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Top Hades Persephone Quotes

Hades Persephone Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

I wonder now about Demeter and Persephone. Maybe Persephone was glad to run off with the king of death to his underground realm, maybe it was the only way she could break away from her mother, maybe Demeter was a bad parent the way Lear was a bad parent, denying nature, including the nature of children to leave their parents. Maybe Persephone thought Hades was the infinitely cool older man who held the knowledge she sought, maybe she loved the darkness, the six months of winter, the sharp taste of pomegranates, the freedom from her mother, maybe she knew that to be truly alive death had to be part of the picture just as winter must. It was as the queen of hell that she became an adult and came into power. Hades's realm is called the underworld, and so are the urban realms of everything outside the law. And as in Hopi creation myths, where humans and other beings emerge from underground, so it's from the underground that culture emerges in this civilization. — Rebecca Solnit

Hades Persephone Quotes By C.F. Joyce

And scars will lighten, they'll pale unless you keep rubbing at them...wait long enough, they'll fade. — C.F. Joyce

Hades Persephone Quotes By Holly Black

She swallowed his blood, a dark vintage from some forgotten cellar. She felt like Persephone in Hades, pomegranate seeds bursting against her teeth, juice rolling on her tongue, and the more she had, the more she hungered. — Holly Black

Hades Persephone Quotes By Molly Ringle

It had to unleash some invisible magic, he thought; Hades and Persephone, joining together again within these black and holy stone walls, for the first time in millennia. As they indulged in enjoying one another, how could they not be reactivating some power within the Earth itself? Surely they were at least bringing autumn storm clouds rolling and thundering over the Mediterranean.
But probably every boy felt that way when finally in bed caressing the girl he loved. — Molly Ringle

Hades Persephone Quotes By Molly Ringle

You're going to kidnap me again?"
Adrian tried a smile. "No, I'll ask you if you *want* to be kidnapped again. — Molly Ringle

Hades Persephone Quotes By Molly Ringle

A freezing cold underground river. A dark cave lit by ghosts. A man too stupid to realize you loved him. This is what you want?"
"All of it. Especially the very stupid man. — Molly Ringle

Hades Persephone Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Poor Persephone." He stared down his nose at the god. "That must be hard on her if that's what gets you off."
I wrinkled my nose.
"If her name drips from your forked tongue one more time, I will rip it out," Hades promised, voice deadly low.
Was his tongue really forked?
His lips curled up on one side. "What? You don't like me talking about your wife?" He looked over at the three of us. "Is abduction as a means of marriage still all the rage these days?"
Seth arched a brow.
"Uh ... no," I said, shaking my head. "It's really frowned upon. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hades Persephone Quotes By Molly Ringle

Keep calm and grow magic pomegranates. — Molly Ringle

Hades Persephone Quotes By Amanda Bouchet

Now that that's settled, you're coming with me."

"Never in a billion suns. Not even if Zeus showed up as a swan and tried to peck me in your direction. I wouldn't go with you even if my other option was Hades dragging me to the Underworld for an eternal threesome with Persephone. — Amanda Bouchet

Hades Persephone Quotes By Rachel Alexander

Who are you?" she said, barely able to hear her own words as her heartbeat thrummed in her ears.
"This is your dream, remember? Tell me who I am," he said smiling, absently coiling a tendril of her long brown hair around a finger.
She narrowed her eyes at him. "If this is my dream, oneiroi, then answer my question. Who are you?"
He was hearing her true voice: that of a natural ruler. She watched him smile at her fearlessness, even as he loomed over her. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I am your lord husband. — Rachel Alexander

Hades Persephone Quotes By Kaitlin Bevis

Just get him started on what he thinks is best for souls. He's all about making everyone feel right at home. Oh gods! He reads these stupid psychology books and just spouts off random psycho-babble. It's awful! - Cassandra — Kaitlin Bevis

Hades Persephone Quotes By Rachel Alexander

I will love you and only you until the stars are shaken out of the sky. — Rachel Alexander

Hades Persephone Quotes By C.F. Joyce

...even the goddess Persephone is happy, if only for half each year. — C.F. Joyce

Hades Persephone Quotes By Sarah M. Eden

You will, once again, have to save me from myself. You have done that, you know." "Saved you?" "My Persephone," he whispered in her ear. "Do you know I would have come for you no matter how far you'd gone?" "Hades always came for Persephone," she echoed his earlier explanation. He lightly kissed her again. "And she always returned home." "Always," Persephone repeated. "Always. — Sarah M. Eden

