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I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Sexually active? Sexually active? Patrick and I hadn't even learned the fine points of kissing yet!
I marched on down. 'For your information,' I said from the doorway, as both Dad and Lester jerked to attention, 'I am about as sexually active as a bag of spinach, and if you want to keep me on the porch and not out in the park somewhere behind the bushes, you'll keep the stupid porch light off when I come home with a boy. — Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Johnny Carson

I'm not one of those who spring up yelling, "Yippee! Another day!" I'll grumble and sulk around a couple of hours, reading newspapers and trying to pick out an idea I might do something with on the show. But I don't really start functioning until noon or later; then about two I go to the studio and the pace begins to quicken. — Johnny Carson

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Depends on the dog. Big country dogs like these? Yeah. It's the fancy city ones that give me trouble. Overbred, Dad says. Makes them skittish and screws up their wiring. I had a Chihuahua attack me last year." He showed me a faint scar on his hand. "Took a good chunk out."
I sputtered a laugh. "A Chihuahua?"
"Hey, that thing was more vicious than a pit bull. I was at a park with Simon, kicking around a ball. All of a sudden, this little rat dog comes tearing out of nowhere, jumps up, and clamps down on my hand. Wouldn't let go. I'm shaking it, and the owner's yelling at me not to hurt little Tito. I finally get the dog off. I'm bleeding all over that place and the guy never even apologizes. — Kelley Armstrong

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Tony Stewart

I go into it with the attitude that I'm not going to look at my leg, and as soon as they get the wrapping off of it, I'm like, 'I've got to look.' It's like yelling at a dog going, 'Squirrel!' I cannot not look. And then I spend the rest of the time sitting there with a wet washcloth on my forehead trying to regain consciousness. — Tony Stewart

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Steve McHugh

Tommy pointed out before removing something from his pocket and passing it to me. I turned the small radio and microphone over in my hands. "I'm not going on a mob bust." "It's that or you wear one of those ridiculous Bluetooth headsets, which are about as secure as yelling really loud. — Steve McHugh

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Tana French

The solitude was intoxicating. On my first night there I lay on my back on the sticky carpet for hours, in the murky orange pool of city glow coming through the window, smelling heady curry spices spiraling across the corridor and listening to two guys outside yelling at each other in Russian and someone practicing stormy flamboyant violin somewhere, and slowly realizing that there was not a single person in the world who could see me or ask me what I was doing or tell me to do anything else, and I felt as if at any moment the bedsit might detach itself from the buildings like a luminous soap bubble and drift off into the night, bobbing gently above the rooftops and the river and the stars. — Tana French

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Bernie Siegel

If I can't find a cat, I stop and quiet my mind, not yelling the cat's name, and focus on connecting with the cat and then I get the message and go to that room or outside door and find the cat. — Bernie Siegel

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Amy Poehler

So what do I do? What do we do? How do we move forward when we are tired and afraid? What do we do when the voice in our head is yelling that WE ARE NEVER GONNA MAKE IT? How do we drag ourselves through the muck when our brain is telling us youaredumbandyouwillneverfinishandnoonecaresanditistimeyoustop? Well, the first thing we do is take our brain out and put it in a drawer. Stick it somewhere and let it tantrum until it wears itself out. You may still hear the brain and all the shitty things it is saying to you, but it will be muffled, and just the fact that it is not in your head anymore will make things seem clearer. — Amy Poehler

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Craig Ferguson

I think in our desire to create a better America,we have to have civilized debate in this country and not just yelling. — Craig Ferguson

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Rick Pitino

The bone's 6 inches out of his leg and all he's yelling is, 'Win the game, win the game.' I've not seen that in my life. Pretty special young man. I don't think we could have gathered ourselves - I know I couldn't have - if Kevin didn't say over and over again, 'Just go win the game,' I don't think we could have gone in the locker room with a loss after seeing that. We had to gather ourselves. We couldn't lose this game for him. We just couldn't. — Rick Pitino

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Ben H. Winters

He books it into that little playground there. I mean the guy is zooming like the Road Runner, skidding through the gravel and the slush and everything. I'm yelling, "Police, police! Stop, motherfucker!"

'You do not yell, "Stop, motherfucker."'

