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Horse Rider Quotes By Sigmund Freud

The functional importance of the ego is manifested in the fact that normally control over the approaches to motility devolves upon it. Thus in its relation to the id it is like a man on horse back, who has to hold in check the superior strength of the horse; with this difference, that the rider tries to do so with his own strength while the ego uses borrowed forces. — Sigmund Freud

Horse Rider Quotes By Robin McKinley

My books happen. They tend to blast in from nowhere, seize me by the throat, and howl 'Write me! Write me now!' But they rarely stand still long enough for me to see what and who they are, before they hurtle away again. And so I spend a lot of time running after them, like a thrown rider after an escaped horse, saying 'Wait for me! Wait for me!' and waving my notebook in the air. — Robin McKinley

Horse Rider Quotes By Gilbert Morris

Ardon was greeted by several of the members of the tribe of Dan. They were an unruly, quarrelsome group, and Ardon remembered the prophecy that Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, had given on his deathbed. He had identified the nature of each of his sons, and of Dan he had said, "Dan will be a serpent by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse's heels so that its rider tumbles backward." A grim smile touched Ardon's broad lips. "Old Jacob got it right that time. Dan has some good soldiers, but they are not to be trusted. — Gilbert Morris

Horse Rider Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

Where now the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing? — J.R.R. Tolkien

Horse Rider Quotes By Rabih Alameddine

Death comes in many shapes and sizes, but it always comes. No one escapes the little tag on the big toe. The four horsemen approach. The rider on the red horse says, "This good and faithful servant is ready. He knoweth war." The rider on the black horse says, "This good and faithful servant is ready. He knoweth plague." The rider on the pale horse says, "This good and faithful servant is ready. He knoweth death." The rider on the white horse says, "Fuck this good and faithful servant. He is a non-Christian homosexual, for God's sake. You brought me all the way out here for a fucking fag, a heathen. I didn't die for this dingbat's sins." The irascible rider on the white horse leads the other three lemmings away. The hospital bed hurts my back. — Rabih Alameddine

Horse Rider Quotes By John Bunyan

These three or four scriptures also have been great refreshments in this condition to me: John xiv. 1-4; John xvi. 33; Col. iii. 3, 4; Heb. xii. 22-24. So that sometimes when I have been in the savour of them, I have been able to laugh at destruction, and to fear neither the horse nor his rider. I have had sweet sights of the forgiveness of my sins in this place, and of my being with Jesus in another world: Oh! the mount Sion, the heavenly Jerusalem, the innumerable company of angels, and God the Judge of all, and the spirits of just men made perfect, and Jesus, have been sweet unto me in this place: I have seen that here, that I am persuaded I shall never, while in this world, be able to express: I have seen a truth in this scripture, Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now you see Him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable, and full of glory. 1 Pet. i. 8. — John Bunyan

Horse Rider Quotes By Heather Dixon

Try it alone now," he said. "I taught you when you were six. You were a fine little rider then. Do you remember?"
"No!" said Azalea.
"You remembered how to ride last winter," said the King quietly. He had his arms crossed. "You rode very well, one night last winter, if I remember."
The horse beneath Azalea shifted, and she clutched to keep her balance.
"That was nearly a year ago," she stammered.
"Some things are burned into one's memory."
The King helped her down gently onto solid ground, and didn't say another word. — Heather Dixon

Horse Rider Quotes By Reiner Klimke

Whenever a horse has learned a new movement or a new aid in its basic form, the rider should give him a break and deliberately ride something else for a few days or weeks. When he returns to the movement, he will notice how much more easily the training will proceed. — Reiner Klimke

Horse Rider Quotes By Randeep Hooda

I think I'm the only professional horse rider from the movie industry. Strangely, I've seen no men from the industry at equestrian events. Though I've seen some ladies like Diya Mirza and Lara Dutta at the race course. Women, by the way, make superior horse riders. — Randeep Hooda

Horse Rider Quotes By Cornelia Funke

Time is a horse that runs in the heart, a horse Without a rider on a road at night. The mind sits listening and hears it pass. — Cornelia Funke

