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Going Full Circle Quotes By Sting

I drive back into town with the two crinkly notes in my pocket and wonder if I could support a family this way, doomed to play dinner dances until I too have one foot in the grave. I shudder at the possibility, and think about poor Meg in her sickbed. What am I going to do? On the way back I pass a big roundabout at the end of the Coast Road. It is March, and the roundabout is covered in daffodils. I circle it twice, an idea forming in my head. I park in a nearby street. It is early morning and there is no one around. I check for police cars and head across the road to the roundabout. Half an hour later I let myself into Megan's flat and slowly open her bedroom door. My arms are full of daffodils, maybe a hundred all told, their drooping yellow trumpets lighting up the entire room. Meg starts to cry, and so do I. The next morning our prayers are answered, but our relief is mixed with a subtle, unspoken regret. — Sting

Going Full Circle Quotes By Olivia Sudjic

It is 23.32 p.m. I still believe in symmetry, so this will be the last part. You've reached an end if you come back to where you started. I also remain superstitious about certain numbers. I use 23 and 32 for my lottery tickets, for example. It extends to dates. I still see signs. — Olivia Sudjic

Going Full Circle Quotes By Anonymous

We conclude this list of thanks by coming full circle:We thank the families of 9/11, whose persistence and dedication helped create the Commission.They have been with us each step of the way, as partners and witnesses.They know better than any of us the importance of the work we have undertaken. We want to note what we have done, and not done.We have endeavored to provide the most complete account — Anonymous

Going Full Circle Quotes By Angela Thirkell

I suppose everybody has a mental picture of the days of the week, some seeing them as a circle, some as an endless line, and others again, for all I know, as triangles and cubes. Mine is a wavy line proceeding to infinity, dipping to Wednesday which is the colour of old silver dark with polishing and rising again to a pale gold Sunday. This day has a feeling in my picture of warmth and light breezes and sunshine and afternoons that stretch to infinity and mornings full of far-off bells. — Angela Thirkell

Going Full Circle Quotes By Mrs. Oliphant

It never was anything very splendid at the best," said he. He lifted the lamp from the table with a sort of abstraction, not remarking even my offer to take it from him, and led the way. He was on the verge of seventy, and looked his age; but it was a vigorous age, with no symptom of giving way. The circle of light from the lamp lit up his white hair and keen blue eyes and clear complexion; his forehead was like old ivory, his cheek warmly colored; an old man, yet a man in full strength. He was taller than I was, and still almost as strong. As he stood for a moment with the lamp in his hand, he looked like a tower in his great height and bulk. I reflected as I looked at him that I knew him intimately, more intimately than any other creature in the world, - I was familiar with every detail of his outward life; could it be that in reality I did not know him at all? * — Mrs. Oliphant

Going Full Circle Quotes By David Foster Wallace

The whole issue was almost unbelievably meaningless and small. He thought about the word "meaning" and tried to summon up his baby's face without looking at the photo, but all he could get was the heft of a full diaper and the plastic mobile over his crib turning in the breeze that the box fan in the doorway made. He imagined that the clock's second hand possessed awareness and knew that it was a second hand and that its job was to go around and around inside a circle of numbers forever at the same slow, unvarying machinelike rate, going no place it hadn't already been a million times before, and imagining the second hand was so awful it made his breath catch in his throat, and he looked quickly around to see if any of the examiners near him had heard it or were looking at him. — David Foster Wallace

Going Full Circle Quotes By Mike Lingenfelter

He put the x-ray up on the light screen: The tumor was a large white circle in the middle of the picture. It looked like a headlight coming straight at me, full-speed ahead. — Mike Lingenfelter

Going Full Circle Quotes By Condoleezza Rice

To see an African-American elected president means that this country is really finally coming full circle from the birth defect of slavery. — Condoleezza Rice

Going Full Circle Quotes By Blaise Pascal

You are in the same manner surrounded with a small circle of persons ... full of desire. They demand of you the benefits of desire ... You are therefore properly the king of desire ... equal
in this to the greatest kings of the earth ... It is desire that constitutes their power; that is, the possession of things that men covet. — Blaise Pascal

