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Top Good Teaching Practice Quotes

Good Teaching Practice Quotes By Ludwig Van Beethoven

If once he has got the right fingering, plays in good time, with the notes fairly correct, then only pull him up about the rendering; and when he has arrived at that stage, don't let him stop for the sake of small faults, but point them out to him when he has played the piece through ... I have always adopted this plan; it soon forms musicians which, after all, is one of the first aims of art and it gives less trouble both to master and pupil. — Ludwig Van Beethoven

Good Teaching Practice Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

It will not do merely to listen to great principles. You must apply them in the practical field, turn them into constant practice. What will be the good of cramming the high - sounding dicta of the scriptures? You have first to grasp the teachings of the Shastras, and then to work them out in practical life. Do you understand? This is called practical religion. — Swami Vivekananda

Good Teaching Practice Quotes By Claire Stranberg

Teaching kids good manners is teaching them about kindness, consideration and respect. In a world where good manners are often lacking, people are impressed by kids who know them impeccably. Kids with good manners grow up to be self-confident, respectful and kind persons. They are a delightful company and people naturally flock to them. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. By teaching your kids to practice good manners, they will be constantly appreciated by the people around them. — Claire Stranberg

Good Teaching Practice Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Don't believe a teaching just because you've heard it from a man who's supposed to be holy, or because it's contained in a book supposed to be holy, or because all your friends and neighbors believe it. But whatever you've observed and analyzed for yourself and found to be reasonable and good, then accept that and put it into practice. — Gautama Buddha

Good Teaching Practice Quotes By Betty Smith

The child will grow up and find out things for herself. She will know that I lied. She will be disappointed."
"That is what is called learning the truth. It is a good thing to learn the truth one's self. To first believe with all your heart, and then not to believe, is good too. It fattens the emotions and makes them to stretch. When as a woman life and people disappoint her, she will have had practice in disappointment and it will not come so hard. In teaching your child, do not forget that suffering is good too. It makes a person rich in character. — Betty Smith

Good Teaching Practice Quotes By Liberty Forrest

Whether you've never meditated before or you've been doing it religiously for years, it is always good to evaluate (or re-evaluate) your practice. Although I've been meditating and teaching it for years, I still enjoy reading new information about it, learning new techniques, and checking out new meditation recordings. There is always something to learn because there are as many ways to meditate as there are people who are doing it. — Liberty Forrest

Good Teaching Practice Quotes By Adyashanti

A spiritual teaching is a finger pointing toward Reality; it is not Reality itself. To be in a true and mature relationship with a spiritual teaching requires you to apply it, not simply believe in it. Belief leads to various forms of fundamentalism and shuts down the curiosity and inquiry that are essential to open the way for awakening and what lies beyond awakening. A good spiritual teaching is something that you work with and apply. In doing so, it works on you (often in a hidden way) and helps reveal to you the Truth (and falseness) that lies within you. — Adyashanti