'I do. Because you know, Palace, this is it. This is the last chance I get to run after a perp yelling, "Stop, motherfucker. — Ben H. Winters

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Christine Quinn

When I end up yelling, it's not really deliberate. It's usually out of some moment of passion or frustration or real desire to get unstuck. — Christine Quinn

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Morelli ran after him, there was a lot of yelling and growling, and Morelli came down empty-handed. "He ate it," Morelli said. I was horrified to the point of gagging. Ranger stared down at his shoe, making a monumental effort not to laugh. And Morelli stood hands on hips, staring at the bloody splotch on his rug. — Janet Evanovich

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Mindi Scott

Three days later, Mrs. Dalloway was in the hall, blocking the classroom door. 'Hi there, Dick. Are you prone to seizures?'
'Uh, no.'
Thirty minutes later I was wishing I'd said 'Uh, yes,' because then she's have had to turn off the strobe light. Then again, it might not have made a difference; the loud electronic music and Mrs. D's yelling probably would have been enough to do me in anyway. — Mindi Scott

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Brian Posehn

I'm very excited that my yelling will be featured on the next Evile disc; they're one of my favorite new-ish bands and, in my not-so-humble opinion, the British saviors of thrash metal. — Brian Posehn

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Robert M. Sapolsky

Suddenly, I get this giddy desire to shock these guys a little. I continue, "These baboons really are our relatives. In fact, this baboon is my cousin." And with that I lean over and give Daniel a loud messy kiss on his big ol' nose. I get more of a response than I bargained for. The Masai freak and suddenly, they are waving their spears real close to my face, like they mean it. One is yelling, "He is not your cousin, he is not your cousin! A baboon cannot even cook ugali!" (Ugali is the ubiquitous and repulsive maize meal that everyone eats here. I almost respond that I don't really know how to cook the stuff either, but decide to show some prudence at last.) "He is not your cousin! — Robert M. Sapolsky

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jill Bolte Taylor

Yelling louder does not help me understand you any better! Don't be afraid of me. Come closer to me. Bring me your gentle spirit. Speak more slowly. Enunciate more clearly. Again! Please, try again. S-l-o-w down. Be kind to me. Be a safe place for me. See that I am a wounded animal, not a stupid animal. I am vulnerable and confused. Whatever my age, whatever my credentials, reach for me. Respect me. I am in here. Come find me. — Jill Bolte Taylor

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Amy Chua

I sort of feel like people are not that honest about their own parenting. Take any teenage household; tell me there is not yelling and conflict. — Amy Chua

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Kiran Desai

What is this all about,' asked Sai, but her mouth couldn't address her ear in the tumult; her mind couldn't talk to her heart. 'Shame on myself,' she said ... Who was she ... she with her self-importance, her demand for happiness, yelling it at fate, at the deaf heavens, screaming for her joy to be brought forth..?
How dare ... How dare you not ...
Why shouldn't I have ... How dare ... I deserve ... Her small greedy soul ... Her tantrums and fits ... Her mean tears ... Her crying, enough for all the sadness in the world, was only for herself. Life wasn't single in its purpose ... or even its direction ... The simplicity of what she'd been taught wouldn't hold. Never again could she think there was but one narrative and that this narrative belonged only to herself, that she might create her own tiny happiness and live safely within it. — Kiran Desai

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Renee Watson

I wonder if any of these boys ever sit in a room for boys' talk night and discuss how to treat women. Who teaches them how to call out to a girl when she's walking by, minding her own business? Who teaches them that girls are parts - butts, breasts, legs - not whole beings?

I was going to eat at Dairy Queen, but I don't want to sit through the discussion of if I'm a five or not. I eat a few fries before I walk out.

'Hey, hold up. My boy wants to talk to you,' Green Hat says. He follows me, yelling into the dark night.

I keep walking. Don't look back.

'Aw, so it's like that? Forget you then. Don't nobody want your fat ass anyway. Don't know why you up in a Dairy Queen. Needs to be on a diet.' He calls me every derogatory name a girl could ever be called.

I keep walking. Don't look back. — Renee Watson

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Meg Cabot

> CracKing: No need to yell.
> FtLouie: I'm not yelling!!!
> CracKing: You're using excessive amounts of punctuation, and on-line, that's like yelling. — Meg Cabot

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Ilona Andrews

Any activity?" Robert asked.
"Not in the lasssht ten minutesh. Before that, very exshiting. I shaw Wolf Beta run by. There were vampiresh chassing her. She was yelling, 'Bill me, bloodshuckers! — Ilona Andrews

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Paul Cornell

But the Fear (that sensation that all writers get of how the hell do words get from my puny little brain to into a book, and isn't magic somehow involved, and surely I'm not qualified to be involved in any part of that process, and I somehow managed that tomorrow, but you mean I have to do it this morning too, well how do I even start?) withdraws quite a bit when it's already light and lovely outside when I get to my desk. So I got right past that big moment today, and into the fun slide down towards the ending, yelling whee. — Paul Cornell

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By James Baldwin

It was as though I were yelling up to Heaven and Heaven would not hear me. And if Heaven would not hear me- to wash me, to make me clean- then utter disaster was my portion. — James Baldwin

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Tom Colicchio

When I was 26, 27 years old I was running a kitchen in New York, and I was a raving lunatic. The older you get, you figure out you don't need to do that. You realize at a certain point, there's a certain gravity to what you say and what you do. If that's not enough, all the yelling in the world is not going to matter. — Tom Colicchio

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Louis C.K.

