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Best Yearbook Quotes By Chris Rock

I saw the yearbook picture. There was six of them! I ain't have six friends in high school, I don't have six friends now! That's three on three with a half court. — Chris Rock

Best Yearbook Quotes By Maya Van Wagenen

Make your yearbook picture memorable because, as my science teacher says, "Your grandkids have to laugh at something. — Maya Van Wagenen

Best Yearbook Quotes By Pavel Tsatsouline

Vodka at night. Pickle juice in the morning (the best thing for a hangover). Throwing some kettlebells around between this hangover and the next one. A Russian's day well spent. The 'kettlebell' or girya is a cast iron weight which looks like a basketball with a suitcase handle. It is an old Russian toy. As the 1986 Soviet Weightlifting Yearbook put it, "It is hard to find a sport that has deeper roots in the — Pavel Tsatsouline

Best Yearbook Quotes By Lynn Johnston

If I was in love with someone, I would get their picture out of the school yearbook and do portraits. If I was curious about sex, I would draw pictures of it. There were no books for me to look at. Then I would go find my father's matches to burn the paper. — Lynn Johnston

Best Yearbook Quotes By Ronnie Shakes

As a teenager I just wanted to fit in, just to be one of the boys. It was tough. I went to an all black school. I went so far as to have them print my negative in the yearbook. I think it was the black teeth that gave me away. — Ronnie Shakes

Best Yearbook Quotes By Matthew Zapruder

The speaker tentatively reaches out with that feeling and realizes that it's kind of absurd, or at least a dangerous consolation, which is what I think is discovered as that longish sentence at the end of the poem comes to its conclusion. But here I am interpreting my own poem, which is kind of like making out with one's own high school yearbook photo. — Matthew Zapruder

Best Yearbook Quotes By Buffy Andrews

Do you remember the time, Mike," Jeremy laughed, "that you put a banana down your pants and walked up to the Palma-nator. It looked like you had one hell of a hard-on. — Buffy Andrews

Best Yearbook Quotes By Stephen E. Stanley

Looking through the book, I realized that there actually were several kids I didn't know. Was it possible that I never shared a class with them in all twelve years of school? I scanned the yearbook — Stephen E. Stanley

Best Yearbook Quotes By Buffy Andrews

I'll pray for good semen. And I'll get all of my friends to pray for good semen. — Buffy Andrews

Best Yearbook Quotes By Kate White

If you've already worked in some capacity or done any internships, your contacts are everybody you've met in your work plus all your personal contacts. If you haven't been employed yet, you still have plenty of contacts. "Take out your college yearbook," says Wein. "Who sat next to you in class? Who do you know that's gone into the field you're interested in? You don't have to know them well to put them on the list." You'd also include any contacts your parents have, friends of your parents, people you met on family vacations, even kids you knew in summer camp. — Kate White

Best Yearbook Quotes By John Bytheway

It is better to be respected than it is to be popular. Popularity ends on yearbook day, but respect lasts forever. — John Bytheway

Best Yearbook Quotes By Joan Bauer

I had taken the photograph from afar (distance being the basic glitch in our relationship), using my Nikon and zoom lens while hiding behind a fake marble pillar. I was hiding because if he knew I'd been secretly photographing him for all these months he would think I was immature, neurotic and obsessive.
I'm not.
I'm an artist.
Artists are always misunderstood.(Thwonk) — Joan Bauer

Best Yearbook Quotes By Laura Abbot

The genesis of my interest in being a writer can be traced to fourth grade when we listened to a radio production of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and I asked the teacher if I could rewrite it for our class to present. Nothing like going head-to-head with the Bard, right?
I can still visualise the pages I filled creating this first "great" literary endeavor. Encouraged by teachers (and one doting grandmother), I went on to write reams of yearbook copy in high school and college and, then, to teach high school English. My "real" writing career didn't begin until I turned from education to the full-time pursuit of storytelling. — Laura Abbot

Best Yearbook Quotes By Buffy Andrews

As I drove out the wrought iron gates I had entered, I noticed for the first time how intricate and beautiful they were. They were forged by hand so many years ago and had stood the test of time. — Buffy Andrews

Best Yearbook Quotes By Buffy Andrews

The pimple is perfect. — Buffy Andrews

Best Yearbook Quotes By Natalie Standiford

I missed him desperately, even though he'd said he hated me, even though his anger - the rampage at his house, the X through his yearbook page, the cruel way he withdrew from everyone - scared me. I didn't care if he wasn't my boyfriend, or even my friend. He was my Jonah. I felt more alone without him now than I'd ever felt before I met him. My life had a hole in it. — Natalie Standiford

Best Yearbook Quotes By Dianna Agron

I definitely wasn't cool in high school. I really wasn't. I did belong to many of the clubs and was in leadership on yearbook and did the musical theater route, so I had friends in all areas. But I certainly did not know what to wear, did not know how to do my hair, all those things. — Dianna Agron

Best Yearbook Quotes By Buffy Andrews

Yes, I prosecute bastards like him, make them pay for what they did to innocent victims who can't fight for themselves. And every time I win a case, I not only win for the victim, but also for me. — Buffy Andrews

Best Yearbook Quotes By Buffy Andrews

What kind of work do you do," I asked.
"Promise you won't laugh?"
"I'm a proctologist."
I couldn't help it. I laughed a little. "An ass doctor? — Buffy Andrews