Horse Rider Quotes By Kristen Britain

You're a stubborn, ill-trained horse." she said
The horse snorted and walked towards the North Road of his own volition.
"Hey!" Karigan pulled back on the reins. "Whoa. Who do you think is in charge here? — Kristen Britain

Horse Rider Quotes By Alexander Chee

The secret to being a rider in the hippodrome wasn't just that you must be agile, or that you must be good with horses, or that you must be strong and steady as the horse careens to the far end of the arena and back with you riding on its back. It was that you must hide inside your costume a little of a killer's heart.
The animal will be tender with you, and you with it, but the animal never forgets that when what it wants for survival requires your death, it will become unafraid to kill you. And so you cannot forget this, either.
It is, on reflection, good training to be a courtesan. A woman of any kind. — Alexander Chee

Horse Rider Quotes By Ainslie Sheridan

Why do you like show jumping?"
" ... Beauty and excitement. The elements of trust, talent, training, love, and danger make show jumping a thrilling and aesthetic experience. It's really the ultimate test of two nervous systems
the kinetic transfer of the rider's muscle to the horse's muscle enables them to clear those jumps. And there's nothing like it
horse and rider forming an arc of beauty, efficiency, and power, like a double helix."
"Yes, DNA, the code to life. — Ainslie Sheridan

Horse Rider Quotes By John Dryden

He with a graceful pride, While his rider every hand survey'd, Sprung loose, and flew into an escapade; Not moving forward, yet with every bound Pressing, and seeming still to quit his ground. — John Dryden

Horse Rider Quotes By Sharni Vinson

I grew up very much an athlete and very much a swimmer and a dancer and a horse rider and surf lifesaving club, you name it I've probably done it. I just find so much gratification in being physical. — Sharni Vinson

Horse Rider Quotes By Rumi

The spirit is so near that you can't see it!
But reach for it ... don't be a jar, full of water, whose rim is always dry. Don't be the rider who gallops all night and never sees the horse that is beneath him. — Rumi

Horse Rider Quotes By Robert B. Parker

Is he any good?" Susan said. "DeSpain. Yeah. He's a good cop. Very tough cop." "Too tough?" "Some people thought so," I said. "Tougher than you?" "Never a horse that couldn't be rode, little lady. Never a rider that couldn't be throwed." "Good heavens," Susan said. "Does that mean he might be?" "Means maybe we'll find out some day," I said. — Robert B. Parker

Horse Rider Quotes By Buck Brannaman

I started to realize that things would come much easier for me once I learned why a horse does what he does. This method works well for me because of the kinship that develops between horse and rider. — Buck Brannaman

Horse Rider Quotes By Nuno Oliveira

In the calmness of the walk, horse and rider can find the time to think and to prepare the quality of the following trot and canter. — Nuno Oliveira

Horse Rider Quotes By Clive James

A loose horse is any horse sensible enough to get rid of its rider at an early stage and carry on unencumbered. — Clive James

Horse Rider Quotes By Saint Augustine

Will is to grace as the horse is to the rider. — Saint Augustine

Horse Rider Quotes By Tamora Pierce

There are times in every rider's life when it is necessary to apologize to a horse ... — Tamora Pierce

Horse Rider Quotes By Katherine Anne Porter

Shut your eyes," said Miss Tanner.
"Oh no," said Miranda, "for then I see worse things ... — Katherine Anne Porter

Horse Rider Quotes By Jonah Books

The war is won but the battle rages, the lion is toothless yet roars, the clown frowns but the Son Shines, the Trumpet is ready to sound, the sword drawn, and the white horse ready to descend, whose rider is called Faithful and True. — Jonah Books

Horse Rider Quotes By Bernard Cornwell

Always fight the horse, not the rider. — Bernard Cornwell

Horse Rider Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

One of their last days in unbroken country, the wind was blowing in the high Indian grass, and her father said, "There's your gold, Dahlia, the real article." As usual, she threw him a speculative look, knowing by then roughly what an alchemist was, and that none of that shifty crew ever spoke straight - their words always meant something else, sometimes even because the "something else" really was beyond words, maybe in the way departed souls are beyond the world. She watched the invisible force at work among the million stalks tall as a horse and rider, flowing for miles under the autumn suns, greater than breath, than tidal lullabies, the necessary rhythms of a sea hidden far from any who would seek it. They — Thomas Pynchon