Going Full Circle Quotes By Charlotte Joko Beck

Essentially, this extra structure covering our life has no reality. It has come to be there because of the misuse of our minds. It's not a question of getting rid of it, since it has no reality; but it is a question of seeing its nature. And as we see its nature, instead of it being so thick and dark, the covering becomes more transparent: we see through it. Enlightenment (bringing in more light) is what happens in practice. Actually we're not getting rid of a structure, we're seeing through it as the dream it is, and as we realize its true nature its whole function in our life weakens; and at the same time we can see more accurately what is going on in our daily life. It's as if we have to go full circle. Our life is always all right. There's nothing — Charlotte Joko Beck

Going Full Circle Quotes By Jeffrey Tambor

When I got this role, my daughter Molly said, 'Dad, you've come full circle. — Jeffrey Tambor

Going Full Circle Quotes By Simone Weil

Concern for the symbol has completely disappeared from our science . And yet, if one were to give oneself the trouble, one could easily find, in certain parts at least of contemporary mathematics ... symbols as clear, as beautiful, and as full of spiritual meaning as that of the circle and mediation. From modern thought to ancient wisdom the path would be short and direct, if one cared to take it. — Simone Weil

Going Full Circle Quotes By Richard Cronshey

4. Full Circle

Today I like the traffic jam.
The engine noises heard in detail.
My whole life, a river of thresholds, stitches itself together
and gazes at me
from everywhere.
I like these places where time kinks and looks back over its shoulder
at itself. It confuses them, who are used to being blurs.
But I'm alright here with my terror. I'm in no hurry.
I get paid by the hour.
I let anybody merge in front of me.
I know there's nowhere to hide. — Richard Cronshey

Going Full Circle Quotes By Cornell Woolrich

A raging, glowering full moon had come up, was peering down over the side of the sky well above the patio.
That was the last thing she saw as she leaned for a moment, inert with fatigue, against the doorway of the room in which her child lay. Then she dragged herself in to topple headlong upon the bed and, already fast asleep, to circle her child with one protective arm, moving as if of its own instinct.
Not the meek, the pallid, gentle moon of home. This was the savage moon that had shone down on Montezuma and Cuauhtemoc, and came back looking for them now. The primitive moon that had once looked down on terraced heathen cities and human sacrifices. The moon of Anahuac. ("The Moon Of Montezuma") — Cornell Woolrich

Going Full Circle Quotes By Eric Schlosser

The life's work of Walt Disney and Ray Kroc had come full-circle, uniting in perfect synergy. McDonald's began to sell its hamburgers and french fries at Disney's theme parks. The ethos of McDonaldland and of Disneyland, never far apart, have finally become one. Now you can buy a Happy Meal at the Happiest Place on Earth. — Eric Schlosser

Going Full Circle Quotes By Jason Mraz

Some of us go full circle. Some of us blindly go nowhere. The circle doesn't have to be very large to make a point, kick your ass and/or be entertaining. Remember that and stay light. Even the deaf know good music when they hear it. — Jason Mraz

Going Full Circle Quotes By T.J. Klune

I told myself that once I was done ripping the seagull's head off, I would turn around and give a speech so saccharine that even Eddie wouldn't be able to console them when I was finished. I would destroy them, and they would drown in an ocean of their tears.
But first the seagull. — T.J. Klune

Going Full Circle Quotes By Anonymous

Company for helping to get this report to the broad public. We conclude this list of thanks by coming full circle:We thank the families of 9/11, whose persistence and dedication helped create the Commission.They have been with us each step of the way, as partners and witnesses.They know better than any of us the — Anonymous

Going Full Circle Quotes By Camille Paglia

Twentieth-century physics, going full circle back to Heracleitus, postulates that all matter is in motion. In other words, there is no thing, only energy. — Camille Paglia

Going Full Circle Quotes By Blaise Pascal

Let man then contemplate the whole of nature in her full and grand majesty, and turn his vision from the low objects which surround him. Let him gaze on that brilliant light, set like an eternal lamp to illumine the universe; let the earth appear to him a point in comparison with the vast circle described by the sun; and let him wonder at the fact that this vast circle is itself but a very fine point in comparison with that described by the stars in their revolution round the firmament. But if our view be arrested there, let our imagination pass beyond; it will sooner exhaust the power of conception than nature that of supplying material for conception. The whole visible world is only an imperceptible atom in the ample bosom of nature. It is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere. In short it is the greatest sensible mark of the almighty power of God, that imagination loses itself in that thought. — Blaise Pascal