Hades Persephone Quotes By Edith Hamilton

A chasm opened in the earth and out of it coal-black horses sprang, drawing a chariot and driven by one who had a look of dark splendor, majestic and beautiful and terrible. He caught her to him and held her close. The next moment she was being borne away from the radiance of earth in springtime to the world of the dead by the king who rules it. — Edith Hamilton

Hades Persephone Quotes By Molly Ringle

Enjoying your Christmas in the land of the dead? Fun and different, right? — Molly Ringle

Hades Persephone Quotes By Bree Despain

I mean, there Persephone was, minding her own business, picking flowers, when all of a sudden Hades bursts out of the ground in a flaming chariot and grabs her. I mean, you can't just go around grabbing people. That's not okay." I narrow my eyes, challenging him. "What kind of person does that?"
Haden glowers right back at me. "Maybe he didn't see any other options at the moment. — Bree Despain

Hades Persephone Quotes By M.M. Kin

For a God whose heart is supposed to be as cold as his realm, you are so warm and kind. You
make it hard to resist, she murmured.
Why should you resist? You know how much you are enjoying yourself.
Much as I hate to admit it, she sighed — M.M. Kin

Hades Persephone Quotes By Kaitlin Bevis

Charm me into giving you the red M&Ms. They're my favorite.'
I looked Hades in the eyes. 'Give me the red M&Ms.'
'Still not good enough.'
'Give me the damn M&Ms,'I snapped.
He snickered. 'That wasn't very charming. — Kaitlin Bevis

Hades Persephone Quotes By Rachel Alexander

The palace was beautiful and cold. Each room was different, displaying one rich color after another. Wide pillars and reliefs decorated each room, quartz giving way to marble, marble giving way to onyx, malachite, and granite. While the memory of Mount Olympus from her one childhood visit was hazy, she most clearly remembered the stark white walls and absence of color. The Palace of Hades was its opposite and spoke to its master's dominion over everything that lay within the earth. — Rachel Alexander

Hades Persephone Quotes By Kiersten White

I was thinking about framing, and how so much of what we think about our lives and our personal histories revolves around how we frame it. The lens we see it through, or the way we tell our own stories. We mythologize ourselves. So I was thinking about Persephone's story, and how different it would be if you told it only from the perspective of Hades. Same story, but it would probably be unrecognizable. Demeter's would be about loss and devastation. Hades's would be about love. — Kiersten White

Hades Persephone Quotes By Aimee Carter

It doesn't matter," said Persephone. "He [Henry] wasn't supposed to do that. While I ruled with him, we only made a few exceptions, and even then there were so many caveats that no one ever really made it back to the surface. He violated everything he's stood for since the dawn of humanity to save your life. — Aimee Carter

Hades Persephone Quotes By M.M. Kin

Be calm, cool, and collected. Don't let that
handsome bastard have power over you. — M.M. Kin

Hades Persephone Quotes By Rick Riordan

I don't know if you've ever had a crush on somebody that bad, but Hades became obsessed. He kept sketches of Persephone in his pocket. He carved her name on his obsidian table with a knife-which took a lot of work. He dreamed about her and had imaginary conversations with her where he admitted his love and she confessed that she had always had a thing for creepy older guys who lived in caves full of dead people. — Rick Riordan

Hades Persephone Quotes By Walter Burkert

What the myth founds is a double existence between the upper world and the underworld: a dimension of death is introduced into life, and a dimension of life is introduced into death. — Walter Burkert

Hades Persephone Quotes By Brodi Ashton

He paused and let out a little sigh. Then I'm saying it wrong, because it has everything to do with you. I want what Hades and Persephone had, and I can't do it without you. The only time the queen of the Everneath has been overthrown is when an Everliving has found his perfect match. I've spent my whole life - and it's a long one, trust me - looking for my perfect match, and it's you. I knew you were different from the first moment I met you. The first moment you placed your hands on mine. You remember? — Brodi Ashton

Hades Persephone Quotes By Amanda Bouchet

I don't know why it's not universally acknowledged that looking back is a terrible idea. It only makes going forward that much harder. — Amanda Bouchet