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Good Outcomes Quotes By Michael Hyatt

Our lives are shaped by the questions we ask. Good questions lead to good outcomes. Bad questions lead to bad outcomes. — Michael Hyatt

Good Outcomes Quotes By Ryan Holiday

understand the range of potential outcomes and know that they are not all good — Ryan Holiday

Good Outcomes Quotes By Philip M. Rosenzweig

Any good strategy involves risk. If you think your strategy is foolproof, the fool may well be you. Execution, too, is uncertain - what works in one company with one workforce may have different results elsewhere. Chance often plays a greater role than we think, or than successful managers usually like to admit. The link between inputs and outcomes is tenuous. Bad outcomes don't always mean that managers made mistakes; and good outcomes don't always mean they acted brilliantly. — Philip M. Rosenzweig

Good Outcomes Quotes By Charlie Munger

Size will hurt returns. Look at Berkshire Hathaway - the last five things Warren has done have generated returns that are splendid by historical standards, but now give him $100 billion in assets and measure outcomes across all of it, it doesn't look so good. We can only buy big positions, and the only time we can get big positions is during a horrible period of decline or stasis. That really doesn't happen very often. — Charlie Munger

Good Outcomes Quotes By Alan B. Krueger

Rather than street crime, I argue that a better analogy is to voting. Having a high opportunity cost of time - resulting, say, from a high-paying job and a good education - should discourage people from voting, yet it is precisely those with a high opportunity cost of time who tend to vote. Why? Because they care about influencing the outcome and consider themselves sufficiently well informed to want to express their opinions. Terrorists also care about influencing political outcomes. Instead of asking who has a low salary and few opportunities, to understand what makes a terrorist we should ask: Who holds strong political views and is confident enough to try to impose their extremist vision by violent means? Most terrorists are not so desperately poor that they have nothing to live for. Instead they are people who care so deeply and fervently about a cause that they are willing to die for it. — Alan B. Krueger

Good Outcomes Quotes By Michael Mauboussin

At the core of an analytical edge is an ability to systematically distinguish between fundamentals and expectations. Fundamentals are a well thought out distribution of outcomes, and expectations are what's priced into an asset. A power metaphor is the [pari-mutuel] racetrack. The fundamentals are how fast a given horse will run and the expectations are the odds on the tote board. As any serious handicapper knows, you make money only by finding a mispricing between the performance of the horse and the odds. There are no 'good' or 'bad' horses, just correctly or incorrectly priced ones. — Michael Mauboussin

Good Outcomes Quotes By Bernard Hopkins

I wouldn't wanna fight me, because I know it wouldn't be a good outcome for both. — Bernard Hopkins

Good Outcomes Quotes By Sriram Narayan

Good business outcomes are testable, valuable, independently achievable, and negotiable (TVIN). As — Sriram Narayan

Good Outcomes Quotes By Michael Lewis

Under the stress of the event, we felt, each man's true nature was revealed. The impression we had of each candidate's character was as direct and compelling as the color of the sky." He had had no trouble identifying which men would make good officers and which would not. "We were quite willing to declare, 'This one will never make it,' 'That fellow is rather mediocre,' or 'He will be a star.'" The problem came when he'd tested his predictions against the outcomes - how the various candidates had actually performed in officer training. His predictions were worthless. And yet, because it was the army and he had a job to do, he kept on making them; and because he was Danny, he noted that he still felt confident about them. — Michael Lewis

Good Outcomes Quotes By Michael Mauboussin

We have no control over outcomes, but we can control the process. Of course, outcomes matter, but by focusing our attention on process, we maximize our chances of good outcomes. — Michael Mauboussin

Good Outcomes Quotes By Aaron McHugh

my friend, we cannot view work as a burden. Work must not be about survival. Work is the place in which we alter the white space before us for good. We must reclaim our place as pioneers of new outcomes, inventors of new solutions, designers of new products, dreamers of new possibilities, and architects of a better tomorrow. We must re-infuse our work with challenge, reward, zest, zeal, fun, laughter, creativity, and unapologetic hope. — Aaron McHugh

Good Outcomes Quotes By Brian Barry

Now it is worth noticing two things about the private substitutes that I have described. The first is that in the aggregate they are probably much more expensive than would be the implementation of the appropriate public policy. The second is that they are extremely poor replacements for the missing outcomes of good public policy. Nevertheless, it is plain that the members of a society can become so alienated from one another, so mistrustful of any form of collective action, that they prefer to go it alone. — Brian Barry

Good Outcomes Quotes By Alain De Botton

If optimism is important, it's because many outcomes are determined by how much of it we bring to the task. It is an important ingredient of success. This flies in the face of the elite view that talent is the primary requirement of a good life, but in many cases the difference between success and failure is determined by nothing more than our sense of what is possible and the energy we can muster to convince others of our due. We might be doomed not by a lack of skill, but by an absence of hope! — Alain De Botton

Good Outcomes Quotes By Jeffrey R. Immelt

There is no real magic to being a good leader. But at the end of every week, you have to spend your time around the things that are really important: setting priorities, measuring outcomes, and rewarding them. — Jeffrey R. Immelt

Good Outcomes Quotes By William J. Clinton

I'm pretty good at seeing like a lot of different things happening at once and putting them in a pattern and figuring out how you can rearrange it so it might have a better outcome. — William J. Clinton

Good Outcomes Quotes By Peter Facinelli

Sometimes while you're cooking it's messy but the outcome is good. The end result is all that counts. — Peter Facinelli

Good Outcomes Quotes By Emily P. Freeman

But Tuesday teaches me that part of living well in ordinary time is letting this day be good. Letting this day be a gift. Letting this day be filled with plenty. And if it all goes wrong and my work turns to dust? This is my kind reminder that outcomes are beyond the scope of my job description. — Emily P. Freeman

Good Outcomes Quotes By Bertie Carvel

I overthink everything. I'm very keen there should be a positive outcome. I like to control outcomes. But you can't. That's what is nice about being an actor, that you work really hard and it pays off. But at the end of the day, for it to be any good, you have to let go. I'd like to be better at this in life. — Bertie Carvel

Good Outcomes Quotes By Mira Kirshenbaum

Perfectionism is a time waster - 20 percent of the effort you put into any project accomplishes 80 percent of the outcome - so this is a time to ask yourself when good enough is enough and then stop. — Mira Kirshenbaum

Good Outcomes Quotes By Eugene Fama

People would be a lot more skeptical if they understood that there is an incredible amount of chance in the results that you observe for active managers. The distribution of outcomes is enormously wide-but that's exactly what you'd expect by chance with lots of active managers who hold imperfectly diversified portfolios. The really good portfolios contain a lot of really lucky picks, and the really bad portfolios contain a lot of really unlucky picks as well as some really bad ones. — Eugene Fama

Good Outcomes Quotes By Tyler Cowen

The lesson about food is that the most predictable and the most orderly outcomes are always not the best. They are just easier to describe. Fads are orderly. Food carts and fires aren't. Feeding the world could be a delicious mess, full of diverse flavors and sometimes good old-fashioned smoke. — Tyler Cowen

Good Outcomes Quotes By David Deutsch

Trying to rely on the sheer good luck of avoiding bad outcomes indefinitely would simply guarantee that we would eventually fail without the means of recovering. — David Deutsch

Good Outcomes Quotes By Gautama Buddha

If a man does what is good, let him do it again; let him delight in it; happiness is the outcome of good. — Gautama Buddha

Good Outcomes Quotes By Gerry Schwartz

Good decisions can have bad short-term outcomes but be great for the business long-term. — Gerry Schwartz

Good Outcomes Quotes By Katharine McGee

Maybe that's all that praying was, she thought, just wishing good outcomes on other people. — Katharine McGee

Good Outcomes Quotes By Yunho

Dwelling in failure won't change anything nor will it create a good outcome. — Yunho

Good Outcomes Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

Experience convinces me that permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth & violence. Even if my belief is a fond delusion, it will be admitted that it is a fascinating delusion. — Mahatma Gandhi

Good Outcomes Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

I don't mind what happens. That is the essence of inner freedom.
It is a timeless spiritual truth: release attachment to outcomes,
deep inside yourself, you'll feel good no matter what. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Good Outcomes Quotes By Victoria Laurie

Life is full of chances
and those times when we each trust our own guts and have a terrific outcome reaffirms our ability to make good decisions. — Victoria Laurie

Good Outcomes Quotes By Evita Ochel

Whether it is in your work, or your relationships, or your food choices, or your interaction with any part of nature, or anything that you think, speak, or do, mindfulness has the power to align you with expressing your highest Self, for your personal and our collective highest good.
Via mindfulness we can make the choices today, that will pre-pave the desired outcomes for all of our tomorrows. Via mindfulness we put ourselves in the flow of life, where life is no longer a series of "good" and "bad" moments, but about living with ease, contentment, wellbeing, and inner peace. Ultimately mindfulness requires action, with the first step being to make mindfulness a priority in your life. — Evita Ochel

Good Outcomes Quotes By Jean Chatzky

Optimism is an expectation that good things are going to be plentiful. The wealthy generally have the sense that life will bring good rather than bad outcomes. That doesn't mean they believe that good things will be omnipresent, but that they will outnumber the not-so-good. — Jean Chatzky

Good Outcomes Quotes By Chris Hayes

Meritocracy is our social ideal, particularly among good liberals. Equality of opportunity, but not of outcome. Not evaluating people by their [outside] features, but by their innate talent and drive. — Chris Hayes

