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Afire Quotes By Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Chained inside the carriage is a sinful woman. When we set the carriage afire, her flesh will be roasted, her bones will be charred: she will die an agonizing death. Never again will you have such a perfect model for the screen. Do not fail to watch as her snow-white flesh erupts in flames. See and remember her long black hair dancing in a whirl of sparks! — Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Afire Quotes By Kobo Abe

During the say the traces of summer , reluctant to depart, still set the sand afire, and their bare feet could not stand it for more than five minutes at a time. But when the sun set, the crack-ridden walls of the room let in the cold night damp. — Kobo Abe

Afire Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

I wish that I could put up yesterday's evening sky for all posterity, could preserve a night of love, the sound of a mountain stream, a realization as it sets my mind afire, a dance, a day of harmony, ten thousand glorious days of clouds that will instead vanish and never be seen again, line them up in jars where they might be admired in the interim and tasted again as needed. — Rebecca Solnit

Afire Quotes By Waylon H. Lewis

I know what love is and it is friendship, set afire.

Love is easy. Love is chemistry - a science lab. Love is as simple as connecting this together with that. Her brilliant eyes and my heated heart.

But this is not love.

Not yet.

Genuine love is friendship. Genuine love resides only in the present moment. Genuine love is everyday. Genuine love feels no need to entertain the space away. Genuine love is up, genuine love is down and yet genuine love never wavers.

Love is something else entire: it is caring. It is arguing, but with curiosity - it is giving an inch when the other is certainly wrong - it is teasing, it is empathy, it is respect, it is admiration each morning. — Waylon H. Lewis

Afire Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

Put out my eyes, and I can see you still;
slam my ears to, and I can hear you yet;
and without any feet can go to you;
and tongueless, I can conjure you at will.
Break off my arms, I shall take hold of you
and grasp you with my heart as with a hand;
arrest my heart, my brain will beat as true;
and if you set this brain of mine afire,
upon my blood I then will carry you. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Afire Quotes By Father Damien

The Eucharist is the bread that gives strength ... It is at once the most eloquent proof of His love and the most powerful means of fostering His love in us. He gives Himself every day so that our hearts as burning coals may set afire the hearts of the faithful. — Father Damien

Afire Quotes By Martin Luther

I sit here at ease, hardened and unfeeling-alas! Praying little, grieving little for the Church of God, burning rather in the fierce fires of my untamed flesh.It comes to this: I should be afire in the spirit; in reality I am afire in the flesh, with lust , laziness, idleness, sleepiness. It is perhaps because you have all ceased praying for me that God has turned away from me ... For the last eight days i have written nothing, nor prayed nor studied, partly from self-indulgence, partl from another vexatious handicap.i really cannot stand it any longer; Pray for me , i beg you, for in my seclusion here i am submerged in sins.
Martin Luther
A writing to Melanchthon from the Wartburg Castle on July 13,1521. — Martin Luther

Afire Quotes By Daniel Montgomery

People who've been hit with the gospel respond naturally with radically changed lives and hearts. The church and the ministries of the church are gospel centered when they flow from hearts that are afire with wonder at the glory and grace of God, revealed in the person of Jesus. — Daniel Montgomery

Afire Quotes By Ray Bradbury

What is the greatest reward a writer can have? Isn't it that day when someone rushes up to you, his face bursting with honesty, his eyes afire with admiration and cries, That new story of yours was fine, really wonderful! — Ray Bradbury

Afire Quotes By Glendon Swarthout

I will be thirty years old again in thirty seconds. I will take the best room in the Grand Central or the Orndorff Hotel. I will dine on oysters and palomitas and wash them down with white wine. Then I will go to the Acme or Keating's or the Big Gold Bar and sit down and draw my cards and fill an inside straight and win myself a thousand dollars. Then I will go to the Red Light or the Monte Carlo and dance the floor afire. Then I will go to a parlor house and have them top up a bathtub with French champagne and I will strip and dive into it with a bare-assed blonde and a redhead and an octoroon and the four of us will get completely presoginated and laugh and let long bubbly farts at hell and baptize each other in the name of the Trick, the Prick, and the Piper-Heidsick. — Glendon Swarthout

