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Top Black Sheep Child Quotes

Black Sheep Child Quotes By Edward M. Hallowell

Families, by and large, like most groups, resist change. If one member of a family wants to move away, this is regarded as a betrayal, for example. If one member of a family is fat and tries to lose weight, often other members of the family will sabotage the effort. If one member of the family wants to get out of a role he or she has been playing for years, this is usually difficult ot do because the rest of the family tries not to let it happen. If your role is clown, you remain the clown. If your role is responsible oldest child, you probably keep that role within your family for your entire life. If you are the black sheep, you'll find it very diffcult to change colors in the eyes of your family no matter how many good deeds you do. — Edward M. Hallowell

Black Sheep Child Quotes By Jennifer Echols

Mr. Rush said to Drew, "I think I see what the matter is. You were the youngest child. The irresponsible black sheep of the Morrow Mafia. Now, without warning, you're Jan Brady."
"Who?" Drew asked.
"The middle child from The Brady Bunch," I said.
"The pretty one?" Drew asked.
"No," Mr. Rush and I said together. — Jennifer Echols

Black Sheep Child Quotes By Ellen Galinsky

In families children tend to take on stock roles, as if there were hats hung up in some secret place, visible only to the children. Each succeeding child selects a hat and takes on that role: the good child, the black sheep, the clown, and so forth. — Ellen Galinsky