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Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Paul Madonna

The thing about how that process works is that it's more about the editing and time for judging the ideas. Most pieces I publish each week have been around for months. This is a response to the beginning of the strip, when I was making them so quickly. I would just conceive a piece, finish it, and then the next day see it in the paper. That was when I was doing dailies four days a week. — Paul Madonna

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Rachel Higginson

Online dating," he mumbled dryly.
"Oh, like before? That makes sense then. It's actually kind of sweet you still have each other through all this craziness." It was like an ah-ha moment. They were gay.
"I was kidding," his eyes snapped up to mine again and flashed with annoyance.
"I'm not judging you," I quickly said. "I think it's great. Seriously!"
"We're not gay," he growled. "We're brothers. — Rachel Higginson

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Tom Hiddleston

When you're starting out as an actor people are very interested in who you are because they want to know where they can put you. And quite often, and we're all guilty of this is our lives, we judge very quickly and we pigeon-hole people very quickly based on how they look and how they talk and how they dress and we think: "Oh yeah, we know who you are." — Tom Hiddleston

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

If I order an appetizer is there any chance I can get it quickly? I'm two and a half months pregnant with a Bradford," she said, not mentioning it was twins because the thought was actually starting to scare her and she hadn't told Trevor yet and didn't want him finding out this way. She just hoped the woman understood because she was close to crying. Judging by the slightly startled look on the woman's face she did.
The waitress shook her head. "No, you're right. You probably won't be able to survive the wait," she said, sending Trevor, who was still trying to get the woman to leave, a glare. "I'll bring you out a bowl of clam chowder followed by chicken fingers, they'll only take a few minutes to prepare. Will that work?"
Zoe nodded solemnly. "You are my hero."
"I'll put a rush on your food," the waitress said before walking away.
"Bless you," Zoe said, fighting the urge to kiss the woman. — R.L. Mathewson

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

It may not be fair that people make judgments so quickly, usually within a few seconds of observation, but it's unrealistic to expect that they won't. So, if you want to be judged in a certain manner, be sure that your look and demeanor give that impression. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Paul Blackthorne

We judge people by their appearance so quickly, and we form opinions about people, compartmentalize people, and think we know who they are. But if you sit down and talk with someone for more than 10 minutes, you'll find something in common, no doubt whatsoever. — Paul Blackthorne

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Warren E. Burger

The notion that most people want black-robed judges, well-dressed lawyers and fine-paneled courtrooms as the setting to resolve their disputes is not correct. People with problems, like people with pains, want relief, and they want it as quickly and inexpensively as possible. — Warren E. Burger

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Edward Carey

Another human being, yet another I had never seen before. What did this one know? Was he happy? Was he cruel? Did he worry? The more I stared at his face, the less I understood him. This is not unusual, the same procedure happens whenever I examine a person either on photograph or in reality: in my first glimpses I always think I can read someone fairly quickly, that the snap judgements I make are surely accurate, but the more I observe the less I understand, the more I realize how difficult the art of judging a person is. — Edward Carey

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Laurie Anderson

Audiences, whether they're seeing a film or a reading or whatever it is, a concert, they decide very quickly what kind of show it is, and then they judge it. They judge the rest of the thing by whether it conforms to their rules for what a good symphony orchestra would be. — Laurie Anderson

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Prince

As human beings we suffer from an innate tendency to jump to conclusions; to judge people too quickly and to pronounce them failures or heroes without due consideration of the actual facts and ideals of the period. — Prince

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By George Herbert

A good Judge conceives quickly, judges slowly. — George Herbert

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By Carla L. Rueckert

Write this word deeply into our consciousnesses: forgive! We are bound to develop desires, and to use our will to seek after those desires, whether they be for things worldly or hallowed, for possessions, attributes or the lack of them, and as we achieve our desires, we will find the side effects of each and every one. We will wrong others, for the most part unintentionally, but still, we will err, and others will wrong us, whether they mean to or not. We generally are simply moving too quickly, and judging people and situations too hastily. — Carla L. Rueckert

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Wanna know the fastest way to unhappiness? Spend your time judging other people's reasons for happiness! That way, you'll quickly lose your own! The next time you look back at yourself (when you've taken a break from judging others) you'll think "Oh! Where did MY happiness go?" because you were too busy thinking that gay people shouldn't be happy ... or, you know, something like that. — C. JoyBell C.

Judging Too Quickly Quotes By John Bunyan

There is a warning here for true pilgrims. Beware of the talker, but also be careful not to judge too quickly those whom God has blessed with both genuine grace and a fluency to speak of divine mercy in ways more eloquent than others. The proof is in the life-not a perfect life, but a life that both delights in divine truth and magnifies God, the only giver of the sovereign grace that always produces the truly fruitful, fragrant life. — John Bunyan