I was driving in Manhattan. There's traffic, nobody's moving ... The guy behind me is honking just at me. He kept yelling at me. I decided that I'm gonna argue with this guy, but I'm gonna argue about something else. I'm not having his argument; I'm having mine. So, he's like, 'Go!' And I go, 'Well give me back my jacket!' And he stopped. I was like, 'Yeah, you got my jacket! Give it back! I said you could borrow it, not have it! You're stretching it out, you fat pig! Give it back, now!' He got back in his car, and he locked his doors. — Louis C.K.

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Lindsay J. Pryor

I know you're not ready to believe it," he added. "Just like I wasn't. Until I met you I thought I could never love again. But here I am, yelling it down an alley because I am not letting you go without a fight. You said you're not the same, so prove it. Prove you're not the scared little girl anymore and turn and face me like the woman I know you are. Because that woman has changed me too, Sophie. That woman has made me fall in love again. So don't you dare walk away from me. — Lindsay J. Pryor

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

I was thrown into a state of sheer, mindless panic. "It's my mother!" I whispered fiercely,
as if Bones hadn't figured that out. "Holy shit, you have to hide!"
I literally shoved him toward the bedroom, yelling, "I - I'll be right there, I'm not
He went, but with none of my hysteria. "Kitten, you still haven't told her? Blimey, what
are you waiting for?"
The Second Coming of Christ!" I snapped. "And not a moment sooner! Here, in the
closet! — Jeaniene Frost

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By William Goldman

Oh, Fezzik . . . Fezzik . . ." "What . . . ?" "I had such rhymes for you . . . ." "What rhymes? . . ." Silence. The fourth coil was finished. "Inigo, what rhymes?" Silence. Snake breath. "Inigo, I want to know the rhymes before I die - Inigo, I really want to know - Inigo, tell me the rhymes," Fezzik said, and by now he was very frustrated and, more than that, he was spectacularly angry and one arm came clear of one coil and that made it a bit less of a chore to fight free of the second coil and that meant he could take that arm and bring it to the aid of the other arm and now he was yelling it out, "You're not going anywhere until I know those rhymes" and the sound of his own voice was really very impressive, deep and resonant, and who was this snake anyway, getting in the path of Fezzik when there were rhymes to learn, — William Goldman

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Philip Reeve

I hate you! I hate you!" Hester was yelling
"Well I care about you, whether you like it or not!" Tom screamed. — Philip Reeve

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Richelle Mead

Hey, Ivashkov! Open up. " Avery argued. She kept pounding on the door and yelling, and finally, Adrian answered. His hair stuck up at odd angles, and he had dark circles under his eyes. He'd drunk twice as much as Lissa last night.
"What ... ?" He blinked. "Shouldn't you guys be in class? Oh God. I didn't sleep that much, did I? "
"Let us in, " said Avery, pushing past. "We've got refugees from a fire here. " She flounced onto his couch, making herself at home while he continued staring. Lissa and Christian joined her.
"Avery sprang the fire alarm, " explained Lissa.
"Nice work, " said Adrian, collapsing into a fluffy chair. "But why'd you have to come here? Is this the only place that's not burning down? "
Avery batted her eyelashes at him. "Aren't you happy to see us? " He eyed her speculatively for a moment.
"Always happy to see you. — Richelle Mead

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Crow Gray

I'm not holding back. We've waited long enough. You know your safeword., he continued whispering.