Horse Rider Quotes By Gary Cooper

There ain't never a horse that never been rode; there ain't never a rider that can't be thrown. — Gary Cooper

Horse Rider Quotes By Theognis Of Megara

Boy, you're like a horse.
Just now sated with seed,
You've come back to my stable,
Yearning for a good rider, fine meadow,
An icy spring, shady groves. — Theognis Of Megara

Horse Rider Quotes By Dana Delany

I'm the worst rider. I'm a terrible rider. Me and horses are not a good mix. For some reason, people are always trying to get me on a horse in a movie. — Dana Delany

Horse Rider Quotes By Muriel Wace

In the partnership between ourselves and the horse there must be one ruling spirit, and that one must be the rider. — Muriel Wace

Horse Rider Quotes By Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Riding upon the back of a waterhorse - what mortal had ever stayed in such a seat for so long? On a horse made of cold currents and liquid convergences, jests and trickery - pressed against a hide like the burnished sea of midnight, thing look different to the rider. — Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Horse Rider Quotes By Walter Zettl

The goal of all dressage riding should be to bring the horse and rider together in harmony ... a oneness of balance, purpose, and athletic expression. — Walter Zettl

Horse Rider Quotes By Dion Fortune

The critic of the Adepts would form a truer opinion of their attitude if he did not look upon them as guardians of a treasure, grudgingly doling it out to applicants whose rights it was impossible to ignore or defy, but rather as trainers of racehorses, patiently trying beast after beast in the hope that one may ultimately be found that will win the Grand National. The Adept who accepts an unsuitable pupil is guilty of cruelty just as much as the rider who sends a horse at a fence it cannot take. — Dion Fortune

Horse Rider Quotes By Margaret Atwood

A great fear came over me, and my body went entirely cold, and I stood as if paralyzed with fear; for I knew that the horse was no earthly horse, but the pale horse that will be sent at the Day of Reckoning, and the rider of it is Death; and it was Death himself who stood behind me, with his arms wrapped around me as tight as iron bands, and his lipless mouth kissing my neck as if in love. But as well as the horror, I also felt a strange longing. — Margaret Atwood

Horse Rider Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

A little neglect may breed mischief; for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want a horse the rider was lost; for want of the rider the battle was lost. — Benjamin Franklin

Horse Rider Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

Where now are the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?
Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing?
Where is the harp on the harpstring, and the red fire glowing?
Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing?
They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow;
The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.
Who shall gather the smoke of the deadwood burning,
Or behold the flowing years from the Sea returning? — J.R.R. Tolkien

Horse Rider Quotes By Steven Pressfield

A horse must be a bit mad to be a good cavalry mount, and its rider must be completely so. — Steven Pressfield

Horse Rider Quotes By Earle Gray

Never a horse that can't be rode and never a rider that can't be throwed. (I'll pass this off as my own, but I really stole it from my father, a cowboy and rodeo rider in his younger years.) — Earle Gray

Horse Rider Quotes By Dean Koontz

Guilt is a tireless horse. Grief ages into sorrow, and sorrow is an enduring rider. — Dean Koontz

Horse Rider Quotes By Benedict Cumberbatch

To get a horse to hit a mark without a rider, to get it to stand up, to get it to rear, to get it to pick up a bucket and bring it over is amazing. It's hard work and very rewarding but can be dangerous. — Benedict Cumberbatch

Horse Rider Quotes By Suzanne Enoch

On nights like this, when he rode out from the dark, silent house to the dark, deserted park, he could
He could be nothing but a solitary rider on a fast horse, wind in his face and the world open around him.
No walls, no bars, no quiet weeping or screams or death. None of that could catch him. On a night like
this, none of it could find him. — Suzanne Enoch

Horse Rider Quotes By Anthony Horowitz

You can kiss me if you like," she said.
Alex let go of her and turned away. "Thanks, Fiona," he said. "But frankly I'd prefer to kiss the horse. — Anthony Horowitz

Horse Rider Quotes By Anonymous

You shall ride my horse,' said Glorfindel. 'I will shorten the stirrups up to the saddle-skirts, and you must sit as tight as you can. But you need not fear: my horse will not let any rider fall that I command him to bear. His pace is light and smooth; and if danger presses too near, he will bear you away with a speed that even the black steeds of the enemy cannot rival. — Anonymous

Horse Rider Quotes By Marquis De Lafayette

One time, I was given an essay topic: to describe a perfect horse, whom the mere sight of the rider's whip would make obedient. I depicted this perfect horse throwing his rider at the sight of the whip. — Marquis De Lafayette

Horse Rider Quotes By Paulette Jiles

For we must not dwell on Death, as it is a mystery and it is something Unknown we leave to the Lord and his disposing for if we knew everything we would be too full of perfectly known things, and thus never rested nor content but driven with busyness and stuffed full. When I rode out in the early mornings in summertimes everything appeared to me, one after the other, in its own selfe without having to be known about beforehand, before you even get to it. In the order of the world is a deep pattern. You can't know if beforehand. If you did you would remain forever unsurprised and dwarfed and hardened. In the early mornings one after another we broke up the planes of water in the pools of Beaverdam with slow steps, horse and rider, and the trees appeared in their reflections like underwater spirits of themselves. Before these things a person is silent. — Paulette Jiles

Horse Rider Quotes By Sigmund Freud

One might compare the relation of the ego to the id with that between a rider and his horse. The horse provides the locomotor energy, and the rider has the prerogative of determining the goal and of guiding the movements of his powerful mount towards it. But all too often in the relations between the ego and the id we find a picture of the less ideal situation in which the rider is obliged to guide his horse in the direction in which it itself wants to go. — Sigmund Freud

Horse Rider Quotes By Nuno Oliveira

The horse must understand and accept any demands made by rider without any resistance. Reward the horse each time he does what is asked of him. Never ask for more than he is capable of giving. Make him a COMPANION, and not a slave, then you will see what a true friend he is. — Nuno Oliveira

Horse Rider Quotes By Prince Philip

A horse which stops dead just before a jump and thus propels its rider into a graceful arc provides a splendid excuse for general merriment. — Prince Philip

Horse Rider Quotes By Napoleon Hill

You either ride life or it rides you. Your mental attitude determines who is 'rider' and who is 'horse.' — Napoleon Hill

Horse Rider Quotes By Alois Podhajsky

There is one principle that should never be abandoned, namely, that the rider must learn to control himself before he can control his horse. This is the basic, most important principle to be preserved in equitation. — Alois Podhajsky

Horse Rider Quotes By Connie Willis

Because around a crisis point, even the tiniest action can assume importance all out of proportion to its size. Consequences multiply and cascade, and anything - a missed telephone call, a match struck during a blackout, a dropped piece of paper, a single moment - can have empire-tottering effects. The Archduke Ferdinand's chauffeur makes a wrong turn onto Franz-Josef Street and starts a world war. Abraham Lincoln's bodyguard steps outside for a smoke and destroys a peace. Hitler leaves orders not to be disturbed because he has a migraine and finds out about the D-Day invasion eighteen hours too late. A lieutenant fails to mark a telegram "urgent" and Admiral Kimmel isn't warned of the impending Japanese attack. "For want of a nail, the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a horse, the rider was lost. — Connie Willis

Horse Rider Quotes By Virginia Woolf

And in me too the wave rises. It swells; it arches its back. I am aware once more of a new desire, something rising beneath me like the proud horse whose rider first spurs and then pulls him back. What enemy do we now perceive advancing against us, you whom I ride now, as we stand pawing this stretch of pavement? It is death. Death is the enemy. It is death against whom I ride with my spear couched and my hair flying back like a young man's, like Percival's, when he galloped in India. I strike spurs into my horse. Against you I will fling myself, unvanquished and unyielding, O Death! — Virginia Woolf

Horse Rider Quotes By Diane Crump

A horse doesn't know whether the rider on his back wears a dress or pants away from the track. — Diane Crump

