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Quotes & Sayings About Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Odette Annable

I'm kind of a crazy person about hand sanitizer. I carry the plain ones that smell like aloe, from Target or CVS. — Odette Annable

Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Jonathan Haidt

Eric Helzer and David Pizarro asked students at Cornell University to fill out surveys about their political attitudes while standing near (or far from) a hand sanitizer dispenser. Those told to stand near the sanitizer became temporarily more conservative.27 — Jonathan Haidt

Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Mandy Moore

I'm a germ-phobe when I meet a lot of people or shake a lot of hands. I always have hand sanitizer and alcohol swabs so I can sort of go back and forth between the two. — Mandy Moore

Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Gene Geter

He went to his note bag and took out hand sanitizer. Later, he placed his note bag back over the same shoulder. The train was incredibly late. Bruce waited and waited. A happy Trudy appeared from behind him and touched his arm. Bruce jumped. Trudy didn't mean to scare him. "Oops, — Gene Geter

Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Brittany Murphy

I'm a clean freak and a germaphobe - I have hand sanitizer in my pocket. — Brittany Murphy

Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Dean Johnson

Karate is like hand sanitizer. It needs...flow. — Dean Johnson

Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Miranda Liasson

she was a little on the loony side. She was a compulsive worrier, overprotective of her son to the nth degree, and should probably purchase stock in hand sanitizer companies for how often she used it. — Miranda Liasson

Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Lynne C. Lancaster

People learn best and fastest from making their own mistakes and fixing them. It's painful to watch a child flounder, but in the long run children become more resilient and resourceful if they have to deal with failure once in a while. One of the biggest fears of today's business strategists is that we are producing a coddled workforce of straight "A" students who are afraid to go out on a limb for fear they'll fall. American innovation was born out of metaphorical scraped knees and bloody noses. A generation that's been told they shouldn't even touch a doorknob without applying antibacterial hand sanitizer may not have the rough and tumble qualities needed to compete in a global dog-eat-dog economy. — Lynne C. Lancaster

Hand Sanitizer Quotes By Adam Carolla

What we used to settle with common sense or a fist, we settle with hand sanitizer and lawyers. — Adam Carolla