Yes. So if you hear me yelling 'shark' you know to stop whatever the hell you're doing to me, she said and couldn't help but giggle. — Crow Gray

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Terry Hayes

I've heard bombs going off in our embassies, mobs screaming for blood, mullahs issuing death decrees, so-called leaders yelling for jihad. They've been burning books, Dave - the temperature of hate in parts of the Islamic world has gone out to Pluto. And I've been listening to them." "And you don't think we have - the people in Washington?" He said it without anger. I was at one time a leading intelligence agent and I think he genuinely wanted to know. "Maybe in your heads. Not in your gut." He turned and looked out the window. It was starting to rain. He was quiet for a long time and I began to wonder if his blood pressure had taken off again. "I think you're right," he said at last. "I think, like the Jews, we believed in the fundamental goodness of men; we never thought it could really happen. — Terry Hayes

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Victoria Aveyard

Dimly, I hear Maven yelling somewhere, the prince charging in to save his princess. But I'm not a princess. I'm not the girl who gets saved. — Victoria Aveyard

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Matthew Quick

As I sit there flipping through a Sports Illustrated, listening to the easy-listening station Dr. Patel pumps into his waiting room, suddenly I'm hearing sexy synthesizer chords, faint highhat taps, the kick drum thumping out an erotic heartbeat, the twinkling of fairy dust, and then the evil bright soprano saxophone. You know the title: "Songbird." And I'm out of my seat, screaming, kicking chairs, flipping the coffee table, picking up piles of magazines and throwing them against the wall, yelling, "It's not fair! I won't tolerate any tricks! I'm not an emotional lab rat! — Matthew Quick

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Paul Theroux

Drunk people, loud people, obvious and angry people, people stammering and stumbling, spilling drinks and scarfing small burned sausages and cheese cubes on toothpicks. They had surrendered all power and direction, they they were yelling and gasping. They strengthened me. I did not want to be that way. I stood calmer, observing them. — Paul Theroux

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Stephen Colbert

And my daughter said, 'Why are you yelling at us?' and I said, 'I'm trying to discipline you!' And then she looked up at me with her tear-stained eyes and said, 'This is how you teach children, by making them cry.' And it was such a clenching reminder - she won not only the argument, but she won life with that statement. I just burst out laughing, and I think they were so surprised that I burst out laughing, that they did too. — Stephen Colbert

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Dan Wells

The actual words I used," I said, "were that I followed strict rules to make sure I didn't do anything wrong. It seems like you'd be pretty happy about that, but instead you're yelling at me. This is why I need therapy."
"'Happy' is not a son who has to follow rules to keep himself from killing people," she shot back. "'Happy' is not a psychologist telling me that my son is a sociopath. 'Happy' is - "
"He said I was a sociopath?" That was kind of cool. I'd always suspected, but it was nice to have an official diagnosis. — Dan Wells

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jessica Scott

What's on your mind, doc?" he asked as he flashed his ID at the staff duty sergeant.
"Just wondering why the driver didn't make conversation," she said after a moment, following him down the hallway and trying not to feel like she was rushing to keep up.
"We don't take warm showers together, if that's what you're asking."
Emily laughed quietly. "Was that a line from Heartbreak Ridge?"
"You didn't strike me as a war movie kind of girl." Reza stopped short, studying her. "Are you honestly telling me you've watched that movie?"
Heat crept up her neck. "Before I signed up for the army, I needed to know what I was getting myself in for. I watched every war movie I could find."
Reza simply stared at her, his dark eyes glittering. She was sure he was laughing at her. "You know those were Marines in Heartbreak Ridge, right?"
"Of course."
He cracked the barest grin. She supposed it was better than yelling at her, so there was that. — Jessica Scott

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Vikram Seth

A Word Of Thanks
To these I know a debt past telling:
My several muses, harsh and kind;
My folks, who stood my sulks and yelling,
And (in the long run) did not mind;
Dead legislators, whose orations
I've filched to mix my own potations;
Indeed, all those whose brains I've pressed,
Unmerciful, because obsessed;
My own dumb soul, which on a pittance
Survived to weave this fictive spell;
And, gentle reader, you as well,
The fountainhead of all remittance.
Buy me before good sense insists
You'll strain your purse and sprain your wrists. — Vikram Seth

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Russell T. Davies

Sylvia: Stay right where you are.
The Doctor: You can't come with me.
Wilfred: Well you're not leaving me with her.
Sylvia: Dad!
The Doctor: Fair enough.
Sylvia yelling at the TARDIS: Come back here! Come back here, I said! Come back!
Donna: Are you shouting at thin air?
Sylvia: Yes. Possibly. Yes.
-Doctor Who — Russell T. Davies

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Stephen Silver

This morning we all woke up at around 8:10am, the exact time I am usually loading my kids in the car. School starts at 8:30am. I could of woken up in a panic, started scrambling, rushing, yelling at the kids to hurry up, build up my heart rate for the result that was inevitable, WE WERE GOING TO BE LATE ANYWAY. Instead I chose to not resist what was, and simply accept the fact we overslept and we were now late. SO WHAT! It's not the end of the world. So the result was, we all got up, my wife got the kids dressed, I made their lunch, and we all sat at the table and ate breakfast in a calm, fun manner and went off to school. No madness, no frustration. So whatever you may be dealing with this week, and something you don't favor is actually happening, try not to resist it. Accept it, and you will find an inner peace that will make it all better. — Stephen Silver