Horse Rider Quotes By Nicholas Evans

It's a lot like nuts and bolts - if the rider's nuts, the horse bolts! — Nicholas Evans

Horse Rider Quotes By Hazrat Inayat Khan

How can you be that which you possess? You cannot be the horse and rider at the same time. Herein lies the secret of mortality and immortality. — Hazrat Inayat Khan

Horse Rider Quotes By Kristin Cashore

Giddon was younger even than Raffin, strong, and a good rider. — Kristin Cashore

Horse Rider Quotes By Buck Brannaman

As a rider, you must slowly and methodically show your horse what is appropriate. You also have to discourage what's inappropriate, not by making the inappropriate impossible, but by making it difficult so that the horse himself chooses appropriate behavior. You can't choose it for him; you can only make it difficult for him to make the wrong choices. If, however, you make it impossible for him to make the wrong choices, you're making war. — Buck Brannaman

Horse Rider Quotes By Ian Millar

When we train a horse to do a certain job, we're training the horse to be like a soldier, and yes, he still has a spirit, and he still has his ideas, but he is a disciplined soldier, and in the end, he will follow the rider's instruction to do what needs to be done. — Ian Millar

Horse Rider Quotes By William Cavendish

The horse's neck is between the two reins of the bridle, which both meet in the rider's hand. — William Cavendish

Horse Rider Quotes By Nuno Oliveira

For the young, the practice of equitation is a valuable lesson, as it requires the exercise of all human virtue. If they are introduced to the practice of riding by understanding and patient teachers, then they too will develop these traits. The young rider grows to realize the horse is a partner rather than a slave who also deserves love and understanding. — Nuno Oliveira

Horse Rider Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

To whatever end. Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountains. Like wind in the meadow. The days have gone down in the west. Behind the hills, into shadow. How did it come to this? — J.R.R. Tolkien

Horse Rider Quotes By Adolfo Cambiaso

Without good horses, you are nothing. In polo, it's 70 per cent horse, 30 per cent rider. And I have the best horses. — Adolfo Cambiaso

Horse Rider Quotes By Alois Podhajsky

Whenever difficulties appear, the rider must ask himself: does the horse not want execute my demands, does he not understand what I want, or is he physically unable to carry them out? The rider's conscience must find the answer. — Alois Podhajsky

Horse Rider Quotes By H. Rider Haggard

Pride is a good horse if thou ridest wisely — H. Rider Haggard

Horse Rider Quotes By Federico Garcia Lorca

Little black horse. Where are you taking your dead rider? — Federico Garcia Lorca

Horse Rider Quotes By Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert Of Cherbury

A good rider on a good horse is as much above himself and others as the world can make him. — Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert Of Cherbury

Horse Rider Quotes By William Shakespeare

Look, what a horse should have he did not lack, Save a proud rider on his back. — William Shakespeare

Horse Rider Quotes By Thomas Brooks

There is oftentimes a great deal of knowledge where there is but little wisdom to improve that knowledge. It is not the most knowing Christian but the most wise Christian that sees, avoids, and escapes Satan's snares. Knowledge without wisdom is like mettle in a blind horse, which is often an occasion of the rider's fall. — Thomas Brooks

Horse Rider Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

Thundering hooves beat the frozen ground, faster and faster as the rider whipped the horse. Snow and mud lay thick on the earth, and rogue snowflakes drifted through the night sky.
Celaena ran - swifter than her young legs could manage. Everything hurt, Trees ripped at her dress and hair; stones sliced her feet. She scrambled through the woods, breathing so hard she couldn't muster the air to cry for help. She must reach the bridge. It couldn't cross the bridge.
Behind her, a sword shrieked as it was drawn from its sheath.
She fell, slamming into mud and rock. The sound of the approaching demon filled the air as she struggled to rise. But the mud held fast, and she could not run.
Reaching for a bush, her small hands bleeding, the horse now close behind, she - — Sarah J. Maas

Horse Rider Quotes By William Shakespeare

He's of the colour of the nutmeg. And of the heat of the ginger ... he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him; he is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts. — William Shakespeare