Going Full Circle Quotes By John Green

So here's how it went in God's heart: The six or seven or ten of us walked/wheeled in, grazed at a decrepit selection of cookies and lemonade, sat down in the Circle of Trust, and listened to Patrick recount for the thousandth time his depressingly miserable life story-how he had cancer in his balls and they thought he was going to die but he didn't die and now here he is, a full-grown adult in a church basement in the 137th nicest city in America, divorced, addicted to video games, mostly friendless, eking out a meager living by exploiting his cancertastic past, slowly working his way toward a master's degree that will not improve his career prospects, waiting, as we all do, for the sword of Damocles to give him the relief that he escaped lo those many years ago when cancer took both of his nuts but spared what only the most generous soul would call his life.

Going Full Circle Quotes By Fredrik Backman

Some people say hockey is like religion, but that's wrong. Hockey is like faith. Religion is something between you and other people; it's full of interpretations and theories and opinions. But faith...that's just between you and God. It's what you feel in your chest when the referee glides out to the center circle between two players, when you hear the sticks strike each other and see the black disk fall between them. Then it's just between you and hockey. Because cherry trees always smell of cherry trees, whereas money smells of nothing — Fredrik Backman

Going Full Circle Quotes By James Vance

But knowing that the world had come full circle to our Depression story didn't change the way we worked on it, or encourage us to change our thrust. I want people to be able to pick up this book in the future no matter what's going on in the world, and appreciate it on its own merits, not for any perceived winks at the headlines. — James Vance

Going Full Circle Quotes By Patrick Ness

Yer a dead man!" Davy shouts, going in a full circle with the horse jumping and rearing.
"Yer half right," I say. — Patrick Ness

Going Full Circle Quotes By George C. Scott

I became an actor to escape my own personality. Acting is the most therapeutic thing in the world. You see, through acting you come full circle in your personality and, oh, what a grand time you can have along the way being wonderful people through your characters ... I think all the courage that I may lack personally I have as an actor. — George C. Scott

Going Full Circle Quotes By Italo Calvino

Having exhausted every possibility at the moment when he was coming full circle, Antonino realised that photographing photographs was the only course that he had left - or, rather, the true course he had obscurely been seeking all this time. (Last line of the story The Adventure of a Photographer ) — Italo Calvino

Going Full Circle Quotes By Andrew Keegan

Full Circle integrates the indigenous and modern practices, bringing individuals, community and organizations together as indispensable collaborators realizing a co-creative, sustainable and fulfilling future. — Andrew Keegan

Going Full Circle Quotes By Gloria Steinem

If you consider that the gender roles are just political, then what you come to see is that the full circle of human qualities is divided up so that two-thirds are masculine and one-third is feminine. Women are missing more of their human qualities, so you'll find us on the fore-front of trying to change this. — Gloria Steinem

Going Full Circle Quotes By J.H. Wyman

We can't say anything, but just remember that, on Fringe, nothing is as it seems. There's always a little more to the story behind the story. He's definitely a large part, going forward. A lot of things will come full circle. — J.H. Wyman

Going Full Circle Quotes By John Cowper Powys

Back therefore we find ourselves returning. Back to the wisdom of the plough; back to the wisdom of those who follow the sea. It is all a matter of the wheel coming full-circle. For the sophisticated system of mental reactions to which we finally give our adherence is only the intellectualised reproduction of what more happily constituted natures, without knowing what they possess, possess. Thus between true philosophers and the true simple people there is a magnetic understanding; whereas, the clever ones whose bastard culture only divorces them from the wisdom of the earth remain pilloried and paralysed on the prongs of their own conceit. — John Cowper Powys

Going Full Circle Quotes By Nina G. Jones

It's come full circle: the girl who set me on the path of destruction can be my redemption. — Nina G. Jones

Going Full Circle Quotes By Martin Sorrell

In the 19th century China dominated the manufacture of porcelain. Then European factories discovered a cheaper method of making pottery of equal quality, demolishing the Chinese industry the exact reverse of what is happening now. World economics have turned full circle. — Martin Sorrell

