstrong