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Top Getting The Wrong Impression Quotes

Getting The Wrong Impression Quotes By Steve Fairbairn

My dear boy, you are under a wrong impression. It is not a race, it is merely a means of getting crews to do long rows — Steve Fairbairn

Getting The Wrong Impression Quotes By Eckhart Tolle

Demanding recognition for something you did and getting angry or upset if you don't get it; trying to get attention by talking about your problems, the story of your illnesses, or making a scene; giving your opinion when nobody has asked for it and it makes no difference to the situation; being more concerned with how the other person sees you than with the other person, which is to say, using other people for egoic reflection or as ego enhancers; trying to make an impression on others through possessions, knowledge, good looks, status, physical strength, and so on; bringing about temporary ego inflation through angry reaction against something or someone; taking things personally, feeling offended; making yourself right and others wrong through futile mental or verbal complaining; wanting to be seen, or to appear important. — Eckhart Tolle

Getting The Wrong Impression Quotes By Sam Dogra

My jaw went slack. Private rooms? Great, the button thing had been a step too far. Either he was totally getting the wrong impression - at least, not the impression I wanted to give - or ... no. I didn't want to consider the possibility he might know. People didn't hide in forests in the middle of the night to protect themselves from a Binding. I was just weird like that. Rather, I had no choice, but ... argh, what was I going to do now?! — Sam Dogra