Horse Rider Quotes By H.L. Mencken

The general burden of the Coolidge memoirs was that the right hon. gentleman was a typical American, and some hinted that he was the most typical since Lincoln. As the English say, I find myself quite unable to associate myself with that thesis. He was, in truth, almost as unlike the average of his countrymen as if he had been born green. The Americano is an expansive fellow, a back-slapper, full of amiability; Coolidge was reserved and even muriatic. The Americano has a stupendous capacity for believing, and especially for believing in what is palpably not true; Coolidge was, in his fundamental metaphysics, an agnostic. The Americano dreams vast dreams, and is hag-ridden by a demon; Coolidge was not mount but rider, and his steed was a mechanical horse. The Americano, in his normal incarnation, challenges fate at every step and his whole life is a struggle; Coolidge took things as they came. — H.L. Mencken

Horse Rider Quotes By Gary Cooper

There aint never a horse that could'nt be rode
and never a rider that could'nt be throwed — Gary Cooper

Horse Rider Quotes By Buck Brannaman

Anytime you are with a horse, no matter if you are a daily rider or one who just gets a chance to ride to the mailbox, you are interacting with your horse. It is all about the quality of the communication, not the quantity. Doing something right once in a while will far surpass anything done wrong more often. — Buck Brannaman

Horse Rider Quotes By Michael Morpurgo

Blind terror drove me on, with my flying stirrups whipping me into a frenzy. With no rider to carry I reached the kneeling riflemen first and they scattered as I came upon them. — Michael Morpurgo

Horse Rider Quotes By Nuno Oliveira

Every time the rider forgets to regulate the cadence, the horse begins to take control. — Nuno Oliveira

Horse Rider Quotes By Nancy B. Brewer

He is dressed in a long, white robe and in his hand is a white cap. I draw up as he passes down the hall; he does not see me. Shortly I hear a horse leaving. There is much I do not know about him, but tonight I know one of his secrets. He is a midnight rider. — Nancy B. Brewer

Horse Rider Quotes By Unknown Author 386

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
or want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horse shoe nail. — Unknown Author 386

Horse Rider Quotes By Corinne McLaughlin

Until your personality has exhausted its obsession with running the show, your soul isn't given the space to express itself. Your personality can be threatened by your soul, because your personality has controlled your life for a long time and doesn't want to give up control. Your personality is like a wild horse that tries to throw off the rider trying to tame it. The rider is your soul. — Corinne McLaughlin

Horse Rider Quotes By Buck Brannaman

You get that horse to really operate as if he's your legs and you can take that anywhere you want. You can dress up in any kind of clothes you like. You can be a jumper, dressage rider, trail rider, cowboy, anything. — Buck Brannaman

Horse Rider Quotes By Elizabeth Letts

An old adage says that a good rider can hear his horse speak and a great rider can hear his horse whisper. — Elizabeth Letts

Horse Rider Quotes By Nuno Oliveira

Equestrian art is the perfect understanding and harmony between horse and rider. — Nuno Oliveira

Horse Rider Quotes By Francesca Lia Block

Sometimes a wild horse needs to feel that his rider is just a little bit wilder. — Francesca Lia Block

Horse Rider Quotes By Terry Pratchett

There is a lot of folklore about equestrian statues, especially the ones with riders on them. There is said to be a code in the number and placement of the horse's hooves: If one of the horse's hooves is in the air, the rider was wounded in battle; two legs in the air means that the rider was killed in battle; three legs in the air indicates that the rider got lost on the way to the battle; and four legs in the air means that the sculptor was very, very clever. Five legs in the air means that there's probably at least one other horse standing behind the horse you're looking at; and the rider lying on the ground with his horse lying on top of him with all four legs in the air means that the rider was either a very incompetent horseman or owned a very bad-tempered horse. — Terry Pratchett

Horse Rider Quotes By Aleksandr Voinov

Train as if you had to bring the horse down, not the rider. Fight bulls, not men, and men won't best you. — Aleksandr Voinov

Horse Rider Quotes By Ludwig Wittgenstein

I sit astride life like a bad rider on a horse. I only owe it to the horse's good nature that I am not thrown off at this very moment. — Ludwig Wittgenstein