Best Yearbook Quotes By Michael Dorris

And she has been there. I know because her senior high school yearbook, the one with no Daytons, is gone from the bureau where i had left it. She's seen my things scattered about. She knows I'm still here. But she didn't wait Part of me doesn't want to give up, and makes excuses. "She'll be back =," it says. "She just didn't want to run into Aunt Ida. Now that she knows you're here ... " But she knew it. Where else would I be? I have to face it: I'm not as important as some package she needs from Seattle. My presence won't bring her back. — Michael Dorris

Best Yearbook Quotes By Sid Bernstein

I went to James Monroe High School, a big school in the East Bronx. My first promotion was the first alumni reunion dance. I got all the names and addresses out of the yearbook. It came off very well. — Sid Bernstein

Best Yearbook Quotes By Kevin Brockmeier

The street lamps and illuminated signs were all extinguished, and on impulse everybody looked into the sky. The frogs and crickets fell quiet to the count of five before they began to sing again. The smaller stars were spread across the darkness in a fine white powder, and the brighter ones pierced the air like nail points. In Andrew Brady's yearbook she wrote: The thing I will always remember about you is the time we were watching the film strip in Miss Applebome's class, and the lights were out, and you sat behind me scratching my back with your fingers. — Kevin Brockmeier

Best Yearbook Quotes By Patrick Michael Mooney

I'm just crazy because I choose to be."
- Marist High School yearbook, 1990 — Patrick Michael Mooney

Best Yearbook Quotes By Mariah Nelson

Too often girls accept that of course the boys will get better lighting and seating at their sports events, of course the football team will get more attention, privileges, and space in the yearbook. We need to teach girls to look around and notice when they're being treated like second-class citizens, and then to insist on equal treatment. — Mariah Nelson

Best Yearbook Quotes By Cecily Strong

I was voted funniest person in my middle-school yearbook. So I guess I was funny in middle school? — Cecily Strong

Best Yearbook Quotes By Jennie Hoffer

While we all grow and mature and change from that awkward little worm we were in high school, it is still a pretty consistent indicator of who we become as adult butterflies. High school sets a tone for how the next decade of your life plays out, good or bad. It is the first set of steps in your journey. If you want to know who you were as a person during this hormonal time, refer to your yearbook. You will find a theme and you will see a pattern. Most definitely, you will notice these themes and patterns carried on into your twenties and so on. Take those signatures serious. — Jennie Hoffer

Best Yearbook Quotes By Rainbowbrook

Flora hadn't signed my yearbook. When I got it back from the cheerleaders, I skimmed over the last few pages and saw that every one of them signed except for her. I was disappointed but I wasn't surprised.

We were too much of everything to be summed up in a few sentences. -Sean Foster — Rainbowbrook

Best Yearbook Quotes By L.A. Weatherly

Oh, my God," I whispered. "But how did they get my photo?
Alex tapped his mouth with his thumb. "That ... book with everyone's picture in it, that you have in high school."
"Yearbook," I said. Was he trying to be funny? But of course he was right; that's exactly where it was from. — L.A. Weatherly

Best Yearbook Quotes By Dianna Agron

I was on the yearbook staff, so I would take out film cameras and Nikons and take photos around school and at sporting events and things like that. We had a darkroom as well. I just loved it. I also saved up for a video camera to video my friends and cut and paste the videos together and I gave them to all of my friends for graduation. — Dianna Agron

Best Yearbook Quotes By Bill Belichick

I don't Twitter, I don't MyFace, I don't Yearbook, — Bill Belichick

Best Yearbook Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

A writer without a sense of justice or injustice would be better off editing the yearbook for a school for exceptional children. — Ernest Hemingway,

Best Yearbook Quotes By Amy Poehler

In my high school yearbook I was voted third runner-up for "Most Casual." I never figured out if that meant most casual in dress or in overall manner. In any case, I didn't come in first. I guess the two ahead of me wanted it less. — Amy Poehler

Best Yearbook Quotes By Rick Riordan

Perseus Jackson, I do expect you to
refrain from causing any more trouble. "
"Trouble?" I demanded.
Dionysus snapped his fingers. A newspaper appeared on the table-the front page of today's
New York Post, There was my yearbook picture from Meriwether Prep. It was hard for me to
make out the headline, but I had a pretty good guess what it said. Something like: ... Perseus Jackson, I do expect you to
refrain from causing any more trouble. "
"Trouble?" I demanded.
Dionysus snapped his fingers. A newspaper appeared on the table-the front page of today's
New York Post, There was my yearbook picture from Meriwether Prep. It was hard for me to
make out the headline, but I had a pretty good guess what it said. Something like: Thirteen-
Year-Old Lunatic Torches Gymnasium. — Rick Riordan

Best Yearbook Quotes By Drew Gilpin Faust

Albert Camus's 'La Peste' - 'The Plague' - had an enormous impact on me when I read it in high school French class, and I chose my senior yearbook quote from it. In college, I wrote a philosophy class paper on Camus and Sartre, and again chose my yearbook quote from 'La Peste.' — Drew Gilpin Faust

Best Yearbook Quotes By T.C. Boyle

Who was she in high school? Little Miss Nobody. She could have embroidered it on her sweaters, tattooed it across her forehead. And in small letters: i am shit, i am anonymous, step on me. please. She wasn't voted Most Humorous in her high school yearbook or Best Dancer or Most Likely to Succeed, and she wasn't in the band or Spanish Club and when her ten year reunion rolled around nobody would recognize her or have a single memory to share. — T.C. Boyle

Best Yearbook Quotes By Norris B. Finlayson

My plans for the future are to serve more and better, to worry less about the things that are unimportant, to let my wife and children know how much I love them, to openly support whatever I can see is good, to appreciate and to encourage everyone in the best way possible, and, in short, to do more of what makes life meaningful. — Norris B. Finlayson