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Famous Quotes By Stuart Firestein

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Ignorance follows knowledge, not the other way around. — Stuart Firestein

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Failure is also a test of dedication. It is a way to measure what you are passionate about and how deep that passion runs and how dependable it is. Science may seem methodical but it demands passion. — Stuart Firestein

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Being a scientist requires having faith in uncertainty, finding pleasure in mystery, and learning to cultivate doubt. There is no surer way to screw up an experiment than to be certain of its outcome. — Stuart Firestein

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And indeed, there are innumerable cases of important discoveries being made because the failed experiment revealed a new set of possibilities that you hadn't even realized were there. This is sometimes mistaken for serendipity, a notion that, since it's come up, I would like to take a moment to dispute. — Stuart Firestein

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Knowledge is a big subject. Ignorance is bigger. And it is more interesting. — Stuart Firestein

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George Bernard Shaw, in a toast at a dinner feting Albert Einstein, proclaimed, "Science is always wrong. It never solves a problem without creating 10 more." Isn't that glorious? Science (and I think this applies to all kinds of research and scholarship) produces ignorance, possibly at a faster rate than it produces knowledge. Science, then, is not like the onion in the often used analogy of stripping away layer after layer to get at some core, central, fundamental truth. Rather it's like the magic well: no matter how — Stuart Firestein

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Daniel Wolpert, of Cambridge University, is fond of pointing out that IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer is capable of beating a grand master at the game of chess, but no computer has yet been developed that can move a chess piece from one square to another as well as a 3-year-old child. — Stuart Firestein

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In other words, scientists don't concentrate on what they know, which is considerable but also miniscule, but rather on what they don't know. The one big fact is that science traffics in ignorance, cultivates it, and is driven by it. — Stuart Firestein

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But so soon as I had achieved the entire course of study at the close of which one is usually received into the ranks of the learned, I entirely changed my opinion. For I found myself embarrassed with so many doubts and errors that it seemed to me that the effort to instruct myself had no effect other than the increasing discovery of my own ignorance. - Rene Descartes, Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking the Truth in the Sciences, 1637 — Stuart Firestein

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Failures provide a certain kind of feedback that is then used in a process we call error correction. With this simple loop in place, knowing that something doesn't work can be as valuable as knowing that it does. Of course once again there are — Stuart Firestein

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Persistence in the face of failure is of course important, but it is not the same thing as dedication or passion. Persistence is a discipline that you learn; devotion is a dedication you can't ignore. — Stuart Firestein

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If a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent. - Alan Turing — Stuart Firestein