Good Outcomes Quotes By Jess Walter

But aren't all great quests folly? El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth and the search for intelligent life in the cosmos
we know what's out there. It's what isn't that truly compels us. Technology may have shrunk the epic journey to a couple of short car rides and regional jet lags
four states and twelve hundred miles traversed in an afternoon
but true quests aren't measured in time or distance anyway, so much as in hope. There are only two good outcomes for a quest like this, the hope of the serendipitous savant
sail for Asia and stumble on America
and the hope of scarecrows and tin men: that you find out you had the thing you sought all along. — Jess Walter

Good Outcomes Quotes By Kevin Ashton

But all the good outcomes make the truth obvious: the more we create, the less we destroy. — Kevin Ashton

Good Outcomes Quotes By Courtney Summers

I get caught up in outcomes. I convince myself they're truths. No one will notice how wrong you are if everything you do ends up right. The rest becomes incidental. So incidental that, after a while, you forget. Maybe you are perfect. Good. It must be true. Who can argue with results? You're not so wrong after all. So you buy into it and you go crazy maintaining it. Except it creeps up on you sometimes, that you're not right. Imperfect. Bad. So you snap your fingers and it goes away.
Until something you can't ignore happens and you see it all over yourself.
And there's only one thing left to do. — Courtney Summers

Good Outcomes Quotes By Richard Heinberg

All of the solutions to our growth-based problems involve some form of self-restraint. That's why most of those solutions remain just good ideas. That's also why we will probably hit the wall, and why the outcomes described in the previous chapters of this book are likely. The sustainability revolution will occur. The depletion of nonrenewable resources ensures that humankind will eventually base its economy on renewable resources harvested at rates of natural replenishment. But that revolution will be driven by crisis. — Richard Heinberg

Good Outcomes Quotes By Connie Kerbs

The importance of cultivating assumption of the best intentions in others cannot be over-estimated. Fostering this principal of, "goodness of intent," and committing to seeing others and the world through this lens makes for a successful, happy field of vision. This enables us to put our focus and energy to positive, productive outcomes. It lends to a spirit of cooperation and encouragement which is highly effective and satisfying for most people most of the time. That being said, these "rose colored glasses," as vibrant and pleasing as they are, must not become an excuse to look the other way when something needs a different focus, or fixed. We must not let them become blinders which are obviously ineffective, often negative, and occasionally dangerous. — Connie Kerbs

Good Outcomes Quotes By Cory Bernardi

What I seek to do is to establish the facts as I see them, or as I understand them, and to engage in constructive dialogue to get good outcomes. — Cory Bernardi

Good Outcomes Quotes By Ted Dekker

Thrillers provide the reader with a safe escape into a dangerous world where the stakes are as high as can be imagined with unpredictable outcomes. It's a perfect genre in which to explore hard issues of good and evil, a mirror that allows the reader to see both the good and not so good in themselves. — Ted Dekker

Good Outcomes Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

With experience as their guiding light, Christian monks and nuns could, for example, come together with Sufis and Yogis to pray and meditate, then discuss their experiences by talking about how silence and inner peace have changed their lives, instead of talking about the content of their prayers or focusing on theology. Hindus, Christians, and Muslims, who tread the path of goodness, could come together and do good works. Doing good side by side would show them that they are not as different as previously thought and that their various beliefs can lead to similar outcomes. — Gudjon Bergmann

Good Outcomes Quotes By Carol S. Dweck

But does a growth mindset make people good just at getting their own way? Often negotiations require people to understand and try to serve the other person's interests as well. Ideally, at the end of a negotiation, both parties feel their needs have been met. In a study with a more challenging negotiation task, those with a growth mindset were able to get beyond initial failures by constructing a deal that addressed both parties' underlying interests. So, not only do those with a growth mindset gain more lucrative outcomes for themselves, but, more important, they also come up with more creative solutions that confer benefits all around. — Carol S. Dweck

Good Outcomes Quotes By Laurence J. Peter

If the outcome is good, what's the difference between motives that sound good and good, sound motives? — Laurence J. Peter

Good Outcomes Quotes By John Wooden

Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn't expect good things to happen overnight. Actually, getting something too easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome. — John Wooden

Good Outcomes Quotes By Diane Ackerman

A good strategy should dictate the right actions. Any action mustn't be impulsive, but analyzed along with all its possible outcomes. A solid plan always includes many backups and alternatives. — Diane Ackerman

Good Outcomes Quotes By Karen Hitchcock

No one wants to go into a nursing home. My patients fear it; families often feel terrible guilt when the time comes: it is thought of as an abandonment. Nursing homes are where we place our bad outcomes, our frail, our no-longer-independents. They are places people go to wait safely to die. The old doubly incontinents. You might have stood up to Stalin, you might still read Tolstoy, but if you're losing it from both the front and back and you're not a two-year-old, you're going to be hidden away.
"Don't know the nursing homes, they do a pretty good job," a geriatrician said to me. And most of the time they perform their function: as a holding bay for old people. Most of the time. — Karen Hitchcock

Good Outcomes Quotes By Tina Fey

I believe in process. I believe that having a really difficult process is more valuable than a good outcome. — Tina Fey

Good Outcomes Quotes By Noel 'Razor' Smith

Appreciation is not an otherworldly or good treat which we may take or push away as per the minute's impulses, and in either case without material outcomes. Appreciation is the very bread and meat of profound and good wellbeing, separately and all things considered. What was the seed of deterioration that tainted the antiquated's heart world past the purpose of perfect remedy ... ? What was it however selfishness? — Noel 'Razor' Smith

Good Outcomes Quotes By John Mackey

The right actions undertaken for the right reasons generally lead to good outcomes over time. — John Mackey

Good Outcomes Quotes By Angela Merkel

Having led many negotiations with countries outside the E.U. in the past, we would never enter the same compromises and reach the same good outcomes with states that don't shoulder the responsibilities and costs of the common market. — Angela Merkel

Good Outcomes Quotes By Gwen Ifill

It's never too late to move to a good place to try to improve your child's outcomes in adulthood. — Gwen Ifill

Good Outcomes Quotes By Natsuki Takaya

Human beings are strange creatures. As people come across one another they produce various outcomes. Good things, sometimes. And other times, bad. — Natsuki Takaya

Good Outcomes Quotes By Daphne Koller

Online education, then, can serve two goals. For students lucky enough to have access to great teachers, blended learning can mean even better outcomes at the same or lower cost. And for the millions here and abroad who lack access to good, in-person education, online learning can open doors that would otherwise remain closed. — Daphne Koller

Good Outcomes Quotes By Marcus Buckingham

Of the twelve, the most powerful questions (to employees, guaging their satisfaction with their employers) are those witha combination of the strongest links to the most business outcomes (to include profitability). Armed with this perspective, we now know that the following six ar ethe most powerful questions:
1) Do I know what is expected of me at work?
2) Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right?
3) Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?
4) In the last seven days, have I received recognition or praise for good work?
5) Does my supervisor, or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person?
6) Is there someone at work who encourages my development?
As a manager, if you want to know what you should do to build a strong and productive workplace, securing 5s to these six questions would be an excellent place to start. — Marcus Buckingham

Good Outcomes Quotes By Robert Kuttner

In practice, a good deal of the outcomes produced by the market reflect nothing more than luck - good or bad. — Robert Kuttner

Good Outcomes Quotes By Irwin Redlener

Having insurance doesn't guarantee good health outcomes, but it is a critical factor. — Irwin Redlener

Good Outcomes Quotes By Thomas Frank

...[I]t doesn't take an advanced degree to figure out that this education talk is less a strategy for mitigating inequality than it is a way of rationalizing it. To attribute economic results to school years finished and SAT scores achieved is to remove matters from the realm of, well, economics and to relocate them to the provinces of personal striving and individual intelligence. From this perspective, wages aren't what they are because one party (management) has a certain amount of power over the other (workers); wages are like that because the god of the market, being surpassingly fair, rewards those who show talent and gumption. Good people are those who get a gold star from their teacher in elementary school, a fat acceptance letter from a good college, and a good life when they graduate. All because they are the best. Those who don't pay attention in high school get to spend their days picking up discarded cans by the side of the road. Both outcomes are our own doing. — Thomas Frank

Good Outcomes Quotes By Steven Pinker

Perhaps we should rejoice that people's emotions aren't designed for the good of the group. Often the best way to benefit one's group is to displace, subjugate, or annihilate the group next door. Ants in a colony are closely related, and each is a paragon of unselfishness. That's why ants are one of the few kinds of animal that wage war and take slaves. When human leaders have manipulated or coerced people into submerging their interests into the group's, the outcomes are some of the history's worst atrocities. — Steven Pinker

Good Outcomes Quotes By Jean G. Boulton

What is easy to miss in saying all this is that embracing complexity can actually makes things easier, simpler, and more straightforward! How much time gets spent by organizations making cases, forming detailed plans, completing analyses, and demonstrating outcomes? How much of this really gets to the heart of the situation and really determines either what to do or what has been done? Perhaps less planning but more experimentation would be not only more effective but also simpler? Perhaps more focus on the initial selecting of good professionals, allowing them more autonomy to respond more effectively to the situations they are facing, would be less time consuming than the considerable efforts put in by managers to direct, measure, and control their performance. If the world is complex, then acting congruently with that complexity can be simpler than trying to control a machine that does not exist. — Jean G. Boulton