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I Have A Secret Admirer Quotes By Steve Carell

I was sort of traumatized by girls in the third grade. Because there was a girl in my third grade class I had a crush on. I bought her a box of Valentine's Day chocolate. And I put it in her cubby with a note that said something like, 'I am deeply in love with you, Your Secret Admirer.' And I didn't sign my name. — Steve Carell

I Have A Secret Admirer Quotes By Karyn Monk

Genevieve has a secret admirer waiting for her outside reported Annabelle.
We think he's a prince Grace added.
Or maybe a cutthroat finished Charlotte. — Karyn Monk

I Have A Secret Admirer Quotes By Julie Klassen

Dear Miss Smallwood, I thought it was time you received a real love letter. I am too shy to speak to you of my feelings in person, but I want you to know how pleased I am you are with us. You have an ardent admirer here at Ebbington Manor. I will be watching you. For I could gaze upon your soft green eyes and sweet lips forever. Your Secret Admirer — Julie Klassen

I Have A Secret Admirer Quotes By Michele Jaffe

So let me see-you've got a boyfriend, a not boyfriend, and a secret admirer.
" He shook his head at me. "Girl, no wonder someone tried to run you down. — Michele Jaffe

I Have A Secret Admirer Quotes By Kelly Moran

The time has come. I know you, and now you will know me. Ever Yours. — Kelly Moran

I Have A Secret Admirer Quotes By Katherine Mansfield

The truth is that every true admirer of the novels cherishes the happy thought that he alone - reading between the lines - has bcome the secret friend of their author. — Katherine Mansfield

I Have A Secret Admirer Quotes By Jane Green

But the thing is, since I've met someone, everyone started banging on and on about my not-so-secret admirer. I'd started to find it quite exciting. I'd forgotten that I don't get involved because the pain might not be worth it. All that flattery and attention distracted me from any pain that might have been lurking around the corner. But course, the pain got me in the end. It always does. — Jane Green