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Craig Finn

Someone should have a record that doesn't have any singing. It's my favorite Miles Davis record. I love hanging out in the summer, in New York, when it's miserably hot. I love electric Miles Davis in the summer. Jack Johnson, the songwriting especially, is a premier example of that. It always makes me feel hot in the city. It's also nice to have something not yelling in your ear. For me, as a lyricist, it's nice to put on something without any words. — Craig Finn

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Mark T. Sullivan

to the Piazzale Loreto and machine-gunned them to death. I saw . . ." He broke down. "Tullio was one of them." Uncle Albert and his father looked gut-shot. Aunt Greta said, "That's not true! You must have seen someone else." Pino, crying, said, "It was him. Tullio was so brave. Yelling at the men who were about to shoot him, calling them cowards . . . and . . . oh God, it was . . . horrible." He went to his father and hugged him while Uncle Albert held Aunt Greta, who had turned hysterical. "I hate them," she said. "My own people and I hate them." When she'd calmed down, Uncle Albert said, "I have to go tell his mother." "She — Mark T. Sullivan

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Mollie Gross

I found myself surrounded by really old veterans wearing hats that said, "Retired Marine - SEMPER FI." These hats didn't appear to fit on their heads, but instead seemed to hover over them.
At one point, I mistakenly tried to take the last box of crackers that a veteran also wanted. He started yelling, "I ran away from home at seventeen, lied about my age, and joined the Corps! I fought in World War II, Korea, and NAM! I have no cartilage in my right knee! It's bone-on-bone, but every morning I run six miles! I did not sacrifice my knee for this country to come here today and have you disrespect me at the commissary. Oooh-RAH!"
I dropped the crackers and walked away. — Mollie Gross

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jen Turano

Where are you going?" Millie whispered, although why she was whispering was a bit of a mystery since the sound of yelling, along with a lot of cursing, was flowing into the house. "I'm not just going to sit here while everyone else is fighting my battle." She made it all the way to the door, crawling on her stomach, no less, before she was forced to stop when she encountered a pair of shoes. They were nice shoes, a little dusty, and unfortunately, they belonged to none other than Bram. "You weren't trying to sneak out to help, were you?" he asked, squatting down next to her. "I might have been." "There's no need. Silas has been secured." Lucetta frowned. "He came down here on his own?" Holding out a hand, Bram helped her to her feet before he smiled. "Apparently, yes. I imagine those women he hired weren't too keen to travel the country with him. Aiding and abetting men on the run usually results in a stint behind bars, and they must have decided he wasn't worth that." "I — Jen Turano

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Katie MacAlister

I have a bra on," I said helpfully.
"I noticed. Might I remove that, too?"
"Gunner," I said sternly, or as sternly as a person could while she stood in a man's castle, her hands full of his ass. "You've got your hands on my boobs, and your tongue down my cleavage. At this point if I'm not yelling for the police, you can probably take it for granted that you have my consent to remove my bra."
"I like to make sure," he said, pulling his head out of my breasts for a moment. "Some women have limits. — Katie MacAlister

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Michael Weatherly

What happens with 'Mad Men,' it's like an Elvis Costello album; I'll watch it, and then I immediately have to watch it again. AMC will play it back-to-back. I have a tendency to yell at it when my wife's not around because if she catches me yelling at 'Mad Men,' then it gets weird. — Michael Weatherly

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Kresley Cole

He stalked up to her, yelling, "Do not call me demon!"
She forced herself to hold her ground, then repeated his earlier words: "Sensitive about this, creature?"
"Demons are savage. Vrekeners have grace and a sacred purpose. We are descended from gods!"
"How do you know this?"
"From the Tales of Troth - sanctified knowledge passed on from one Vrekener generation to the next for millennia."
"I'm going to have to stop you, because you've already bored me. — Kresley Cole

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Paul Reiser

My parenting style could be described as not good cop or bad cop so much as nervous cop. I'm always yelling for somebody to stop because they're about to get hurt. I'm the take a jacket, slow down guy. — Paul Reiser