Going Full Circle Quotes By Muriel Spark

To put it squarely, as I say in my memoir, the eternal triangle has come full circle. — Muriel Spark

Going Full Circle Quotes By Michael Trucco

I would love to shoot in San Francisco permanently. It would be such a joy to come back home full circle. — Michael Trucco

Going Full Circle Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

Thus the story describes a full circle ... a vicious circle as all circles are, despite their posing as apples, or planets, or human faces. — Vladimir Nabokov

Going Full Circle Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

The idea of existing beyond the patriarchal institution of faith, of withdrawing our external projection of God onto the church is almost unfathomable ... We think there's nothing beyond the edge. No real spirituality, no salvation, no community, no divine substance. We cannot see that the voyage will lead us to whole new continents of depth and meaning. That if we keep going, we might even come full circle, but with a a whole new consciousness. — Sue Monk Kidd

Going Full Circle Quotes By Eloisa James

Grace leaned against Colin, who was silently watching the lively chatter. That was characteristic of him, actually. And then she realized that they were a pair, a silent, observant couple.
Still, in the circle of his arm, she wasn't a lonely observer. She wasn't a wallflower, anymore. She could be herself rather than wishing she was more vivacious, more full of chatter, more like Lily. — Eloisa James

Going Full Circle Quotes By Harper Sloan

We lost Coop in this very spot not even a year ago, and here we are now - Coop's son being born right where he was lost to us forever. "Full Circle," I murmur, stroking Zac's cheek. — Harper Sloan

Going Full Circle Quotes By Kathryn V. White

You have everything when you embrace the full circle of life. — Kathryn V. White

Going Full Circle Quotes By Ladyhawke

With the second record (2012's Anxiety), I was quite jaded, and exhausted, and tired. With this third record, I feel that I've come full circle. I had gotten to the absolute pinnacle of how bad someone could feel. — Ladyhawke

Going Full Circle Quotes By Harry Emerson Fosdick

The process has now run full circle: Preaching originates in personal counseling; preaching is personal counseling on a group basis; personal counseling originates in preaching. Personal counseling imparts to the preacher a practical familiarity with human nature which he would not otherwise obtain. — Harry Emerson Fosdick

Going Full Circle Quotes By Rebecca Adamson

Using the latest in science and technology to shatter today's economic paradigm of 'insatiable individuals competing for scarce resources,' Planetary Citizenship brings us full circle to the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples and the sacredness of creation. — Rebecca Adamson

Going Full Circle Quotes By Jojo Moyes

They say you only really appreciate a garden once you reach a certain age, and I suppose there is a truth in that. It's probably something to do with the great circle of life. There seems to be something miraculous about seeing the relentless optimism of new growth after the bleakness of winter, a kind of joy in the difference every year, the way nature chooses to show off different parts of the garden to its full advantage. — Jojo Moyes

Going Full Circle Quotes By Kamran Pasha

What is faith? It is a memory. Of a time when all was perfect in the world. When there was no fear and no judgment and no death. It is a memory of a time before we were born, a beacon to guide us back from the end to the beginning, to the memory of where we came from. It is a memory of a promise made before the earth was formed, before the stars glittered in the primordial sea. A promise that says that we will remember what we have learned on this journey so that we may return full circle, the same and yet different. Older. Wiser. Filled with compassion for others. And for ourselves. What is faith? It is the memory of love. — Kamran Pasha

Going Full Circle Quotes By Tracey Gold

Life comes full circle. — Tracey Gold

Going Full Circle Quotes By Franklin P. Adams

Life, lift the full goblet
away with all sorrow
The circle of friendship what freedom would sever? To-day is our own, and a fig for to-morrow
Here's to the Fourth and our country forever. — Franklin P. Adams

Going Full Circle Quotes By Warren Farrell

In a sense, in the area of child care, children's relationships with parents' working has come full circle. We have gone from the mom-and-pop store (or mom-and-pop farm), with its integration of child care and work, to children-at-home and dad-at-work; to the mom-plus-daddy working at home, with its integration of childcare and work again. From mom-and-pop back to mom-and-pop. — Warren Farrell

Going Full Circle Quotes By Diane Mariechild

A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. — Diane Mariechild