Afire Quotes By Thomas Hardy

Joan Durbeyfield always manged to find consolation somewhere: 'Well, as one of the genuine stock, she ought to make her way with 'en, if she plays her trump car aright. And if he don't marry her afore he will after. For that he's all afire wi' love for her any eye can see.'
'What's her trump card? Her d'Urberville blood, you mean?'
'No, stupid; her face - as 'twas mine. — Thomas Hardy

Afire Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

It was a lone tree burning on the desert. A heraldic tree that the passing storm had left afire. The solitary pilgrim drawn up before it had traveled far to be here and he knelt in the hot sand and held his numbed hands out while all about in that circle attended companies of lesser auxiliaries routed forth into the inordinate day, small owls that crouched silently and stood from foot to foot and tarantulas and solpugas and vinegarroons and the vicious mygale spiders and beaded lizards with mouths black as a chowdog's, deadly to man, and the little desert basilisks that jet blood from their eyes and the small sandvipers like seemly gods, silent and the same, in Jeda, in Babylon. A constellation of ignited eyes that edged the ring of light all bound in a precarious truce before this torch whose brightness had set back the stars in their sockets. — Cormac McCarthy

Afire Quotes By Khalil Gibran

Life has two halves: one patient and one afire. Love is the fiery half. Make me, O Lord, food for the flames. — Khalil Gibran

Afire Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

The Devil has seldom done a cleverer thing that hinting to the Church that part of their mission is to provide entertainment for the people, with a view to winning them. Providing amusement for the people is nowhere spoken of in the Scriptures as a function of the Church. The need is biblical doctrine, so understood and felt that is sets men afire. — Charles Spurgeon

Afire Quotes By Bede

Above all else, he was afire with heavenly love, unassumingly patient, devoted to unceasing prayer, and kindly to all who came to him for comfort. He regarded as equivalent to prayer the labour of helping the weaker brethren with advice, remembering that he who said, 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God', also said, 'Love thy neighbour'. His self-discipline and fasting were exceptional, and through the grace of contrition he was always intent on the things of heaven. Lastly, whenever he offered the sacrifice of the Saving Victim of God, he offered his prayers to God not in a loud voice but with tears welling up from the depths of his heart. — Bede

Afire Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

When left to its own devices it tends to make me look as if I've been set afire. — Patrick Rothfuss

Afire Quotes By Nalini Singh

Barely four feet tall back then, at least a foot shorter than him, and yet she'd said, "I won't run anymore. I won't try to leave. I've decided to stay and protect you." "Why?" Midnight black eyes afire in a sun-browned face that was all sharp bones. "Because you don't have a monster inside you. — Nalini Singh

Afire Quotes By George Matthew Adams

Enthusiasm is a kind of faith that has been set afireGeorge Matthew Adams

Afire Quotes By Nathan Lane

I have my aluminum siding business, and that's going like a house afire. — Nathan Lane

Afire Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

I rarely think of poetry as something I make happen; it is more accurate to say that it happens to me. Like a summer storm, a house afire, or the coincidence of both on the same day. — Barbara Kingsolver

Afire Quotes By Tessa Dare

His first glimpse of Izzy Goodnight was to see her bathed in gold. The sunlight showed him, in blazing relief, a slender, gracefully curved silhouette and a corona of wild, loose hair that seemed to be afire.
Holy God. — Tessa Dare

Afire Quotes By Robert McCammon

Those who babble the Lord's Prayer day and night would be the first to grin when I'm set afire. — Robert McCammon

Afire Quotes By Anne Rice

One tiny flame could make so many other flames; one tiny flame could set afire a whole world. — Anne Rice

Afire Quotes By Rick Bass

I look down and see that Colter has returned and has gone on lock-solid, drop-dead point about twenty feet in front of us, head and shoulders hunched and crouched, bony ass stuck way up in the air, body half-twisted, frozen, as if cautioning us of some hidden, deadly betrayal: and green eyes afire, stub tail motionless. We ease forward, adrenaline-drunk. Nothing happens. And then it does. The cock-bird climbs towering above and then flares and accelerates away; Tim fires twice, I fire twice, Colter runs shrieking after the untouched bird, and from across that spartan landscape we hear the cattlewomen snort small laughs of disbelief, and one of them says, "Oops, they missed again." We — Rick Bass

Afire Quotes By Virginia Henley

With horror he saw that her hair was already afire as the tarred stake burned about her head. He held her agonized gaze with his fierce black eyes. "I'll love you forever, and beyond," he vowed as he raised both arms and plunged his sword into her heart.