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Maisey Yates

She was shaking. Her hands, her knees and everywhere in between. And kisses did not make her shake.And she didn't kiss men she didn't like. She didn't kiss men in uniforms who had a fetish for order and cleanliness.
She didn't yell at people, either, but right now the yelling was lower on her list of sins than the kissing.
"What did you ... I don't even ... I'm going to go."
She turned, her shoulders stiff, her heart hammering in her ears.
"If I'd known a kiss would have gotten rid of you, I would have kissed you the moment I saw your car sitting on the side of the road."
Oh. That. Did it.
She whirled back around, anger gaining traction in her again. "Well, sure, your kiss got rid of me. Congratulations. Now who's going to help you get rid of the hard-on it gave you? Your right hand? — Maisey Yates

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Sylvia Plath

Please let him come, and give me the resilience & guts to make him respect me, be interested, and not to throw myself at him with loudness or hysterical yelling; calmly, gently, easy baby easy. He is probably strutting the backs among crocuses now with seven Scandinavian mistresses. And I sit, spiderlike, waiting, here, home; Penelope weaving webs of Webster, turning spindles of Tourneur. Oh, he is here; my black marauder; oh hungry hungry. I am so hungry for a big smashing creative burgeoning burdened love: I am here; I wait; and he plays on the banks of the river Cam like a casual faun. — Sylvia Plath

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Amy Chua

I worry that by losing my temper so much and being so harsh and yelling so much that, by example, I will have taught my daughters to be that way, and I'm now constantly telling them not to do that. — Amy Chua

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jodi Picoult

Whatever your father did was not this woman's fault. And if she made him happy, when I obviously didn't, then the last thing you should be doing is yelling at her. — Jodi Picoult

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Either way, excitement hummed through me as we headed out to the garage. I'd never seen an exorcism before. This should prove interesting.
"Can I yell 'By the power of Christ, I compel you' whenever we get to that point?" I asked.
"What?" Zayne laughed as he opened my passenger door. "Hate to break it to you, but we don't have to say a word and no one will be yelling anything like that."
I pouted. Dammit, I'd always wanted to say that. "Well, that's not nearly as entertaining as the exorcisms I've seen on TV. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Christine Zolendz

Do I have to get diapers?" he asked.
"Why, did Kade shit himself?" she laughed.
Dylan huffed loudly. Eyebrows knitted together, "DO I NEED TO GET BOTTLES?"
Jen rolled her eyes and shook her head as if he were crazy, "Don't you think it's too early to start drinking? You just got up ... "
My God, you have surrounded me with idiots. — Christine Zolendz

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Mollie Gross

I was still a newlywed and certainly wasn't to the point where I felt comfortable yelling, "I'm going to shit my pants any second!"
But the sweating had started, which was followed by the tears. "I'm not feeling well, and need to get home," I told him.
"Ok, but I have to obey the speed limit because of all the kids in the neighborhood," he replied.
I was pleading with him to hurry up when he came to a complete stop.
I screamed at him, "Why are we stopping?"
He rolled down the window. "Retreat."
I could see the flag lowering in the distance, the beautiful orange sun setting behind it.
In the opposite direction I could see the roof line of our home - so close, yet so far away.
As Retreat played, I surrendered. I pooped my pants. I took one for the flag.
Now that's patriotism. — Mollie Gross

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Maureen Johnson

It wasn't ass-screaming Beaker, though. It was fourteen girls in matching, form fitting sweats, all of which read RIDGE CHEERLEADING on the butt. (A form of ass-screaming, I suppose.) Each had her name on the back of her sleek warm-up fleece. They clustered around the snack bar, yelling at the top of their lungs. I really hoped and prayed that they wouldn't all say "Oh my God!" at once, but my prayers were not heard, maybe because God was busy listening to all of them. — Maureen Johnson

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Karl Ove Knausgard

Did you ever see mum and dad hug?' Yngve said.
I walked back to him.
'No,' I said. 'Not that I can remember. Did you?'
He nodded in front of me in the semi-darkness.
'Once. It was in Hove, so I must have been five. Dad was yelling at mum so much she burst into tears. She was standing in the kitchen crying. He went into the living room. Then he went back and put his arms around her and consoled her. That's the only time. — Karl Ove Knausgard

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Joan Rivers

I hate people who sneak into first class to use the bathroom. I'm sitting there, in 4F, sipping Cristal and admiring my new line of jewelry for QVC, and suddenly, busting through the curtain and rushing toward the bathroom is some doughy soccer mom holding her crotch and yelling, "Emergency, emergency!" No, it's not!!! Opening the main hatch and pushing you out at thirty thousand feet for disturbing me is an emergency. — Joan Rivers

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Brock Clarke

I bet it was also the triumphant Aha! and not the truth itself that had fueled all those famous literary detectives I knew not much about except their names - Philip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes, Joe and Frank Hardy. I felt like yelling something celebratory on my way home, something like, Yeah! or Fuck, yeah! just like Marlowe would have yelled, just like the Hardys would have yelled, and maybe Holmes, too, although maybe that's why he kept Watson around; to tell Holmes to simmer down and not get too far ahead of himself. — Brock Clarke

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Are we fighting?" I asked Morelli. "No. Were discussing." "Are you sure?" "Am I yelling?" Morelli asked. "Is my face purple? Are the cords on my neck standing out? Am I waving my arms around?" "No." "The were not fighting. — Janet Evanovich

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Bill Burr

To me this is not yelling. I am not yelling. I'm just passionate about my opinions and I want to tell you all of them before you start talking again. — Bill Burr

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Eric Massa

I am showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me. — Eric Massa

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Cesar Millan

I'll believe it if I see it" for dogs translates to "I'll believe it if I smell it." So don't bother yelling at them; it's the energy and scent they pay attention to, not your words. — Cesar Millan

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Rachel Boston

I grew up hiking and horseback riding in Tennessee, so I love being outside. I will joyfully run 12 miles, but I'm not very good at boot camps. When they start yelling, I start laughing. — Rachel Boston

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Dave Chapelle

You know why my show is good? Because the network officials say you're not smart enough to get what I'm doing, and every day I fight for you. I tell them how smart you are. Turns out, I was wrong. You people are stupid.
-responding to an idiot in the audience during a stand-up performance who would not stop yelling "I'm Rick James B***h". — Dave Chapelle

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By David Cross

It probably does make it more difficult to enjoy a good laugh at someone who's onstage, seemingly yelling at you. But I'm not yelling at the audience, I'm yelling at the world. It genuinely sucks if people are taking it that way. But I'm not talking to individuals. — David Cross

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Kiera Cass

Technically, I'm not supposed to meet you until tomorrow, and I don't want anyone getting upset. Though I wouldn't call you yelling at me anything close to a romantic tryst, would you? — Kiera Cass

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows. Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view; i.e. the fear of falling remains a constant. The variable here is the other terror, the fire's flames: when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors. It's not desiring the fall; it's terror of the flames. And yet nobody down on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling 'Don't!' and 'Hang on!', can understand the jump. Not really. — David Foster Wallace

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jessie Chandler

As far as my characters doing what I want them to, I'm afraid I'm not a real writer like the rest of you because I can manage to force them into just about anything. One day I hope my characters lead me around by the nose, talking to me and yelling NO! Or YES! Whatever the case may be. However, until then, I'll keep railroading their asses. — Jessie Chandler

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Kamel Daoud

I know this from the hollow sound that persists after the men's prayer, and from their faces pressed against the window of supplication. And from their coloring, the complexion of people who respond to fear of the absurd with zeal. As for me, I don't like anything that rises to heaven, I only like things affected by gravity. I'll go so far as to say I abhor religions. All of them! Because they falsify the weight of the world. Sometimes I feel like busting through the wall that separates me from my neighbor, grabbing him by the throat, and yelling at him to quit reciting his sniveling prayers, accept the world, open his eyes to his own strength, his own dignity, and stop running after a father who has absconded to heaven and is never coming back. Have a look at that group passing by, over there. Notice the little girl with the veil on her head, even though she's not old enough to know what a body is, or what desire is. What can you do with such people? Eh? — Kamel Daoud

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Amanda Carlson

His tip hit her core, both of them yelling. She bucked upward at the touch, her hands clutching his shoulders. "Holy shit!" Luke cried. He breathed hard through his nose. "That as... I'm not sure... I think I might lose it... — Amanda Carlson

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By John Green

I have a date,' he explained. 'This is an emergency.' He paused to catch his breath. 'Do you know' - breath - 'how to iron?' I walked over to the pink shirt. It was wrinkled like an old woman who'd spent her youth sunbathing. If only the Colonel didn't ball up his every belonging and stuff it into random dresser drawers. 'I think you just turn it on and press it against the shirt, right?' I said. 'I don't know. I didn't even know we had an iron.' 'We don't. It's Takumi's. But Takumi doesn't know how to iron, either. And when I asked Alaska, she started yelling, "You're not going to impose the patriarchal paradigm on me." Oh God, I need to smoke. I need to smoke, but I can't reek when I see Sara's parents. Okay, screw it. We're going to smoke in the bathroom with the shower on. The shower has steam. Steam gets rid of wrinkles, right? — John Green