Horse Rider Quotes By Sarah Vowell

The words Lafayette used to describe that triumph - "I did not hesitate to be disagreeable to preserve my independence" - applied to getting his way regarding America as well. Perhaps the most emblematic anecdote foretelling Lafayette's stubborn refusal to give up his American dream was the boyhood story about how one day, one of his Parisian schoolteachers was talking up the virtues of an obedient horse. According to Lafayette, "I described the perfect horse as one which, at the sight of the whip, had the sense to throw his rider to the ground before he could be whipped. — Sarah Vowell

Horse Rider Quotes By Elizabeth Hand

But talent - if you don't encourage it, if you don't train it, it dies. It might run wild for a little while, but it will never mean anything. Like a wild horse. If you don't tame it and teach it to run on track, to pace itself and bear a rider, it doesn't matter how fast it is. It's useless. — Elizabeth Hand

Horse Rider Quotes By Kristen Britain

You're a stubborn, ill-trained horse, — Kristen Britain

Horse Rider Quotes By Kristin Cashore

Through an arrow loop in the wall she saw a familiar horse and rider tearing across the camp toward the healing rooms. Brigan pulled up at Nash's feet and dropped from the saddle. The two brothers threw their arms around each other and embraced hard.
Shortly thereafter he stepped into the healing rooms and leaned in the doorway, looking across at her quietly. Brocker's son with the gentle gray eyes.
She abandoned all pretense of decorum and ran at him. — Kristin Cashore

Horse Rider Quotes By George Herbert

For want of a naile the shoe is lost, for want of a shoe the horse is lost, for want of a horse the rider is lost. — George Herbert

Horse Rider Quotes By Nuno Oliveira

A horse will never tire of a rider who possesses both tact and sensitivity because he will never be pushed beyond his possibilities. — Nuno Oliveira

Horse Rider Quotes By Robert Smith

There is no secret so close as that between a rider and her horse. — Robert Smith

Horse Rider Quotes By Horace

The trainer trains the docile horse to turn, with his sensitive neck, whichever way the rider indicates. — Horace

Horse Rider Quotes By Oliver Sacks

There is a direct union of oneself with a motorcycle, for it is so geared to one's proprioception, one's movements and postures, that it responds almost like part of one's own body. Bike and rider become a single, indivisible entity; it is very much like riding a horse. A car cannot become part of one in quite the same way. — Oliver Sacks

Horse Rider Quotes By Bernard Cornwell

And I looked,' Pyrlig said to me, 'and I saw a pale horse, and the rider's name was death.' I just stared in amazement. 'It's in the gospel book,' he explained sheepishly, 'and it just cam to mind. — Bernard Cornwell

Horse Rider Quotes By Emery Lee

Devington could clearly ascertain by the end of the second lap that Slug was decidely undermanaged by his indolent jockey, and the high-strung Hawke was incontrovertibly terrized by his ... By the end of the final lap of the arduous run, Lord Uxeter had completely used up his horse, and Slug had completely uased up his rider!
... Devington seized the moment to claim the lead, murmuring low to Rosie, It would appear, my lovely girl, the race is ours. — Emery Lee

Horse Rider Quotes By Amanda Hocking

I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.' Vega — Amanda Hocking

Horse Rider Quotes By William Cavendish

The main secret for a horse that is heavy upon the hand, is for the rider to have a very light one; for when he finds nothing to bear upon with his mouth, he infallibly throws himself upon the haunches for his own security. — William Cavendish

Horse Rider Quotes By Phil Mitchell

Fourth of July
By the River, By the River
came the White Horse Rider
On "Freedom" call
and eagles' wings he soared ...
Still Believe and Reach out Strong
Don't give up when things go wrong!
Always have hope ...
Remember the day
When the flag stood high
and the future
seemed to go on endless
across the sky — Phil Mitchell

Horse Rider Quotes By Nuno Oliveira

When the rider demands the piaffe, he has to halt the horse a few strides before the latter wants to stop of his own accord. — Nuno Oliveira