~Marcus Magnus — Virginia Henley

Afire Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

A pumpkin lives but once a year
when someone sets its soul afire
and on that night it stirs up fear
until its flame is snuffed.
But e'en one night of eerie light is fright enough. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Afire Quotes By Geraldine Brooks

As that ripe summer turned to autumn, the sunlight cooled to a slantwise gleam, bronzing the beach grass and setting the beetle-bung trees afire. — Geraldine Brooks

Afire Quotes By Wallace Stegner

Is it compulsory to be one of the immortals? We're all decent godless people, Hallie. Let's not be too hard on each other if we don't set the world afire. There's already been enough of that. — Wallace Stegner

Afire Quotes By Anne Rice

What a miracle, I thought. One tiny flame could make so many other flames; one tiny flame could set afire a whole world. Why, I had, with this simple gesture, actually increased the sum total of light in the universe, had I not? — Anne Rice

Afire Quotes By Jose Marti

But love, like the sun that it is, sets afire and melts everything. what greed and privilege to build up over whole centuries the indignation of a pious spirit, with its natural following of oppressed souls, will cast down with a single shove. — Jose Marti

Afire Quotes By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Pain makes us crazy. All we want is to throw the live coal of it as far from us as we can, not thinking what we might set afire. — Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Afire Quotes By Pat Conroy

My memory often seems like a city of exiled poets afire with the astonishment of language, each believing in the integrity of his own witness, each with a separate version of culture and history, and the divine essential fire that is poetry itself. — Pat Conroy

Afire Quotes By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God,
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round and pluck blackberries. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Afire Quotes By Hafez

Oh Cup-bearer, set my glass afire with the light of wine! — Hafez

Afire Quotes By Frank O'Hara

For Grace, After a Party"

You do not always know what I am feeling.
Last night in the warm spring air while I was
blazing my tirade against someone who doesn't
me, it was love for you that set me

and isn't it odd? for in rooms full of
strangers my most tender feelings
writhe and
bear the fruit of screaming. Put out your hand,
isn't there
an ashtray, suddenly, there? beside
the bed? And someone you love enters the room
and says wouldn't
you like the eggs a little

different today?
And when they arrive they are
just plain scrambled eggs and the warm weather
is holding. — Frank O'Hara

Afire Quotes By Will Rogers

We have been just going like a house afire, and we couldent see any reason why we shouldent keep right on burning. Our tastes were acquired on credit, and we wanted to keep on enjoying 'em on credit. — Will Rogers

Afire Quotes By William Wendt

I would dearly love to take up the brush again, but I realize that I am an old man and that I cannot set the world afire. — William Wendt

Afire Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Set the world afire. Just let me hand you the matches. — Lisa Kleypas

Afire Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

The moon is my fear.
The sun is my heart afire.
The stars, my love songs. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Afire Quotes By Geoffrey Vickers

The men and women of England who abolished slavery, created the educational system, or gave women the vote were not acting on the hypotheses of what the voters wanted. They were afire with faith in what people ought to want and in the end they persuaded their lethargic compatriots to give them enough support to warrant a change. — Geoffrey Vickers

Afire Quotes By Marguerite Yourcenar

A being afire with life cannot foresee death; in fact, by each of his deeds he denies that death exists. — Marguerite Yourcenar

Afire Quotes By Mark Twain

By reading keep in a state of excited igorance, like a blind man in a house afire; flounder around, immensely but unintelligently interested; don't know how I got in and can't find the way out, but I'm having a booming time all to myself.Don't know what a Schelgesetzentwurf is, but I keep as excited over it and as worried about it as if it were my own child. I simply live on the Sch.; it is my daily bread. I wouldn't have the question settled for anything in the world. — Mark Twain

Afire Quotes By Cyrano De Bergerac

The insufferable arrogance of human beings to think that Nature was made solely for their benefit, as if it was conceivable that the sun had been set afire merely to ripen men's apples and head their cabbages. — Cyrano De Bergerac

