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Top Globalization And Environment Quotes

Globalization And Environment Quotes By Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Globalization is a reality. And this makes most leaders today realize that populist illusions can't be sustained before they collapse into stagnation and leave their political supporters deeply disillusioned. You can't inflate away your troubles or allow mountains of debt to build up if, as a country, you have to make your living in a globally competitive environment ... Building prosperity requires caution and patience. It requires time. Populism is a short cut that doesn't work. — Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Globalization And Environment Quotes By Danny Glover

It's important for people of color to link up with issues around globalization, food security, health, the environment. — Danny Glover

Globalization And Environment Quotes By Anne Elizabeth Moore

Unfortunately, what anti-human trafficking NGOs [non-governmental organizations] really do is instead quite damaging: they normalize existent labor opportunities for women, no matter how low the pay, dangerous the conditions, or abusive an environment they foster. And they shame women who reject such jobs. — Anne Elizabeth Moore

Globalization And Environment Quotes By John J. Sweeney

Our task is not to make societies safe for globalization, but to make the global system safe for decent societies. — John J. Sweeney

Globalization And Environment Quotes By Stuart Townsend

I was really educating myself on the environment, but I didn't realize it was so connected to politics, connected to globalization. — Stuart Townsend

Globalization And Environment Quotes By Jake Vander Ark

Brain-like in function and speed, the internet connected over one-third of the global population. Three million searches every minute; one-hundred-trillion emails every year; more Facebook users than people in North America, all with with personal photos, videos, apps, and chats. There were dozens of dating sites, an immersive universe called 2nd Life that boasted a country-sized GDP, a slew of viruses, obnoxious advertising, more than a billion photos of naked women, and seventy-two hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. This was the environment where the friendship flourished. — Jake Vander Ark

Globalization And Environment Quotes By Robin Hahnel

Recognizing that the current form of globalization is nothing more than a generalized downward leveling in which global corporations are extracting more and more of the wealth, power, and productive energies from communities and the environment is the right approach ... And knowing that in every specific battle, what we are fighting for is merely the substitution of the human agenda for the corporate agenda is what can guide and sustain us. — Robin Hahnel

Globalization And Environment Quotes By Adam Minter

In fact, Wen'an was the prefect location for the scrap-plastics trace: it was close, but not too close, to Beijing and Tianjin, two massive metropolises with lots of consumers and lots of factories in need of cheap raw materials. Even better, its traditional industry - farming - was disappearing as the region's once-plentiful streams and wells were run dry by the region's rampant, unregulated oil industry. So land was plentiful, and so were laborers desperate for a wage to replace the money lost when their fields died. As I hear these stories, I can't help but wonder: How much of the plastic that Wen'an recycles was made from the oil pumped from Wen'an's soil? Are all those old plastic bags blowing down Wen'an's streets ghosts of the fuel that used to run beneath them? — Adam Minter