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Joshilyn Jackson

This was another pretend, and here in a yard on a bench was his real wife, with sad, kind, tired eyes. The lesson of Mimmy and my dad was not for me. It was for her. It was for them. I was so sick with understanding that I was practically yelling at her. — Joshilyn Jackson

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Patrick Wang

If you think about people's lives, you think about what's significant. And the things I find significant in my life are not the moments when people are yelling at each other. They're the moments when someone says something that is very poignant, but oftentimes not loud. — Patrick Wang

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Cora Carmack

I'm not one for speeches."
A few feet behind me Torres calls out, "Riiiiight."
The crowd laughs and Coach whirls around like he's searching for the culprit. Torres is the picture of innocence, and I sigh and shake my head when he grins at me.
"Fine. I'm not one for speeches that don't involve yelling. — Cora Carmack

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Colleen Houck

What's all the yelling about?" Kishan asked.
"Would you please tell your sorry excuse for a brother that I'm not talking to him anymore?"
Kishan grinned. "No problem. She's not talking to you anymore. — Colleen Houck

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By L.A. Casey

There is no need for that language, or for the yelling, I'm on the phone with you, not a thousand miles away. I can hear you perfectly."
He was such a dickhead — L.A. Casey

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Morgan Matson

All I could determine was that it must have been a nice thing to see if it was a house you were thinking about moving into. But not so nice if it was the house you were moving out from. I could practically hear Mr Collins, who had taught my fifth-grade English class and was still the most intimidating teacher I'd ever had, yelling at me. "Amy Curry," I could still hear him intoning, "never end a sentence with a preposition!" Irked that after six hears he was still mentally correcting me, I told the Mr. Collins in my head to off fuck. — Morgan Matson

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jake Smith

This guy barged in here and started yelling at me!" "I'm not - " James clenched his teeth behind a fake, faltering smile. "I'm not yelling," he said to the guard. "I just want to find out where they took my son. He's nine. With cancer. They rushed him in here about a half hour ago." He turned back to the receptionist. — Jake Smith

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Simon: I love you Isabelle Lightwood! I love you and I will not go away until you tell me you love me too!
Isabelle: Take your clothes and go!
Simon: Isabelle! Stop throwing clothes at me! Just because your a Shadowhunter and I'm a vampire doesn't mean we can never happen. Our love is forbidden like the love of a shark and a-a sharkhunter! But that's what makes it special!
Isabelle: Oh? Which one of us is the shark, Simon? Which one of us is the shark?
Robert Lightwood: What is going on? Why are you yelling outside my house? — Cassandra Clare

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Albert Einstein

Since that deluge of newspaper articles I have been so flooded with questions, invitations, suggestions, that I keep dreaming I am roasting in Hell, and the mailman is the devil eternally yelling at me, showering me with more bundles of letters at my head because I have not answered the old ones. — Albert Einstein

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Claudia Gray

That buy is totally cracked out," Vic said one day, as we walked past Balthazar in the great hall.
I don't think he's on alything."
I didn't mean, for real. If he was cracked out for real, he'd probably be having more fun, right?" Vic shrugged. "Balty looks like he's not having any fun. He looks like he never had any. Like he wouldn't know fun if it started dancing around yelling 'I'm fun' in his face. — Claudia Gray

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Dan Pearce

Do you not realize that your kids are going to make mistakes, and a lot of them? Do you not realize the damage you do when you push your son's nose into his mishaps or make your daughter feel worthless because she bumped or spilled something? Do you have any idea how easy it is to make your child feel abject? It's as simple as letting out the words, "why would you do that!?" or "how many times have I told you ... — Dan Pearce

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Rachel Nichols

I simply do not think that yelling, swearing, threatening or belittling will get you to the place you want to be faster than kindness, understanding, patience and a little willingness to compromise. — Rachel Nichols

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Jojo Moyes

You have to stop drawing on things!"Teena was yelling. "Paper only, okay? Not walls. Not faces. Not Mrs. Reynold's dog. Not my pants."
"I was doing the days of the week pants"
"I don't need days of the week pants!" She shouted. "And if I did I would spell Wednesday correctly! — Jojo Moyes

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Ben Feldman

Usually, if I'm yelling at the TV, I'm in a bar. If I'm by myself, and it's not a game, I often find myself scolding reality stars that can't hear me through the television set. — Ben Feldman

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

I'm not a tech-savvy parent. I communicate with my children via the old-media format called yelling. — P. J. O'Rourke

I'm Not Yelling Quotes By Fiona Apple

I took off my glasses while you were yelling at me once more than once so as not to see you see me react. Should've put 'em, should've put 'em on again
so I could see you see me sincerely yelling back. — Fiona Apple