Afire Quotes By Mark Twain

Sometimes my feelings are so hot that I have to take the pen and put them out on paper to keep them from setting me afire inside; then all that ink and labor are wasted because I can't print the results — Mark Twain

Afire Quotes By Michael R. Fletcher

Gehirn had to protect her love - and she only knew one way to do so. She lit the sky afire. — Michael R. Fletcher

Afire Quotes By Cecilia Grant

She'd been lovely the first time he'd spied her, distant and disapproving in church. She was lovely each time he peeled away her clothing, and when she lay in his arms, and when her features went dim and unfocused as he lost himself. But she was never lovelier than when she spoke this way, all afire with the knowledge of wrongs to be righted and good to be done. — Cecilia Grant

Afire Quotes By Peter S. Beagle

All around Molly there flowed and flowered a light as impossible as snow set afire, while thousands of cloven hooves sang by like cymbals. She stood very still, neither weeping nor laughing, for her joy was too great for her body to understand. — Peter S. Beagle

Afire Quotes By Lucretia Mott

Christian soldiers armed with virtue- hearts afire with blind obsession, cannot see the difference 'twixt compassion and oppression — Lucretia Mott

Afire Quotes By Thomas S. Monson

The effectiveness of an inspired bishop, adviser, or teacher has very little to do with the outward trappings of power or an abundance of this world's goods. The leaders who have the most influence are usually those who set hearts afire with devotion to the truth, who make obedience to duty seem the essence of manhood, who transform some ordinary routine occurrence so that it becomes a vista where we see the person we aspire to be. — Thomas S. Monson

Afire Quotes By Bryan Reardon

Any anger I feel vanishes. What is left cannot be described. It is guilt piled onto emptiness and set afire. — Bryan Reardon

Afire Quotes By Michael Chabon

It was rare but not unheard of for an analysand tossed by tides of transference and desublimation to seek the safety of Dr. Kavalier's doorstep or by contrast inflamed with the special hatred of counter-transference to leave herself there in some desperate condition as a cruel prank like a paper sack of dog turds set afire. — Michael Chabon

Afire Quotes By Ray Bradbury

The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned rock to lava, turned wood to charcoal, transmuted water to steam, made sand and silica into green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion, all about. The rockets came like drums, beating in the night. The rockets came like locusts, swarming and settling in blooms of rosy smoke. — Ray Bradbury

Afire Quotes By Joe Hill

My dad got me my first bow for Christmas, when I was ten. But he took it away before New Year's." "Did you shoot someone?" "He caught me soaking arrows in lighter fluid. I just really, really wanted to shoot a flaming arrow at something. It didn't matter what. Still do. I feel like that would complete me: to see a burning arrow go thwock into something and set it afire. I suppose it's how men feel when they imagine sinking balls-deep into the perfect piece of ass. I just want one sexy little thwock." John — Joe Hill

Afire Quotes By Dave Mustaine

I let that swim around in my aching head for a few minutes - "the arsenal of megadeath ... the arsenal of megadeath" - and then, for some reason I can't quite explain, I began to write. Using a borrowed pencil and a cupcake wrapper, I wrote the first lyrics of my post-Metallica life. This song was called "Megadeth" (I dropped the second "a"), and though it would never find its way onto an album, it did serve as the basis for the song "Set the World Afire." It hadn't occured to me then that Megadeth-as used by Senator Cranston, megadeath referred to the loss of one million lives as a result of nuclear holocaust-might be a perfectly awesome name for a thrash metal band. — Dave Mustaine

Afire Quotes By Bobbie Ann Mason

Physicists must feel they are in the most exciting field in the world. Their minds must be afire. — Bobbie Ann Mason

Afire Quotes By Marshall Thornton

Grieving is like being set afire. Except when you try to put out the flames they disappear; when you try to salve your wounds you find your skin unblemished. You take a breath, thinking the worst has passed, and then grief bursts into flame anew. It rages, it roars, it smolders, all at its own unfathomable whim. You can't shake it; you have no choice but to burn. — Marshall Thornton

Afire Quotes By Daphne Du Maurier

We change from the awakening questing creatures we were once, afire with wonder, and expectancy, and doubt, to persons of opinion and authority, our habits formed, our characters moulded in a pattern — Daphne Du Maurier