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Top Being Strongly In Love Quotes

Being Strongly In Love Quotes By Francoise Gilot

You're trying to swim upstream against the current. What is there about the natural flow of the river of life that has shocked you so strongly that you should want to swim against the current, even against time? You ought to know you're lost even before you begin. I don't understand you but I love you and I suppose you are obeying the law of your being. — Francoise Gilot

Being Strongly In Love Quotes By Alice Miller

The strange idea of having to love God so that He does not punish me for my rebelliousness and disappointment, but instead rewards me with the love that forgives all, becomes just as much the expression of our childish dependency and insecurity as the assumption that, like our parents, God is in desperate need of our love. But is this not a completely grotesque idea? A higher being dependent on inauthentic feelings dictated by morality is strongly reminiscent of the insecurity displayed by our frustrated and disoriented parents. Such a being can be called God only by people who have never questioned their own parents or thought about their dependency on them. — Alice Miller

Being Strongly In Love Quotes By Gaston Bachelard

In contrast to a dream a reverie cannot be recounted. To be communicated, it must be written, written with emotion and taste, being relived all the more strongly because it is being written down. Here, we are touching the realm of written love. It is going out of fashion, but the benefits remain. There are still souls for whom love is the contact of two poetries, the fusion of two reveries. — Gaston Bachelard

Being Strongly In Love Quotes By Emma Forrest

Men and the pursuit of them are strongly intertwined with my mental health. I would say, in my defensive defense, that the problem with being a serial monogamist is, there isn't anybody random or unimportant: everybody you sleep with really means something, which is to say each of them is on your public record. At some point I wake up thinking, Fuck this! I don't want another man in my bed ever again. What I really want is a cat. — Emma Forrest

Being Strongly In Love Quotes By Gwenn Wright

Do not be so ridiculous, I can more easily find you someone else." Gripping the bars of his prison so strongly that the bones of his knuckles showed prominently through his pale skin, the monster growled again, "I will have no other."
Nearing the end of his patience, Klaus demanded, "Why? Why are you being so impossible?"
Turning to the diminutive creature beneath the blanket, he smiled nastily, his light red eyes gleaming, "Because he wants her. — Gwenn Wright