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Stop Noticing Quotes By Ayn Rand

When he stood up, we suddenly turned dead-still. It was the way he held his head. He was tall and slim - and I remember thinking that any two of us could have broken his neck without trouble - but what we all felt was fear. He stood like a man who knew that he was right. 'I will put an end to this, once and for all,' he said. His voice was clear and without any feeling. That was all he said and started to walk out. He walked down the length of the place, in the white light, not hurrying and not noticing any of us. Nobody moved to stop him. Gerald Starnes cried suddenly after him, 'How?' He turned and answered, 'I will stop the motor of the world.' Then he walked out. We never saw him again. We never heard what became of him. — Ayn Rand

Stop Noticing Quotes By Lisa Daily

It's like I'm suddenly a hormonally charged teenager or living in a bad romance novel: I suddenly can't stop myself from noticing every man around me. Which means that Darcy, Samantha, and Michael are probably right. Plus, there was that disturbing dream about Voldemort this morning. I need to lose my gay-husband virginity before I lose my mind entirely. I need to find someone to sleep with me. And the fact that I don't have the faintest idea how to make that happen is just further proof that it needs to.
- SINGLE-MINDED — Lisa Daily

Stop Noticing Quotes By Cassia Leo

You can't let your past define your future. Once you get that figured out, you begin to understand the joy of living in the present. And the present is full of tiny gifts that we can only see when we stop looking behind and ahead of us. Sometimes, these gifts land right at our feet. Sometimes, it's our feet that carry us toward them, running at full-speed until our hearts nearly give out. Either way, never stop noticing them, and never stop wishing. — Cassia Leo

Stop Noticing Quotes By Aoibheann Sweeney

Among other things, I've taken up smoking. Ana says I should stop with the good girl/bad girl stuff, and obviously she's right, but sometimes when I have a cigarette in my hand and the streets are dangerously empty and I've had a few drinks after my shift and I am noticing the lights that are on in different apartments, lighting stairways and whole buildings, blinking red on the skyline, I think about the nights on the island when I was content to stand alone outside the house, listening to the god horns in that soft blackness, and tasting the air, sweet with salt. — Aoibheann Sweeney

Stop Noticing Quotes By Lydia Davis

If a translation doesn't have obvious writing problems, it may seem quite all right at first glance. We readers, after all, quickly adapt to the style of a translator, stop noticing it, and get caught up in the story. — Lydia Davis

Stop Noticing Quotes By Jo Walton

There's a thing - I've noticed it often. When I first say something, it's as if people don't hear me, they can't believe I'm saying it. Then they start to actually pay attention, they stop noticing that a teenage girl is talking and start to believe that it's worth listening to what I'm saying. — Jo Walton

Stop Noticing Quotes By Amy Harmon

You know you're going to have to stop smoking too, right?"
"I don't smoke!" It was as if Wilson had heard my thoughts moments before.
Wilson lifted an eyebrow in disbelief, and smirked at me, waiting for me to come clean.
"I don't smoke, Wilson! I just live with someone who smokes like a chimney. So I smell like an ashtray all the time. I can't help it if I reek, but thank you for noticing."
Wilson had lost his doubtful smirk, and he sighed gustily. "I'm sorry, Blue. I'm incredibly good at dropping clunkers. I don't have a big mouth, but somehow I manage to stick my foot in it quite frequently. — Amy Harmon

Stop Noticing Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

They won't understand," Persephone said. She laid her deck of tarot cards on the table in front of him. "They didn't when I came back."
"Am I different?" he asked.
"You were different before," Persephone replied. "But now they won't be able to stop noticing. — Maggie Stiefvater

Stop Noticing Quotes By Jay Asher

It was one of those things where, once I noticed it, I couldn't stop noticing it. — Jay Asher

Stop Noticing Quotes By Esther Hicks

You can get to where you want to be from wherever you are - but you must stop spending so much time noticing and talking about what you do not like about where you are. — Esther Hicks

Stop Noticing Quotes By Cath Crowley

I try not to look at her because it's weird to check out your best friend, but I can't stop noticing things that I can't believe I've missed all these years. Her ears are exactly the right size. Her head is exactly the right shape. She smells fantastic.

'What?' she asks.

'Your head,' I tell her, 'is a very pleasing shape.'

'Likewise,' she says, and smiles. — Cath Crowley

Stop Noticing Quotes By Max Blumenthal

After a few months you stop noticing every incarnation of radicalism and violence. It is so saturated into your reality that it practically fades into the scenery. — Max Blumenthal

Stop Noticing Quotes By L.A. Casey

I looked to the sitting room then and gaped at Alec's body lying across my sofa making it look smaller than it was. He was reading something.
A book.
"What are you readin'?" I curiously asked.
"That porn book we were talking about earlier at my house. This dude is my God! He just fucked this Ana chick while she was on her period."
"Stop it!" I screeched. "Stop readin' and put the bloody book down!"
He was reading Fifty Shades of Grey.
I was both horrified and mortified.
Alec got up from the sofa, placed the book on the coffee table and turned in my direction.
"Why are you blushing?"
Him noticing my embarrassment only caused my already red cheeks to heat up even more.
"Oh damn, your cheeks are so flushed," Alec said and took a step towards me. — L.A. Casey

Stop Noticing Quotes By Alain De Botton

The quickest way to stop noticing something, may be to buy it - just as the quickest way to stop appreciating someone may be to marry him or her. — Alain De Botton

Stop Noticing Quotes By Steven Spielberg

I'm certainly hoping that 3D gets to the point where people do not notice it because once they stop noticing it, it just becomes another tool and an aid to help tell a story. — Steven Spielberg

Stop Noticing Quotes By Jay Woodman

Other people have written about war. About how one plane sweeps over and the whole place is ablaze in minutes. About how a young man may kill another young many with perfect legality. I prefer to write about less sudden things. About how we inch further away without even noticing. And then it's too late. Or is it? No it's not too late to say sorry, we were wrong, let's try again to get along. No, it's not too late to quit lying, halt the greed, stop polluting air earth and seas. I prefer to write about less noisy things. About change happening so gradually that one day you just accept the world as different. And you don't question because you're old, and you don't feel like making waves, and anyway, they'd say you were insane ... — Jay Woodman

Stop Noticing Quotes By Jeff VanVonderen

The wife's list, no matter how long or short, communicates to the husband, "I don't like you. I don't accept you. But if you perform the way I think you should, then I will like and accept you." And no matter how long the husband's list may be, it says in like manner to his wife, "I don't like you either. But if you stop caring about things so much, if you stop feeling the way you feel and noticing the things you notice, then I will accept and like you. — Jeff VanVonderen

Stop Noticing Quotes By Lang Leav

When did you stop caring? he asked.
When did you start noticing? she replied. — Lang Leav

Stop Noticing Quotes By Bogdan Vaida

If you don't keep track of great ideas, you'll stop noticing you have them. — Bogdan Vaida

Stop Noticing Quotes By Neel Burton

When we stop noticing small things, we are no longer truly alive. — Neel Burton