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Top Christian Husbands Quotes

Christian Husbands Quotes By Vincent Carroll

To put it plainly, women enjoyed higher status and more autonomy among Christians than among pagans, and could expect better treatment from their husbands. Pagan Roman women were "three times as likely as Christians to have married before age 13," according to the sociologist Rodney Stark.3 Christian women also exercised far more choice in whom they wed, and were less likely to be forced into an abortion (a frequent cause of death for women of the time). — Vincent Carroll

Christian Husbands Quotes By Alyssa Sutherland

Viking women, if they were left behind, were ruling their town. They were earls in their own right; they owned land in their own right. They could divorce their husbands if they wanted to. All of those wonderful allowances that were made for women in the Viking culture weren't really part of the Christian culture at the time. — Alyssa Sutherland

Christian Husbands Quotes By Courtney Love

I would like to say in defense of the Christian religion that there are nice things about it. There really are. And Marilyn can tear up the Bible all he wants and I understand why, but ... there's good things in the Bible. Good things. Like about, you know, not killing people, and ... you know ... not sleeping with people's husbands. — Courtney Love

Christian Husbands Quotes By Christian Smith

The same is true about husbands being the "spiritual heads" of their households (not one verse says that), about Sunday and not Saturday being Christians' set-apart day of rest and worship (just ask Seventh Day Adventists), — Christian Smith

Christian Husbands Quotes By Nancy Wilson

Christian wives tend to leave the 'fat books' and theology to their husbands. While this may look 'submissive' to some, it is actually disobedience. It is not enough that we know Proverbs 31, Ephesians 5, 1 Peter 3, and 1 Corinthians 1 and 14. We have to know more than how to be a good wife. After all, our calling is to be good Christians; and if we are good Christians, we will be good wives and mothers. We mustn't be afraid to deal with topics other than those which directly deal with being a wife and mother. — Nancy Wilson